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FTMTEP Chapter 48

Chapter 48:

After saying these words, Xian Sheng’s heart completely calmed down.

His eyes are also very calm and without any misgiving.

It was wrong from the beginning, and now it’s time to set things right. While Zhan zhen still has some tenderness. After his death, he’ll probably won’t tell about his gender.

When my elder brother returned after receiving the letter, he would be on guard, and when Qin Yi finds out that he is dead, he would also join forces with South Liang.

But Zhan Zhen…After he get his revenge for his humiliation, and calms down, he will never send troops rashly. After all, Qin Yi is here, and Jin Dynasty will not get any benefit.

Besides, the marriage contract is still there.

Both countries need to cultivate and recuperate, and there will be peace for a long time.

Zhan Zhen held the long knife at his waist, shaking all over. Put aside family and country grievances, as a couple, Xian sheng felt sorry for humiliating him like that.

The blade was slowly pulled out–

Xian Sheng closed his eyes.

He hoped that Zhan Zhen would not take his head, because if he was really an immortal, he might be very sad to see this scene from the sky.


There was a loud noise.

Zhan Zhen pushed back the blade and slammed his fist against the table. He didn’t use any internal force. The pear blossom wood table was smashed to pieces, his chest was heaving, and his breathing resembled a furious wild beast. He hung his head and supported his hands on the table. A drop of water stains fell from the cracked desk.

The room was silent, and the breathing was particularly heavy.

The expected pain did not come, Xian Sheng slowly opened his eyes, looked at Zhan Zhen’s back, and said, “Zhan Zhen…Kill me.”

“Tell me…” Zhan Zhen said, in your eyes do I look like a dog wagging its tail, begging for food?”

Xian Sheng lowered his eyelashes for a while before saying: “I had no choice but to…”

“You had no choice but to…” Zhan Zhen turned his back to him and smiled weirdly: “Because you had no choice, but to put up something that can confuse the real with the false. Are you laughing in your heart, now that you let this prince ​​lie on your chest like a dog? Do you think that it’s funny, thinking that the grand crown prince of jin is in the palm of your hands.

Xian Sheng, why did you humiliate me? how do you expect me to face you?!”

His voice trembled with agitation.

Xian Sheng explained: “I haven’t thought about it like that.”

“But you still did it .” Zhan Zhen calmed down his disintegrating emotions. He turned to look at Xian Sheng and said: “you give this prince medicine and let this prince have s*x with a man without knowing… what a shame. Did you think that I will be able to dispel my hatred just by killing you?”

Xian Sheng’s face turned pale, and he squeezed his fingers. From Zhan Zhen’s words, he felt disgust, shame, and possibly nausea. A flame suddenly rose in Xian Sheng’s ashen heart. He wanted to die, he didn’t want to see him(ZZ) say such things, but in the end Zhan Zhen would rather tell him.

He looked at Zhan Zhen quietly and said: “On that day at the castle tower, the first time we met, I was wearing a men’s wear.”

“Your maid called you princess…”

“You weren’t looking closely.” Xian Sheng looked at him unblinkingly, regardless of his ugly face: “The day when the contract has not yet been finalized, I wrote to you and asked you to choose other princesses in South liang. You replied that it’s just me that you want.”

Zhan Zhen said angrily: “You were the only one I care about!”

“Since it’s me, why do you feel that you were wronged?” Xian Sheng said, “It was me that you saw that day, it was me who wrote to you, it was me who came to marry you, and it was me who was married to you and it was me who shared the bed with you. It was still me who was in the bridal chamber that day…cough.” He talked too quickly and now he was a little out of breath. He slowly coughed twice and continued: “And I’m the one sitting here now, from beginning to end. After getting what you wanted, what is making you so angry?”

Zhan Zhen never thought that he would suddenly be so hard-hearted, he was stunned for a moment: “You…you are not a princess, you deceive me…”

Xian Sheng laughed suddenly. He laughed very beautifully; his soft face suddenly sharpened: “I am the daughter of Empress Wei. Emperor Liang granted me the title Princess Xian Sheng. The whole world knows that I am Xian Sheng, the eldest princess. No one will prevaricate you with any cats and dogs. I have done my utmost to you, so how can you call it deception?”

Zhan Zhen opened his mouth: “But, the princess should be a woman, you…”

” Did the marriage contract say that you want a female princess?”

“…Of course a princess should be a woman!” Zhan Zhen looked at him with a strange expression: “In what world can a princess be a man?”

“I am a male princess.” Xian Sheng said: “I mentioned in the letter that what happens if I am not an ordinary princess, and you said that you like the fact that I’m special.”

“…” Zhan Zhen was mute.

After talking for so long Xian Sheng was tired. He slowly leaned on bed head, coughing softly, but looking at Zhan zhen with cool eyes: “If you don’t believe me, go through the box and read your own handwriting. If you can’t recognize or dare not recognize… I will laugh at your ridiculousness .”

He had a cold face and mockery in his eyes. Zhan Zhen’s face was pale and uncertain. He stepped up to find the box according to his instructions, found that it was locked. He put it in front of him and said with a cold face: “Open.”

“…I’m tired.” Xian Sheng said weakly, “You are so strong, just smash it open.”

The blue veins on Zhan Zhen’s forehead are about to jump up again, he gritted his teeth and said: “Where is the key?”

“I can’t find it, what should I do…”

“Don’t provoke my bottom line.”

Xian Sheng lowered his eyelashes and whispered, “What if it is provocative?”

Zhan Zhen clenched his hand and smashed the box heavily. Xian Sheng saw the blood on the back of his hand and quietly retracted his gaze.

Zhan Zhen is sentimentally attached to him and reluctant to hurt him, so he also has some sentimentally attached to Zhan Zhen. But since Zhan Zhen is disgusted with him, then he didn’t want to continue having these feelings…He was very angry, so he also wanted to bully Zhan Zhen.

He and Zhan Zhen had passed a lot of letters before. After the box was broke opened, the letters fell out in a mess. Zhan Zhen took out one to open it, and at a glance he saw the love poem he wrote to Xian Sheng. What love at first sight? has lost all desire for food and drink?! (t/n   have no appetite for food and drinks) … …He stuffed it back directly and took down another one. Unexpectedly, there was more love talk.

Xian Sheng looked at his expression and lazily said, “When are you going to find it?”

“It’s been so long, how can I know which one it is?” Zhan Zhen’s expression was cold, only his eyes revealed his anger and despair, and Xian Sheng said: “The one on the third day of October.”

Zhan zhen frowned and glanced at him. After finding it out, he opened it and saw what he said. His gaze turned to Xian Sheng’s face, his eyes softened: “The letter I wrote to you… you remembered it all?”

Xian Sheng nestled on head of the bed, sickly said: “I never forget.”

“…” Zhan Zhen’s eyes returned to indifference, and said: “I found the letter, so what? You still deceived me.”

Xian Sheng was tired again. Originally, he belonged to the kind of person who slept for a long time and could only be awake for a short time. This quarrel with Zhan zhen is quickly consuming his energy.

“…I don’t have the strength to quarrel with you, if you think I lied to you, kill me.”

“Do you really think that I wouldn’t dare not kill you?”

Xian Sheng chuckled and did not answer.

In this life, he really had a hard time walking. In South liang, some people hurt and some loved him, so he dragged his sick body and lived slowly. He dreamed that one day he could be healthy, to run and jump, so that his family would not worry so much.

But now, he was really exhausted physically and mentally, unable to walk, and unwilling to leave.

Zhan Zhen was very uncomfortable with his attitude. He still looked sick and fragile, but his weakness has disappeared.

The illusion of hypocrisy was torn off by his own hands, as if there was nothing worthy remembering in this world.

“Do you want something to eat?” He frowned and said, only to realize what he had said, and immediately bit the tip of his tongue.

Xian Sheng still ignored him, his face was peaceful, Zhan Zhen suddenly stretched out his hand and gently probed his breath——

“If you want to kill, kill.” Xian Sheng said, Zhan Zhen immediately shrank back. After a long while, he said: “how can you be so cheap, I haven’t still taken revenge for my humiliation?”

Xian Sheng said nothing, Zhan Zhen stretched out his hand to move the letter aside, and walked back to look at him: “Also, I was beaten by my mother yesterday, and I haven’t taken revenge for that yet ( t/n from XS). “

Xian Sheng began to ignore him again.

Zhan Zhen sat next to the bed, and began to look for words to say, “Why don’t you cry? If you cry, I will feel sorry for you.”

Xian Sheng twitched the corner of his mouth, ” there is a difference in treatment for the enemy and for…..husband.”

Zhan Zhen suddenly remembered that when they met for the first time, Xian Sheng was in this posture. When he came to jin Country, he changed his appearance of being soft and obedient. Now, he is starting to treat him as an enemy again.

It was not like this when he woke up just now…

He recalled what he had said to annoy him, but in his opinion, he didn’t say anything too much.

“If you make this prince displeased in any way, I will raise an army.”

Xian Sheng didn’t move, his voice was still very soft, but it seemed to have a mighty strength: “If so, you will have to kill me… Otherwise, I will definitely escape and become your undefeated nightmare.”

“It’s big words.” Zhan Zhen frowned, and ordered Ruyi to prepare some food. He reached out and touched his face. When he saw this, he shrank back.

Ruyi soon brought the food, Zhan Zhen stood up, and then reached out to take it and feed him personally, saying: “Open your mouth.”

Xian Sheng didn’t want to eat.

Zhan Zhen said: “I will allow you to eat.”

He brought the spoon to Xian Sheng’s mouth, but Xian Sheng did not open his mouth.

The man knocked the bowl with the spoon, a little embarrassed and unhappy because of his ignorance of this current situation, he frowned trying to find a footing, he said: “What do you want to eat?”

Xian Sheng subconsciously thought about it, and then said: “Zongzi, moon cakes, laba porridge……yuan xiao”

Zongzi ( t/n  traditional Chinese rice-pudding)

laba porridge (t/n rice porridge with nuts and dried fruit eaten on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month)

yuan xiao (t/n the night of the 15th of the first lunar month; sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour )

When he said the first one, Zhan Zhen immediately signaled Ruyi to get it, but at the end he suddenly took a sharp blow in his heart.

Xian sheng feels that he can’t live for long, so he wants to spend all the festivals of the year in one day?

“Xian Sheng.” He pursed his lips, and said, “I’m just thinking about it. The queen said that you have a beautiful face, but you can’t have children. It’s also enough for a dignified queen for this Prince in the future… So I forgive you.”

Xian Sheng never thought that he was suddenly kind to him because of such absurd reasons. He opened his eyes and looked at Zhan Zhen. The latter said: “Of course, I will never like men in this life. From now on, you and I sleep in separate rooms… The letter you asked Qi Sile to send to your brother will be stopped by the this prince.”

Xian Sheng finally moved: “You…”

“I told my father that they would come to visit you. What will be the reason for a sudden change of plans?” Zhan Zhen interrupted him, his voice lowered, a little dull: “I’m is not interested in you, but your face is hard to find in the world. So you will still be this Price’s Crown princess, no one can replace you.”

Xian Sheng lost his voice for a while, not knowing what to say.

Zhan Zhen took the spoon and tapped the bowl lightly, and said: “So I will treat you as good as I’ve always done…maybe not as good to you as before, but I will never bully you again.”

Xian Sheng was uncertain, the reason Zhan Zhen gave was too ridiculous, he didn’t know if he could believe it.

Zhan Zhen continued to knock on the bowl. Before he could respond for a long time, he suddenly raised his eyes, scooped up the porridge and brought it over, and said sternly: “So much nonsense, if I order you to eat, you have to eat.”

Xian Sheng: “?”

Isn’t it your highness who has been talking nonsense?

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