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FTMTEP Chapter 58

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 58:

For a while, Xian Sheng could only hear his own heartbeat. He didn’t know what Zhan Zhen wanted to do, but he knew that it must be a bad thing.

He tried to withdraw his hand, but he was caught tightly. At least, his strength was still too weak.

“I have to go back and rest.”

“Why are you panicking?” Zhan Zhen looked at his white face, and suddenly reached out and picked him up. Xian Sheng was suddenly startled: “Zhan Lue Lue!”

“I’ll Show you something good.”

“I don’t want to see it!” The good things Zhan Zhen said should definitely be something bad.

His protest didn’t work at all. Zhan Zhen hugged him like a cat. He walked all the way and sat down at the desk. Xian Sheng was put on his lap. Xian Sheng closed his eyes and refused to look. Suddenly, his cheek was bitten. Xian sheng immediately opened his eyes: “you…”

“Who makes you look so beautiful?” Zhan Zhen hugged him with a coaxing expression, and motioned: “Look, is my painting good?”

Xian Sheng was vexed for two breaths. Unwilling to turn his head. His eyes fell on many small pictures spread on the table and immediately turned back. He stared at Zhan Zhen’s collar in surprise and listened to him saying with a low smile: “isn’t it good?”

Xian Sheng blushed.

Zhan Zhen actually painted small colored pictures. Although the posture is indescribable, the beauty of the picture is very beautiful. Xian Sheng doesn’t know if it is an illusion. He glanced at it… and felt that the two sharp pink dots seemed particularly painted.

“I’ve only seen your upper body, so I have used my mind especially here.”

“!” Xian Sheng’s eyes widened, his chest heaving, his tongue seemed to be knotted. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t find a word when he wanted to say something, his head almost burned into mush.

Zhan Zhen looked down at him, stretched out his hand to touch his tender face, and was immediately pushed away. He wanted to get off Zhan Zhen, run all the way back to the house, and get into the bed.

But Zhan Zhen didn’t allow him to run. He hugged Xian Sheng harder, holding his left cheek against Xian Sheng’s right cheek, squeezing him and had to lower his face to the table again: “ since I got the book, I’m thinking of what you look like after stripping. I really want to taste you…Can you show me?”

Xian Sheng panted in a hurry, he bowed his face again, and he couldn’t help but grabbed his fingers and knocked on his puppy’s head. Zhan Zhen frowned in pain and bit his mouth for revenge. His teeth hurt Xian Sheng. Anxious: “You said you want to get used to me, is it all fake?”

“…Naturally not.”

“If it’s not fake, why are you bullying me like this?”

Zhan Zhen was silent for a moment, and reluctantly pulled away from him. Xian Sheng immediately slapped his hand, fiercely saying, “Let go!”

Zhan Zhen refused, and said solemnly: ” I … if you promise to try these pictures with me, I will promise to get used to you in the future, spoil you, and hold you…only to bully you on those matters.”

Xian Sheng hit him on the head again.

Zhan Zhen’s head was so hard, his fingers hurt two times, but this time the other party just closed his eyes and did not retaliate.

Xian Sheng said: “why should I promise?”

Zhan Zhen came to rub his face, and Xian Sheng caught it immediately, but his resisting hand was useless. Zhan Zhen’s hand still rubbed him like a cat, and said slowly: “I’m not a person who gives up easily, I want you now. So, I will try my best to get you.”

Xian Sheng’s cheeks were rubbed red, and his head was swayed. The tears almost didn’t come out, but he was still very fierce: “You said you didn’t want me.”

“I said that on purpose before, thinking that if I hold back, I could really stop thinking of you….” He said, “Who knows that I can’t help it anymore. I just miss you.”

“Let me go.”

He was pitifully rubbed; Zhan Zhen obediently withdrew his big hand. Xian Sheng grabbed the book on one side and rolled it up and knocked his head like a wooden fish. He knocked him coldly, “Listen to me. If you want to break the contract, you’ll become a cut sleeve, just like me.”

Zhan Zhen tilted his head, looked at him from under the booklet, and said, “Since I like you, then I’ll just become a cut sleeve.”

His eyes were dark, and his head tilted in a casual and non-decent posture, but the expression in his eyes made Xian Sheng feel serious. He subconsciously retracted the book, his heart beating, he only felt that his ears were suddenly quiet, and he didn’t know what to do. What to speak.

Fortunately, his face was rubbed red just now.

Zhan Zhen continued to tilt his head and slowly moved closer to him: “I’m now a cut sleeve because I like you. What now? Can I eat you?”

Xian Sheng suddenly regained his senses. He whipped up his spirit and said, “Then have you thought about the future? I can’t have children…You, can you promise to be a couple with me forever…?”

Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while, his brows suddenly frowned, and said, “But I’m the Crown prince. If there are no children, who will inherit the throne?”

The question he asked was very practical, and Xian Sheng’s eyes were slightly dim, and said, “Then you can’t treat me like before, and don’t provoke me again, or… if you find someone else, then I can too.”

Zhan Zhen was stunned for a moment, and he blurted out to say no, but when he reached the end of his mouth, it became: “I’ll think about it again.”

He wanted to monopolize Xian sheng, but he also had to consider inheriting the clan, he felt that he might neglect Xian sheng, which was obviously unfair to Xian sheng.

So, he acquiesced that if he had others, Xian Sheng could also have others.

But this made him feel very uncomfortable.

Xian Sheng heard that this was putting the two on the same level, and couldn’t help but raise his lips. He pulled Zhan Zhen, and the latter looked over and saw him pointing to the table: “I will paint with you.”

Zhan Zhen: “!!!”

Xian Sheng took a deep breath. He was pure hearted and had few desires in his life. He was ashamed to do this for the first time. He reached for the reference book, turned a page at will, and suddenly pushed Zhan Zhen: “let me sit by myself.”

 “No.” Zhan Zhen said, “I want to hold you.”

His fingers are good-looking, and everything is pleasing to the eye. The painting is the same. Xian Sheng pursed his mouth. His painting skills are a little different from Zhan Zhen, but he writes quickly, very smoothly, and is not muddled at all.

Zhan Zhen’s chin was placed on his shoulder, and his breathing was deliberately light. Xian Sheng noticed the changes in his body. He pushed his head again, enduring embarrassment and said to Zhan Zhen: “If you agree to my terms, don’t make me angry for the rest of my life, and treat me better…I’ll leave you to do this…”

He really couldn’t go on, but Zhan Zhen’s eyes were deeper, and his handsome face was brighter than the fire.

He restrained, but his arms couldn’t help holding him tightly. Xian Sheng pursed his lips, and said, “If you agree to it now, we can do it.”

Zhan Zhen: “!!!”

He stared at Xian sheng, like a big dog who hesitated to eat this good piece of meat. He rolled his Adam’s apple several times, and said with restraint: “Look, you are clearly here to seduce me.”

Xian Sheng smiled and said, “So, do you agree?”

“…” Zhan Zhen’s nose was hot, and he suddenly let go of Xian Sheng, kicked the chair down and rushed to the window. He wanted to open the window to take a deep cool breath, but was afraid that Xian Sheng would freeze.

He pinched his nose and carried Xian Sheng on his back, his voice full of energy: “I’ll think about it.”

“As long as you say it, I will believe you.”

These words seemed Plausible and they were full of temptation. Zhan Zhen didn’t know what he was thinking, so he didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Zhan Zhen.” Xian Sheng said again: “It doesn’t matter if you lie to me, I don’t necessarily want you to be without offspring… As long as you take a stand, there is no use regretting it later. I can’t help you.”

His fingers slid on the table, his tone sounded sincere, but his eyes flashed slightly, like restlessness, fierceness, and calculation.

He waited for a long time before Zhan Zhen said: “I’ll think about it again.”

The emotion in Xian Sheng’s eyes faded like water, with unparalleled softness. He lowered his eyelashes and said, “Come back and rest early.”

He withdrew his hand and walked out slowly.

Ruyi was standing outside waiting. Seeing him come out and hurriedly put the cloak on him, the maid lit up the lamp to lead him back, but Xian Sheng suddenly said, “I’ll walk alone.”

Yuehua reminded: “It was still a bit cold at night.”

“It’s okay.”

Yuehua watched him leave, and said to Ruyi: “follow from a distance.”

Xian Sheng has a weak body and needs someone to watch him from time to time.

Xian Sheng put on his hat, and the road was still visible in the corridor under the snow. He touched the walls and pillars of the Prince’s Mansion with his fingers, and walked out slowly.

His mood is better than ever.

Because he knew that Zhan Zhen was already in his pocket.

He likes him. He likes him more than he thought.

Xian Sheng looked at this Prince’s Mansion. He had never looked at this place carefully, because he had never thought that he would stay here for a long time. In the beginning, he was going to be friends with Zhan Zhen. Before the wedding he asked him if he wanted to marry other princesses. Later, he was forced to advance the wedding date. He was walking on thin ice, always worrying about his fate.

But at this moment, he can finally put everything down and take a good look here.

If nothing happens, he should live here for a long time until Zhan zhen becomes the emperor.

Xian Sheng walked under a plum tree, and suddenly remembered the plum he had given for Zhan Zhen. He asked Zhan Zhen if it could be sweetheart. In fact, he knew he could not, but at the time, he didn’t know what to say.

At that time, although he shouldn’t have, he had still been nervous.

He walked a little bit on the memory lane.

He knew that he shouldn’t. Zhan zhen was the prince of the Jin Dynasty, and he was Princess from Liang. How could a married princess end well, let alone a fake princess.

But Zhan zhen, this person, attracted him miraculously. Xian Sheng wanted to be such a person in his dreams. He was domineering and imposing. He had a healthy and strong physique. He thought that Zhan Zhen’s character would be revealed on the night of his wedding, but it was those clumsy lies that were used to deceive him.

He knew that he was the princess of the enemy country, but he still endured his doubt and honestly believed it. Just for that ridiculous, ideal love.

Obviously he was such a fierce and vicious person, but when it came to him, he became a fool. At that time, he discovered that Zhan Zhen actually had a lovely side.

“Good evening.” He said to the plum tree and the rockery, walking slowly, getting his footprints everywhere.

He didn’t know how to express his feelings at the moment, he was a little happy, a little excited, and had a faint expectation and longing for the future.

He knew that Zhan Zhen would want to understand, starting with his refusal to lie to him.

He is really genuine.

It’s also true when he is behaving like a hooligan.

Xian Sheng has never seen such a person. He obviously hates playboys, but Zhan Zhen, he is different.

Abandoning the righteousness of his family and country, he simply fell in love with Zhan Zhen.

Unknowingly, he walked around the back of the room, and his eyes suddenly fell on the vase under the study window.

After a second, he showed a brighter smile, the sullen brows stretched out, and the corners of his eyebrows were filled with unstoppable joy.

He thought that stinky brat was so angry last time that he must have broken it and thrown it away. It turned out to be hidden out of sight.

Unlike their affection which is hiding and ignoring, they are still growing and blooming proudly.

A gust of wind came over, the vase fell to the ground, the poor plum branches rolled around, and the flowers scattered.

Just as Xian Sheng was about to walk over and lift it up, the window suddenly opened. Zhan Zhen’s waist was folded on the window lattice, and he reached out to grab the bottle and lifted it up and placed it on the wall.

I don’t know how many times I have done it skillfully.

Suddenly realizing something, he looked up.

The head-down posture was obviously supported by the lower abdomen on the window lattice. I never expected that Xian sheng would appear here. He was shocked that he withdrew his strength from his abdomen, and fell down…

Xian sheng quickly walked two steps. He was in a panic. He took both hands to support the ground and somersaulted. He fell in front of him

Four eyes were facing each other-

They said in unison: “You…”

Zhan Zhen shut up and gave him priority, and Xian Sheng said directly, “Have you thought about it?”


“If you thought about it, just hug me back.” He said, eyes gleaming. He walked around and hugged his waist, raised his face, and said to him: “I’m tired from walking.”

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