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BATCFO Chapter 1

Xinghai Military University1Xinghai = Star Naval. I’m still debating whether to use Xinghai or Star Naval… any opinions? is located in the prosperous area of ​​Imperial Capital. It is known as the emerald in the crown because of its beautiful scenery.

In a coffee shop on campus, early spring afternoon sunlight shone through the glass windows, falling on a teenager sitting by the window.

The boy was wearing a simple white sweater. Judging from his appearance, he was obviously an omega. His hands and feet were very slender, his skin was fair, his facial features were three-dimensional, and his eyes were spotlessly clean under his black and soft hair.

Many alphas were in the cafe. They rarely see omegas in military academies, let alone such a beautiful omega.

The surrounding eyes focused on Yun Xingze, but he was looking out the window with a serious expression as if he was studying something.

“What do you say that little O2short form or slang for “omega”. It’s like calling a captain, ‘cap’ is watching?”

“I guess he was watching a certain alpha. After all, our military academy’s alphas are so handsome.”

“I think so, hahaha…”

Several alphas whispered.

No one could think that Yun Xingze’s attention was all on the mecha training hall in the distance.

The training hall is a white bowl-shaped building showing a virtual projection of a black mecha rotating 360 degrees at the top. Looking down at the campus, it appeared very lifelike and brings a sense of deterrence.

Yun Xingze looked at the mecha projection and subconsciously analyzed its advantages and disadvantages.

The elbow joint needs to be improved;

The head-to-body ratio wasn’t bad;

There is a problem with the position of the jet device…

In Yun Xingze’s mind, the mecha was quickly dismantled, as if it was precisely drawn on a blueprint, and every part was analyzed clearly.

At this moment, the black mecha projection made a movement of pulling out a lightsaber.

The ice-blue lightsaber was launched from the hilt, cooperating with the action of the mecha, like a human swordsman declaring war on the enemy.

Seeing this handsome action, Yun Xingze’s eyes slowly widened. He couldn’t help imitating the mecha and secretly mimicking the sword-drawing action.

After coming to this world, he has a healthy body. He has been dreaming to drive a mech even once. But because he had just been discharged from the hospital, he did not have a mecha on hand, so this dream has not yet been realized.

Suddenly feeling that such a move was too naive, Yun Xingze looked around awkwardly, and withdrew his hand in embarrassment. At the moment when he retracted his hand, he seemed to think of something, staring at his palm slightly in a daze.

A female beta waiter found the scene of the boy imitating the action of the mecha adorable. She grabbed her companion’s arm and suppressed her excitement: “My mother3我的妈: My mom, or mother. Similar to saying “my god!”, that omega boy is too cute!!”

Her companion is a male beta. He glanced at Yun Xingze’s direction, removing the female beta’s fingers from his arm, eyes flashing with disdain. “Don’t you know him? He is Chi Yu’s fiancé, very famous in the first grade.”

“He is also from Xinghai Academy? Is he famous because of his looks?”

“Because he entered the school through the back door. He doesn’t know anything, only has a C-level mental and physical strength, and spends his time harassing other omegas all day…”

The waitress glared at him. “How is that possible? He looks so clean and kind…”

The surrounding discussion couldn’t reach Yun Xingze’s ears, and his thoughts drifted far.

A day ago, he was still lying in the medical cabin of the milky way galaxy’s military, waiting for the arrival of the final moment of life.

After losing consciousness, he came to this strange world.

Before crossing over, Yun Xingze was the youngest mecha master in the galaxy military. He created countless mecha technological innovations. His designs and modified mechas were considered great military achievements, and he was known as the man on the shoulders of mechas.4As in his the father or one leading the way to discover new mecha innovation.

However, he suffered from a serious genetic disease. Most of his life was spent in a wheelchair or in a medical cabin. And his mental and physical strength gradually deteriorated.

He loves mechas, but he has never drove a real mecha. This love supported him, allowing him to devote his energy to researching mechas, developing technologies, and becoming a great mecha master.

When Yun Xingze was critically ill, the whole galaxy prayed for him, but his life still never went beyond that twenty-fifth winter.

The biggest regret in his last life was that he didn’t have the opportunity to drive the mech he designed himself.

After waking up, Yun Xingze thought that the military managed to rescue him. When he sat up from the medical cabin, only then did he find he had changed a body.

Afterwards, countless images poured into his mind, like pages flipping through a book.

This information told him that he transmigrated into a book.

Half an hour later, he finally accepted the fact that he had traveled to an interstellar ABO5ABO = Alpha, beta, omega. In this context, its another term for omegaverse novel.

The book is called “Love has nothing to do with pheromones.” The humans in the book have six genders. Yun Xingze has crossed into a male omega, which was also the rarest of the six genders.

Omegas are usually weaker, but Yun Xingze is pleased with his new life. He can move like a normal person, without taking medicine every day, and without worrying about the arrival of death at any time.

He thanked God for giving him a chance to be reborn, and also thanked the original owner for his body.

Now, Yun Xingze is in the cafe, waiting for the arrival of the original owner’s fiancé.

The original owner’s fiancé is named Chi Yu, who is the book’s protagonist.

And Yun Xingze is not the protagonist, but cannon fodder.

In the original plot, the pheromones of the two are highly matched, and they have been engaged in a marriage contract since they were young.

But when Yun Xingze grew up, his perverted personality, ignorance, and stupid appearance became everything that annoyed Chi Yu.

Chi Yu was the son of a general. The Chi family has a high status in the military, and the Yun family is declining, so the Chi family also began to dislike this marriage.

Chi Yu is one year older than Yun Xingze. He is a second-year student in the Mecha Fighting Department of Xinghai Academy.

In order to take care of Chi Yu, Yun Xingze also entered Xinghai Academy with the help of the Chi family. The people around him looked down on him, but he made desserts, washed clothes, and tidied up the room for Chi Yu every day, without paying attention to those gazes.

But what Chi Yu likes is an omega who can fight alongside him on the battlefield. No matter how bad their skills were, at least they worked hard.

He doesn’t like Yun Xingze at all, but has a good impression of Su Zinan, the other protagonist in the same class.

Su Zinan can drive mechas and repair armors, and always gets full marks in theory classes. He is a unique existence in the military academy, and is also the most special omega in Chi Yu’s heart.

Perceiving the existence of Su Zinan, Yun Xingze became sensitive and suspicious, and began to make trouble for Su Zinan everywhere.

This made Chi Yu hate Yun Xingze even more.

Even if he hasn’t really liked Su Zinan yet, he still feels guilty for Su Zinan because of this incident.

Before long, Chi Yu will retire in public and take Su Zinan’s hand, shouting a touching declaration that “love has nothing to do with pheromones”.

And Yun Xingze’s final fate was to become a laughingstock. Unbearably humiliated, he cut off his gland6An omega’s gland is responsible for pheromone production. In this novel, glands are found on the neck. and died of infection.

The novel’s story came to an abrupt end here.

Yun Xingze guessed that the original host’s role in the novel ended there, so those were the only plot lines that passed into his mind.

A hovercraft slowly stopped at the entrance of the coffee shop. A tall and handsome alpha walked down from above, wearing the dark blue uniform of Xinghai Academy.

Under the warm welcome of the waiter, the alpha walked into the coffee shop and saw Yun Xingze who was in a daze immediately. He frowned and strode to the seat in front of Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze was looking at his hand, clenching his fist forcefully, feeling the power of life. He couldn’t even make a fist in his previous life, and this sense of strength made him raise the corners of his lips.

Perceiving someone sitting on the opposite side, Yun Xingze was stunned, then raised his head to look at the new person.

Chi Yu took off his jacket and set it aside. He was tall and his long legs appeared a little cramped in front of the table.

“Speak, why were you looking for me?” Chi Yu asked straightforwardly after sitting down.

Two days ago, the original owner quarreled with Chi Yu about Su Zinan.

Chi Yu didn’t hesitate to say anything, and pushed the original owner, who fainted after falling down.

But now, Chi Yu looked like a bystander.

Yun Xingze looked at Chi Yu seriously, and felt that this man didn’t look that handsome either. At best he was a bit taller, but all the alphas in this world were very tall.

He didn’t understand why the original owner was so obsessed with Chi Yu.

Was it the power of the novel’s plot?

After all, the original owner’s body gave him a chance to be reborn. He decided to ask for an explanation for the original owner. “I thought you would apologize to me.”

Chi Yu was stunned.

In the past, Yun Xingze had an arrogant personality, only obeying Chi Yu, and never asking him to apologize for doing something wrong.

He suspected that there was a problem with his ears.

“Why should I apologize to you?” Chi Yu frowned. “Su Zinan and I are just ordinary friends. You were making trouble by yourself.”

Even though Chi Yu has a good impression of Su Zinan and the relationship between the two is ambiguous, he doesn’t think he is at fault.

At this moment, the waiter walked over with a cart and put exquisite desserts, milkshakes, and fruits on the table.

Yun Xingze smelled the aroma of the dessert, licked his lower lip, took a sip of the milkshake cautiously.

In his last life, he could only drink medicine, and he has forgotten the taste of sugar.

At this moment, he felt that he had eaten the most delicious food in the world.

The teenager tasted the milkshake with a satisfied and joyful expression, and smiled at the waiter: “Thank you.”

The waitress’s face flushed suddenly, and she hurriedly said you’re welcome, before pushing the cart away in panic.

After a while, a faint voice came from the bar: “He is so cute!”

Yun Xingze has always attached great importance managing his body, and does not eat many sweets. He has to count the calories before eating each time. This was also a behavior that Chi Yu cannot understand.

At this moment, the teenager feasted on the desserts, as if he had forgotten the existence of Chi Yu.

Just when Chi Yu’s face turned black.

Yun Xingze finally reacted and raised his head and said to him, “Of course you are wrong, why don’t you admit it?”

His eyes were clear and clean, but he was very serious, with a firmness that could not be ignored.

Chi Yu suddenly had an illusion of being seen through. A guilty conscience flashed in the depths of his eyes, but it was quickly covered up.

“Yun Xingze, I said long ago that I don’t like omegas like you.” Chi Yu changed the subject without a trace. “If it weren’t for the face of the Yun family and the Chi family, I would end the engagement immediately.”

The threat of breaking the engagement is Chi Yu’s trump card.

Every time he talked about the topic, Yun Xingze would admit defeat and say “Don’t be angry” with red eyes.

Chi Yu believed that it was the same this time.

Yun Xingze stopped eating dessert.

Chi Yu looked at the boy and calmly waited for his apology.

After a while, the boy’s voice came.

As gentle and clean as before, Chi Yu was stunned on the spot:

“Retreat.”7退婚 is reject or end an engagement in Chinese, meaning “retreat from the marriage”. To keep the original single-word answer of “退” I did a literal translation into English..

After finally getting a chance to be reborn, Yun Xingze didn’t want his destiny to be tied to an arrogant man.

He has a lot to do.

He has to learn how to drive mecha, design his own perfect mecha, and become the most powerful mecha fighter.

He wants to take this opportunity to complete the unfinished mecha dream from his previous life.

Before his dream came true, Chi Yu was just a stumbling block on his road.


Not sure why I want to pick up a new project with how busy I am, but I couldn’t resist. Unlike TWE, the romance is slower, and there’s more drama (family and otherwise) and some tear jerking moments. Mechas and mecha battles are an actual thing in this. And the MC, Yun Xingze, is a total mecha nerd and genius. ?

And despite the synopsis, it’s a happy ending! (Only downside is I couldn’t find extras…)

Updates will be sporadic.


P.S. if anyone has a better translation for A爆了 (in the title raws) let me know. It was hard to come up with an English equivalent. The phrase expresses someone being super popular, cool, manly, or bursting with pheromones type of situation. It can also be a play on words for the original alpha ‘exploding’.

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  • 1
    Xinghai = Star Naval. I’m still debating whether to use Xinghai or Star Naval… any opinions?
  • 2
    short form or slang for “omega”. It’s like calling a captain, ‘cap’
  • 3
    我的妈: My mom, or mother. Similar to saying “my god!”
  • 4
    As in his the father or one leading the way to discover new mecha innovation.
  • 5
    ABO = Alpha, beta, omega. In this context, its another term for omegaverse
  • 6
    An omega’s gland is responsible for pheromone production. In this novel, glands are found on the neck.
  • 7
    退婚 is reject or end an engagement in Chinese, meaning “retreat from the marriage”. To keep the original single-word answer of “退” I did a literal translation into English.
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    You are apparently very good at choosing novels that have a summary hook me so hard that I ignore my personal rule about needing a steady amount of updates out for me to start! I’ll happily follow both of your stories! I’m always a sucker for an empowerment novel. This looks like an irresistible roller coaster ride of emotions already!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’re welcome. Thank you for reading and your continued support! ❤️
      Maybe you broke your personal rule since we have the same taste in novels. 😉

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        We have good taste! 😉

  2. Avatar lightmoon22 says:

    I feel sorry for the original he wanted to show his love in his own way but in return everyone despise him for it including his fiance(( what wrong with doing housework for the person you love😒)) i know he shouldn’t attack the other person and he should instead go to source himself to slove the problem but it seem the source himself is manipulative person so i don’t blame the original for being oute of control

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah. Chi Yu is a scumbag, and Su Zinian is an interesting character. If I had to rate who I disliked more, it’d be Chi Yu.

    2. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah. Chi Yu is a scumbag, and Su Zinian is more interesting. If I had to rate who I disliked more, it’d 100% be Chi Yu.

  3. Avatar BaoLin says:

    Hello, komorebi! Thank you very much for translating this novel into English. I would like to ask permission to translate this novel from English into Russian using your translation into English. I was very interested in this story. Don’t worry, I will not use my translation for commercial purposes and I will definitely indicate that I am using your translation. I’m not a professional translator, I’m just an amateur.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hi – Thanks for your interest in retranslating. KnoxT has a policy of no secondary translations generally, so the answer would have to be no. Appreciate you asking for permission first, and hope you enjoy the story.

  4. Avatar nainaitou says:

    Isn’t- isn’t xinghai the meaning of galaxy? ‘Star ocean’ is galaxy isn’t it? And it’s an interstellar world so having it named after one of the biggest clusters of stuff be ok?

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Good idea! Sadly, we’re a few chapters in and I’m now too lazy to change it. 👀

  5. Avatar NyanNing says:

    爆了 is internet slang that generally means “explode with anger and/or shock” and comes from a song. The title would be: “After transmigrating into omega cannon fodder, his alpha exploded.”

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      It is, but A爆了 refers to someone being super handsome/cool. Similarly, “A” is shortform for alpha. So it can be read as “A爆了” about MC being cool, or “A” “爆了” as in, Chi Yu exploded/is shocked.

  6. Avatar Hri says:

    Star Navel would match & sound a lot better with the Era setup

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