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FTMTEP Chapter 33

Hello, my name is He Lian.

Please note that the last translator has named the last translated chapter as chapter 61, which is actually chapter 32 according to the novel. The chapters have been correctly numbered in NU. ( so don’t worry ) I’m mentioning it here just incase anyone gets confused.  Thankyou. Have fun reading!!

Editor – mlky


Chapter 33

The carriage continued to move forward. Xian Sheng was worried. It was not an illusion. Qi Sile must have noticed something. The hint that day was just the beginning, but he didn’t tell Zhan Zhen. Was he afraid of losing his face, or was he uncertain?

What does he want to make of Zhan Zhen? Will he tear off his clothes to verify that he was correct?

Xian Sheng regretted more and more why he talked to Zhan Zhen about pretending to be a man in women’s clothing that day. With this put in front of him, Zhan Zhen could easily associate the truth of this matter. He was not a fool. 

But at present, he couldn’t figure out the attitude of this man. He seemed to be completely unaffected, yet the big palm moved over again.

He always liked to play with him when they were alone together.

Xian Sheng came to grab his hand uncomfortably. Zhan Zhen’s fingers were slender and his skin was white, but because of doing martial arts all year round, he was very powerful. When he stretched out, he could see the green veins on the back of his hand.

Xian Sheng hadn’t felt it before, but since he fed him a mouthful of fake meat that day, once he saw this hand, he thought that when it was covering the dots, one was pleasant and the other was ferocious and terrible. Looking at it, he thought of something very embarrassing.

“You be honest.” He reminded: “This dress looks very expensive, don’t break it.”

“If it breaks, I’ll make a new one.”

Zhan Zhen took another bite of his face, and then moved his mouth back, making sounds in his ears.

Xian Sheng shrank his head and pushed his face away.

The streets were very lively these past two days. Xian Sheng opened the curtain and looked out as he passed through, eagerly thinking about getting off the carriage, but he was restrained because of the ice and snow.

He looked forward to the winter ending as soon as possible; maybe he could go out to see more during the spring.

Suddenly, Xian Sheng felt that someone was looking at him, and subconsciously turned his head to look, but it seemed to be just an illusion.

Confused, he was dragged back by Zhan Zhen: “Tonight on New Year’s Eve, all families will stay at home. I’ll take you out to play in the Lantern Festival.”

Xian Sheng was taken aback and nodded hurriedly, like a bird about to be released from the cage, with expectation and satisfaction on his face.

After the Tang Pavilion Assassination, Xian Sheng discovered that the Prince’s Mansion had sent in additional staff. Fortunately, he didn’t leave the room much, so he wouldn’t put too much pressure on others.

In the evening, They went to the palace for New Year’s Eve dinner. There were enough seats. Almost all the concubines with children came. Concubine Rong was no exception. It was just that she treated Xian sheng was a lot more cordial this time, and said to him very intimately: ” After dinner, you can go to the front building to watch the fireworks and set off the Kongming lanterns, and let Zhan Zhen take you and play for a while before going back.”

She has kind eyebrows and is good-looking. Xian Sheng also gave a smile, chatted for a few words and  when Zhan Zhen called him, he hurried over.

There is no shortage of Qingrong in the place of the Empress Dowager. She looks thinner than before. she didn’t sleep well because she broke one arm. She is also more introverted. She only looks at Zhan Zhen occasionally, with some unspeakable feelings.

After the meal, everyone went out to the front tower. Concubine Rong suddenly suggested: “I heard that a new medicinal bath in the suburbs is very famous for beautifying and nourishing muscle. My younger brother and sister invited me to try the effect. Let’s take yin’er and the crown princess together?”

Men have men’s conversations, women have women’s conversations, so Xian Sheng is not with Zhan zhen at the moment. He feels a little nervous after hearing this, and the queen said coldly: “Is there is not enough water in the palace for you to soak? The dignified concubine has to run out all day long, what kind of style is it?”

Concubine Rong is obviously accustomed to being bullied by her on everyday basis and she felt ashamed after hearing this: “I just heard that the effect is really goos… Thinking of our crown prince so stunning she should take good care of .”

Xian Sheng: “…”

Does this matter also involve him?

The queen sneered and remarked mercilessly: ” there’s nothing to talk about.”

Concubine Rong shut up aggrievedly, went to the tower, and took the initiative to resign to the other side. Qing Rong immediately stepped forward. Before she could speak, Concubine Rong cursed in a low voice: “What were you thinking? I was scolded by her.”

“crown  Princess…”

“Don’t mention her!” Concubine Rong said with a cold face, ” Today, all civil and military officials know that her son has married a beautiful wife. I’m afraid the whole world will know tomorrow. A’hua is still recuperating, and the marriage hasn’t settled yet… How can this world be so unfair, with a good face, the identity of Princess Liang has become a decoration, and His Majesty also spoils her…”

She was so embarrassed, but Qing Rong smiled and said: “In the previos dynasty, Emperor Huiren favored Princess Xiao, and the prince rebelled. His majesty is not necessarily dotting on her, …… Ah!”

Before she could finish her words, Concubine Rong pinched her fiercely, she said: “Different ways different schemes, you dare to make enemies for me for your own sake, and see if I can’t kill you, the little girl.”

Qing Rong burst into tears, shaking his head tremblingly, “Qing Rong dare not…”

Concubine Rong let go, and said: “Your hands are useless now, and you are already disabled. Zhan Zhen will never be able to look at you anymore. If you want join forces to make the Empress unhappy, you can, but if you dare to scheme against His Majesty…”

She glanced at Xian Sheng who was standing with Empress Xin in the distance, lowered her eyelids, and said, ” the Empress Dowager can’t protect you.”

Qing Rong rubbed his arm and nodded tearfully.

After Concubine Rong left, the queen suddenly turned her head and glanced at Xian sheng.

Rong Jing really wanted to be beautiful. She wanted to have a bath with Xian Sheng, and it was almost the same if she put her face in the vat and dyed her head white. How could someone else think of her daughter-in-law.

She suddenly spoke with a cold expression: “Come to the palace on the fifth day of the Luna new year to take a bath. Every year. Every year, people in the palace sprinkle blessing water in the bath to ensure a smooth and prosperous year.  you are in a bad shape, come here to get some blessings.”

Xian Sheng smiled, and just about to decline, Zhan Yin said: ” “when did you sprinkle it? How did I not know?”

” every year.”

“Then why didn’t you call me to soak together?”

“You were born in this palace, and the blessing of this palace is your blessing. There is no need to do this.” Seeing Xian Sheng look embarrassed, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I…I’ll faint if I take a bath.” Xian Sheng struggled to find the wording: “In the south, there is no custom of taking a bath together. I’m not used to it.”

“When in Rome, do as the romans do. Since you are married, you should adapt to the customs here.” The queen suddenly thought of something and said: “If you feel uncomfortable with me, let A’jin and A’yin go with you.”

Zhan Yin’s depressed expression suddenly burst into bright light, but Zhan Jin became stiff, and her expression became difficult to express.

Xian Sheng had to answer.

With a loud “bang–“, the dark sky was illuminated by colorful fireworks, and the air was filled with a faint smell of fireworks. Xian Sheng covered his mouth and coughed, his eyes fell on the sky, but his heart flew to South liang in an instant.

I don’t know how my father and mother are. I don’t know if the eldest brother and the second brother are better. Can the third brother and the fourth brother safely deal with the war beaten city back to prosperity? He found himself so far away from home for the first time.

He missed it and felt a little disappointed.

Suddenly someone pulled his hand, he turned his head to look, Zhan Zhen led him to one side and said, “Let’s go over there.”

Xian Sheng bid farewell to the Queen and walked to a quiet place with him. He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw a Kongming lantern on the ground: “You still put this?”

Zhan Zhen looked at him and said, “Don’t all girls like this?”

Xian Sheng trembled in his heart and said, “I don’t like it, and I haven’t released one. I don’t think it is interesting. I am afraid that it will catch fire if it falls.”

Zhan Zhen thoughtfully said: “The lady always thinks more than other girls.”

Xian Sheng said nothing, Zhan Zhen said: ” This lantern can be used to repose your thoughts. Let’s release one, huh?”

Xian Sheng was silent for a while, slowly stretched out his hand, took the fire fold in his hand and lit it, and when the thing was inflated, he discovered that there was still a painting above it. Looking at the it, it was him and Zhan Zhen.

The man actually made the Kongming Lantern himself, and he also inscribed two lines on the top, his words” Long Fei Feng Wu” (t/n dragon flying and Phoenix dancing) , Xian Sheng carefully distinguished: “A lifetime, a couple, a dynasty, a twilight, a room… Can you build so many rooms in one day and one night?”

He was stunned, and Zhan Zhen directly set the Kong Ming Lantern off, his eyes fell on his face, and said: ” this room is the room of sexual affairs.”

“…” Xian Sheng regained his senses, and immediately reached out to grab the lamp and jumped twice. His face was flushed and his heart almost jumped out, and he couldn’t catch it. He immediately kicked Zhan zhen: “Hurry up and take it down! Do you want everyone to see it?”

“So what.” Zhan Zhen raised his head and watched Kong Ming lantern leave lightly, and said seriously: “God will understand me.”

How strong could Xian Sheng be. He hugged him in his arms without kicking him twice, Zhan Zhen said: “I heard that this Kongming Lantern will bring wishes to the heavens. I hope, I will be able to do it next year.”

Although it is secluded here, it can still be seen as long as someone looks at it. Xian Sheng is furious: “Get it down for me! You, you… it smells lue lue!”

Zhan Zhen gave him a bitter kiss, Xian Sheng was stunned, and then scolded: “Asshole Zhan lue lue! Shameless…”

Zhan Zhen gave him a kiss and was very satisfied: “It seems that the wish of the Kong Ming Lantern is really effective, and the lady came to give the kiss just after the promise.”

“When did I…” Xian Sheng was suddenly lucid that his head exploded in anger. Zhan Zhen seemed to have said that as long as he shouted Zhan lue lue, he would be regarded it as him(XS) asking for a kiss.

His face suddenly became even more red, and his words were incoherent: “You…”

Zhan Zhen touched his forehead and said warmly: “Think slowly, It’s nothing urgent.”

“let me go!!”

Zhan Zhen was a little disappointed. He slowly let go. Xian Sheng took a breath and looked up at the Kong ming Lantern which was drifting farther and higher. He also saw a little prince squatting under his father’s feet not far away, holding his hands. Looking at them pointing from his fingers, he couldn’t help but say a few nice words to him. The language was soft but swift. Zhan zhen who stayed in South liang for many years and didn’t understand: “What?”

“Go home!” Xian Sheng wanted to go, and felt it was too embarrassing to go down the stairs to see the fireworks with the royal family, so he went on to the other side, Zhan Zhen’s mouth raised, and immediately followed,” it will take a lot of time to go down here and it will be in vain.”

Xian Sheng was panting, ignored him, and walked through the small tower. Lanterns were hung on both sides, and it was not dark. He was still thinking of those two lines of poems, if he had good eyesight to see… …

Suddenly Zhan Zhen’s voice beside him: “Huh?”

Xian Sheng panted and coughed, stroking his chest and looking up subconsciously, only to see an arrow piercing a hole on the Kongming lamp that was just released. The lamp immediately turned into a ball of flame and fell straight down.

Going to see Zhan Zhen again, the other party’s expression became obviously unhappy: “Sure enough, he’s close by, and I will kill him by myself sooner or later.”

Xian Sheng pretended he hadn’t heard, and continued to move forward, Zhan Zhen had to follow up again: “Be careful, if you lose your foot…”

Before he finished his words, Xian Sheng suddenly tripped over something, and rushed forward, Zhan Zhen hugged him to avoid kissing the ground.

Xian Sheng was already out of breath, his eyes turned black and his hands and feet were soft. Zhan Zhen picked him up and said with a low smile, “You just want to take the opportunity to hug me, right?”

Xian Sheng was running out of energy, and muttered softly, “shameless, shameless… shameless, Disgraceful, rotten mud.”

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