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FTMTEP Chapter 37


Under the empress’s ardent care, Xian Sheng felt very embarrassed. A light flush appeared on his face. He subconsciously pulled the quilt up to block his face, and wanted to drill a hole into the ground (t/n to hide in).

What should he say, although he suffered on the surface, Zhan Zhen is actually the victim.

The victim also cared about him and said to the queen: “she just woke up, let her eat something first.”

Empress Xin’s gaze fell on him, and her face suddenly turned cold: “Do you still know that she just woke up? Last time it was not enough to beat people up and you’re drinking again? Do you need to toss people around before you know whether it’s serious or not?

Zhan Zhen turned around silently, and came over to feed Xian Sheng the stewed porridge. The Empress reached out to take it and said: “You go out first.”

Zhan Zhen said: “I am the person she is closest to, why should I go out?”

The Empress asked Xian Sheng, “Do you want him to leave?”

Xian Sheng took a peek at Zhan Zhen, then quickly retracted, nodded, Zhan Zhen’s pupils contracted, stared at him silently for a while. He was very hurt and then left.

The empress asked him to lie down and feed him with a spoon, and said in a gentle tone, “I will help you teach that kid a lesson. You have a good rest and don’t let him bother you.”

Xian Sheng opened his mouth and held the small spoon, a little embarrassed and warm, and said softly, “Thank you, mother empress.”

The queen met his obedient eyes, paused, and continued to feed him as if nothing had happened, saying: “In fact, i didn’t like you. When you first came, i deliberately found fault in you.”

Xian Sheng listened silently, and she continued: “But the prince and your majesty like you. Your look so soft and weak that I couldn’t bear to bully you, these two times Zhan zhen is indeed wrong… but you are also made a mistake. You are so charming that you’re confusing his heart.”

Xian Sheng drooped his eyelashes to hide the emotion in his eyes, and then softly replied, “Yes.”

This submissive appearance is too pitiful. The queen didn’t know what to say for a while, wiped his mouth, and found another topic: “Although you are a princess, your body is really bad, even the most basic. The prince can’t enjoy during intercourse (s*x). So, it’s my intension for him to choose a few standard beauties for him to share with him. What do you think?”


“…” He promised too easily, and the queen was a little startled: “You just agreed?”

Xian Sheng said: “What the Empress said is for my own good and for the prince,… Your Royal Highness has only one concubine, which is indeed unreasonable.”

The queen was not happy and said: “You don’t like Zhan Zhen?”

Xian Sheng’s eyelashes were unconsciously moistened, and his voice was lighter: “With my body capacity…what if i like him? If One day I died and If he hangs on me with all his heart, I’m afraid he will inevitably be sad.”

It’s no wonder that Zhan zhen is so overwhelmed. This look, this character, I’m afraid that few men in the world can dislike it. The queen’s mood became more complicated, and her voice became softer: “If you don’t want to, just don’t have to accept him, he is still young… let him accompany you a bit more.”

Xian Sheng’s eyelashes trembled. He couldn’t figure out what went wrong, and he nodded in agreement. Shouldn’t the queen take the opportunity to quickly search for the beauty picture and let Zhan Zhen choose?

To be honest, if Zhan zhen is willing to take a concubine, he can relax a little bit, which can greatly reduce the risk of being discovered. What’s more, if Zhan zhen just keeps on haunting him all his life, he is afraid that one day he will be obsessed with him.

Xian Sheng said: “The queen doesn’t have to worry about me, I… I don’t have a long life, if I can find a better woman for the prince as soon as possible…”

“Is there any woman in the world that can compare to you.” The queen couldn’t help but touched his face, leaving behind many other factors, she said she was annoying intellectually, but emotionally it was hard not to like such a child.

“I have long been heard that Empress Wei has both good virtues, and the harem is well organized, and she is also close to the Qing imperial concubine. I have never believed it. Now that I see you, I finally understand a little bit.”

“It’s not all because of the mother, Auntie Qing is also gentle and kind to me.”

Empress Xin thought of Concubine Rong, and said at ease: “Then it seems that the Jin Palace’s discord is not my fault”


“Eat another bowl.” The queen got up, and Xian Sheng hurriedly stopped: “I’m done, Thankyou mother empress”

“You really have a cat’s appetite.” The queen said looked at his body and didn’t encourage him further, “Then you have a good rest. I’ll go out to see the prince.”

Zhan Zhen has been sitting on the steps since he was kicked out. He squeezed a branch and drew a stickman on the snow, wrote the word ‘Xian sheng’ in the circle, and then turned to look at the house.

Although the door of the room was closed tightly, his ears were excellent, and he could hear the faint conversation between the two through the door. It’s not sure what he heard, but when he turned back to the painting, his expression a little gloomy.

He lowered his head and couldn’t help thinking about yesterday, but he couldn’t remember. It was really strange. Zhan Zhen was a good drinker. He was drunk when he came back from Qin Tao’s defeat, but afterwards he thought about what he had done. The details were clear.

He reached into his arms and touched the hairpin he was carrying. Just about to take it out, but he suddenly put it back.

The door finally opened behind him, and the queen approached and slapped him on the head. Zhan Zhen noticed in advance and avoided, but couldn’t kick on his back.

Many northerners practice martial arts, and the queen is the same. This foot is not heavy, but it is definitely not light.

The queen scolded a few words. Seeing that he did not refute, she slowly calmed down her anger and said, “Don’t go to the Qin Pavilion anymore. You can’t drink any more wine. If you think she’s not doing well, I’ll give you a few concubines.”

The prince who had been silent for a long time finally spoke, “I won’t accept them.”

Unexpectedly, the queen didn’t blame him: “If you don’t accept then, just cherish the wife you have. Don’t be so careless. Don’t regret it until when you can’t keep her.”

Zhan Zhen was a little surprised. When the queen said this, she was out of air and said, “It’s just that you won’t be able to do it for the time being. I looked at her and she doesn’t live long. It’s so pitiful, so she make her upset, so that she can live longer”

Zhan Zhen didn’t like to hear these words, he said coldly: “Qi Sile promised to move to the house, she will get better soon.”

“Then give it a try.” The queen was about to leave: “It will be a  real  pity if such a little beauty dies.”

Zhan Zhen kept watching her leave, before pushing the door and going in. Xian Sheng had a bite to eat, his face looked a little better, but he still kept the same posture as before and didn’t move much.

I was groggy from yesterday and only knew it hurts, but I was numb. But now that he is sober and he found that the pain was severe.

Perceiving someone approaching, he knew that it must be Zhan Zhen. He wanted to turn his back to him, but it was difficult to move, so he turned his face inside.

“Are you full after only one bowl?”

Xian Sheng ignored him. It was not that he was completely ignoring him, it’s just that he is tired and didn’t want to talk.

Zhan Zhen approached and slowly squatted down next to the bed, twisted his arm a few times, and said: “The queen pinched me a lot and kicked me, look.”

He rolled up his sleeves and placed it next to bed. Seeing that Xian Sheng didn’t turn his head, he came to pull the corner of his shoulder, first lightly, and then increased his strength. Xian Sheng was dizzy because of his shaking, so he had to twist back to face him.

Zhan Zhen rolled up his sleeves and handed his arm to him to see. There were indeed some scratches on the top. Xian Sheng didn’t expect the queen to put such a heavy hand, froze for a moment, and said, “You…”

“It hurts.” Zhan Zhen lay on bed side, with his chin resting on his folded arms, and said: “My flesh is tight. She knows that it hurts the most when you twist it, and she always does this.”

Xian Sheng met his deep gaze. Somehow, he noticed some injuries and grievances from inside. He avoided his sight and said: “I hurt more than you…”

“I was wrong.” Zhan Zhen stretched out his neck and said, “I won’t drink anymore, okay?”

Since he said so, it  not good for Xian Sheng to continue ignoring him. He hummed and said, “But you are not allowed to mess with me these days.”

Zhan Zhen said: “Let’s do it again when you get better.”

“…” he is really a fowl, how can he say something nice when he’s like this!

Xian Sheng was aggrieved in his heart. his chest was slightly heaving with anger.

Zhan Zhen didn’t know, so, tentatively grabbing his hand, Xian Sheng immediately shrank up again: “Don’t stay here anymore.”

“Then where do I go?”

“Anywhere is good, I don’t want to see you now.”

There was no movement around him for a long time. Xian Sheng thought he was gone. When he turned his face, his eyes were suddenly blindfolded. Zhan Zhen thoughtfully said, “Now you can’t see me.”

“You…” Xian Sheng’s cheeks bulged slightly, “Why are you so annoying?”

Even if The beauty is blindfolded, she is still a beauty. Zhan Zhen looked at his lower half of his face contentedly, and whispered: “You don’t like to see me, but I love to see you. Now you and I did the deed of a husband and wife by mistake. …This year you are also over eighteen, so there will be nothing wrong.”

Xian Sheng said, “Don’t talk to me, I don’t like to see you, and I don’t like to listen to you.”

After he said, Zhan Zhen laughed. He sat on bed, stretched out his hands to help him cover his ears, and said, “This way, you won’t be able to hear.”

” I’m not hearing impaired, I still hear a little..”

Zhan Zhen simply plugged his ears with his fingers, and said something light and small. Xian Sheng couldn’t hear or see it. He felt awkward and asked, “What did you say?”

Zhan zhen looked at his red lips, and kissed them: “I like you, I have never been dumfounded by someone before and I am lonely willing to trade everything for you, whether it is ten cities or my country. I won’t hesitate to die for you.”

Xian Sheng pursed his mouth, only to hear nothing, and then asked: “What did you say , I can’t hear.”

Zhan Zhen said softly: “As long as you don’t lie me, I will treat you well for the rest of your life.”

Since he can’t hear him, he(XS) don’t know what he said. Xian Sheng is depressed. Since he said Zhan Zhen not to speak, now that he is speaking he can’t even know what he is saying.

Xian Sheng shook off the cloth strips from his eyes and hands from his ears, and stared at him, “What the hell did you say?”

“Just talking to myself.” Zhan Zhen put his hands on the pillow and laughed: “Do you like to listen? You want to listen again?”

“You… keep talking, I’m naturally curious.”

“If you say something nice, I will repeat it to you.”

Xian Sheng’s face was stern and didn’t hold back: “husband?”

“Hmm…” Zhan Zhen shook his head: “The call is not sweet enough.”

Xian Sheng frowned: “Are you bullying me again? I’m going to faint again, Do you believe it?”

Zhan Zhen was honest: “I believe it, I was wrong, please don’t faint.”

“Say it quickly, then, what did you just mumble about?”

“I said…” Zhan Zhen stared into her beautiful eyes and slowly said, “Did you drug me last night?”

Xian Sheng’s heart sighed, and immediately said, “wo pei!” (t/n bah!)

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