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FTMTEP Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Xian Sheng is not afraid that Zhan Zhen suspects that he is colluding with Qin Yi, because this itself is made out of nothing, but in his opinion, Zhan Zhen is not just suspecting that he is colluding with Qin Yi.

After all, he (XS) has too many flaws. What he did was not the reaction that ordinary wives would give.

So, if Zhan Zhen really knew, what would he do? Will he or will he not kill him (XS)?

His mind was peaceful. With Zhan Zhen absent, he didn’t have to be too vigilant and let himself sink into the abyss of emotion.


It’s about to reveal. (t/n the secret )


Whether or not Zhan Zhen cares about “the relationship between husband and wife”, he will find a way to confirm his gender before his brother comes. It looks like he is obsessed with gender, but he always knows what’s right and wrong.


So, how do I remind my brother not to come here.


There was a movement outside the door. Ruyi whispered to him, “princess?”


“Hmm?” he thought he responded, but Ruyi didn’t hear it at all, because the voice was too light until Qi sile’s voice came: “drink the medicine.”


Xian sheng immediately got rid of his thoughts, and the feather like eyelashes lifted slightly,. He propped up his body and said, “Royal uncle…”


Qi sile returned to his senses, put the bowl on the table and said, “how are you feeling recently?”


“Thank you, Royal Uncle. recently I feel much better.” Xian Sheng responded, but his face was very pale. Qi sile observed him, then pulled a stool, sat down on the other side of the table and said with a smile, “it’s rare that Zhan Zhen is not here.”


“He was called out by the emperor.” Xian sheng took up a bowl of medicine and wringed his brows. A little broken hair scattered on his temples which made him look even more haggard. Qi sile’s fingers knocked on the table: “I think you look bad. What’s on your mind?”


Xian sheng put down his bowl and pursed his lips. Even if he has been a pot of medicine since he was a child, he still finds it difficult to get used to the bitter taste. He took a candied fruit and put it in his mouth, then looked at Qi sile and said, “it’s nothing worth mentioning. ”


Qi sile looked at him quietly, “is it because the crown prince of liang coming to the north, that’s making you feel uneasy?”


Xian sheng looked calm: “my brother is crown prince liang state. I really can’t help but worrying.

Qi sile smiled again. He picked up a pot to pour tea for himself and said, “the marriage between the two countries was won because of a beautiful woman like you. Naturally, it is impossible to take the initiative to break the promise. What are you worried about?”


Jin people will not violate it ( t/n the promise?) , they are saying that the Liang people will. Xian sheng eyes were sharp, but there is frost inside: ” different hearts in different breasts, how do I know what Jin people are planning?”

( t/n different hearts in different breasts  -It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the minds of other people. or People should always be on guard against one another)


“I’m afraid you don’t believe it… The princess of the south is unparalleled in beauty. Zhan Zhen fell in love at first sight and took the initiative to return ten cities to ask for marriage. he is very sincere. Even children know this. If he wants to kill the crown prince (of liang), why wait until now? If he fails to keep his promises, how can he sit still?” Qi sile played with the cup, as if he had sudden thought he said: “Unless there’s something wrong with his beauty.”


He smiled with eyes scrutinizing: “what do you say?”


In this case, it is as if someone is walking on thin ice in an enemy country, he is worried every day. His fragile heart will certainly shake, but Qi sile didn’t see even the slightest flicker on Xian sheng’s face.


He even tilted his head, smiled and asked, “according to imperial uncle, what’s the problem?”


He was so calm that Qi sile almost doubted his judgment. He frowned, shook his head and said, “it’s time… that Zhan Zhen has doubts. No matter how much he likes you, he is still the crown prince of the northern kingdom. He must be responsible for jin dynasty. Just like you, while dragging your sick body, you still have to support and take responsibility for the Liang state”


“You’re wrong.” Xian sheng leaned against the couch and said, “my shoulders are too weak to carry the righteousness of my family and country. I’m just a princess. I can’t help it.  Since Zhan Zhen wanted to, I married him. He became my husband. It’s my duty to please him, that’s all.”


“Do you think I’m just guessing?” Qi sile seemed helpless and said, ” Zhan Zhen may not know, but I’ve seen through you.”


Xian sheng glared at him. he knew that Qi Sile was waiting for him to ask, because as long as he had a guilty conscience, he would inevitably be afraid of being caught, but he just smiled slightly and said nothing.

Qi sile was amazed at the tenacity of his mind again. He frowned. After a while, he said, “No matter, take care of yourself. This medicine can make you sleep better. Take one when you want to go to sleep.”


He put down the medicine bottle and got up to leave.


Yuehua bowed down to send him. When his figure disappeared, she suddenly ran in: “princess?”


Xian sheng didn’t speak. For a while, he shook his hands and motioned for the medicine bottle. Yuehua quickly poured it out and put it into his mouth.


Xian sheng eased his fatigue and said, “help me go to bed to have a rest.”


Qi sile’s medicine was really effective. Xian sheng thoughts were in a mess, but he still slept.

Zhan Zhen rode back from the palace. Jiang Qin was with him and was still trying to persuade him not to touch Zhan Jin’s secret until Zhan Zhen couldn’t bear it. “Self-deception should be limited, and there should be a bottom line for connivance. This is my family affair.”


Jiang Qin held back for a while and didn’t hold back: “she will be fine right?”


“…” Zhan Zhen directly took the whip and said, “get out!”


He was so angry with Jiang Qin that when he returned to the house, he suddenly thought of Xian sheng.


Even if you don’t think about it, it’s still hard to ignore.


——”Your Highness, what do you think of cut sleeves?” “What if he’s a man disguised as a woman.”


He frowned fiercely, his eyes fell on the direction of the house, and suddenly strode over. He didn’t want to pretend that nothing had happened, deceive himself and indulge others. If Xian sheng dared to deceive him and he bet on the name of the prince of the northern Jin Dynasty, he would never forgive him!!

With a hostile look in his eyes, he walked all the way to the door, Ruyi hurriedly saluted: “The princess is asleep.”

Zhan Zhen pushed the door and walked in, smelling the smell of medicine Suddenly, he lightened his steps and his hostility abated, he slowly walked over, opened the bed curtain, and looked at Xian Sheng’s delicate and beautiful face.

He stretched out his hand, and Xian sheng’s face was soft and smooth, which was unforgettable. His fingers fell on Xian sheng’s ears and looked at a trace of earrings in his earlobes. In his impression, he rarely saw him wearing earrings. I think it was because he was often at home.

He leaned over and kissed Xian Sheng’s face, as if he was coaxing him, or as if he was persuading himself: “Just look at me…just a glance, there is a knot in my heart. If you’re angry when you wake up, I will compensate you, okay?”

His voice was soft and low, but Xian Sheng still slept peacefully, Zhan Zhen’s heartbeat quickened, and while looking at his face, he slowly lifted the quilt.

Xian Sheng curled up, only wearing outer shirt and pure white trousers below. the snow-white feet are very beautiful. Zhan Zhen’s thoughts are a little fluttering. He looked down at his waist, and then timidly stretched out his hand.

He didn’t dare to move too much for fear of waking Xian Sheng, so he was cautious. Before he pulled it all down, he saw the very close-fitting layer inside Xian Sheng, the fabric was soft but thick.

“…I’m afraid of you, so I added an extra layer in it.”

If he(XS) was afraid that he(ZZ) would have sex at the beginning, but now both of them have been married, why continue to wear them?

Zhan Zhen’s hands trembled, and his pupils contracted uncontrollably, and a fear that had never been felt swept over him. He had never been so scared when he killed someone for the first time.

He looked at Xian Sheng’s sleepy, blushing face, and after a while, slowly covered the quilt back.

He deceived himself and kissed Xian sheng’s lips. He was sentimentally attached: “I’ll give you time… Wait for you to explain slowly and tell me that I was wrong.”

“I have no secrets.”

He got up and walked to the study, his impetuous heart slowly calmed down, and he sat on the chair again, he watched the plum branch, and remembered the scene where he took the scabbard to help him press the plum branch.

He hesitated for a long time before finally taking out the hairpin, then vacating the wooden box on one side and closing it in.

In the afternoon, Zhan Jin finally came, and he was uncontrollably nervous, ” imperial Brother, were you looking for me?”

Zhan Zhen stared at Zhan Jin thinking about something, but didn’t say anything for a while, Zhan Jin hesitated and step forward: “Imperial Brother?”

Zhan Zhen finally recovered and said, “Sit down.”

Zhan Jin shook her head: “No need. I don’t know what Imperial brother’s orders are? The little general is still waiting for me outside.”

Zhan Zhen’s gaze fell on his chest, and Zhan Jin subconsciously held his chest, listening to him say: “It wasn’t there two days ago. What’s in your chest?”

He asked too directly, and Zhan Jin couldn’t recover for a while. He put his hands behind him, bending his knuckles restrainedly: “I don’t understand…”

“I have no patience to deal with you.” Zhan Zhen said coldly: “I didn’t see them when you were dressed as a girl, but now it’s there when you’re dressed in men’s clothes. Do you want to cover it up so much? do you treat ma as a fool?”

Zhan Jin’s face was instantly pale, and she knelt down suddenly: “Imperial Brother, I really am…”

“Take it out.”

Zhan Jin pressed her lips, winking back tears. Qi Sile said that he couldn’t rub sand in Zhan Zhen’s eyes. He thought that no matter what he said, Zhan Zhen would not be able to strip his clothes, but he did not expect that the other party would not even give him a chance to explain, so he had determined his identity without a trace of doubt.

He didn’t know what Zhan Zhen would do, whether to tell his father, or to condemn him directly?

But no matter how angry he is, he should, because he even lied to the queen.

He was frustrated for an instant, but he reached out to untie his belt, and thought of the fake chest pads, but he was still full of shame: “disassembling this is a bit difficult, I think, I’ll go to the back…”

“go ahead.” Zhan Zhen had no doubt. He waited patiently for a while, Zhan Jin walked out again and put the fake chest pads in front of him. Zhan Zhen’s face suddenly changed: “This is…”

“Dian rui Bai feng (t/n fake chest pads) ” after being exposed, Zhan Jin wasn’t nervous anymore. He simply said: “It was made by Liang Ren and it was given to me by Imperial Uncle.”

Blue veins jumped up on Zhan Zhen’s forehead. He didn’t know what he thought of but his face became ugly, and the waves in his eyes were raging. He restrained and said with difficulty: “You go back.”

“Imperial Brother, my concubine mother…”

“I know what you mean.” Zhan Zhen finally withdrew his almost disintegrated emotions. He looked at the real things on the table, and his mind was obviously not on Zhan Jin: “I will find the opportunity to tell father about this matter. You don’t need to be threatened by Qingrong again.”

Zhan Jin was stunned. He never expected that Zhan Zhen would be so benevolent. His flushed eyes filled with joy: “Thank you, Imperial Brother!”

“go back.”

Zhan Jin agreed and looked at the table again, “Well, this…”

Zhan Zhen’s emotions are restrained, but his eyes are even more dark and murderous: “Just put it here.”

Zhan Jin didn’t dare to say more, and resigned.

In order to make the plum branch live longer, the study has not burned the earth dragon. Zhan Zhen sat there, but did not feel cold.

(t/n – The earth dragon is an ancient heating method. In many palaces, there is a fire tunnel underground. The fire tunnel has a hole in the ground, and the fire is burned outside. The heat is transmitted to the house through the fire tunnel, which is called the earth dragon)

As if there was a fire burning in his chest, the blue veins on the back of his hand rose, and he slowly stretched out his hand, grabbing one of the Chest pads in his hand.

It feels very good and very familiar.

This thing is really ingenious.

He laughed, but his eyes became even more gloomy.

No wonder, no wonder, no wonder….

If it was a shame to lose in Qin Tao’s hands back then, then at this moment, it was worse than ever.

Xian Sheng slept very soundly this time. How good was it? He even had a sweet dream, and he still couldn’t escape from the dream when he woke up.

With a smile on his mouth, he rolled over lazily, his eyelashes trembled, and he suddenly noticed a person sitting in front of him.

He closed his eyes unresponsively, then raised his hand and rubbed it. the blurred figure in front of him became clear, and he could see Zhan Zhen’s face clearly.

Gloomy and indifferent.

After a while, he said softly: “What’s the matter?”

The voice had a faint little nasal sound, but Zhan Zhen’s heart seemed to fall boulders and smashed into towering waves.

His expression became terrible.

Xian Sheng finally realized that something was wrong. he got up and sat up with a weak arm, looked at Zhan zhen for a while then reached out to touch him tilting his head to please him, and called him: “Husband?”

Zhan zhen’s muscles collapsed very tightly, like steel, Xian Sheng vowed that if he swept his arm over at this time, he could easily take his own life.

He suddenly felt a little frightened.

Zhan Zhen was looking at him again, but his eyes were different from before. Before he used to be like a tiger always coveting somehting, but now, there is a killing intent inside.

He was very angry, but Xian Sheng didn’t dare to think whether he had seen through something.

He was sure that there shouldn’t be a chance to see those fake chest pads again outside the Qin and Chu Pavilions. but he was not sure whether Zhan Zhen did anything to him when he was sleeping.

Zhan Zhen didn’t say a word, Xian Sheng hesitated for a moment, and slowly crawled over, reached out and grabbed his clothes, and then sat on his lap. He looked at Zhan Zhen, and suddenly gave him a kiss and laughed: “Who annoyed my husband? Huh?”

The kiss that fell on his face was extremely soft, and his eyebrows were extremely soft. A medicinal scent mixed with a faint scent of powder, it was the unique taste of Xian sheng.

Zhan Zhen’s hand slowly wrapped around his waist, and Xian Sheng instantly felt that he was clamped by iron tongs. He was pushed by that hand, compared with Zhan Zhen, his soft body sticks to each other’s chest.

They were breathing very close, and Xian sheng was suddenly uneasy,” Husband”

“Without consent, dare to touch this prince…” He looked at Xian Sheng’s clear eyes, his voice hoarse and dangerous, and said word by word: “I will kill you.”

Xian Sheng subconsciously wanted to get away from him, but he didn’t have enough strength. Not only did he not push away, he also bounced back and hit Zhan Zhen’s chest because of the arm behind his back, and his lips were immediately pressed against him.

Compared with what Zhan zhen had just said, the kiss that came into passively seemed extremely provocative.

Xian Sheng: “…”

He hurriedly retracted his lips. The distance between the two of them was too close. His waist was still enclosed by Zhan Zhen. He could only push his arm against Zhan Zhen’s shoulders, trying to keep the distance between the two of them, and leaned back and explained: “I didn’t want to touch you, if you let me go, I’ll stay far away from you.”

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