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FTMTEP Chapter 56

Translator  – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 56

To be honest, Xian Sheng thinks that there are very few people he can’t deal with. Even if he is a paranoid like Qin Yi, Xian Sheng has his own way.

But the shameless Zhan Zhen can make him furious every time.

The other person’s eyes fell on the quilt, and Xian Sheng shrank to the other end of the bed, and said, “You…what are you talking about.”

“I want to see.” Zhan zhen said: “Since the marriage, you have been secretive. you say you are a woman then you say that you’re a man.  Every time You have the final say. But I haven’t really seen it.…… you are always full of tricks. I think you are making this up to deceive me. Purposely to make me like you and hate you again so that you can achieve your goal of not wanting to have s*x with me.”

Xian Sheng was dumbfounded: “… How can I joke about Liang’s life and death? If I were really a woman, how would I refuse to marry you back then.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhan Zhen stepped forward and said coldly: “I want to see it.”

Xian Sheng blushed. Once Zhan Zhen gave himself a reason, he would be very calm and persistent. He would almost never stop until he reached his goal.

“No…” Xian Sheng remembered something, and said: “You said I can refuse.”

“I help you deceive the king, this is a deal, how can you refuse?”

“You… haven’t said it in advance.”

“Then I will go tell my father the truth.”

“Don’t ……” Even if Xian sheng knew he was only scaring himself, he still didn’t quite dare to be too tough, he frowned and looked bitter: “But, but this, so weird.”

“What’s weird.” Zhan Zhen’s eyes lit up slightly, and he raised his eyebrows suddenly: “Could it be that you are too petite and afraid of me?”

There was lust in his eyes, and he sat down directly on the bed, looking at his blushing face, and said: “It’s not necessary, just look at your life so delicate and sickly. If ours doesn’t match I won’t get too proud.” (t/n I think he’s comparing the sticks keke)

“…” Xian Sheng suddenly felt ashamed. He puffed up his cheeks and couldn’t help staring at him. For some reason, Zhan Zhen couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth rising: “It seems that I am right.”

There is no place in Xian Sheng’s body that is unfavorable, and no place is unlovable. Even the dots hidden under the clothes are the same. Zhan Zhen said in his heart, as the saying goes, ‘Know from the top to the bottom, and from the old to the young.’ These words are not unreasonable.

Xian Sheng’s ears started to turn red, “You… I won’t show it to you!”

“You have promised to have a bath with me. Sooner or later, you’ll have to show it to me.”

“Liang people bath with clothes on!”

“…!” Zhan Zhen said: “No wonder you agreed to it so quickly… Since you are here You have to abide by the rules of Great jin, and you are not allowed to bring the South Liang culture here.”

Xian Sheng didn’t say a word, suddenly he picked up the pillow and hit him. Zhan Zhen grabbed it, and Xian Sheng couldn’t move. He began to lose his temper。 He calmed himself and said, “You are so persistent about this matter. Have you already fallen in love with me?”

Zhan Zhen immediately let go and said, “You wish.”

Xian Sheng sneered: “If that’s the case, why do you want to see my body?”

“Who…” Zhan Zhen frowned and said, “Don’t think too much. As a victim of deception, I have the right to confirm the truth.”

“I won’t give you confirmation.”

“If you don’t then it means you have a guilty conscience…”

Xian sheng gritted his teeth and his eyes were red with shame. He couldn’t bear it anymore and hit him with a pillow: “You get up! Cough, don’t sit on my bed, stay away from me–!”

“I’m getting up.” Zhan Zhen saw him and coughed on the side. For fear that he would vomit blood again, he hurriedly stood up, feeling aggrieved, and deliberately said: “Scourge.”


“Okay, okay.” Zhan Zhen pressed his hands in the air and motioned: “I’m going to deal with military affairs.”

Xian Sheng put the pillow right away. when he (XS) was about to lie down, he (ZZ) suddenly looked again and sneered, “you spoiled little cutie.”

Xian Sheng: “!”

He struggled to sit up. Zhan Zhen was already sitting at the table. He puffed his cheeks, and his chest was heaving. He stared at Zhan Zhen for a while, and saw that he was seriously writing something. and only then did he feel rest assured to lie down.

He laid back, but Zhan Zhen turned his head to look at it again. After a while, Xian Sheng gradually became quiet. suddenly he heard him say: “Since you don’t want to show it, why don’t you draw it for me?”

Xian Sheng was just drowsy, after hearing it he became wide awake.

Annoyed and angry, he said, “You just want a face.”

Zhan Zhen’s voice was lazy but was full of evil ideas: “If you don’t want to lose face then you can add a few colors and describe it to me…”

A book was thrown on the bed. Zhan Zhen’s eyes deepened maliciously, and continued nastily: “I’ll start to adjust the colors. let me guess what color it is… pink or, more of a light pink…”

Xian Sheng was burning from head to foot.

Even if he (XS) cracked his head open, smashed it into pulp and reorganized it, it would still be impossible to catch up with Zhan Zhen’s thinking. There’s no crazier person than him (ZZ)!!

“By the way, your hair is thin and soft. It seems that you don’t need heavy ink, but should be lighter and thinner…”

Xian Sheng’s ears started to heat up. He suddenly got up from the bed.  covering his lips and coughing, weakly rushed towards Zhan Zhen.  The latter grabbed the paper quickly

“You… stinky puppy!” He furiously stretched out his hand to grab: “What the hell did you draw!”

Zhan Zhen stopped him. Taking his time, he said: “If you don’t want to show it to me, then I can only imagine it.”

“You… It’s not what you think!” Although Xian Sheng is quick-witted, his body is weak. No matter how many times he tries to snatch it, Zhan Zhen avoids it flexibly. The stinky puppy smiled and said: “You If you don’t show it, then it looks the way I think it is.”

“Zhan Lue Lue!” he suddenly pounced fiercely. Zhan Zhen couldn’t push him away with little strength, but was afraid of hurting him with great strength. subconsciously he opened his arms, Xian sheng jumped directly at him and grabbed him. he pressed Zhan Zhen’s shoulders and tiptoed to reach his (ZZ) outstretched arm hidden behind him, and his long hair brushed Zhan Zhen’s face, itchy, with the scent of honey locust.

He got distracted, and the paper in his hand was snatched away. Xian Sheng’s hands and feet became weak. Zhan Zhen gently hooked his arms around him and suddenly Xian Sheng sat on his lap. Xian Sheng was tired and wanted to rest. He stared at him. Open the paper to see-

He was taken aback for a moment.

The picture above is clearly his face, with pink lips, which looks more beautiful.

Xian Sheng directly threw the painting towards his face, “Shameless!”

Zhan Zhen stretched out his hand to grab it, frowned and said, “How can this be shameless?”

“You…” Xian Sheng was furious because of being deceived, struggling to leave, but was hugged tightly by him. suddenly he was kissed on the cheek. He was stunned: “You …”

“Because you look good.” Zhan Zhen couldn’t help but hug him. His cheeks look delicious, making people always want to do something to him.

He actually felt that…even if it was a man, as long as it was Xian Sheng, it seemed that it was okay.

Xian Sheng frowned: “Do you like me?”

Zhan Zhen retorted quickly in the past, but now he was silent.

Xian Sheng immediately reminded him: “Don’t forget the gentleman’s agreement.”

Zhan Zhen’s face turned black: “I will never forget it.”

He let go of Xian Sheng, feeling that something was wrong with him. He knew that Xian Sheng was a man, but he still couldn’t hold back and kissed him.

If this continues, it seems he will turn into a cut sleeve.

At noon, the queen brought a large cup of Turtle soup, with medlar and angelica and other aphrodisiac things in it. Xian Sheng sat on the table, looking at Zhan Zhen’s pale face, holding back a smile.

(t/n angelica – Angelica is a sweet, pale green herb that can be used to flavor drinks, or candied in desserts, medlar is very squishy and very sweet. Its taste is similar to an over-ripe date, complex and sugary)

Zhan Zhen said with a cold face, “I have to eat it?”

Sister Dou said: “The empress is worried about your body, saying that although the crown princess is weak. But you still have to rely on yourself to carry on the family line. If you are not strong, she may be unable to conceive.”


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