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FTMTEP Chapter 57

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 57:

Xian Sheng was really afraid of him.

When Madam Dou came to deliver tonic soup for the first time, he should have stopped it!

It was Zhan Zhen’s two-facedness during this period of time that made him relax his vigilance, and actually forgot what kind of person he used to be.

“I can’t compensate…” Xian Sheng stepped back, frustrated by his tight-knit attitude, and said with no confidence: “Or, I’ll find you a concubine…”

Zhan Zhen suddenly nibbled on his mouth, Xian Sheng took two steps back abruptly, trapped on the window sill with his arms, and subconsciously raised his hand to cover the scratched lips, and his beautiful eyes became aggrieved.

“With you, how can I look at others?”

“…But I am a man.” Xian Sheng said, “Didn’t you say that you don’t like men?”

“Who said I like you?” Zhan Zhen frowned, and said: “I only see that you look good and want you.”

Xian Sheng was a little angry: “You stay away from me.”

Not only did Zhan Zhen not leave, but he also leaned in to chew his face. Xian Sheng immediately tried to cover his face.

“You, why are you so annoying?”

He glared at him again, and Zhan Zhen immediately said, “If it weren’t for you, could I become like this?”

“You…” Xian Sheng was serious and really embarrassed him: “you’re like a puppy.”

The next second, his body was suddenly hugged, Zhan Zhen bit on his lips, and said: “You seduce this prince.”

Xian Sheng was forced to hang onto him. Zhan Zhen was a bit taller than him. He thought it was troublesome to bow his head and kiss him, so he picked him up again. Xian Sheng’s feet were suspended in the air and immediately Kicked him: “I didn’t seduce you. let me go. I’ll stay away from you.”

“Don’t leave.” Zhan Zhen continued to suck at his lips, and Xian Sheng turned his face from side to side, and pushed his head hard with his hands: “If you don’t let me go, you will become a cut sleeve.”

“Then I’ll just become a cut sleeve.” Zhan Zhen couldn’t bear it and picked him horizontally. Xian Sheng was stunned for a moment. He was placed on the bed, and he said: “The gentleman’s contract… You said you won’t touch me, eh…”

Zhan Zhen kissed his mouth fiercely. Xian Sheng’s body was soft and fragrant. Although he doesn’t know how to compare with women, he is smooth and tender compared to Zhan Zhen.

Xian Sheng’s hand covered his mouth again, his heartbeat speeded up, his hair was messy, and he said, “Zhan Zhen, you think clearly… you want to violate the contract?”

“Then I’ll violate it.”

“Wait…” Xian Sheng pushed his face with both hands, “Then, then you are not a gentleman!”

Zhan Zhen’s face was pushed until it was twisted, and suddenly he opened his mouth and bit his hand heavily. Xian Sheng retracted his hand with pain, and the corners of his eyes turned red. Zhan gave a fierce expression and said “When did I say I was a gentleman?”

“But we both agreed!”

“Who said I agreed?” Zhan Zhen said: “It will only take effect when I want to, and it is a useless piece of paper if I am not willing!”

Xian Sheng’s eyelashes trembled, and when he buried his face in his hands. He didn’t know to laugh or to cry. He pursed his lips and looked at his (ZZ) dark eyes, and asked: “Then tell me, do you like me? Even if I deceive you, even if I am a man, even if I can’t carry on the family line… Will you like me just like before and stay with me for the rest of your life?”

Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while, frowning slowly: “You can’t have children, how can I be with you forever?”

Xian sheng’s expectant eyes were slightly dark, and suddenly kicked him: “Get out! Don’t you dare touch me!”

“Why are you kicking me…”

Xian Sheng grabbed the pillow and hit him. Seeing his eyes and expression, he was really angry. Zhan Zhen was kicked out of the bed and said, “You said you want to be my crown princess.”

“It’s just cooperation, that’s what you said.”

“But I didn’t kill you.”

“Well thank you.” Xian Sheng said: “In short, unless you really like me, you can’t touch me.”

“I won’t touch you even if you ask me to… It’s all my mother’s fault. He who suffers from hunger will not choose food”

Xian sheng suddenly poked his head out, and the little sick seedling was fierce: “say it again!”

“…” Zhan Zhen shut his mouth.

He was exactly in the same stance as Qin Yi that day. He suddenly understood what Qin Yi felt at that time. He was reluctant to hurt him, disobey and resist him. Because of this attitude the feeling was more vivid.

“I won’t say it.” Zhan Zhen muttered lightly, then turned and left.

Xian sheng went back, held the pillow for a while with a straight face, and suddenly smiled. After laughing, he was a little depressed.

In fact, he didn’t know if he could stay with Zhan Zhen for the rest of their lives and the imperial family of Jin Dynasty would not allow him to have no heirs. He just wanted Zhan Zhen to make a statement.

This guy does whatever he likes, but he just refuses to admit that he likes him.

He suddenly touched the sachet on his waist, who said I can have many descendants. It was impossible, from the moment he married Zhan Zhen.

Zhan Zhen rubbed his face and walked out. He is very irritable now, but except for Xian sheng’s face and imagining his body he couldn’t think about anything else.

He grabbed the long knife and poured energy into the snow. All the snow on the ground was picked up by the knife, flying in the air, and shattered by the knife.

Half an hour later, he took the knife and sat under the eaves, looking at the snowflakes. Xian Sheng’s face flashed in his mind.

“I’m really used to it.” He muttered, and the little sick seedling dared to hurt him…

After mumbling, he suddenly smiled inexplicably. Holding his cheek, he took a branch and rowed on the ground.

If you dare to be fierce, it means you are not afraid of him, which means that you are good to him.

Qin Yi’s slap is nothing. The Little sick seedling still dared to kick him now, dare to scold him and insult others.

Isn’t he the one who doted on such a spoiled cutie.

Zhan Zhen was satisfied.

He patted his body, got up and went to Qi Sile’s courtyard. The little sick seedling’s body is too terrible. When he kicks, it feels like tickling. When he scolds, it sounds like a cat purring. There is no deterrent power at all…more like seduction.

Of course, it’s okay to seduce him, but he shouldn’t show it to others.

Unexpectedly, Qi Sile was not there. There was only a small medicine boy in the house working. When he saw him, he hurriedly said: “His Royal Highness is here to find xian sheng (t/n teacher)?

“Yes, where is he?”

The little medicine boy continued to pound the medicine, and said softly: “xian sheng went out to play. Your highness, what’s the matter? A’ Yao will help you convey it.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes fell on the medicine mortar.

“The garlic pounders are better than you.”

Xian Sheng’s voice rang in his ears. He suddenly looked away and turned around on the medicine rack against the wall: “Is there a medicine for clearing heat and relieving fire? I have been a little angry (heat) these past few days.”

“There are pellets made by xian sheng in the small jar over there.” Zhan Zhen stepped towards the room. Passing Qi Sile’s bed, he glanced at the books exposed under his pillow and walked over.

The little medicine boy turned his back to him, seriously pounding the medicine. He suddenly stretched out his hand, pulled it out and turned it over, his eyes fell on the pictures inside, his pupils shrank, and he closed and hid it inside his cloak.

With his hands behind his back, he flipped through Qi Sile’s bottles and jars, found the small pellets that the medicine boy had said, and said, “This one?”

The boy raised his face and nodded immediately: “Yes, take two pellets a day, and it should be cured in three days.”

“Okay.” Zhan Zhen kept his hands folded and left.

On the way, he immediately put the pellets in the pocket hanging around his waist, and opened the book as he walked.

The posture in the book is really imaginative, but the more Zhan Zhen looks at it, the more he frowned. What kind of stuff is this, the two men in the paintings are so ugly and without aesthetics? Does Qi Sile really read this kind of stuff?

He put down his hand. Whichever posture it is, the picture in his mind was automatically replaced with him and Xian Sheng.

His nose was hot and humid. Zhan Zhen raised his hand and pressed it. He dodged the servant and skipped into the study flexibly.

Looking for a piece of cloth to plug his nose, he opened the book again, took a pen and paper, and copied a picture…beautiful and charming.

In the past few days, Zhan zhen has been on fire. He has been sleeping with Xian Sheng at night, and always likes to use his hands and feet but he is fiercely rejected by Xian sheng every time.

At noon, he disappeared, and he didn’t come back for dinner.

Before going to bed, Xian Sheng asked, “Is he still in the study?”

“Yes.” Ruyi replied: “The Prince went in at noon, and never came out. The door was also closed. The food was delivered by me, but I left at the door.”

“Has he eaten?”

“I’ll go check.”

Xian Sheng felt strange. Zhan Zhen seldom goes to the study these days. He always handled military affairs in this room. Why is it so abnormal today that he… Forgot to eat and sleep? What is he up to?

Xian Sheng lay down and waited patiently for a while before asking another servant to check again. Ruyi came back and said to him, “The door is closed and the food is still not eaten. No one is allowed to disturb.”

“Go cook some hot dishes, make some soup, I’ll go see him.” He put on his clothes and came to the door of the study. The food box was still outside. Once opened, the food inside was still warm, but it will be cold when it reaches the stomach.

He knocked on the door: “Your Highness?”

It’s quiet inside, and Xian Sheng said again, “ have something to eat.”

After a while, footsteps could be heard from inside. Zhan Zhen came over and opened the door a crack. His eyes were deep: “Why are you here?”

“I have prepared some dishes for you.” Xian Sheng said: “On such a cold day, you have to eat something.”

A smile appeared in Zhan Zhen’s eyes: “Are you worried about me?”

Xian Sheng pursed his lips and said, “Do you want to eat or not?”

Zhan Zhen thought for a while and his eyes became more and more profound: “Bring it in.”

Xian Zhang took the food box from Ruyi. Zhan Zhen opened the door a bit wider, but one hand was still on the door. Xian Sheng glanced at him, walked in under his arm, and the door closed behind him.

“Did you open the earth dragon?”

“I might stay up late tonight, so I feared it would be cold.”

Xian Sheng put down the food box and took out the food one by one. After doing this, he was already a little tired, so he sat down on a chair and recalled: “Last time I was punished not to eat, it seems it was at this table.”

“…” Zhan Zhen cleverly did not answer. He made a direct act of compensation, picked up the vegetables and sent them to his mouth: “you eat too.”

Xian Sheng said: “I already ate. please eat it while it’s hot.”

Zhan zhen observed him for a while, and made sure that he hadn’t taken the matter to his heart. He started to eat with his jīng face. He took a piece of ginger and put it in his mouth. He didn’t know what he was thinking but he kept smiling.

Suddenly Xian Sheng felt a chill down his spine. He asked, “What do you want to do staring at me like that?”

“Nothing.” Zhan Zhen returned to his senses, feeling strange in his mouth, and hurriedly took the spittoon and spitted out the ginger.

Xian Sheng glanced at him helplessly, his eyes fell on the messy table not far away, and said, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Zhan Zhen said casually: “I’m creating something.”

Xian Sheng looked at him curiously, “What did you create?”

“Some…ideal pictures.” Zhan Zhen said, with some ill intentions in his eyes: “Would you like to see it?”

Xian Sheng’s heart became more and more strange, and at the same time he felt like a piece of meat being stared at. Zhan Zhen’s eyes were a bit evil.

He began to wonder if Zhan Zhen was possessed by a ghost.

Xian Sheng’s scalp was numb and heartbeat quickened, and suddenly stood up and said, “I, I’m going back.”

Zhan Zhen: “……?”

As Xian Sheng walked out, Zhan Zhen suddenly put down his chopsticks and moved to keep up.

Aware that he was being followed, Xian sheng was even more flustered. He immediately ran, and as soon as he opened the door, a hand pushed the door heavily above him.

Xian Sheng turned his back to him, holding his breath, and whispered: “I’m going back to sleep.”

The hand closing the door slid down and gently covered the back of his hand. Zhan Zhen interlocked his fingers between his (XS) and held them. He lowered his head and leaned close to his shoulder. With an evil smile: “You brought yourself to the door, and you want to run away now?”


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