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FTMTEP Chapter 49

Chapter 49

The reasons given by Zhan Zhen are too outrageous for Xian Sheng not to think too much.

He actually heard about Qi Sile’s message, which made Xian Sheng’s heart clenched again. in the end Zhan Zhen is the crown prince of the country, if he wants to restrict an illegitimate prince, it is not that hard.

So, what happens when hie elder brother comes to jin Country? He couldn’t even think about it.

He just felt a rush of anger in his heart, but his breath was not enough for him to sit up. He looked at the spoon Zhan zhen had fed, and finally took a bite.

He ate painfully, his brows were twisted, and sweat dripped from his forehead.

It has been more than two months since he married Zhan Zhen. He doesn’t know if Zhan Zhen deliberately restricts the spread of this incident. If it does, then his brother is probably unprepared. He could only pray that his elder brother can be more cautious and send an individual to the north in advance to investigate the situation.

Xian Sheng grabbed the quilt and took a few mouthfuls. He lost his appetite, and said tiredly, “I want to rest for a while.”

He clearly didn’t finish half a bowl of porridge.

Zhan Zhen slowly put the bowl down, Qi Sile’s words rang in his ears, and he was a little worried that Xian Sheng would really die.

The people around him are all healthy and strong soldiers. You don’t have to worry at all when you are not at war. He has never seen a fragile person like Xian Sheng. Looking at him like that, it seems that he will not be able to survive for long. He couldn’t tell what it was like in his heart. So he said: “Then go to sleep.”

He got up and walked out.

There are still things to do in his barracks, and he doesn’t want to be with a man who deceives him all this time. He went out of the door and looked back. He subconsciously touched the sachet around his waist. After a long time, he walked out.

Ahead, a group of people suddenly came in. It was empress Xin. She came all the way to zhan zhen and said, “is she better?”

Zhan Zhen frowned: “he said I wanted to sleep again.”

“This early morning, just after waking up she’s going to bed again?” Empress Xin said worriedly: “What did Qi Sile say?”

“…he said, he may die.”

Empress Xin’s face changed slightly. She looked at Zhan Zhen’s expression, and suddenly grabbed his sleeve and walked to one side, her tone lightened: “Zhan Zhen, tell me honestly… What did she do to be sorry for you?”

Zhan Zhen shook his head: “NO. I’m the one who is sorry.”

“You liked her so much before, but now you are indifferent when you hear her that she is going to die. It must be something that happened in the past two days… You can deceive others, but you can’t deceive your mother.” Empress Xin said: “Tell me.”

Zhan Zhen paused and said, “Because he has other people in his heart. Earlier, there was someone he liked in liang.”

Empress Xin smiled, “Is her sweetheart is now in the capital?”

Zhan Zhen lowered his head and said, “No.”

“Then what are you so angry about?” Empress Xin said: “As long as she keeps her virtue then she is yours.  Just because there is a sweetheart, you want her to die?”

“It’s not…” Zhan Zhen looked a little confused. He did want to kill Xian Sheng, but he didn’t want Xian Sheng to die.

Zhan Zhen didn’t know what he was thinking or what he was doing, Xian Sheng always made him mess up.

“I’ll go to see her, you wait outside.”

“You…” Zhan Zhen subconsciously stopped, “I will take good care of him.”

The queen raised her eyebrows: “What? I can’t even see my daughter-in-law?”

“…” Her saying,’ If this queen is not a woman, I also would’ve liked her ‘made Zhan Zhen very uncomfortable. Now that he knows that Xian Sheng is a man, he naturally has to prevent him contacting with his sister and mother… Xian Sheng is shrewd person. He was afraid that the other will use his beauty to let people drop down their guard.

He couldn’t tell her this. Empress Xin gave him a sideways glance: “Get out of the way.”

She entered the door; a strong medicinal scent came to her face. Ruyi was coaxing Xian Sheng to eat something, and was tucking the quilt for him.  she was about to salute when she saw the queen but the queen made a silent gesture.

She walked over and saw that Xian Sheng’s face was pale. Although the room was warm enough he was covered with a thick quilt. At first glance, it seemed that there was no one sleeping inside.

Aware of someone sitting next to him, Xian Sheng slowly opened his eyes. empress Xin subconsciously softened her expression.

How should I put it, such a little beauty, even I feel sorry , let alone a man.

“Don’t move.” Empress Xin held him down and said: “Mother came to see you. why are you so weak…Is Zhan Zhen bullying you?”

Xian Sheng shook his head: “No.”

“I heard Zhan zhen said, your brother should be coming soon, just next month…” When she said this, she suddenly felt a blockage in her throat. Xian Sheng didn’t seem to be able to last until next month, she sighed. He breathed, and said: “Why is it like this all of a sudden.”

“I’m fine.” Xian Sheng said softly, “Don’t worry about me.”

His eyes were soft. In addition to suffering from illness, she could see that he was very calm about his weak body. Empress Xin felt that it was difficult to find such a tough woman in the world. His eyes were so clear, but so deep that he didn’t shed a tear.

“Do you want Zhan zhen to accompany you?” Empress Xin was almost talking to him in an angry voice, “I can see that you have him in your heart. With him to accompany you so can you be a little happy?”

Xian Sheng bends his lips, “The mother came to see this child, I’m already very happy.”

“You have to get better…Speaking of which, you haven’t seen all the ladies when you came to the capital. I’ll take care of this matter. You should take care of yourself. don’t worry about anything, okay?”


Empress Xin stretched out her hand to touch his head, Xian Sheng’s eyelashes trembled, his eyes suddenly became wet, tears slid down, and his nose was red: “I’m sorry, I…”

“Cry if you want to cry.” Empress Xin said: “You must miss Empress Wei, don’t you?”

Xian Sheng’s tears flowed more fiercely, Empress Xin wiped them for him and watched him sob gently. She just felt that the child’s crying was really heartbreaking.

For Xian Sheng, he pretended to be a woman and crying was just a means of making a living. He thought he was strong enough, but at this moment he fell apart.

He really missed his family. In the past, he was seriously ill, and his mother would touch his head like this, with a distressed and worried expression on her face, coaxing him to get better soon. The father emperor would visit him once a day. He hugged him to a chair outside, talked to him or made some gadgets to amuse him. if the weather was bad, he would play with him in the house, throw pots, play handball, and tease each other.

The corner of the curtain was opened, and Zhan Zhen looked inside. From his perspective, he could only see the back of the queen bending down. He knew that Xian Sheng was crying, but he was crying quietly, and occasionally choked, his eyes and nose were red, which was very pitiful.

But now he(XS) regards himself(ZZ) as an enemy and refuses to cry in front of him(ZZ).

Empress Xin stayed for a long time, and told Xian Sheng some interesting things about Zhan Zhen’s childhood. Xian sheng broke his tears into laughter. He felt a little more relaxed and fell asleep unknowingly.

Empress Xin wiped his face clean, sat up straight, got up and walked out.

Zhan Zhen lowered the curtains, lowered his eyes and backed away.

After seeing Xian Sheng, Empress Xin suddenly became dissatisfied with him(ZZ). but since he was an adult, she can’t just hit him. So she said, “You come out.”

Zhan Zhen followed her out, and Empress Xin stood on the porch, looking at the white snow on the rockery. For a long time, she said, “If you really hate her, you might as well kill her.”

Zhan Zhen raised his eyes with a stunned expression: “I…”

“I thought you as smart and handsome and that you will occupy a high position from the moment you are born. No one dares to disobey. You feel that everyone in the world must put you first, but you have to know, even your father Although he has so many women, not everyone consider him as their priority.”

“…I know.”

“You don’t know.” Empress Xin frowned, and said: “She is a princess of the enemy country. She is different from other women. She married and carried the fate of countless people from two countries. her task in this life is to please you. One casual expression from you can cause a huge weight in her heart. If it is an ordinary person… This queen doesn’t care whether she is dead or alive, but have high standards. This queen is worried that you will you will regret it if you couldn’t find a better person in the future.”

Zhan Zhen didn’t say a word.

The matter between him and Xian Sheng, isn’t it just that Xian Sheng has someone in his heart.

“I heard in she knows how to line up troops. At that time, she won more or less against you?”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flashed: “He… piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are also excellent.”

Empress Xin smiled suddenly: ” wisdom will hurt. Heaven is jealous of beauty. She has both. ”

Zhan Zhen couldn’t speak. He suddenly remembered the first time the two had met. Xian Sheng’s eyes were determined to let his brother take the opportunity to kill him. There was a sense of arrogance in him, as well as the pride of going to death calmly.

He knows how to line up troops, and he also knows how to be romantic. He will show a childish expression because he wants to see Cuju on the North Country’s ice, and he can also calmly plan to escape when facing Qin Yi.

(t/n Cuju – ancient game of kicking a ball )

He can command thousands of troops on the city wall, or shrink softly in his arms. He has a scheming mind, and he has a pair of observant eyes. and he knows how to judge according to  the time and the situation.

He had never seen someone like Xian Sheng, who was fragile and broken at the slightest touch, but his character is tenacious

Zhan Zhen only thought that ‘she’ was beautiful, smart, and likable before, but now he discovered that ‘she’ has so many advantages other than her body.’

At that time, he was going to go up to the tower to catch the military strategist for Great jin’s use. If he couldn’t use it, he would kill it. Later, he became obsessed. considering that Great jin can also recuperate his health, he proposed to marry him…

Why did you bring up the marriage? In fact, it was not only because of these two, but also because he found that Qin Yi wanted ‘her.’

Zhan Zhen turned to look at the window.

It’s not uncommon for women to be tolerant and to be exchanged as objects, but he never thought that men would be treated like this…

What was his(XS) mood when he first learned that Liang was going to give him to Qin Yi? What was his mood when he wanted to give it to himself?

This is more than a shame that can be said clearly.

“How old is she.”

Zhan Zhen was taken aback, and subconsciously said: “He should be… eighteen this year.”

“One year younger than you.” Empress Xin said: “It would be a shame if he died so young… When that little face grows a little bit more, she might look prettier.”

She came to see Zhan Zhen and said, “I will come here often. As long as she has nothing else out of the ordinary, you’d better be honest.”

“This is a matter between the two of us…”

“Is it between the two of you? Well it’s killing people.”

Empress Xin said no more. Zhan Zhen was rampant and domineering outside, but he was very respectful to her and could only nod her head in agreement.

Back in the house, Xian Sheng was still asleep. Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while, touched his soft cheeks without holding back, and fiddled with his pale lips.

Suddenly there was an impulse to deceive himself and kiss those lips red.

Zhan Zhen suddenly retracted his hand; his face was slightly cold.

No matter how beautiful, no matter how talented, he is still a man. If he doesn’t cut thousands of cuts, he is kind enough to treat him as before.

He got up, picked up the broken mail box, and walked all the way to the table. opened one by one, his eyes fell on the hot love words, and a sense of shame surged into his heart.

Lifting the pen, word by word he smeared them into black lumps.

He felt a little better when he read the letter after erasing them. These letters are shameful. But he destroys them Xian Sheng will certainly be detected it. But if he erased and put them back, Xian sheng will never find out.

‘I only need a cup of tea at most….’

An hour later…, Zhan Zhen looked at the simple love letter in front of him, “To the future beloved wife”, and looked at the other letters that were smeared with black lumps——

The whole army was wiped out, and none of them ran away.

As long as Xian Sheng took out one, he will know what he had done.

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