If you’re interested in being a translator or moving your chapters over, please fill up the form below including the relevant information. Please note, we only accept edited MTL or translations. You will be contacted within a week.

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  1. Timezone
  2. Title of the series you are interested in picking up/moving over + Genre of the series + language
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Who can join?


  1. No experience or minimum update frequency required
  2. No pure MTL – or work with minimum effort/poorly done
  3. We accept all genres and asian webnovels* (except those that have been licensed or previously picked up by Webnovels)
  4. No sniping – ensure that a project has been dropped for a minimum of 2-3 months if you’re intending on picking it up

*We will not accept korean webnovels from the following publishers: Yeondam, Kakao Originals, Shinyoung Media, D&C Media, Naver, Crescendo, Atempo, Lucynovel, maya&maru, Periwinkle, Munpia, Daon Media, MBlue


  1. Freedom and flexibility! You decide when you want to post and set your own deadlines.
  2. You get to post your own chapters, and everything else (Table of contents, previous, next buttons) is auto-generated. If you’re new, we have a detailed guide to help you!
  3. You can earn money from translations!
    • Translators are encouraged to add your own ko-fi/patreon buttons and manage it (we won’t take any cut)
    •  Ad revenue by pageviews (All you need is paypal!)


If you’re keen to become an editor, please join our discord and check out #recruitment channel and see which titles are in need. Unfortunately, KnoxT is not able to offer editors ad revenue or any monetary benefits, so it will be purely voluntary.

If you are seeking payment for your effort, please ensure that the translator has worked something out or you have come to an agreement before beginning.

  • Must be fluent in English
  • Might have to pass a test (approach the translator of the series that is seeking an editor)

If you’re still unsure and have questions, leave them in the message box below! Or you can drop an email to

Do not use our translations for retranslations. Requests for retranslations will be ignored.