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FTMTEP Chapter 45

Chapter 45:

Where is Zhan Zhen going in the middle of the night?

Xian Sheng wasn’t sure if he would deliberately leave and hide somewhere secretly staring at him, so he didn’t dare to move.

He raised his hand to support his left shoulder, secretly thinking that Zhan Zhen and Zhan Yin were really brothers and sisters. When he first came, Zhan Yin caused him to hit his right shoulder. And now It didn’t take long before Zhan Zhen attacked his left shoulder.

The food has a very attractive aroma, especially the thick egg soup with sesame oil in it, which is very appetizing.

Xian Sheng was very hungry, but he didn’t even look at it.

He didn’t want to irritate Zhan zhen because of a bit of appetite.

He didn’t come often in to the study. He didn’t feel it when he came in from the outside, but after sitting for a long time, he felt a little bit cold and far less warm than the bedroom.

He sneezed, gently wrapped the cloak around himself, and touched the letter in his sleeve, thinking about how to send it.

In fact, he has a way to bring Qin Yi to the mansion to get the letter, but he still has to consider the other party’s safety when entrusting someone to do the work.

As Xian Sheng thought, Zhan zhen really had nowhere to go in the middle of the night. He had planned to eat in front of Xian sheng, but seeing his pitiful appearance, he felt that if he didn’t eat, he might fall ill. He didn’t want to take care of a guy who deceived himself.

But if he is eats, it will not relieve his anger.

He sat on the roof, opened the tiles and looked down, thinking that if he dared to eat, he would just yell at him.

But the food went from hot to cold, and Xian sheng didn’t move.

He couldn’t help frowning.

Xian Sheng hadn’t eaten for the whole afternoon, and his stomach was cold. After sitting for a long time, he felt dark and cold in front of him. He couldn’t sit still, the chair was too hard and it was uncomfortable, so he was about to stand up and walk around. So he could move your hands and feet for a bit.

He propped up, and in the next second, his legs wens soft and he suddenly fell to the ground.

On the roof, Zhan Zhen’s heart suddenly jumped, strode into the house, but suddenly his face felt cold again.

In fact, Xian Sheng was still conscious, his knee hurting, but he couldn’t get up at all. He heard Zhan Zhen’s footsteps, and he stopped in front of him.

“What? You want to seduce this prince by being sick again?”

Xian sheng breathed weakly and had no strength to speak or move. After listening to this sentence, he was a little angry, but then he completely lost consciousness.

Zhan Zhen didn’t see him move for a long time, and finally squatted down to shove him, coldly said: “This prince knows that you are pretending to faint. You just want to see that I care about you and loves you. Xian sheng, do you think this prince is ridiculous?

There was no response, Zhan Zhen stretched out his hand to help him up, his eyes fell on his pale and transparent face, his eyes suddenly turned red, he picked up the person, gritted his teeth and said: “This prince also finds himself ridiculous.”

Xian Sheng was very light, with his head crooked softly on his chest, Zhan Zhen wanted to throw him away, but he couldn’t help speeding up under his feet, and even used his internal strength to drive towards the East Chamber.

He held the person and kicked opened the door of Qi Sile room.

At night, Qi Sile slept soundly and the loud kick on the door woke him up directly from his dream. When he opened the curtain, he was taken aback: “What’s wrong?”

” See if there’s anything wrong with her.” Zhan Zhen came in with the cold wind, Qi Sile only wore a single shirt and was trembling with the cold, but seeing that his (ZZ) hands were occupied, he had to come over and shut the door himself, and said helplessly: “Put her on the bed, let me take a look.”

Zhan Zhen glanced at bed where the quilt has been uncovered, and directly put his arms around Xian Sheng, sat down on the chair, put the Xian sheng on his lap, and said, “Take a look.”

“…You still don’t like me.” Qi Sile was not angry and wanted to drive him out, but he gave up again when he glanced at the beauty who was leaning in his arms as if she was going to die at any time.

He stretched out his hand to take Xian Sheng’s hand, but Zhan Zhen held it by himself, and said, “Aren’t you a genius doctor? You can’t tell what’s going on from just looking at her face?” ( t/n his/ her)

“This child…” Qi Sile smiled angrily. Zhan zhen is a junior to him. He doesn’t need to be familiar with the young man, so he observed Xian Sheng’s face, his eyes dimmed, and then said: “It looks like he will not live for more than a month.”

Zhan Zhen’s hands holding Xian Sheng tightened suddenly, his eyes flickered.

Qi Sile turned around and said nonchalantly: “But it’s normal. She’s so skinny, she doesn’t look like she has long life……… Hey, do you hate him? How else can you make people like this?”

Zhan Zhen’s lips trembled, and then pressed tightly.

Qi Sile took out a small blue porcelain bottle and held it up and said to him: “See? This is a good thing that can win people from the Lord of hell. A drop is worth thousands of golds. I’ll give this to you as a wedding gift….”

Zhan Zhen’s gaze fell on the vial, and he reached out to take it, but Qi Sile took it back and said, “Forget it, I’ll keep it for myself. After all, I don’t think the little lady can live long after drinking like this, so I don’t want to waste money. ”

Zhan Zhen retracted his hand stiffly, looked down at the person in his arms hesitantly, and said, “Is she… is it really that serious?”

“What do you mean?” Qi Sile continued to flip through his bottles and cans, and said: You are really the crown prince. This imperial uncle has racked my brains every day so that she could live a few more days, you can do whatever you want and in Just a few months she will lose her life… do you care if she doesn’t say it, wouldn’t it be a big loss for her to take these tonics? ”

Zhan Zhen didn’t speak for a while.

“I heard the master said that her horoscopes are evil. What else…if a catastrophe(misfortune) happens before the age of eighteen, and if she can’t get through it, she’ll die. Now it seems that this catastrophe will not be you, right?” Qi Sile smiled, changed the bottle and walked over again. Putting it on the tip of Xian Sheng’s nose, he said, “Such a beauty shouldn’t belong to the mortal world. God probably wants to take her back quickly, so he sent you to trouble her..”

His tone was mocking. If in the past, Zhan Zhen would definitely refute it, but now it seems to be mute.

Not knowing what was in the vial, the unconscious Xian Sheng finally reacted. The pungent smell made him frown and avoid it subconsciously. After a while, he slowly opened his eyes.

He first saw Qi Sile, and the other party’s slightly cold expression suddenly became gentle. Xian Sheng realized that he had saved him, and was subconsciously grateful: “Thank you, imperial uncle…”

Before he finished his words, his face was suddenly pulled over by a hand. When he saw Zhan Zhen, he realized that he was being held by him.

he thought he was saved for a while….

Xian Sheng’s eyes were full of disappointment, and he bends his lips subconsciously, still remembering to please him: “husband is also here.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes were full of emotions, and he hugged Xian Sheng and walked out, coldly saying: “Thank you.”

Qi Sile went out to watch him leave, and said, “Get her something to eat, and be careful of fever in the middle of the night.”

Although the voice was not loud, with Zhan zhen’s ears, Qi Sile must be able to hear clearly. Qi Sile stood thoughtfully for a while, and then retracted after a gust of cold wind.

Zhan Zhen hugged him out of the yard, Xian Sheng leaned in his arms obediently, looked up at his expression, and suddenly curled his mouth: “Husband still loves me.”

As soon as he said this, Zhan Zhen stopped. His face froze for a while, his hand suddenly loosened, and Xian Sheng’s foot fell immediately. He hurriedly grabbed Zhan Zhen’s other arm that hadn’t retracted. His weak legs were still numb.

This sudden action caused him to hurt his shoulder. Xian Sheng reluctantly grabbed his cuff and stood firmly, and listened to him say: “Let go.”

“I…” Xian Sheng said softly: “I can’t walk anymore.”

“Do you want me to be a cow and a horse for you?” Zhan Zhen snatched his sleeves back from his hand and said, “Are you worthy?”

Xian Sheng stepped back a few steps, leaning on the wall to force him to stand firmly. His legs were soft. When the dizziness in front of him passed, Zhan Zhen had already stepped forward. He lowered his eyelashes, sighed slowly and walked forward.

Zhan Zhen turned the corner in front, but suddenly turned back and coldly said: “Also, I hugged you not because I care about you but because I don’t want others to know that we are having a discord. It’s disgraceful.”

Xian Sheng looked at him and whispered softly: “Husband is right…  can you send me back, I really can’t walk anymore.”

He was also speaking weakly, with cold sweat on his forehead, and a begging look in his eyes. Zhan Zhen said coldly: “You can go out to deliver the letter by yourself, but why can’t you go back to the house?”

“…I’m really am very tired and exhausted.” Xian Sheng’s body was almost completely leaning against the wall. He closed his eyes and could hear his heart beating fast, and he could even feel the sweat on his back.

He now needs to lie down somewhere and take a quiet rest. If Zhan Zhen is unwilling to help him, he will faint here.

Zhan Zhen walked over with restraint, bent over to pick him up, and whispered: “Your sickly appearance is really annoying.”

Xian Sheng slowly bit his lip, gently buried his face in his arms, “Don’t… bully me anymore.”

His voice was faint, accompanied by a very light sob. Zhan Zhen strode back and hugged the person. He became more uncomfortable in his heart. He angrily said: “If you cry again, I won’t be nice to you. so don’t cry anymore.”

“But, I’m wronged…” Xian Sheng grabbed his clothes on his chest: “obviously, it’s you who wanted to marry me… Now, if you say you don’t like me. If you don’t…like me, what do you want me to do? Zhan Zhen …here in Jin what do you want me to do.”

Zhan Zhen was upset and hugged him back without saying a word. Ruyi and Yuehua were not asleep. When they first saw him, they knelt down. Zhan Zhen hugged Xian Sheng to the bed side and said, “Go get some food.”

He wanted to throw Xian Sheng on the bed, in the most vicious way possible.

But Xian Sheng was finally put down like porcelain. He fainted again on the way, and his face was mottled with tears. Zhan Zhen looked for a while, and reached out to wipe his face.

He swears that Xian Sheng is the most difficult enemy he has encountered in his life, if ‘she’ is the enemy.

Sure enough, Xian Sheng had a high fever. In the middle of the night, Ruyi rushed to the study to report. Zhan Zhen’s expression was ugly when she mentioned Xian Sheng: “Go to Qi Sile, what use is it for you to find this Prince?”

“Doctor Qi…he is not in the house.” Ruyi said in a panic: “Just now the slave and maid went to look for him. The servant boy said that he had gone to the Chu Pavilion.”

Zhan zhen coldly didn’t want to care about her and Ruyi knelt down and begged: “Your Royal Highness, Please send someone to get a doctor, the princess can’t hold on any longer.”

She kowtows, and Zhan Zhen was suddenly furious, suddenly slapped his palm on the table, and said to the guard outside the door: “aren’t you going to go find a Doctor?!”

The table was torn apart in front of him, Ruyi hurriedly thanked him. Zhan Zhen went into the bedroom like a gust of wind, and sat motionless in front of the bed. but his whole body was still wrapped in anger.

In the early morning of the second day, when the queen got up, she heard about it. She said: “Qi Sile is in his mansion, how can he still come to the palace to ask for an imperial doctor?”

“It seems that Doctor Qi played too late into the night yesterday and no one could found him.”

The queen frowned unhappily: “She recovered a few days ago, why is she ill again?”

The mother shook her head, but suddenly someone came in from outside, it was Zhan Yin. She knelt in front of the queen, hugged her leg, and cried: “Mother! You have to protect my sister-in-law!”

“stop making a fuss .” The queen was angry, glanced at the bed, hit her head and said, “Your father is asleep, speak quietly.”

“Oh…” Zhan Yin said hurriedly: “I wanted to see my sister-in-law, but my brother didn’t let me. so, I planted an undercover in the Prince’s Mansion, afraid that he would be drunk and bully sister-in-law like the last time.”

“You…” The queen poked her bitterly, and couldn’t help asking: “What did you find out?”

“Yesterday, my brother bullied sister-in-law again!” Zhan Yin said with a look of jealousy and resentment. that dog man is not worthy of having a beautiful woman, “He not only did he dropped sister-in-law, but also forbidden her to eat. Also, I heard that she has a high fever last night, and she hasn’t woken up yet. mother…Let’s bring sister-in-law to live in the palace. I’m really afraid that she will be killed by my brother one day.”

The queen frowned. the bed curtain suddenly opened and Emperor Jin sat up with half-squinted eyes and asked Zhan Yin: “Is this true?”

Zhan Yin hurriedly saluted and said: “Every sentence is true!”

“This Zhan zhen… He is ridiculous.” Emperor Jin disapprovingly said, “Send someone to the Prince’s Mansion and tell him to come over. I will ask him in detail.”

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