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FTMTEP Chapter 70

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 70:

His breath sprayed on the ear, numb and tickling, a small piece of skin under the ear, immediately rose a layer of fine small bumps.

Xian Sheng shrank his head slightly, his heartbeat quickened, and then pushed him with his hands: “don’t be coquettish.”

Zhan Zhen chuckled, still ringing in his ear. Xian Sheng listened inexplicably tingling with delight; Zhan Zhen said, “You can also be a little coquettish.”

“You are so annoying.”

He got down from Zhan Zhen’s arms and straightened the corners of his clothes. Zhan Zhen wrapped his arms around his waist again, like a Siamese baby: “Let’s do it Sheng’er. I’ll be gentle… …”

“No.” Xian Sheng glared at him: “If my brother finds out, he will think that you’re someone who want to have s*x all the time and don’t treat me like a normal person. Then he will worry about me even more.”

“How can I think like that?” Zhan Zhen corrected him: “I want to sleep with you because I like you. Besides, who doesn’t want to sleep with a beauty like you?”

“Anyway, you have to be more dignified and reliable in front of my brother.”

Zhan Zhen pondered and then said: “Tomorrow morning the delegation will enter the capital. You have to agree to go back to the mansion with me then.”

“Agreed.” Xian Sheng asked: “When you went out this time, did you find out who was targeting my brother?”

“I won’t tell you.”


“This is considered a matter of my great Jin Dynasty, so don’t ask more about it.”


Xian Sheng was silent for a while, nodded without saying more.

Zhan Zhen looked at his delicate face and said, “Is it uncomfortable?”

“Why should I feel uncomfortable?” Xian Sheng reflected, “I shouldn’t ask more about the affairs of the Jin Dynasty. I have a loose tongue.”

Zhan Zhen frowned and suddenly stepped forward. Xian Sheng was forced to retreat and was directly pressed on the peach blossom tree by him: “I am hiding something from you and you  don’t feel uncomfortable?”

“Maybe a little bit.” Xian Sheng said honestly: “But I can understand.”


Xian Sheng’s eyelashes flickered and said, “So, as the Crown prince of Great jin. Those old ministries who once lived and died for Great jin want to take my brother’s life. Will you tell me who they are? Will you prevent me from taking revenge?”

Zhan Zhen was silent for a moment.

Xian Sheng said: “Look, Zhan Zhen, you will also consider their feelings, because they have sacrificed for Great Jin. As the Crown prince, you can’t just act emotionally.  you won’t tell me who they are just to get me to trust you completely.”

“…This is because I don’t think it is not  necessary to guard against you. You’re alone in the state of Jin and stay close to me all year round. What’s good for me to guard against?

“You like me so much, how can I guard against you?” Xiang sheng said, “There are some things that I also feel no need to have to tell you, which you can obviously understand.”

“…… you say emotions are not swayed by reason, I can understand, but still get angry.”

Zhan Zhen’s behavior became more and more like a child since the two men expressed their feelings. Xian Sheng gave him a glance and took the initiative to kiss him: “Are you still angry?”


One more kiss.

“Still angry.”

Kissed again.

The corners of Zhan Zhen’s mouth raised, and he held him in his arms, deliberately saying: “I can’t help but forgive you.”

Xian Sheng’s heart went soft and deliberately said, “I thought I had to let you do it to not be angry, I was ready ……”

In the next second, his whole person was picked up by Zhan Zhen and with a loud bang, the man opened the door of a certain room and closed it with his legs.

Naturally, Xian Sheng didn’t really let him do it, but he still stuck to him. In a blink of an eye, dusk fell. Xian Sheng changed his clothes, and accompanied him to dinner.

Zhan Zhen was really frank, he went up and fined himself three cups of wine, and his attitude was very friendly. After the meal, Zhan Zhen was going to stay here, but was called away by Emperor Jin.

The servants cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks, Xian Shang sent him back to his room, and at the door, he asked: “Zhan Zhen is that good?”

Xian Sheng stopped and looked up, “Why are you suddenly asking me that?”

“Just now on the table, your eyes never left him.”

Xian Sheng was stunned for a moment, he was a little embarrassed: “really?”

Xian Shang wanted to say something and swallowed it back: “It’s getting dark, let’s rest early.”

“Brother, too.”

Xian Sheng walked back to the house, and when he closed the door, he suddenly felt a little ashamed when he saw his brother hiding his worried gaze.

He was out of breath for a while, walked slowly back to the bed, buried his head in the pillow and held his breath for a while.

It is natural to be happy when you like someone., but now, because he likes Zhan Zhen, always feels sorry for his homeland, and for the sake of his country, he seems to be sorry for Zhan Zhen.

Since I was young, it seems that I haven’t made people around me feel at ease.

How can I solve this situation now?

If only he was really a princess, then this matter would not be so difficult. At least, he can like Zhan Zhen openly and honestly, and it’s reasonable to marry away for the sake of his homeland.

In the middle of the night, there was a sudden movement from the window. Xian Sheng raised his eyelashes, the room became quiet again, but he smelled a faint fragrance of wine.

The quilt was opened carefully and Xian Sheng teased, “Where did this thief come from.”

The ‘thief’ paused, slipped in and hugged his waist, “Why is your voice hoarse?”

Xian Sheng realized it as soon as he spoke. He coughed and said, “I’m sleepy.”

Zhan Zhen noticed that something was wrong, directly turned the person around, and said in surprise: “Thinking of your husband and crying (ah)?”

Xian Sheng patted his hand and rubbed his arms and said in a jarred voice: “It’s all your fault.”

Zhan Zhen didn’t know why: “What’s wrong?”

“If you had treated me any worse, I could have liked you less.”

Hearing such sweet words, Zhan Zhen’s heart instantly bloomed, “Isn’t it good for you that I like you.”


He complained but Zhan Zhen laughed, his tone doting: “Who upset Sheng’er?”

“You.” Xian Sheng said, “It made me so sad. I was just thinking that maybe it would be better to die.”

So serious?

Zhan Zhen held him in silence, paused, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xian Sheng wrinkled his nose and said seriously: “Emotional abyss.”

“…What is that?”

Xian Sheng tilted up his face to bite his chin. Seeing that he was in pain, he was in a better mood. He said patiently, “it’s just that I was suddenly in a bad mood.”

“Could it be that your brother was drunk and scolded you?”

“No, he didn’t.”

Zhan Zhen curled his lips, narrowed his eyes, and began to be immodest again: “Then it seems to be that you’re thinking about your husband.”



He was stunned for a moment: “Really?”


Zhan Zhen’s breath hitched: “…Want to cry?”


Zhan Zhen was surprised and uncertain: “Think of almost dying?”



Zhan Zhen finally eased his breath and rubbed him into his arms, both sadly and happily said, “Why are you so clingy.”

“But it’s all right, now that I saw you.” Xian Sheng hugged him obediently and said, “It’s like, suddenly coming back to life. Now it’s all good.”

Zhan Zhen didn’t know the seriousness of his words, so he kissed him several times, calmed down a little bit, and said with a serious face: “Tell me, what crime do you want your husband to help you carry?”

Xian Sheng’s face was flushed, the tip of his nose turned scarlet, and his eyes were red. He looked pitiful. He still didn’t react and asked softly, “What crime? I didn’t commit a crime.”

“If you don’t know, it means you’re fooling yourself.” He is so cute, Zhan Zhen couldn’t hold back his mouth and said: “I’m ready. Tell me, should I go up to the sword mountain or down the sea of fire? Scold Father Emperor or fight with queen mother. Or do both?”

(t/go up to the sword mountain or down the sea of fire – It means that no matter what kind of difficulties you encounter, I am willing to serve you. this sentence is used to prove that this person is loyal and loyal only to you)

Xiang sheng finally reacted, his pupils dilated, a little stunned: “I did not.”

That expression is really innocent and Zhan Zhen almost believed it: “I’m muddle headed right now. If you don’t mention the conditions, you will have to refill this ecstasy soup when I Wake up. Think about it.”

“…” Xian Sheng couldn’t dispute it, and suddenly kicked him: “Who gave you an ecstasy soup, I really mean it.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Xian Sheng looked at him for a while and suddenly he took a bite on his face. Although he was weak, his teeth were good. After biting he said, “Now? Are you sober?”

“All day long, nothing to do but to seduce your husband.” Zhan Zhen is blinded by beauty. No matter how fierce Xian Sheng was, he thought he was cute and couldn’t help turning over and said: “I can’t let you go tonight.”

Although I didn’t want to let him go, I wasn’t willing to do him too much, for fear that he would not be able to get up tomorrow and be found by his brother.

It is worth mentioning that Xian Sheng slept soundly in the second half of the night. As soon as Zhan Zhen came over, the stone in his heart seemed to suddenly move away, and his breathing suddenly became free.

It started to fog in the morning, and Zhan Zhen went out early in the morning. He suddenly heard movement in front of the gate. He ordered a servant to go take a look and saw a girl in green rushing in, screaming, “Brother!”

Zhan Zhen didn’t respond.

Because this fellow is not calling himself.

The mist was a bit thick. Among the peach blossoms, someone dressed in white clothes like snow, put away their long swords behind them, but he couldn’t see his face.

Zhan Yin ran straight ahead to him: ” brother, how did you suddenly become an  immortal floating up…”

The voice stopped abruptly.

Xian Shang is Xian Sheng’s own brother, they have the same father and a mother, therefore the two are at least three points similar.

Xian Sheng’s looks are hard to find in the world, so his brother also looks like an immortal figure.

Approaching, Zhan Yin saw clearly.

For a long time, her hands, feet, expression, and eye, all remained motionless.

“This girl…” Xian Shang spoke first: “You have mistaken the wrong person.”

“…” Zhan Yin retracted her stride and said: “Zhan Zhen… Crown Prince, it’s my brother.”

“It turned out to be your Royal Highness.” Xian Shang saluted and said: “The prince left last night…”

Suddenly he realized something, his face changed slightly, and he turned around the stone table in the courtyard, and met Zhan Zhen in front of the door of Xian Sheng.

Xian Shang’s eyebrows slightly jumped and Zhan Zhen immediately smiled: “Good morning Brother.”

Xian Shang was quiet for a long time: “His Royal Highness…came early.”

“I came in over the wall last night.” Zhan Zhen said: “We are Newlywed couple, so I don’t like to  sleep alone. I really couldn’t help coming over and stealing incense. I made my brother laugh.”

(t/n stealing incense – to have fornication with ; I made you lao=ush is a modest way of admitting a mistake)

This is not a laughing matter, this is offensive.

The sword in Xian Shang’s hand buzzed. Zhan Zhen saw this and said, “Brother, do you want to learn from each other?”

Xian Shang pursed his lips and said, “His Royal Highness please enlighten me.”

The long sword was out of the sheath, and the two were fighting together for a moment. Zhan Yin looked at it for a while, dazzled, unable to see the moves nor the beautiful man. So she slid into the Xian sheng room, looking for her sister-in-law.

The house was very quiet, and Xian Sheng was sleeping soundly.

“Sister-in-law?” Zhan yin quietly walked over, gently lifted the bed curtain. Her eyes fell on Xian Sheng’s sleepy face, and the thin shoulders that were exposed and secretly thought that it was true that the sister-in-law is the best in the world. she felt sour and clicked her tongue. Her eyes suddenly fell on the quilt that was flat on Xian Sheng’s chest…really, it was a little too flat.

(t/n felt sour – jealous)

Inexplicably, She suddenly thought of her ‘sister’, A Jin who was disguised as a woman.

She hesitated and stretched out her hand: “I’ll just take a look, just a look.”

Outside the house, Zhan Zhen suddenly became distracted and noticed that Zhan Yin had disappeared. He suddenly pulled away and retreated: “My sister went in!”

Xian Shang withdrew his sword: “She is a girl, what are you afraid of?”

“She is not a girl!” Zhan Zhen did not even sheathe his sword, he hurriedly jumped in through the nearest window and found that her entire body had gone into the bed curtain and immediately shouted, “Zhan Yin!”

Zhan Yin shuddered suddenly, she saw the long sword in his hand. She instantly shrank her head to hide, and said, “I dare not! I didn’t see anything! I didn’t see anything! Don’t kill me!!”

Xian Shang: “…”

He gasped.

His own sister is so afraid of Zhan Zhen, can Xian Sheng survive in his hands?



Translator – Smiling like an idiot while translating all this dog food that the author is stuffing down my throat.*chuckles*

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