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FTMTEP Chapter 67

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 67:

It’s been too long since he has seen his relatives in South Liang, and he was also a little worried that his brother will be taken away at night. So that night, Xian Sheng pushed Xian Shang into the room.

“You’re an adult, but still clinging to your brother?”

Having said that, Xian Shang didn’t chase him away. but because of the ‘brother and sister’ relationship, he gave the bed to Xian Sheng in order to avoid suspicion.

Xian Sheng was rarely active. He lay sideways on the bed and chatted with him, who was sleeping on the ground in the middle of the night, until Xian Shang asked him, “When will Zhan Zhen come to pick you up?”

“…he should probably talk it out with his father,” Xian Sheng said, “and also have to find a reason.”

“You didn’t make a mistake. Isn’t it superfluous for him to go looking for a reason?”

Xian Sheng lay back, rolling his eyes, and said, “Then probably throwing a tantrum.”

“How can the crown prince of a great country spoil you and indulge you?” Xian Shang expressed his concern.

His younger brother has been raised as a younger sister since he was a child, their family loved and spoiled to the extreme. I guess the saying “Hold it in your hand for fear of falling, and hold it in your mouth for fear of melting” is true.

(t/n – Hold it in your hand for fear of falling, and hold it in your mouth for fear of melting – Describes extreme affection or doting)

Originally, he had been prepared to take care of Xian Sheng for a lifetime, but something like this happened by mistake, and he had to drag him to marry the enemy country with a sickly body. Now, the fact that Xian Sheng is a man has been exposed, he still wanted to happily circulate under the enemy. Although he didn’t say anything, he felt pain in his heart.

In his heart, Xian Sheng is more important than himself and more suitable for the throne.

“Brother.” Xian Sheng called to him and said, “Zhan Zhen treats me really well. You can see how healthy I have become, what are you worried about?”

“If you…” The wall has ears, Xian Shang didn’t complete that sentence.  ‘If Xian Sheng was a woman, he would probably be able to rest assuredly, but with his current status, he could be killed at any time.’

Zhan Zhen will be fascinated by him for a while, but it is impossible to be fascinated by him for the rest of his life. What about beauty? Wherever there is imperial power, he will need to continue the ancestral line and consolidate the imperial power. Sooner or later, he will choose the right woman to enter the palace.

Even if he meets a woman with some means and has a child, it won’t be easy to control Xian sheng.

suddenly he fell silent, Xian Sheng suddenly peeked his head to look, and asked, “Is brother asleep?”


Xian Sheng lay back. Hearing that his breathing was not calm, he knew that he was still worried about him. He was a little looking forward to Zhan Zhen coming to see him quickly.

“He must be having a tantrum, just like a kid.”

He spoke for Zhan Zhen and heard Xian Shang chuckle: “Okay, I see.”

He felt that Xian Sheng must have fallen in love with Zhan Zhen, otherwise he would never treat Zhan Zhen as a child. Xian Shang had fought with him in the battle. He knew that the other party was no longer the fourteen-year-old boy who was beaten and scurrying. He was still nineteen years old. When you come of age, your heart becomes an abyss. Every decision you make must be thoughtful, and even every time he swung a knife, he had already calculated where to hit the enemy.

(t/n come of age happens at age twenty)

He didn’t come to look for Xian Sheng, because he was afraid that he was blinded by Xian Sheng into accepting him or he used his good looks and coaxed him to take advantage of him. In fact, he was already prepared for revenge in his heart.

His mind turned a thousand times, but he didn’t say a word to Xian Sheng.

The quietness in the small building is enough to make people ease their minds and Xiang sheng soon fell asleep in a daze.

When it was dark, Xian Shang heard movement outside, he sat up from the ground, looked sideways at the sleeping Xian Sheng, gently put his arm into the quilt, opened the door and walked out.

It was foggy today, and it was still a bit cold in the morning, with dew condensed on the petals of the peach blossoms. Zhan Zhen was wearing a cloak and a saber hanging around his waist, and lazily admiring the peach blossoms. Seeing him come out, he smiled and saluted: “ Greetings, xiōng zhǎng.”

(t/n- xiōng zhǎng – a respectful form of address for an elder brother or a man friend)

Xian Shang observed his expression and replied, “ Crown Prince Zhen need not be polite.”

Zhan Zhen walked up the stairs casually but with an aura of grandeur. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all invincible and suspenseful. He rubbed shoulders with Xian Shang and climbed the steps. Suddenly, he lifted his cloak and turned his body and said, ” Earlier Sheng’er sent a letter to prevent brother from coming. why did you risk coming?”

Zhan Zhen was standing in a supercilious pressure gesture. Xian Shang’s eyes darkened, swiveled over and said, “This time I came, not in the name of Prince Shang, but only as the brother of Sheng’er.”

He ascended the steps and looked directly at Zhan Zhen: “I want to ask your Royal Highness, why did you suddenly advance the wedding date and why didn’t you inform Great Liang?”

“When such a beauty was sent over, I got greedy. How can I watch and wait till the new year?”

Xian Shang’s expression remained the same, and even his attitude was respectful. “Great Jin broke the contract unilaterally. It seems that Great Jin only regarded the marriage agreement as a piece of waste paper. In that case, Xian Shang asked to meet with His Majesty to discuss the annulment of the marriage, and ask Your Majesty to allow me to bring Xian Shang back to the South.”

“You sneak into the capital and want to talk with my father?” Zhan Zhen sneered. “You think too highly of yourself.”

He was arrogant and didn’t seem to put Xian Shang in his eyes at all. Xian Shang swallowed his anger. Just as he was about to say something, the door of the house suddenly opened, and a soft voice came out: “Who said he sneaked in?!”

Xian Sheng raised the hem of his skirt and stepped out and walked out with a cold gaze: “South Liang sent crown prince Shang to visit his relatives in Great Jin. The delegation is now thirty miles away from the capital. My brother is eager to see me. Why not come here early? Us brothers and sisters showed up at the Temple Fair yesterday, did we ever hide? If we talk about sneaking, why arrange for us to rest here? Why not go to jail?”

“…” compared with fighting, he can poke Xian sheng down with one finger, but if it comes to a war with words, he is not Xian sheng’s opponent.

When facing the enemy, Xian sheng can always attack suddenly from various tricky angles. Take this residence for example, the emperor of Jin may have arranged house arrest, but others don’t know. Naturally, they will only think that the emperor of Jin treats Xian Shang as a guest.

No wonder Xian sheng wanted to stick to the Xian Shang yesterday. Once he arranges for them a residence, on the surface, Xian Shang will be cleared of the suspicion of sneaking into the capital. He just had to sit tight until the South liang delegation entered the capital. Fortunately, Zhan Zhen didn’t mean to deal with the Xian Shang. If he really wanted to engage him, then he had to stop people from spreading rumors, which would be very difficult.

Suddenly, Zhan Zhen’s gaze fell on Xian Sheng. The latter was still beautiful, but his tone was very harsh: “You are a Crown prince of a country. Disregarding the marriage between the two countries, you keep arguing and harassing people. Can you do anything right?”


Zhan Zhen went dumbfounded.

Xian Sheng came to his brother, took his elder brother’s hand, and said to Zhan Zhen: “As an ambassador, my brother naturally has the right to meet with His Majesty of Great Jin. Your Great Jin has taken the liberty to advance the wedding date, deceiving me. A country of Bandits! I don’t believe that this marriage cannot be annulled. “

Zhan Zhen: “!!!”

Xian Sheng dragged the startled Xian Shang through the door. Zhan Zhen hurried to stop Xian Sheng: “Sheng’er…”

“Don’t touch me!” Xian Sheng waved his hand away and was short of breath. He was in a hurry. This weak body always made him dizzy and unstable. Xian Shang hurriedly supported him. “Don’t be angry with him.”

Zhan Zhen gaze fell on his arms around Xian Sheng’s waist. His face was pale and uncertain. Xian Shang glanced at Zhan Zhen with a complicated expression. He picked up Xian Sheng with both hands and Xian Sheng said, “Your Highness and go back first, I’m afraid I cannot go with you.”

Xian Sheng coughed lightly in his arms, and after being carried in, he put a small pill in his mouth.

He waited for Zhan Zhen all night and was prepared for him to lose his temper, but he would never allow him to bully his brother, Xian Shang is more like Emperor Liang, both are gentle and generous people, but Xian Sheng is not.

He is arrogant and mean to his bones. He looks like a little padded jacket when he is coaxed and like a little hedgehog when he is really angry.

Zhan Zhen was convinced.

He stood outside and looked inside and when Xian sheng saw him, he said, “Stay away from me!”

Zhan Zhen scowled, feeling embarrassed but walked honestly back into the courtyard, wondering why this man was so mean to his husband.

But he was a little flustered in his heart, He was afraid that Xian sheng would get angry and really run to annul the marriage

Xian Shang looked outside and sighed.

It’s not that he didn’t know that Xian sheng was stubborn but this is the first time he saw him being so tough, he was still a little distressed: “Zhan zhen he ……”

“I said he would be angry.” Xian Sheng’s voice was light and soft.: “ But he should not be angry with brother, I’m sorry, I apologize on behalf of him. Brother, do not get angry with him.”

Xian Shang was silent for a moment and said: “ It seems he does have feelings for you now, otherwise …… he would have taken this as an opportunity to ruin the marriage. It was always him who broke the contract first and with the situation between the two countries right now, they have to consider many factors if they want to go to war.”

Xian Sheng laughed: “I also lied to him. He did not have bad intentions, but if I want to annul the marriage, I am afraid that he will get really angry and then the consequences will be terrible… But if my brother sees Emperor Jin, since you are more eloquent than me, you won’t annoy him.”

“If you are willing, who can’t be coaxed?” Xian Shang stroked his back, let him rest against the head of the bed and said, “Zhan Zhen is still in the courtyard.”

“Don’t worry about him.” Xian Sheng said. Rubbing his stomach, he said, “I’m hungry.”

Xian Shang got up and went out. Zhan Zhen was staring with a cold face. The moment he saw him coming out, he straightened his back slightly, and Xian Shang said, “Please, Crown Prince Zhen, can you bring some food? Sheng’er is a little hungry.”

Zhan Zhen hurriedly asked someone to prepare it. Pursing his lips, he said, “Did he eat last night?”

The people here are very kind.” Xian shang smiled and said, “Sheng’er is stubborn, Your Highness please don’t take it to heart.”

He has a gentle and mild appearance, really a jade like gentleman. Zhan Zhen thought if Xian Sheng has half of his gentleness how good will it be.  But he is always fierce, who can stand him.

He glanced at Xian Shang and said forcefully, “I want to go in and see him.”

Xian Shang seemed to be very eloquent, right now the young couple were at odds. At this time, he (Xian Shang) should of course give some time and space to the couple. This was what Zhan Zhen thought and implied.

Xian Shang understood, but he shook his head and said, “ He has a big temper and is weak, Your Highness should go back first.”

Zhan Zhen’s face became colder and colder. Xian Shang bowed very apologetically, then turned and went back in.

Xian Sheng was laughing. He was glanced at by his brother, held back his laughter and said: “Does he look like a puppy.”

Only you think so.”

Xian sheng paused, “ Brother think he is not good?”

“Brother is just worried about you.”

“I know, he annoyed my brother today, but he didn’t mean it. He might have thought… I suddenly disappeared without saying anything to him, so…”

Xian Shang touched his head and said, “It doesn’t matter if he loses his temper with me. I won’t hold a grudge, just that he was born arrogant. In the battlefront, he is also always arrogant and unbeatable. With his character he won’t feel upset with something like that.”

I know you are mean to him, just to let brother know that you have the upper hand, so that brother can rest assured. But the more you are like this, the more your brother is worried.” He said, “If one day he doesn’t put up with you anymore, what are you going to do?”

Xian Sheng lowered his eyelashes.

This is really an unsolvable question.

The food was quickly served, and Xian Shang came over with a plate and placed it on the bed. Thinking briefly and said, “Do you want your brother to propose to Emperor Jin to annul the marriage contract? He should not tell your secret while he is still in love with you.”

Zhan Zhen sneezed in the yard. He rubbed his nose, wrapped his hands around his chest, and walked back and forth.

This brother-in-law is really inconsiderate. He still hasn’t come out yet.

He couldn’t help it. He used the lightness skill to go around the back, lean against the window and press his ears to it.

Then he heard Xian Shang’s voice: “Moreover, when Daoist Master Ling Qiu said you would have children and grandchildren. Doesn’t this also imply that Zhan Zhen would agree to break off the marriage contract, let you go home, marry and have children?”

Zhan Zhen: “?!”

T/N – I love how ZZ can never win an argument with XS. ( My poor baby ZZ)

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