Forced to Marry the Enemy Prince
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Forced to Marry the Enemy Prince

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被迫和敌国太子联姻的日子, 被迫和敵國太子聯姻的日子
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Xiao He Lian Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views

Synopsis Forced to Marry the Enemy Prince

Xian Sheng was a lovable yet sickly person. In order to survive, he was disguised as a girl and raised as a princess at a young age.

One day, two countries were at war and the situation was dire. He ran up to the city wall to cheer for his Elder Brother, but the Crown Prince of the enemy country spotted him.

His sharp and piercing eyes penetrated across tens of thousands of soldiers and landed on Xian Sheng’s delicate face.

With a marriage contract in exchange for peace, the two countries were in an uproar.

North Country’s Crown Prince eyed Xian Sheng covetously, promising to stop the war as soon as this beauty was in his arms.

South Country’s Royal Family was alarmed and anxious. ‘You’re trying to seize a Prince here!!!’

For temporary peace, Xian Sheng married the Crown Prince for his country. He said that his body wasn’t feeling well as an excuse in order to stall for time and avoid being exposed.

Yet the Crown Prince, Zhan Lue, was ruthless and seemingly wanted to swallow Xian Sheng alive the moment he saw him.

Day after day, the Crown Prince thought of Xian Sheng more and more because he couldn’t have a taste of him



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Note from the translator

Hello, my name is He Lian.

Please note that the last translator has named the last translated chapter as chapter 61, which is actually chapter 32 according to the novel. The chapters have been correctly numbered in NU. ( so don’t worry ) I’m mentioning it here just incase anyone gets confused.

The novel has 108 chapters.

So the reason I’m translating this because the MTL is a disaster and a nightmare but the story is so cute and adorable. So it would be a waste not to read such a cute story.

Special thanks to the two previous translators. fingers crossed so hopefully I won’t drop it halfway.

Have fun reading!!

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P.S – This is the Link to the Chinese novel at jjwxc

P.P.S – If you find these translations anywhere other than KnoxT, then I haven’t given them my permission to post them in those websites.

Looking forward to your love, appreciation and support for my hard work!!

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Notes about the book

1. I noticed that in the previous translations Zhan Zhen’s name is mentioned as Zhan Lue. Although his nickname is Zhan lue lue, the original novel mention his name as Zhan Zhen. so please don’t get confused. Both names are actually indicating the same person.

2. Also through out the book I keep oscillating between the Great Jin, Jin Dynasty, Jin and Jin country. This is to fit the context. But they all mean the same thing.

3. The same goes for Liang Country and Liang State. And Also I have mentioned the empress as queen sometimes. All because how I see them, fit the context

4. I tried to smoothen out the story as much as possible but if there is an inconsistency or any other mistake please be kind enough to tell me.

5. Sometimes there will be capitalization issues that I can’t be bothered to fix. ( haha prolly I’ll fix them laters)

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