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FTMTEP Chapter 68

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 68

A family with children and grandchildren? Let him go home?

The blood in Zhan Zhen’s body froze.

His face was instantly as cold as frost.

Inside the house, Xian Sheng was just about to say something when Xian Shang suddenly raised his eyes: “Who’s there?

Zhan Zhen pulled open the window, expressionlessly looking at Xian Sheng with dark eyes.

To Xian Shang, Zhan Zhen’s expression at the moment looked terrifying to him. His impression of Zhan Zhen now looked like he was on the battlefield with a long knife swept across the battlefield and blood spilled on his clothes. his scalp went numb.

He can’t imagine how Xiang sheng is living under his hands.

Zhan Zhen glanced at him, Xian Shang made a salute with his hands and said politely: “His Royal Highness…”

“I’m going to talk to him alone, and ask the prince to leave for the time being.”

Xian Shang stood still; he was afraid that Zhan Zhen would attack Xian Sheng.

Suddenly the corners of the clothes were tugged gently, and Xian Sheng smiled at him: “Brother go and clean up and eat something.”

Xian Sheng looked at Zhan Zhen, the latter pursed his lips and said, “Gao Xuan.”

Gao Xuan came quickly, Xian Shang frowned, but thinking of Xian Sheng’s attitude when talking about Zhan Zhen in front of him, he forced himself to suppress his worries and stepped out.

But at the door he said: “Sheng’er is fragile. I hope that your Highness will not treat him roughly.”

Zhan Zhen didn’t speak. Xian Sheng said, “He won’t. brother don’t worry.”

Xian Shang couldn’t stop worrying. He went out, but only sat on the stone bench in the yard, holding his breath and paying attention to the movement in the house.

Xian Sheng looked at Zhan Zhen, who walked slowly in front of the bed. It was like this every time. When he was angry, his muscles would tens up. At this time, Xian Sheng felt that if he moved casually, he would die.

The power disparity is too great, even if Xian Sheng believes that he (ZZ) will not do anything to him (XS), he will still be involuntarily afraid.

In order to get a little distance from Zhan Zhen, he moved. Zhan Zhen’s eyes focused on his face again: “Are you afraid?”

“No.” Xian Sheng tried to relax as much as he could, and smiled from the corners of his mouth. Zhan Zhen’s eyes didn’t blink: “Children and grandchildren? What did Lingqiu tell you?”

The Road is made by people.” Xian Sheng said, “ fortune telling is not worth mentioning “

(t/n – The Road is made by people- You must rely on your own efforts to succeed.)

“You can’t get what you want.” Zhan Zhen said, “if you dare to annul our marriage, you will definitely regret it.”

Xian Sheng didn’t like his tone of voice, which made him feel like he was just a tool. But he didn’t want to stimulate Zhan Zhen at this time, “I didn’t mean that.”

“But it is your brother’s idea.”

“Can you… talk to me nicely?” Xian Sheng frowned, and said, “when you are like this, it makes me feel terrible. I can’t talk to you properly.”

” At the temple fair, I was looking for you like a madman. but you arbitrarily decide to lock up here with him and plan how to break the marriage. Do you still want me to talk nicely?”

“You are angry right now.” Xian Sheng heard the restraint in his tone and said, “Please calm down and then let’s talk about this.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flickered slightly, he suddenly reached out. He grabbed Xian Sheng’s feet and pressed him down. Xian Sheng was dragged down and was instantly imprisoned under him. He was completely under his control. Xian sheng’s long hair was scattered and his eyebrows were screwed up: “Zhan Zhen, be rational.”

“I love you like crazy, but you plan to leave me. Xian Sheng, how did you manage to be so sensible? Teach me too, huh?” He kissed Xian Sheng’s lips suddenly and let him go only after he struggled. But still kept kissing him: “You play me like a fool in the palm of your hands, do you still dare to talk about reason with me?”

I’m not leaving.” Xian Sheng’s breathing increased but he kept calm under his frequent harassment and explained: “My brother is only worried about me, so he made this suggestion. Zhan Zhen, I don’t want to go. Can you please listen to me?”

Zhan Zhen still refused to let him go. He looked at Xian sheng from a commanding position and said: “Speak”

Xian Sheng didn’t like this posture, but he had no choice. He said, “I didn’t go to see you yesterday because the imperial guards were everywhere. It wasn’t befitting for me and my brother to hide. He Shan saw my brother before we met you… I didn’t trust my brother to be taken away, so I came with him. If your father imprisoned your brother directly, South Liang would be implicated on the suspicion of infiltrating into the capital to endanger the Great Jin, do you understand?”

“So what? I will save him.” Zhan Zhen said: “After all, you don’t believe in me at all. You’d rather put yourself at risk rather than believe that I can help you.”

Xian Sheng looked at him for a while and the corners of his eyes suddenly turned red: “it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I couldn’t watch my brother go to jail? should I let him suffer unnecessary interrogation and trust the lives of my family in your hands?”

Zhan Zhen paused. His thumb actually wiped roughly at the corners of his eyes; his tone tinged with agitation: “Why are you crying? What’s wrong about this? If I love you, naturally I will sincerely help you and your family.”

If you could really worry about what I worry about and think about what I think about, you would not have come over here and taken that kind of attitude towards my brother. You are the Crown prince of a great country; you don’t care about my brother at all. Zhan zhen, it’s not that I don’t believe you, you are too arrogant… Your help is also condescending, it’s like charity, like lifting a finger. I believe you love me, but I don’t believe that you can put yourself in my shoes.”

He lowered his eyelashes and said in a low voice: “Nothing, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care. Zhan Zhen, I like you; I also know your heart, I can dig my heart and my lungs for you. But as long as I live, I will be responsible to my family. they love me no less than you.”

He was a little bit sad and didn’t look at Zhan Zhen’s expression, because he was afraid that he could not control the turbulent emotions: “ Let go of me first, if my brother sees me like this, I’m afraid he’ll worry.”

Zhan Zhen sat up in an instant, he looked at Xian Sheng, who lay down on the bed. He tried to sit up, but he was a little weak.

There are some things that he does not want to think about deeply. He hopes that Zhan Zhen will retain his arrogance. He knows that in such a situation, he is very lucky to be liked by Zhan Zhen. He is not qualified to ask Zhan Zhen to treat family like how he treats him.

But Zhan Zhen will always stay deep in his heart. He knows that Zhan Zhen’s nature is so noble and ideal. For Xian Sheng, his identity, his body, and his situation are all reminding him that he can’t afford it.

Zhan Zhen didn’t know what he was thinking, he looked at Xian Sheng for a while, suddenly stretched out his hand, picked him up gently, and said after a long time: “ I …… was mean to him because …… I was jealous.”

He hesitated. He was dissatisfied that Xian Sheng was being too sensible. But every time Xian Sheng spoke, he felt that it made sense, and it was all his (ZZ) fault.

He glanced at Xian Sheng, who adjusted his mood a little and said, “I know.”

He explained: “ I was mean to you in front of my brother because I wanted him to know that you like me and wanted to reassure him.”

“Hmm…” Zhan Zhen wanted to say something, but his mind suddenly went blank. Xian Sheng’s body was soft and thin. He hugged the person in his arms again, and said, “I won’t let you leave.”

“Okay.” Xian Sheng repeated patiently, “I don’t want to leave.”

“Your brother wants to exploit the loophole to take you away, I, too, can understand.” He lied stiffly, then eagerly stated, “But I will not let you go, I will treat you well.”

Xian Sheng glanced at him and smiled: “I know.”

“…Why don’t you leave?”

Xian Sheng laughed again, “Because you won’t let go. If I sneak away, you will chase after me. I’m not in good health. I’m afraid of being chased after by you.”

Zhan Zhen didn’t hear what he wanted to hear and frowned again, feeling very upset: “Then if you were in good health, would you sneak away?”

“If I’m in good health…I would’ve seen you on the battlefield a long time ago. why would I marry you?” He said to Zhan Zhen: “ There is no ifs in this world, if there is, it must be, no matter what I will be attracted to you.”

Zhan Zhen’s heart was pounding and he couldn’t help but hug Xian Sheng on his lap, filling him in his arms. His lips touched his cheek: “Why are you so good at talking?”

“Because I want you to be happy.” Xian Sheng touched his chin and said, “So if you are happy, be nice to me in front of my brother to reassure him. Okay?”

I will be good to you even if I’m not happy. “Just now I was so angry that I wanted to kill someone, but wasn’t I also very gentle with you?”

“Not at all.” Xian Sheng said rudely, “You are so scary, I always feel that you are not you, as if you will kill me at any moment and my brother was terrified just now.”

Zhan Zhen recalled his fearful appearance and secretly noted it in his heart, saying: “It won’t do it anymore.”



“Then I will tell you another secret.”


Xiang sheng came up to his ear, his voice soft, breathing like an orchid: “…… I’m not leaving, not only because I’m afraid of dying on the road.”

Zhan Zhen’s heartbeat speeded up again. He raised his lips and listened to Xian Sheng’s breath: “Also, I can’t bear to leave you.”

The next second, Xian Sheng’s body was held tightly again. Zhan Zhen took a bite on his cheek, then gnawed his lips again, and then said, “I want you.”

Xian Sheng wiped the saliva on his face, pushed his head away, and said, “No.”

“Your brother is staying here; so, will you go home with me tonight?”

“No.” Xian Sheng said: “ I have to spend more time with my brother.”

“What about your husband?”

“The husband had no choice but to guard the empty house alone.”

How can Zhan Zhen guard the empty house alone? He rubbed the person in his arms and bowed his neck and bit him in the neck from time to time and said, “come home, okay? Sheng’er?”

Xian Sheng laughed: “I said no. stop making trouble.”

Zhan Zhen stopped moving and suddenly picked him up and spun him around, Xian Sheng hastily held his neck, dizzy: “What are you doing?”

“It’s all written in the script, and when you’re happy, pick up the lady and spin her around.”

“I’m not going home with you, and you’re still happy?”

“No, just now you said you couldn’t bear to leave me but I forgot to twirl.”

“…” Xian Sheng pursed his lips and gave him a pale look: “Your wife is not in a good shape, so no more spinning.”

“Okay.” Zhan Zhen sat back and asked him again: “So, when are you going to come home?”

Until, the Southern Liang delegation enters the capital.” Xian Sheng gave him a kiss and said, “Then I will go home with you.”

“This is simple. I’ll have someone do it right away.”

“Move fast.” Xian Sheng said, “I waited for you all night yesterday, just to discuss this with you, but you never came.”


“My brother was arrested. If the delegation won’t come in time he can be charged. There are people in the capital who hate me and naturally there are people who hate my brother.”

Zhan Zhen said: “Do you think someone will go after the delegation?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s better to take precautions before something happens.”

“…You were arrested yesterday. If someone really wants to scheme, he should have done it on the road.  Why now?”

“Brother appeared suddenly. Those who want to scheme should think of a plan, then gather the people and go out of the city without hiding the ears of you and the emperor. It will definitely take time. My brother ventured into the capital. As precautions he has already notified them of his visit. They won’t hit the target at once. Just see who wants to disrupt the marriage between the two countries, deliberately provoking disputes and people despising the imperial family of the Jin Dynasty… you will become emperor in the future, so you need to be careful.”

Zhan Zhen never thought that he could even think of this kind of thing, and even planned for it himself. He put Xian Sheng back on the bed and said, “I’ll go and confirm it.”

Many necessary conditions are needed to facilitate this marriage between the two countries. First of all, there was not enough food and grass in the reserve. The original plan was to capture the capital within the planned time. But an accident called Xian sheng suddenly appeared. As a result, he could not act according to the original plan and had to retreat.

It is a coincidence that Zhan Zhen fell in love with Xian Sheng, so everyone felt that Zhan Zhen spared Liang because of the beauty of Xian Sheng. Many Liang people also felt that Xian Sheng’s beauty saved their lives. Similarly, Jin people also feel the same way.

Such as Qing Rong.

Then, this group of people will definitely be dissatisfied with Xian sheng and South Liang, and at the same time, they will also be dissatisfied with Zhan Zhen.

The Emperor of Jin has so many sons, and Zhan Zhen is not the only heir.

When Zhan Zhen stepped out of the house, his expression was a bit cold and Xian Shang stood up subconsciously.

There has been no movement in the house and he is really worried.

He saluted and prepared to wait for Zhan Zhen to leave before going in to see Xian Sheng. He was ready for Zhan Zhen to leave in big strides. But the guy suddenly turned, stopped to reciprocate his salute and said, “Brother.”

(t/n here Zhang Zhen says gege, more an intimate version than the first time he called Xian Shang, brother)

Xian Shang’s got goosebumps all over his body.

Zhan Zhen apologized: “There have been many offenses. It is really Zhan Zhen’s fault. In order to make amends, later I will treat you to dinner and apologize with a cup of fine wine.”

Xian Shang’s scalp went numb and he cautiously said, “Your highness doesn’t have to be so serious…”

“Not at all” Zhan Zhen said sincerely and solemnly, “Sheng’er’s brother is my brother, this is as it should be.”


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