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FTMTEP Chapter 42

Chapter 42:

Xian Sheng fell asleep, but this night he had a nightmare again.

He dreamed that Zhan Zhen had gone to Qin Pavilion, found about the fake chest pads. When he came back, he began to torture him with punishment. Then, all the brothers who had just entered Beijing were sent to prison. In order to torture him, Zhan Zhen killed his brother in front of him.

“Sheng’er?” when He woke up, his forehead was wet with cold sweat, and he was in a daze for a while.

Zhan Zhen wiped his face and said, “Have a nightmare?”

“Hmm…” When Xian Sheng was sober, he was able to control his emotions. He looked at Zhan Zhen’s gentle eyebrows. It was hard to imagine what he would look like when he raised his butcher’s knife on himself one day.

He was confused, Xian Sheng slowly came around and buried his face in his arms. Zhan Zhen feels weak and feels sorry for his rare fragility, but he is happy because of his dependence. He touched Xian Sheng’s head and gently hugged him tightly: “Don’t be afraid. If you have nightmares in the future, I will protect Sheng’er well.”

Xian Sheng was amused by his words. How can he say that he can take anyone so easily in his dream?

But he still softly agreed: “Okay.”

They didn’t talk for the rest of the night. Early the next morning, Xian Sheng woke up and suddenly heard the sound of sword blades passing through the air in the house.

He opened the curtain and put on his shoes. He looked up and saw Zhan Zhen playing with a long sword in his hand. When he saw him, he said, “It was picked up by Qin Lou yesterday. Come and have a look.”

“I don’t know much about swords.” Xian Sheng poured himself a glass of water to sooth his throat, then walked towards him and asked, “How long have you been up?”

“I came back from practicing the sword.” Zhan Zhen handed the sword over, and Xian Sheng stretched out his hand, but he shrank again: “It’s a bit heavy, put it on the table.”

Xian Sheng sat down and touched it carefully, only to feel that the body of the sword was white, but it was chilly, and it looks like it eat blood often. He speculated: “This sword should have a good name.”

“Sen Bai.” Zhan Zhen said: “Have you ever heard of it?”

Xian Sheng shook his head and said, “I have grown up in the deep palace for many years, and I don’t know anything about the jianghu.”

“This is He Ermi’s sword.” Zhan Zhen’s tone was light, but his eyes were deep. Xian Sheng raised his eyes to look at him, and suddenly understood who he was going to arrest yesterday. He gathered his mind and curiously said, “You have sealed up Qin Yi’s den?”

“He acted cautiously. So far, he has only exposed one place, the last time you were taken away.”

“Are you going to kill him?”

“Your brother is about to arrive in Jin country. In order to prevent them from meeting in private, it’s better to act first.”

“If they really meet in private, can’t you just catch them while they’re at it?”

With his eyes facing each other, Zhan Zhen put his cheeks up and said, “If this is the case, your brother might be implicated too.”

“My brother is at odds with Qin Yi, not to mention that now the overall situation is set, he will not join forces with Qin Yi.”

Zhan Zhen looked at Xian Sheng quietly, and the latter also stared at him. Zhan Zhen suddenly stretched out his hand and touched his cheek. There were some traces of the place where he had bitten yesterday. He said: “The princess really feels that the overall situation is settled. Is it?”

Xian Sheng’s expression did not change, but he quickly understood what he had not said. If Xian Sheng is calm, then the marriage between the two countries can really determine the overall situation. Xian Shang will not rashly join forces with Qin Yi to fight against the Great Jin. However, if Xian Sheng has a secret and conceals it from Jin, there will be Jin who is eyeing his secret and may become angry at any time because of his secrets. On the other hand, there was Qin Yi, a Liang man who loved Xian Sheng and couldn’t ask for him. Xian Shang would probably choose to join forces with Qin Yi to smooth the matter before breaking it through.

It doesn’t matter how to clear it for the time being, but Zhan Zhen is now aware that he will inevitably react based on the situation.

He must make sure whether his wife has secrets before Xian shang comes to the north, which will determine how he treats Xian shang who comes to visit his sister.

‘How clever Zhan zhen is’ Xian Sheng sighed in his heart. In just a few words, he put himself into a desperate situation, implying that he had reached a time of frank confrontation. He was testing and comparing step by step but he (ZZ) gave him the illusion that he still cared about love. but he gave him the illusion that he still cared about love

But how could Xian Sheng take the initiative to confess? If he said it now, what his brother thought was a to visit his sister will turn into a trip to the yellow springs (t/n yellow spring – netherworld). But when things have reached this point, it is difficult for Xian Sheng to write to his brother to persuade him to return, which is equivalent to admitting that he is hiding in disguise.

Xian Sheng suddenly turned his head, avoiding his hand, and made an unhappy expression: “now I have given myself to you, but you still saying these words?”

Zhan Zhen retracted his hand and was stunned for a while. Every time Xian Sheng retorted, he felt that he was wrong and had to say: “It’s my mistake. Let’s eat something first.”

Xian Sheng ate as little as ever, and fell on the recliner after eating. but suddenly someone came to the palace, calling Zhan Zhen.

Zhan Zhen put on his cloak and said to him, “I think it’s because of the Qin Pavilion yesterday. Father has something to ask.”

“Be careful on the road.” Xian Sheng didn’t move, he was exhausted physically and mentally. but he still had to hold on and his voice weak.

The depression made him obviously sluggish. Hearing Zhan Zhen leaving, he slowly closed his eyes, feeling completely at a loss.

The footsteps left, but suddenly turned back. Xian Sheng opened his eyes subconsciously, and the recliner under him swayed because of being supported by Zhan Zhen. He was a little dazed: “Why suddenly, uh…”

The lips were kissed, Zhan Zhen panted slightly and left, whispering: “To be honest, did you go to send a letter to Qin Yi yesterday?”

Xian Sheng blinked, came back to life briefly and said: “No.”

He has a clear conscience about this matter, “What I do in the Prince’s Mansion, I’m afraid you’re far clearer than me, Zhan Zhen…I haven’t deliberately obtained any information from your side, I’m not a fool, you even let me enter the study, once anything happens, the first suspect will be me. such a trap, do you think I will be fooled easily?”

Zhan Zhen’s breathing eased, and he said, “I believe you.”

Then he kissed him again, and coaxed: “Don’t be unhappy, just look distressed.”

Xian Sheng looked at him for a while, slowly lowered his eyelashes, and whispered, “okay.”

Zhan Zhen stroked his cheek. When he got up and left, Xian Sheng suddenly asked, “How long will it take for my brother to come here?”

“About early February.”

There is still at least half a month.

In addition to seeing Zhan Zhen today, Emperor Jin also announced Zhan Jin. He probably wanted to ask him how he was under Jiang Qin. In order to prevent Emperor Jin from seeing the clues, Zhan Jin put on fake chest pads so that he could Show a little bit of the characteristics of a girl.

If Zhan zhen is a sharp blade hanging over his head for him, then Emperor Jin is like a guillotine cutting him down in an instant, and he had to deal with it carefully.

He followed Jiang Qin into the palace, but suddenly heard someone shouting: “A’Jin!”

Lifting his eyes, his face instantly tightened. Jiang Qin saw his expression, then looked at the smiling face, and said: “I have seen the princess.”

“I came to A’Jin to have a few words to say.” Qing Rong’s eyes were gentle, Zhan Jin pursed her lips, and there was obvious reluctance in her eyes. Before she could speak, Jiang Qin said: “I think His Majesty has announced the two of us. If something is urgent, the princess might as well wait until he comes out.”

He wanted to help, but Qingrong opened her mouth with an unchanged smile: “the prince hasn’t come yet. The young general is worried… It doesn’t matter. If A’ Jin doesn’t mind, I can say it here, just a few words.”

Jiang Qin was waiting to respond, and Zhan Jin had already spoken: “Let’s go over there and talk.”

He could only stop and wait, frowning and looking at Zhan Jin.

Qing Rong followed Zhan Jin to a remote place, turned her head to see Jiang Qin’s expression, and suddenly smiled: “It seems that the little general likes you.”

Zhan Jin said lightly: “If you have something to say, you might as well speak up.”

Qing Rong’s eyes fell on his bulging chest, and then he covered his lips and smiled: “What is this?”

Zhan Jin looked at her coldly. Qing Rong slightly restrained, and said: “Why do you feel so upset every time you see me? A’Jin, I have worked so hard to keep the secret for you. Think about it, if you get caught and His Majesty finds out that you are deceiving the monarch, even if he do not kill you for the sake of your own flesh and blood, you will definitely be driven out of the capital. How can you avenge your mother concubine then?”

Zhan Jin tightened her fingers and slowly said, “What the hell do you want me to do?”

“Will, Xian Sheng be like you… wearing a fake?”

“Don’t be obsessed with these things anymore. Imperial uncle said that she is a woman. Besides, the prince and her share the same room. Could it be that he can’t tell whether she’s a man or a woman?”

Qingrong looked down. In fact, she knew in her heart that this was impossible. If it weren’t for Zhan Jin by her side, she wouldn’t even think of such a thing. Maybe because she hated Xian Sheng too much, that she always hoped that there is something wrong with Xian sheng.

She threw this idea out of her mind and said: “His Majesty announced the Crown prince today, and he will definitely ask about the progress of things with Qin Yi. I have a way to lead him out.”

“Qin Yi is not so easy to catch.”

“Xian sheng is the best bait.” Qing Rong disregarded Zhan Jin’s complicated expression, and said: “If His majesty asks, you should look for an opportunity to propose to use Xian sheng as bait, and Qin Yi will definitely come out.”

Her eyes were burning, but Zhan Jin was silent. At this moment, Jiang Qin’s voice suddenly came: “Your Royal Highness!”

Zhan Zhen also surprised him with this loud shout, “Why are you talking so loudly?”

After he finished speaking, he saw Jiang Qin signaled, and turned his head to look. Qing Rong and Zhan Jin were saluting. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, ” quickly go and see the emperor.”

He stepped forward, Jiang Qin followed first, and Zhan Jin immediately trotted after him.

Emperor Jin was testing arrows. He heard someone report their arrival so he put down his bow and arrow. He wiped his hands while saying: “The arrows we made this time are still not good. We still need better weapons, which can be used in the hands of ordinary soldiers. A powerful weapon.”

He sat steadily, without greeting, and asked Zhan Zhen directly: ” what happened to the hand gun you made last time?”

“It’s not yet finished.”

They chatted a few words at random. Emperor Jin’s eyes fell on Zhan Jin, somewhat surprised: “A’Jin is so tall. how is it, working under Jiang Qin? Can you adapt?”

“Father don’t worried, everything is fine.”

Emperor Jin also asked Jiang Qin a few words, and when he heard him praise Zhan Jin, he laughed loudly. Zhan Jin looked proud. He couldn’t help but raise her lips slightly and was a little happy.

The topic soon turned to Qin Oavilion’s affairs yesterday. His expression became a little more serious, and he asked Zhan Zhen: “Is there any relationship between Qin Yi and Xian Sheng?”

“No.” Zhan Zhen didn’t hesitate: ” She doesn’t step out of the house so there is no chance of her contacting Qin Yi.”

“What about the two Liang servant in her hands?”

” The people they contacted have also been investigated. Most of them are people in the government. They are innocent. Moreover, Xian sheng don’t care about these things. She went to the Qin Pavilion yesterday… Because I lingered in the Qin Pavilion before and wanted to have a look.”

Emperor Jin’s expression eased, and he laughed again: “Well, she is also a clever child. If you can handle her well, she will be a good wife in the future… You have such a sweet wife in your arms, why bother to run to such places? ”

” There are a lot of good and bad people in Qin Pavilion. This prince go there to do business.

” What are your plans to arrest Qin Yi?”

Zhan Jin’s eyelashes trembled, and Emperor Jin immediately asked: “Does A’Jin have something to say?”

“No…” Zhan Jin weighed for a while and said, “I have no good way.”

“What about Jiang Qin?”

Jiang Qin arched his hand and said: “We have discussed the best way. Qin Yi is too cautious. Unless we use the Crown princess as a bait, he will never act rashly. but this matter is too dangerous and the prince has already rejected it.”

Emperor Jin looked at Zhan zhen and wanted to say something. thinking of his daughter-in-law’s flowery and jade face, suddenly he understood that if the protection was not effective, it might injure her royal face. He sighed, asked some questions about the barracks, chatted intermittently, and let them leave.

Zhan Zhen and Jiang Qin walked ahead, and said to Zhan Jin: “Since you came to the palace, go and see mother empress.”

“okay.” Zhan Jin agreed, bowed her head and left. Zhan Zhen watched him disappear and asked Jiang Qin, “Did you find anything unusual about her when she is around you?”

“Huh?” Jiang Qin recalled for a moment, and wondered: “What can be unusual?”

” I think she’s a little strange.”

“She’s your sister, how can you say that?”

Zhan Zhen ordered: ” tell him come to the my house in the afternoon and say that I has something to talk with him.”

Jiang Qin paused, frowning, and his voice softened: “What the hell happened?”

“Since you haven’t noticed the strangeness, what are you worried about?”

Zhan Zhen looked over indifferently, Jiang Qin instantly felt as if he had become a transparent person, He quickly and honestly said, “She is a bit peculiar, but I really can’t tell… I was Just thinking that if it’s harmless, it’s better to let her go. Everyone has a difficulty.”

” Connivance is not necessarily good for her.”

He was noncommittal, Jiang Qin was a little anxious: ” if the Crown Princess hides something harmless from you, do you want to find it out?”

Zhan Zhen stopped, his eyes turned deep, Jiang Qin continued: “If she is not bad-hearted, if she has no choice, and if she is also full of grievances, do you want to be as aggressive as this?”

” How dare you say I’m aggressive?”

“…It’s just an example.” Jiang Qin said: “Think of her as the Crown princess, would you still pursue her secrets so persistently?”

Zhan Zhen subconsciously stroked his chest. The hairpin was lying in his arms now. He touched the lines many times. He could remember its appearance without looking at it, remembering that it was taken off her silky hair. He thinks of the soft loosening of black hair and how it poured over the entire pillow.

He always thinks that Xian Sheng has a refined and elegant temperament, and it goes well with jade when he doesn’t apply powder.

In his heart, the hairpin is a token of love, and he always feels happy at first glance, but recently, he suddenly dared not look at it.

“Your Royal Highness?” Jiang Qin peeped something from his expression and said tentatively, “is there anything strange about the crown princess?”

Zhan Zhen said coldly: ” She takes risks because of jealousy, and earnestly tries to please me. she sticks to me like glue. I always hope that I’m the only one who can pet her. But women’s extravagance is normal, what’s so strange about that?”

“Oh.” Jiang Qin didn’t believe a word he said but still nodded in agreement, “His Royal Highness is reasonable.”

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