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FTMTEP Chapter 46

Chapter 46

When Xian Sheng regained consciousness, it was already dawn. Ruyi was overjoyed and hurriedly brought soup to feed him. Xian Sheng shook his head weakly, and said in a hurry, “Don’t be afraid, His majesty allowed you to eat. he personally ordered it.

Xian Sheng opened his mouth to eat. With something in his stomach, he had a little bit of strength: “Where is the prince?”

“In the study. he sent you back last night and left.” Ruyi looked scared, wiped his mouth, and said: “Scared this maid to death. I thought he had discovered the identity of the princess.”

Xian Sheng’s gaze fell on her purplish forehead. he wanted to ask something, but then gave up, saying, “Remember to take medicine.”

“Yes.” Ruyi said: ” Yuehua is decocting the medicine for the princess. When she come back, I will go and apply the medicine.”

Fatigue surged up again. He whispered, “Can you try and call him. Say that I want to see him.”

Although Zhan Zhen allowed Xian Sheng to eat, his face was still very scary. Ruyi didn’t know why he wanted to ask for trouble, but she still agreed and went to the study.

The broken table has been replaced, but Zhan Zhen is not in the house. Ruyi felt strange and walks out and saw Gao Xuan, “Guard Gao.”

“Ruyi.” Gao Xuan replied and said, “Where is the Crown Prince?”

“He’s not in a good mood.” Gao Xuan glanced at the wound on her face and said, “Is the Princess looking for him?”

“Yes, the princess wants to see His Royal Highness.”

Gao Xuan nodded and said, “I’ll go and tell him. you go back first.”

In the end she is a girl. Gao Xuan couldn’t bear it. If the prince gets angry again, she will have to suffer again.

After thanking again and again, Ruyi turned and left. Gao Xuan retreated to the courtyard and raised his head. He couldn’t see Zhan Zhen on the roof. He felt it was a little strange, so he jumped over the roof to the other side. As soon as he landed, he was suddenly hit by something. After a moment, Zhan Zhen sat on the ground under the window and said, “What’s the matter?”

“The princess is awake and is looking for you.”

While he was talking, he saw a plum blossom next to the prince. He recognized it. He used to put it on the desk in the study. His Royal Highness used to look at it and laughed from time to time. He also deliberately didn’t open the earth dragon so that the plum blossom could live longer.

Suddenly he didn’t see it yesterday. He thought he had thrown it away, but turned out it was hidden here.

Zhan Zhen continued to sit, pinching a small plum between his fingers, his expression unchanged.

Gao Xuan thought for a while, then said, “I heard that she was crying.”

Zhan Zhen raised his eyelids coldly, and Gao Xuan coughed, “As miss Ruyi said…she is a sick woman, let alone a sick beauty like a princess, who was spoiled since she was a child. when she is suddenly treated like this, it’s normal to cry.”

Zhan Zhen crushed the plum blossom in his hand. The cold ice in his eyes broke into thin ice residue, but he still didn’t move.

Xian Sheng’s body is so weak that he can only hold his anger in his heart. He doesn’t want to see Xian Sheng.  he is afraid that he can’t help but feeling distressed, but he is also afraid that he won’t be able to control himself if he saw him(XS).

Gao Xuan also didn’t know how to persuade him. He scratched his head and said, “Although I don’t know why your Highness is so angry, but… if it’s just a small mistake, then it’s better to forget about it. Looking at the princess, I guess she won’t last this year…”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flickered, and his Adam’s apple rolled, “Do you also think… she won’t live long?”

” Your Highness, please punish me for my gaffe.”

Zhan Zhen turned his head and looked at the plum branches in the bottle. He nurtured it indoors before, and the flowers are in full bloom. Just after taking it out yesterday, the bottle was overturned by the wind in the morning, and the flower branches were picked up and re-inserted. but all the flowers were gone, leaving only one section bare.

He still didn’t move.

There is no way to pretend that things have never happened. All the sweetness that Xian Sheng has given before is now like a mouthful of silt stuck in his throat, unable to swallow or spit out.

As long as he thinks about it, his forehead jumps.

Gao Xuan gave up and he moved aside quietly, trying not to disturb.

Zhan Zhen sat for a long time before finally moving.

Without waiting for Zhan Zhen, Xian sheng fell asleep again. He felt that Zhan Zhen came back and sat beside him, kissing him gently.

He opened his eyes. Zhan Zhen did indeed come, but his eyes were cold. Seeing him waking up, he asked, “Why were you looking for me?”

Dreams and reality turned out to be opposite.

“It’s nothing, just… I want to see you.” Xian Sheng’s hand stretched out from the quilt. He knew that Zhan Zhen was still affectionate to him, but he also knew that Zhan Zhen was ready to get used to life without him. Xian Sheng could not give him this opportunity. He knew Zhan Zhen’s weakness, and his own skin bag happened to be his weakness.

(t/n skin bag – a metaphor for a human body (mostly used in a derogatory sense))

Zhan Zhen looked at his hand, Xian Sheng had wet eyelashes, and said aggrieved: “Husband.”

“What on earth do you want?”

“Give me your hand” Xian Sheng turned over his palm and moved his fingertips upwards, with a weak voice and breath: “I want to hold it.”

His face was half-dead, his eyes filled with fragility, Zhan Zhen’s face was distorted: “How dare you…”

“I want to seduce you.” Xian Sheng’s voice was soft, and he flattened his mouth: “Who made you, my husband.”

“…” Zhan Zhen tightened his five fingers and said nothing.

Xian Sheng stretched out his hand for a long time without getting a response, so he retracted and propped up with his elbow. He moved with difficulty and was pressed back by Zhan Zhen: “Don’t move.”

“Then you come up… hug me.” Xian Sheng’s eyes were in tears, and Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while, not knowing what kind of psychological struggle he was going through, his body moved. Suddenly a voice suddenly came from outside: “Father Emperor is looking for the Crown Prince!”

It was Zhan Yin. She took the initiative to take over the job of delivering a message. Relying on her “imperial order”, she directly pushed away the people who stood in the way and rushed in all the way.

Zhan Zhen sat back again.

Zhan Yin strode in, and raised her chin to Zhan Zhen as if she is looking at the enemy: “Go ahead, Father is waiting for you.”

Zhan Zhen stood up, and Zhan Yin immediately came over to see Xian Sheng, but was blocked by the tall figure of her brother. She moved and Zhan Zhen directly pinched her shoulder. Zhan Yin immediately bared her teeth, “It hurts… …Brother, good brother.”

Zhan Zhen let go and said, “Lead the way.”

“Let me see my sister-in-law.”

Zhan Zhen’s heart became more and more depressed, and said, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I know, how you treated sister-in-law yesterday, and your father declared you to be accountable. To prevent you from talking nonsense later, I want to confirm the situation of your sister-in-law and give my father a witness!”

Zhan Zhen listened and then smiled, “Really?”

He turned his head to look at Xian Sheng. Even if the latter tried his best to restrain, his expression was still flustered. Xian Sheng knew that Zhan Zhen might still care about the feelings between husband and wife, but once it was known by the Jin emperor, he is very likely to send troops immediately.

Zhan Yin finally saw him and burst into tears “How did my sister-in-law become like this? Why are you so rude, you…”

Zhan Zhen grabbed her directly, and drove her out despite the struggle: “Don’t let the emperor wait for too long ”

The room calmed down, and Xian Sheng lay back on the bed.

In the Queen’s Palace, the emperor and the empress have already started to eat. The empress said: “The prince is not someone who treats women like that, let alone Xian Sheng who is like the apple in his eyes. Don’t get angry when he comes and ask him nicely.”

“This matter is really strange.” Emperor Jin frowned and said: “But the prince shouldn’t be confused. If it’s a major event, why not report it to me?”

“Then… Maybe it’s because of something between them?”

Zhan Zhen arrived soon. Zhan Yin first rushed over to report the case. Emperor Jin frowned, but first asked the situation, “Have she ever colluded with Qin Yi?”


” Has she ever sent information to Liang privately?”


“…Have you ever committed a seven-point rule?”

(t/n seven rules – Seven kinds of clauses in ancient society that husbands abandoned their wives. This is an excuse for the cruel persecution of women by the feudal patriarchal system. The old seven conditions for divorcing a wife. One is childless, the other is lewdness, the third is the uncle??, the fourth is the tongue, the fifth is theft, the sixth is jealousy, and the seventh is the sickness.)


He answered quickly and his face was cold. Empress Xin couldn’t hold back, and suddenly yelled: “Then why didn’t you let her eat?”

Zhan Zhen looked at Zhan Yin, who hid directly behind her mother, and said: “It is a fact! A weak woman can neither control the warfare nor control her destiny. Since she married you and won the satisfaction of her ancestors, she is part of our Zhan family! Why did you let her suffer such injustice?!”

Zhan Zhen was silent, and Empress Xin said: “You beat her for no reason, shame on you. is it because you are a man and she is a woman?”

Zhan Zhen pursed her lips and said for a while: “Because she doesn’t like me.”

There was no one else in the room, and the family fell silent. Emperor Jin suddenly slapped his thigh, and Empress Xin stared at him. He immediately said, “Is it Because of this?”

Zhan Yin was gloating and said, ” it’s normal that she doesn’t like you.”

Emperor Jin nodded subconsciously and said, “Well, girls, especially beauties like the princess, the more you bully her like this, the more she…”

Empress Xin glanced at Emperor Jin coldly. Suddenly there was fire in her heart. Since she can’t do anything about her husband, she grabbed the prepared Jia fa and rushed over with the board: “you do it!”

(T/n Jia fa – domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household, a family disciplining board of sort)

Emperor Jin shrank his legs, frowning at her fierce appearance, turned to hold the cup and drank.

Zhan Zhen didn’t say a word. He looked down and was beaten a few times. Suddenly someone outside announced: “The Crown princess is here.”

They are now in the inner room. This is the crown prince so They can’t be him be seen like this by the servants. The queen took a breath and said, “Let her in.”

Emperor Jin put down the cup and turned around, looking over with restraint.

Time seemed to slow down. The beauty opened the curtain and showed her beautiful but sick face. At that moment, all the scenery seemed to be eclipsed.

The queen’s eyes moved slightly, Zhan Yin jumped over and personally supported Xian Sheng, “Sister-in-law.”

“Aren’t you sick?” The queen said: “What are you coming here?”

“I came to look at Your Majesty…” Xian Sheng glanced at Zhan Zhen, and finally let go of his frustrated heart. He sat weakly on the chair and explained with difficulty: “It’s not like what A’Yin said. I just made a bet with Your Highness and lost the bet, so I didn’t eat…But, I ate early in the morning.”

He looked at Zhan Zhen, who also looked at the latter, but Zhan Yin said: “Impossible, look at my brother’s attitude, it is obvious that he is deliberately bullying you, I think you should stay in the palace for a while. This way I’ll feel relieved. ”

Emperor Jin nodded and said: “I agree.”

The queen’s icy gaze crossed the father and daughter, and kicked Zhan Zhen’s leg, and he said: “I don’t agree.”

Xian sheng burst out in a cold sweat and said: “I’ve made Father Emperor and Queen Mother are worried, I’d better go back to the house.”

The queen said: “it will give a bad impression if the crown prince and the crown princess are separated. Moreover, even if there are some contradictions between the young couple, since they are singing the same tune. In my opinion, no one should get involved.”

What else Zhan Yin say, she was frightened back by Empress Xin, and the empress said: “The princess looks very ill, so you should go back first.”

Zhan Zhen got up, turned around to leave, and was suddenly patted by Jia fa again: ” look at her, are you going to let her go back by herself?”

He went to see Xian Sheng. The latter was just supported by Zhan Yin and reluctantly stood up. He looked away. Empress Xin raised the Jia fa again, so he walked over and hugged Xian Sheng.

Gently put the person on the carriage. just after he got off, the black board was swaying in front of him again, so he immediately hid, and said: ” I’ve picked him up.”

“Come here.” Empress Xin realized that she came out with the board, frowned and threw it to the servant on one side, led him aside and said, “do you like her?”

Zhan Zhen had a hard time speaking, and said after a long while: “she’s playing around with me.”

“What’s wrong with you?” The queen ignored his grievances and scolded: “If a girl plays around with you, are you are going to kill her? Zhan Zhen, listen to me. There’s no second one like Xian sheng in the world. If this queen is not a woman, I would’ve liked her.”

Zhan Zhen’s face was strange and distorted, and the anger in his chest was about to explode.

“Do you think your father is any different?” empress Xin sneered: “All of the men in your Zhan family are lecherous. You don’t want her. Some people crane their necks and wait. If Xian sheng comes into his hand, give him a son…”

“Mother!” Zhan Zhen’s face was pale and uncertain: ” That’s Impossible.”

“How do you know that it’s impossible? You forgot about the former Princess Xiao?” Xin Empress said: ” it’s not easy for me to give you face. Of course, you have good qualifications, but in this palace what matters is the beauty…If she gets into your father’s hands, maybe she will even become an empress!”

“I don’t care if she doesn’t like you or you don’t like ‘her’, in short, don’t give me moths anymore, and don’t give anyone an opportunity.” Empress Xin said, “do you hear me?!”

(t/n moth – It means to create something out of nothing, and it is mostly derogatory)

Zhan Zhen couldn’t bear it: ” she can’t have children.”

“It’s her face!” Empress Xin wanted to knock open his skull: “Anyone can give birth to a child, but not everyone has that face. In the future, you will be called the emperor, and she will sit next to you… Think about it.”

She said: “Which man in the world can compare to you?!”

Zhan Zhen: “…”

He seemed to be persuaded.

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