Is recruitment open?/How to apply?
For new translators or existing translators who want to move and host your chapters on our site: Head over to https://knoxt.space/recruitment/ or go to our discord and DM
For co-translators/editors/proofreaders: Go to our discord server and check out #recruitment for more information
How to get pinged for new chapters
Can I retranslate…?
Unfortunately, we do not allow retranslations by default. We recommend that you translate from the author’s original language. Please do not harass our staff if they have explicitly stated no retranslations. If you want, you can ask in #questions and if the translator explicitly gives permission, you may. Do not spam or ask repeatedly.
Can I repost…?
Where can I find the raws/MTL for xxx
Just google the name. DO NOT ask for it in our server or comments
Can you guys pick up xxx?
Feel free to suggest novels you’d like to see picked up in #pick-up-request – Novel should not have an active translator and latest chapter must be more than a month ago – Korean novels from certain publishers will be reviewed
When is this novel going to be updated/why is this translator so slow/etc.?
Our translators also have a life and are not obligated to churn out chapters at the expense of their health. Please respect their time and commitment. They will update when they want to. If you want to support them and spur them on, feel free to donate to them if they have a ko-fi or leave kind words of encouragement. We do not tolerate verbal abuse of our staff
Is this novel dropped/can I pick up this novel?
Check out the status of our novels here. Dropped/Teaser novels are available for pick up. Please contact  on discord before you do. Let us know if you wish to translate the novel with us or externally.
Why is the site not loading/showing an error?
Take a screenshot, wait for 15 minutes, refresh. If that does not solve the problem, ping  at #site-error and provide the screenshots + description of the problem
Do you accept original novels?
Yes! Please check out author recruitment or dm
Have a question not answered?