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FTMTEP Chapter 34

Chapter 34:

Since Xian Zhang was born, he has never yelled at people like Zhan Zhen. If he wants to choose a shameless man in his life, Zhan Zhen is definitely the first one.

They left early and returned home. Soon, Zhan Yin ran over and asked if he wanted to go out to eat barbecue. The younger generation always prefer to get together to play, so they don’t eat too much at the New Year’s Eve dinner, and go to have fun after decently accompany the elders.

Zhan Zhen asked for his opinion, and Xian Sheng actually wanted to go. He had never eaten barbecue, let alone go out at night.

But when he thought that Qi Sile was there, he immediately stopped thinking. he was afraid that Qi Sile would hint something to Zhan Zhen.

Zhan Zhen did not force him. although it was lively outside, the weather was still cold, and he was not at ease with Xian Sheng’s body.

“The I won’t go.” Zhan Zhen replied. Zhan Yin was very disappointed, turned and walked outside, turning around one every other step, and reluctantly said: “Sister-in-law promise me you’ll come on the fifth day after the Luna new year for the bath.”

Thinking of this, Xian Sheng was out of breath again, and he responded gently: “Go back to the palace early, don’t let the queen worry.”

Zhan Yin smiled happily because of his consideration, nodded hard and ran away happily.

Only him and Zhan zhen were left in the house. The man’s gaze fell on him, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you planning to go bathing with her?”

Although Zhan Zhen didn’t seem to say anything, Xian Sheng felt faint in his heart. A man went to a bath with his sister, how obscene is that.

He stood up casually, walked to the bronze mirror and took a seat, raised his hand to remove the hair accessories from his head, and explained: “The queen said that she would sprinkle divine water in her private bath every fifth day of the new year, so let me go get blessed blessed.”

Zhan Zhen got up, walked behind him, then bent down and looked at him through the bronze mirror. Xian Sheng raised his eyelashes and looked at him. He raised his hand and helped him put his hair down while looking at the bronze mirror.  Thoughtfully he said: “I haven’t soaked in the bath with you.”

“I’m not in good health, and I’m worried that I will get dizzy in the bath… Actually, I don’t really want to go.”

Zhan Zhen stood there, which made people feel indestructible. Behind him at this moment, Xian Sheng suddenly felt as if there was a big rock over his head, which was very stressful. He still thinks that Zhan Zhen must be suspicious, but maybe… he wasn’t ready to determine the truth. After all, in his heart, he must want to marry a woman.

Zhan Zhen couldn’t see what he was thinking, and said casually: “Since it’s an invitation from the queen, it’s not appropriate not to go.”

Xian Sheng wondered how to deal with it. No matter how he thought about it he couldn’t escape this time. A hand stretched out from under his waist. Xian sheng was picked up again and brought to the bed.

Zhan Zhen pecked him naturally, with interest in his eyes, wondering if he was deliberately frightened: ” it’s okay, you don’t want to show it to me, then I’ll just ask my mother to take a look, and see what you are hiding under your….”

As expected, Xian Sheng thought, and took the initiative to kiss him, and said, “husband doesn’t want to blindfolded?”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes dimmed when he mentioned blindfolding.

Xian Sheng discovered that although Zhan Zhen was acting as a rouge, he was clearly aware, that aside from peeking at him bathing that day… To some extent, he managed to be a “gentleman”.

You can’t eat fake meat without blindfolding. Zhan Zhen naturally chose the latter. He likes Xian Sheng to squueze tightly, although he hasn’t seen it formally.

After some tossing, Xian Sheng put on his jacket again and shrank into his arms obediently.

Zhan zhen is a lot nicer when he gave him a mouthful of meat. Xian Sheng’s forehead is covered with sweat. While calming his breathing, he looked at his blindfolded handsome face. He found that Zhan Zhen’s lips were very beautiful. If he wanted, many girls should want to kiss him.

“What are you looking at?” Zhan Zhen couldn’t see , but his senses were very keen. He wrapped his arms around him, hugging him like a cat, and said, “take off the cloth for Gu.”

“I don’t want to.” Xian Sheng deliberately said: “Your eyes are so fierce, I’m afraid of it.”

Zhan Zhen was silent for a while, hir tone softened unconsciously, and said: “when was i fierce against you?”

“I’m done,” Xian Sheng said, but put his hand around his waist and buried his face in his arms. Duplicity will give Zhan Zhen a feeling of being liked, and make Zhan Zhen think that he likes him, and will indulge him more.

Zhan Zhen really didn’t say anything, and the movement of his arms around him was lighter. Xian Sheng was kissed on his forehead. While thinking about how to deal with the bathing situation, he gradually fell asleep.

In the Northern Jin Dynasty, because of the cold weather, it was difficult for the common people to boil water for bathing. They usually chose special bathhouses, and some people even chose such places to discuss business.

But in the eyes of South liang people, bathing is a very private thing. Xian Sheng is not in good health and will take regular medicated baths, but do it alone. He can’t understand the concept of a group of people who don’t know each other gathering together to take a bath.

People in South liang heard about the culture of bathing in the Northern Jin Dynasty, and they also opened special soup halls in a similar way, divided into male and female soups. Before bathing, everyone would wash their bodies in a bathtub in a cubicle. Because the soup will be sprinkled with effective medicinal materials, it needs to be used all day.

However, there are so many rules in the South. everyone can’t accept not wearing clothes, so the bath hall will prepare thin clothes to wear in the bath. In this way it will be calmer.

He doesn’t know much about the culture of the North. Besides knowing some of their interesting activities, he only knows that this country is a country with relatively strong folk customs. They are brave and ruthless and pays more attention to martial arts than literature, otherwise they wouldn’t have laughed at Qin Tao’s literary talent. Although Qin Tao is really not good at writing poems, he is better than Zhan Zhen. otherwise it would have been impossible for him to write such a shameful sentence as “one day, one evening, one room”.

Xian Sheng was not sure if the bathing here was the same as the South liang custom. He asked Ruyi to inquire with the maid in the house. Ruyi came back and said with difficulty, “Unless a man and a woman are mixed, if there are only people of the same sex…. But this is for the normal people. the queen is the mother of the country, so she shouldn’t be… So inappropriate?”

“There are even mixed baths?”

Xian Sheng’s  pressed his forehead, becoming more and more troubled.

He always felt that the queen asked him to take a bath with no ulterior motives.

In particular, Zhan Zhen also said that he would like to ask the queen to help him verify his body.

He was suffocated in his heart, and suddenly he didn’t feel hungry. Everything he eats was like chewing wax, but he didn’t dare to expose his flaws in front of Zhan Zhen, who was already suspicious.

But time is like this. The more you don’t want it, the fater lime flies. Soon it was the fourth day of the Luna year.

If you play it by ear with women, you will generally die miserably, especially for a strong woman like empress Xin. Xian sheng had a plan in his heart. As soon as he woke up, he set his eyes on Zhan Zhen.

The latter opened his eyes lazily, rubbed him in his arms, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

It’s been a rare break for the past two days. Xian Sheng will blindfold him every night and feed him a mouthful of fake meat. Zhan Zhen has been very comfortable these few days. His voice was dumb but very gentle when he woke up.

Xian Sheng rubbed against him and rubbed his cheeks in his arms. Zhan Zhen became more contented and spoiled. He said, “Why are you so clingy all of a sudden?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Hmm…” Zhan Zhen said sincerely, “I feel like you’re up to something.”

Xian Sheng pushed him away, propped up and got up. His inner clothes were just worn casually and was untied yesterday. He forgot to tie them. During his action, “a little white” appeared for a moment, and he reacted and hid it.

He got off the bed as if nothing happened. Zhan Zhen sat up all of a sudden, his eyes fell on him, and he licked his lips.

“The weather is good today.” Xian Sheng put on his coat, opened the window and looked at him, then turned to look at him with a small smile: “Take me out to play.”

Zhan Zhen did not refuse.

In the ice and snow, there were a lot fewer hawkers, and the store opened later than usual. Xian Sheng sat in the carriage with a look of anticipation and said, “I want to go to the fragrant powder shop. There should be new products for the new year. ”

Zhan Zhen frowned, with a weird look: “What’s the matter with you?”

Xian Sheng restrained a little, and said, “If you don’t want to accompany me, go and do your own business.”

Zhan Zhen said: “I haven’t seen you being interested in fragrant powder. Why interested in them so suddenly?”

” usually I’m exhausted, so naturally I don’t care about those things. I’m happy today, so I suddenly thought of it.”

She is a female after all, Zhan Zhen thought, understandable, and said, “It’s rare that you are in a good mood, accompany me.”

The reason why Xian sheng wasKidnapped during ice hokey was due to his overconfidence. There must be no more accidents in the future.

After hearing this, Xian sheng smiled at him again. His beautiful appearance made him out of breathe again. He couldn’t help picking him up and kissing his lips.

Xian Sheng held his face in both hands and pushed it away, and said sternly, “What’s the matter with you?”

Zhan Zhen stared at him: “I want to ask you.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“You are clearly seducing me”

“Nonsense.” Xian Sheng didn’t think he could see it. He pushed Zhan Zhen’s shoulder. He defended guiltily: “I didn’t.”

Zhan Zhen’s face was close to him, and Xian Sheng managed to hold him back. He looked depressed and resisted. The man’s eyes were full of emotions, and he asked in a low voice, “What kind bad idea are you cooking up ?”

Xian Sheng also looked at him, his beautiful face is still harmless. he seriously reminded him: “It’s a terrible, terrible bad idea…If you’re scared, get away from me.”

That voice was soft and charming. how could Zhan Zhen stay away from him? He bullied Xian Sheng in the carriage.

The carriage stopped in front of the fragrant powder shop. The coachman shouted a few times before Zhan Zhen stopped. He(ZZ) looked at his(XS) tearful eyes, and said: “Let’s go.”

Xian Sheng struggled to get out of his arms, wrinkled his red nose, straightened his clothes, glared at him, turned to go down, but was pulled back by him.


“Your hair is messed up.” Zhan Zhen helped him straighten out, kissed him again, squeezed his tender face, and threatened: “glare at me like that again and I’ll do you right here.”

Xian Sheng immediately lowered his eyelashes, squeezed his mouth and got out of the carriage. Zhan Zhen felt that his pitiful little appearance would hook outsiders as soon as he went out, but he could not find a veil to cover him. so, he directly lifted the wide cap of the cloak to his head from the back, “don’t freeze.”

Xian Sheng was already angry, so he kicked him immediately and fierce said: “You’re Annoying!”

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