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FTMTEP Chapter 59

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 59:

Xian Sheng was seducing him again.

Zhan Zhen looked at him, dumbfounded, and said, “What if I haven’t thought about it yet?”

Xian Sheng smiled and said slowly: “ if you want to, take me back and we’ll sleep together… If you don’t want to, take me back and I’ll sleep by myself.”

He certainly knows that as he is prince of a country and the future emperor, Zhan Zhen has had his own ambitions and revenge since he was a child. For him, becoming an emperor and sitting on the world is the real purpose of his life. He has planned his life from the beginning.

As for marrying a beautiful and charming wife, it is just the icing on the cake, and it is not something that is completely included in life planning.

And he is a mistake that Zhan zhen shouldn’t make in his life. It’s not impossible to kill him, but it is still too difficult for Zhan zhen to make a commitment to Xian Sheng all his life.

Except for Zhan zhen’s own wishes, the Jin Dynasty would not allow this to happen. He is the prince of Jin, the successor cultivated by the Jin emperor, and is recognized by everyone as the next emperor. He must shoulder the responsibility of spreading branches and leaves for the royal family and shouldering the future of the people of Jin.

As for Zhan Zhen himself, once he really made this promise, if he wanted to do it, he would most likely give up Xian sheng, and even if Xian Sheng’s identity was revealed, he might be discarded by Emperor Jin.

So, Xian Sheng is not in a hurry to ask him for an answer.

He will hesitate, indicating that he is taking this matter seriously, because he can completely agree without hesitation, and wait for his selfish desires to be satisfied before regretting it.

He is willing to think carefully about this. which means that if he puts Xian Sheng in his heart, it means that he is putting himself in the same position as Xiang Shen. Xian Sheng does not care what decision he will make. He is not unreasonable, even if Zhan Zhen really chose him, he won’t let Zhan Zhen lose the throne, or go without having offspring.

As long as he knows that Zhan Zhen cares about him, like he cares about the throne, he can give everything for Zhan Zhen.

He can take a concubine for him, do everything he can for him, willingly, and not at all feel wronged.

“I’ll think it over.” Zhan Zhen said he looked at the footprints in the snow, gently picked him up, and walked back all the way.

Xian Sheng touched his chin, hooked his neck with both hands, and said, “It’s okay, you think about it slowly.”

The expression in his eyes was very gentle, which moved his heart. Zhan Zhen couldn’t help but kiss him and said, “Aren’t you angry?”

“Not angry.” Xian Sheng said, “Anyway, if you don’t agree, I won’t lose anything.”

Zhan Zhen felt uncomfortable, “Is this really that simple in your eyes?”

The corners of Xian Sheng’s mouth raised: “Yes.”

” It doesn’t matter?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xian Sheng said: “It’s nothing more than, you don’t care about me, I don’t care about you, you live your life, and I die when you die. We have nothing to do with each other, on the other hand……. I entrust you with my life. regard you as the most important person in my life, you entrust your life and trust to me, as consider me as the most important person in your life. From now on, we will share joy and sorrow together. you will live with me, and you will die with me. That’s the difference.”

“You…” Zhan Zhen’s eyes flickered, and he was lost for words for a long time: “ cajolery.”

Xian Sheng lifted his chin and chuckled lightly, “If you like it, then promise to my terms and I will tell them every day.”

Zhan Zhen didn’t speak, but he was moved by his expression.

He hugged Xian Sheng back into the house, put the person down, and then personally untied the cloak for him. He hesitated and said, “if I say it, will you believe me?”

“Yes.” Xian Sheng blinked and said, “As long as you say it, I’ll believe you.”

“Why suddenly…”

“Because I am in love with you.”

Zhan Zhen’s pupils contracted, and he took a short breath and took a step forward, “You…say it again.”

“I fell in love with you.” Xian Sheng said: “That’s why I told you not to provoke me casually, because if you provoke me and don’t respond to me, I will be sad, the kind that makes me want to die.”

Zhan Zhen’s scalp exploded, he was at a loss, and an unstoppable smile spread from his eyes. The corners of his mouth rose, pursed again, raised again, and pursed again. After several consecutive times, he finally couldn’t restrain himself and opened his mouth suddenly. He picked him up and gave him a hard kiss. Xian Sheng hurriedly covered his mouth and saw his eyes glowing: “do you love me…”

He laughed, excited and at a loss, not knowing how to express, so he kissed him again, “You said you love me…”

Xian Sheng shrank his head and pushed him. Like him, he pursed the rising corners of his mouth. Zhan Zhen was excited like a big dog wagging its tail., and kissed him while making sure, while he was being kissed, Xian sheng staggered back a few steps. When he was close to the bed, he was a little annoyed and deliberately said, “I lied to you.”


The air was silent.

Zhan Zhen, who was floating before, suddenly snapped and fell, and the small colored clouds around him were replaced by dark clouds, and his face became very cold: “I don’t believe it.”

HIs expression was clear, Xian Sheng said in his heart. He seems to know himself as well.

“The one who lied to you is yourself.” Xian Sheng touched his chin again, and said, “Stop making trouble, I want to sleep.”

Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while, a little unhappy, frowned and said, “That’s it?”


“You don’t seem to love me at all.”

“Because you didn’t respond to me.” Xian Sheng undressed, got into bed and said of course: “When you decide to be with me for life, I will tell you how much I love you.”

Zhan Zhen licked his lips, took two steps forward, and when he saw him lying down, he squatted down and said, ” first let me take a look to make me happy.”

Xian Sheng looked at him sideways, Zhan Zhen sat beside him, holding the bed head with both hands, and staring at him.

He stretched out his hand to touch Zhan Zhen’s chin, and said, “Then you promise my terms first to make me happy too?”

Zhan Zhen was stunned for a moment, and said, “But I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Then tell me what you are thinking?”

Zhan Zhen thought for a moment and said: “I was thinking that if you can’t have a future, it’s better to adopt a child in the future. but I can’t guarantee that you will like other people’s children… Also, if I can’t be the son of heaven, who among my brothers can shoulder this heavy responsibility? If you are determined not to take concubines, how should you deal with your father emperor and your ancestors…”

He thought and said but Xian Sheng laughed.

He thought that Zhan Zhen was weighing him, but it turned out that he had already made a decision in his heart.

What he (ZZ) was worried about is all the troubles after being with himself (XS), which is really unexpected. Which made him unexpectedly joyful.

Zhan Zhen was still saying: “My mother is still the empress, so she will never forgive me. How to fix the relationship…”

He Stopped abruptly.

Xian sheng kissed him like a dragonfly skims the water. He was just about to withdraw, but he was suddenly caught by Zhan Zhen. The man bullied him and kissed him back.

Xian Sheng was kissed for half a cup of tea, perhaps even longer, and it took a lot of effort to push away the big fish that had accidentally hooked up to avoid accidentally being swallowed.

He was panting, but Zhan Zhen refused to let him go easily, and wanted to kiss him again, but he covered his mouth: “Don’t think if you don’t agree.”

“… I , I ….ought to promise”

You promise first.”

Zhan Zhen’s Adam’s apple rolled, his eyes were turbulent, “I can’t think about it now.”

“Coincidentally, I’m not ready yet.”

“Then, one more kiss.”

“Hmm.” Xian Sheng shook his head and deliberately said: “No.”

Zhan Zhen drew back suddenly and took a deep breath, “You said you love me, is that a lie”

Xian Sheng sat up and said with a smile: “You can lie to me too.”

“If I lie to you and say that I will regret not taking a concubine in the future…, what will you do?”

“Depends on my mood.”

“What does that mean?”

“If I think that you are tolerable but I’m so sick that I have to remain in bed, then I’ll probably be devastated that I won’t be able to die in peace……if not then, I won’t care about it too much. “

Zhan Zhen’s eyebrows suddenly jumped, “What If it’s not for you?”

“That…” Xian Sheng thought for a while, and said: “I will overthrow your country, ruin your foundation, destroy your concubine, peel your skin, pick your tendons, pull your bones, gouge your eyes, cut your tongue, cut your nose, cut your ears…”

He jumped out word by word, and each one seemed to hit Zhan Zhen with a hammer, making his face more and more weird.

“Oh, right.” Xian Sheng said solemnly: “I will also break your third leg” (t/n cough* cough*)


Zhan Zhen’s lower body was slightly cold. He looked at Xian Sheng’s harmless face, which was clearly an extremely beautiful face, but he showed a terrifying courage.

weirdly he believed it.

After a long while, he asked: “How can it be?”

“Try me by dealing with people I care about.” Xian Sheng looked at him and said seriously: “it’s impossible.”

Zhan Zhen hadn’t thought things through yet, so Xian Sheng threw him out. He knew that Zhan Zhen would think about it, but he still needed time. He was not in a hurry.

That night, he had a beautiful dream, that he dreamed a hall full of his and Zhan Zhen’s descendants …… Although he didn’t know who gave birth to them, he still dreamed about it.

He also dreamed of the master he hadn’t seen for a long time. The other party smiled and touched his beard, and said to him, “Come here, I want to give you a present.”

“What Is it?”

“A new life.”

He saw a luminous pearl. He reached out to receive it. But before he had time to see what it was, he suddenly woke up. he opened his eyes, and suddenly shivered——

A dark shadow was propping up on all fours, lying on his body. He stared at him without blinking.

Xian Sheng took a deep breath, stared slightly. his eyes suddenly lit up, Zhan Zhen took out a luminous pearl and said, “It’s me.”

“…” The luminous pearl flashed in Xian Sheng’s eyes. He blocked his eyes for a moment and said, “You scared me.”

“…Well, I thought about it.”

Sulking Xian Sheng said: “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Zhan Zhen immediately placed the luminous pearl on the head of the bed, and he said, “I can’t wait.”

Xian Sheng snickered and asked, “Then tell me, whose child are you going to adopt?”

“we’ll see.”

“Who else can replace you and be the emperor?”

“we’ll see.”

“Then, if you don’t have an offspring, how will you face His majesty and your ancestors?”

“we’ll see.”

“…if the empress mother refuses to be the empress dowager because she is angry, how do you repair your relationship with her?”

“we’ll see.”

“…?” Xian Sheng was puzzled by his “we’ll see” and said, “didn’t you say you thought about it?”

“I thought about spending the rest of my life with you.” Zhan Zhen pressed his forehead and whispered: “Thought about how You’ll be the only one in this life. Thought about how No matter what problems you encounter; I’ll firmly hold your hand. Thought about how out of all the living beings it can only be no one else but you. Thought about how worldly powers mean nothing compared to you. Thought about sharing your joy and sorrow, go hand in hand in life and death…”

“Thought about.” He said, “I want to be with you till I die.”

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