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FTMTEP Chapter 40

Chapter 40:

Yuehua packed up the dishes and left, and met Zhan Zhen head-on, and hurriedly saluted, as Xian Sheng ordered: “The princess is already asleep.”

“She asks me to stop you, what should I do?”

Yuehua heard that he was not really angry, and pretended to stop him twice, and then let him in.

Xian Sheng was already lying down.

Today Zhan Zhen’s performance was very wrong, giving Xian Sheng a feeling that he would not easily let Zhan Jin pass the test.

Zhan Zhen quickly walked in and bent over to kiss his red lips. Xian Sheng immediately covered his mouth, wrinkled his nose and sniffed, and asked him, “Where did you go?”

“Went see the progress of oil refining, don’t you like to eat boiled vegetables?” He did smell of fragrant oil, Xian Sheng thought of the bowl of porridge he had eaten today, and his eyes softened as he watched him: ” Why do you… ask this?”

“Looking at when you first came and said that you can’t eat meat, I just thought about it. What’s more, if it can be refined, it can be produced in large quantities for the benefit of people who can’t afford meat…” Zhan Zhen held his hand and kissed him. With his fingers, he said softly: “But the main thing I want to do is to please you.”

His lips were soft and warm, but Xian Sheng felt that the place he had kissed was starting to get hot. Zhan Zhen’s eyes seemed to be sucking him in. There was a light from his eyes, his heartbeat speeded up, and his mouth was pursed.

Sometimes he will have an illusion, as if he and Zhan zhen have really become a husband and wife. And his reason keeps reminding him that this illusion is undesirable, but his emotions are often out of control.

——”If someone dares to pretend to be a man and deceive me, I  will cut him a thousand times to quell my hatred.”

The throbbing in his heart slowly retracted, the light in his eyes was flat on his face, and a smile appeared: “Thank you for being so kind to me.”

Zhan zhen may hate him because Qin Yi once did cruel things to him, but Xian Sheng will not forget that he cut off Qin Tao’s head.

Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, the enemy is the enemy. His amiable appearance is for his wife, not for himself.

Of course, he can understand that everyone is cruel to the enemy. While complaining about how cruel the enemy is, he does more cruel things to the enemy. This is war.

Just like Zhan zhen said in front of thousands of troops that day, that he wanted to marry him. it seems to everyone that Zhan zhen let go of Liang. But in fact, he only planned to capture Liang within three days at the beginning. But because of the serious shortage of reserve food and grass and he could not bear the constant battle for two consecutive years, even if there were many people, not to mention the wavering Qin Yi behind it was difficult.

It was after he left that Xian Sheng slowly figured it out.

In his heart, he listed many items to tell himself that Zhan Zhen was not so good at all. He pulled back his hand and prepared to rest, but Zhan Zhen deceived him and kissed him: “Husband love you, and you don’t have to say thank you.”

“Actually, I always wanted to ask you…Why didn’t you kill my second brother?”

At that time, the second brother came back with the captives. He was shocked. Aunt Qing cried a lot. Everyone thought Zhan Zhen killed him.

“Because I originally planned to conquer most of the capital, tie up your whole family, and killed them in one breath. For more sense of accomplishment.”

“…” Xian Sheng coughed twice and said, “I knew you wouldn’t be so kind.”

Zhan Zhen looked at his expression and asked, “Are you angry?”


Zhan Zhen kissed him on the face and coaxed: “This is the thought at the time. you know, I do not like people who deceive.”

Xian Sheng lowered his eyelashes.

Not like to deceive, does not mean that you have to tell the truth. Zhan Zhen’s words seem to him to have a condescending feeling of overlooking, even if it is the case, he still feels uncomfortable.

But he quickly lost this feeling of discomfort. That’s good, he can recognize the positions of the two more clearly. He also kissed Zhan Zhen, only politely, and said, “I’m tired.”

Zhan Zhen asked carelessly: “Can I go to bed with you tonight?”

Xian Sheng turned on his back and whispered: “Whatever you want.”

Zhan Zhen immediately undressed, reached out and hugged him, Xian Sheng frowned, and he realized that his emotions were not right.

Zhan Zhen approached him affectionately: “Are you unhappy?”



Zhan Zhen thought, and said unwillingly: “Then I’ll go to sleep?”

Xian Sheng didn’t say a word, Zhan Zhen wanted to let him stay a bit longer, and feared to make him angry, and honestly walked to the small couch.

Listening to the movement around Xian Sheng, he suddenly lost his temper. This guy is really not sensitive when he should be sensitive. He sighed, raised the quilt, and quickly fell asleep.

The following days are very peaceful. For Xian Sheng, his body is gradually getting better. For Zhan Jin, as long as he doesn’t return to the palace, there is nothing to worry about.

For Zhan Yin…

A ‘Jin is really a crow mouth, and her brother really forbids her to enter the Prince’s Mansion. She is so depressed; she has to go to Zhan Jin to see what secrets he has in his body.

She has a straightforward personality, but she is not stupid. Zhan Jin also knows that it is hard to pass without showing her something, so she took the opportunity of buying ready-made clothes together and wear the things that Qi Sile gave. As expected, Zhan Yin just found a  good reason. Afterwards she abandoned him and drove to the Prince’s Mansion.

Zhan Jin helplessly watched her go away, when a voice suddenly came from her side, Jiang Qin paced over and asked him: “Buy ready-made clothes?”

He returned to his senses, bowed a salute, and said: “A Yin likes it, let’s take a look together.”

Jiang Qin blinked and pointed to the powder shop not far away: “I heard that the lady boss got the advice of the princess and studied a few good facial fats. I will accompany you in to see?”

The front of the shop was actually overcrowded, and Zhan Jin looked very confused: “So many people…are all going for the sister-in-law?”

“No, although she is not healthy, she rarely goes out, but she is almost her legend in the entire capital city.” Jiang Qin has something to say, ” I heard that several cakes and snacks she likes to eat are sold in limited quantities every day… Because there are too many people in the queue, the supply exceeds the demand.”

Zhan Jin was also a little emotional. The two of them moved forward, and suddenly someone fought in front of the powder shop.

A woman said: “What do you squeeze your little hoof? Can you become a princess at a glance?”

Another woman said: “You can! You can! Look at your piggy, you can’t come close to even the crown princess’s finger!”

“What are you talking about?”

Someone pulled, someone persuaded, and someone next to him asked: “Who is this princess?”

Before Zhan Jin spoke up, someone eagerly explained: “Who else can it be? Naturally it is Princess Liang. His Royal Highness’s standards are too high. The girls from Qin Pavilion can’t even reach his eyes. She is naturally a rare beauty.”

“What does this have to do with them?”

“It is said that after applying that powder, you can look like a princess!”

The corners of Zhan Jin’s mouth twitched, Jiang Qin also touched his nose and encouraged him to turn around, “I know there is a store. Your sister-in-law loves to eat. Although there are many people, your imperial brother often buys it. the shopkeeper is familiar with me, and should be able to let us go through the back door.”

In his study, Zhan Zhen received a report from his servant: “Princess A’yin asks to see you, saying that there is something serious and she wants to inform you in person.”

The subordinates waited for him to speak out, but to his surprise, Zhan Zhen actually agreed: “Let her come in.”

“How can there be such a brother, and my own sister has to wait for notification when she enters the door? Do you know what a sister is? his father is my father, his mother is also my mother, and his family is also my family!”

Her gaze fell on the wide-open window in front, her tone was suddenly lightened, and she said quietly and quietly: “His little lady… is also my little lady.”

The subordinate laughed, and Zhan Yin hissed at him, arching her waist furtively and approaching the window.

A few thin white fingers appeared in the window lattice first. Zhan Yin pulled it, and carefully poked in her head, but was caught off guard against a gentle and smiling face. She was taken aback, “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law… I thought you were asleep.”

“The weather is good. I wanted to sit and read a book for a while.” Xian Sheng said, “I can’t always sleep.”

“Hmm…” Zhan Yin looked up at his sunlit skin, a little dizzy, until the pigtail hanging behind her head was grabbed by someone. Zhan Zhen calmly said: “Come to the study to talk.”

She was dragged away with a grin.

Xian Sheng thoughtfully put the book down, his eyes slightly solemn.

Chapter 92

Zhan Yin described what she saw to Zhan Zhen, “But A’Jin is not as old as me, and naturally it’s not as big as me… I guess it’s about the same as my sister-in-law. If you allow me to go in and see my sister-in-law, maybe I can give you more Perfect answer.”

(t/n ZY is talking about the chest size)

She can’t talk threee words without mentioning Xian sheng, but Zhan Zhen didn’t say anything, just said coldly: “Go out.”

“Then did I help you today?”

“Not only that, you also caused trouble for me” Zhan Zhen annoyed her a little: “Gao Xuan, throw her out.”

Gao Xuan walked in, and Zhan Yin immediately opened his teeth and claws at him, causing him to take two steps back: “Princess, please.”

“I want to stay for a meal.”

“Get out.”

“…” he was angry. Zhan Yin was terrified. She walked out irritated and whispered: ” burn the bridge after crossing it, I won’t help you in the future.”

(t/n burn the bridge after crossing it; cast sb. aside when he has served one’s purpose)

Passing by the window again, she immediately rushed over: “My brother asked me to observe A’Jin, sister-in-law, you can help me find out what’s going on…”

She was dragged away by Gao Xuan, while Xian Sheng started to think.

A’Jin was raised in the Queen’s Palace and had a good relationship with Qi Sile, but Zhan Zhen didn’t know about it. Xian Sheng boldly guessed that Qi Sile definitely knew A Jin’s identity. Maybe he had helped him hide it from the Queen’s identity, but the Queen was not stupid. …To say that she doesn’t know at all, it seems to Xian Sheng that it is a fantasy.

He is more inclined to the idea that the queen is opening one eye and closing the other, or she doesn’t care if Zhan Jin is a male or female.

(t/n – opening one eye and closing the other -Overlooking Purposely/ turning a blind eye)

As for Zhan Zhen, he must not be too close to his sister. But Xian sheng really can’t figure out what he will do.

He was a little scared in his heart, because he will end up in the same fate as Zhan Jin, no, if Zhan Zhen showed no mercy to Zhan Jin, then… he (XS) would only be 10,000 times worse than him.

Of course, even if he is favoured, his end may not be too good.

He felt so heavy that he couldn’t read the book anymore, so he closed the window.

Yuehua suddenly walked in to the room and whispering a few words in his ear. Xian Sheng’s expression changed: “When did it come to the capital?”

“The thing was brought some time ago, but it’s already popular now. I heard that Qin Pavilion and Chu Pavilion has this thing. If the Prince’s goes there… I’m afraid…”

(t/n the thing they’re talking about is the fake chest pads)

Xian Sheng pursed his lips. When he purchased this thing, it was naturally bought with heavy gold. The man only knew that it was used by the nobleman of Liang State, but he didn’t know who used it and how. But he didn’t expect that the few golds that he spent to create it would peeped out as a business opportunity and shipped to the north. Originally, Liang and Jin were fighting, and the things of Liang Kingdom would not be traded. But now that the two countries are married, this trade channel is naturally opened up.

Xian Sheng’s eyes flickered: “Bring paper and pen.”

He had to write to his brother first, cutting off the source. but the writing was very cryptic and couldn’t be read by Zhan Zhen.

As for what to do with the transported goods, Xian Sheng stopped writing and suddenly thought of someone.

When Zhan Zhen came in, Xiansheng had dried the ink. “This is a letter to send home. Send it to my mother empress.”

“Queen Wei?” Zhan Zhen took it and read it again, and said, “Why write to them suddenly?”

“Can’t I miss my parents?” Xian Sheng said, “You just send it for me will you.”

Zhan Zhen was inexplicable, folded it and put it in the envelope, and said, “What are you so angry about. I’ll send it off to you.”

Xian Sheng said fiercely, “Who is angry with you?”

“…” Zhan Zhen glanced at him, a little dazed, and said for a while: “If you’re not angry, then you’re not angry .What do you want me to do?”

Xian Sheng pursed his mouth and kicked him suddenly. Zhan Zhen became more and more inexplicable, so he had to lower his voice and dropped the envelope to hug him: “What’s wrong? Huh?”

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Xian Sheng pushed him away. In Zhan zhen’s eyes, he just pretending to resist so he directly hugged the person on his lap, kissed him, kissed him again. and Xian Sheng pushed his face away.  With grievances he said: “I suddenly feel very uncomfortable today.”

“Why is it suddenly uncomfortable?” Zhan Zhen rubbed his heart and coaxed: “Why don’t you let Royal uncle have a look?”

“Did you go to the Qin Pavillion last night?”

“I didn’t .” Zhan Zhen raised his hand and swore: “It’s been a long time since I went there.”

“Someone saw you there!”

“Who?” Zhan Zhen frowned: “He must be lying to you.”

“I saw it with my own eyes!”

“…You, It’s been such a long time since you’ve been out of the house. how did you see me with your own eyes?” Zhan Zhen doubted the authenticity of his words, and Xian Sheng muffled: ” I’m so angry that I saw it in my dream..”

There was a sudden sweetness in Zhan zhen’s heart. He kissed Xian Sheng again and promised warmly: “No, I won’t go there anymore, okay?”

Xian Sheng took an inch and slowly said, ” not only shouldn’t you go but you  also have to take a detour.”

“It’s all up to you.”

Xian Sheng was rarely jealous, and Zhan Zhen suddenly felt a bitter and happy, Especially that night, Xian sheng was very aggressive and asked him to go to bed to sleep.

He (ZZ) almost felt like floating in the sky, full of unreality, sleeping on the bed. Xian Sheng wanted him(ZZ) to hug and hold him, and if he(XS) didn’t want to touch him, he was determined not to touch him. So he honestly hugged him and fell asleep.

The next day, he went to the military camp with cotton under his feet, but Xian sheng changed into men’s clothes in the evening and asked Ruyi to follow him as a man. In order to prevent being discovered, he especially did not use the carriage of the Prince’s Estate, but re-employed a new one.

Entering the Qin Pavilion, the sharp-eyed old bustard immediately greeted him personally, Xian Sheng looked sideways, Ruyi took out two gold ingots, and said gruffly, “Call all the girls here.”

When the old bustard heard this, he suddenly smiled: “our girl here, you can’t afford our girls with just two pieces of gold.”

Ruyi waved and the two people behind him carried a small box and placed it on the table. After opening, a box full of gold flashed in everyone’s eyes.

Although the Jin has a strong army compared to liang, but it is still poorer than liang.”

Xian Sheng smiled slightly: “Is it enough?”

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