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FTMTEP Chapter 36


Xian Sheng was worried about waking up before Zhan Zhen, thinking that he would only sleep for half an hour at most, but he was so tired that he overslept in a daze, and realized that Zhan Zhen got up early to check his injuries. As soon as he Lift the quilt, he was furious, and then he was thrown off the bed. Zhan Zhen slapped him and woke him up.

He raised his face hurriedly, but Zhan Zhen grabbed his hair again, just like he had dreamed of before. The only difference was that he was covered with bruises and purple marks this time, and he was thrown out in a filthy state.

Many people came to watch him, beat him, and smashed him with things. He tried to curl up, but his body was so exhausted that he could only lie there like a dead body.

He will die, Xian Sheng thought, Liang State will also be implicated, Zhan Zhen will not let Liang state go…

The great fear made him suddenly open his eyes and let out a slightly heavy gasp. He looked at the dim bed top, and was convinced in the rapid heartbeat and cold sweat that it was just a dream.

His throat was thirsty, and his forehead was suddenly aching. Every inch of skin and bones all over his body was screaming pain, but Xian Sheng didn’t dare to sleep.

With the intoxication scattered, Zhan Zhen still slept deeply, breathing smoothly, and seemed to have some sweet dreams. Xian Sheng moved strenuously, closed his legs that were still in a weak state, and pulled the quilt with his fingers a little bit.

He recovered a bit of strength, even though he was very uncomfortable, his strong will to survive was still there.

South Liang is now waiting for prosperity, and it is difficult to rectify it in the short term, but the prince’s brother’s injury should now be much better. Yesterday, Zhan Zhen promised to let him see him. If there is no accident, he would be able to see him in the north (t/n Beijing??)

After Xian Sheng came to the Capital (t/n Beijing??), he naturally passed a few letters with his family, but they all knew that the letters would be seen by Zhan Zhen before they could be conveyed to each other, so the words would be carefully considered.

Xian Sheng procrastinated for a while, but he had no choice at the time. He agreed with Zhan Zhen for one year, and he was ready to act according to the circumstances.

Xian Sheng just didn’t expect…Zhan Zhen would be able to notice it so quickly. To be precise, he didn’t expect that he would have done something stupid like reminding him.

He closed his eyes, he was stressed, still thinking how he reminded him (t/n that he might be a guy dressed as a women) that day was like a fool.

For a moment, he actually felt that Zhan Zhen might accept him as a man disguised as a woman.

He waited quietly in the dark, breathing very lightly, and didn’t even have the strength to grasp the quilt, until finally there was movement around him.

As soon as the sky was bright, Zhan Zhen had a splitting headache. He rubbed his forehead and smelled a strange breath between the bed curtains, gradually returning to clarity.

The faint memories of yesterday emerged in my mind, shaking white, teary eyes, low begging for mercy and crying, and that face that makes people uncontrollable with every smile…

Shocked he suddenly turned his head to look over.

His internal strength is extremely high, even in the dark, he can see things normally, not to mention that it is almost bright today.

The skin exposed by Xian Sheng was full of traces, the clothes on his body were half-faded, and the quilt covered him, his face was pale as if he had been drawn blood, the blush on his cheeks became more morbid, and his weak breathing seemed to disappear at any time.


Zhan Zhen shook his hands and touched him: “Sheng’er?”

Xian Sheng’s eyelashes trembled, Zhan Zhen exhaled, and immediately tried to hug him. The next second, Xian Sheng let out a painful cry. Zhan Zhen was frightened and retracted his hand. Xian Sheng exerted his strength to grab the quilt, He said something in a hoarse voice, but it was still too soft, which caused Zhan Zhen to come over: “What did you say?”

His voice was very soft, as if for fear of frightening him. Xian Sheng opened his eyes, because he was uncomfortable, he softly said: “You, go out…”

“I’ll ( 孤) let someone get hot water to clean up.” Zhan Zhen has never experienced it, but he has also seen it in the script. He came to touch him cautiously, and Xian Sheng suddenly shivered. He said with difficulty: “No… …You, go out and let Yuehua…”

“How can make them do this kind of thing?” Zhan Zhen couldn’t help but pull the quilt, Xian Sheng’s tears rolled down, and he tried to curl up: “Don’t…Don’t touch me…”

Zhan Zhen retracted his hand stiffly, first he let someone fetch water, then looked at his distressed expression, and coaxed: “I won’t do you anymore, I swear…what did you say? I didn’t hear clearly.”



Xian Sheng’s face was mottled with tears. It was not acting. He was really sad, he was really very sad, wronged, fearful, and at a loss.

Zhan zhen was a little dazed, more at a loss, until someone brought water and lit a candle in the dim room. He grabbed his clothes and put it on, and said to Xian Sheng, “I will hold you into the water.”

He lifted the quilt and saw Xian Sheng’s clothes wrapped around his waist and hips and his legs were tight. He suddenly trembled when he noticed his gaze, and the tears flowed more fiercely. He choked and said, “Don’t… don’t look at me.” .”

Zhan Zhen hurriedly closed his eyes: “Don’t look down, don’t cry, don’t be afraid, I promise… I won’t touch you, I will just hold you over, I swear.”

When he raised his hand, Xian Sheng glanced at him and said with a low muffled voice, “I’ll believe it only when you are blindfolded.”

Zhan Zhen turned around and found the cloth strip on the ground. He blindfolded his eyes neatly, and then stretched out his hand to him: “Is that, okay?”

“You can’t… grope.”

“I won’t.” Zhan Zhen lifted him up like a treasure, and said in a low voice: “I will do whatever you say.”

He lifted the quilt and saw Xian Sheng’s clothes wrapped around his waist and hips and his legs were tight. He suddenly shook when he noticed his gaze, and the tears flowed more fiercely. He choked and said, “Don’t… don’t look at me.”

Xian Sheng wrinkled his nose and Ruyi led the way. Zhan Zhen gently put him in the water and asked softly, “Is it hot?”

“It’s not hot.” Xian Sheng was put in, took a breath, and insisted: “You go out.”

“Whatever I do is always detrimental (t/n negative)…” Hearing that Xian Sheng was about to cry again, Zhan Zhen swallowed the words, turned around honestly, took the outer shirt that Ruyi handed over, and pulled off the cloth strips from his eyes and went out of the door.

He sat in front of the door with his clothes in his arms, staring at the snow that hadn’t melted, but couldn’t figure out why he suddenly became drunk yesterday.

Although alcohol is not intoxicating, he was too intoxicated.

He thought for a while, still at a loss, so he had to first say to the guard: “Send someone to invite Qi Sile.”

He felt that Xian Sheng was not in good shape.

Inside the house, Xian Sheng was waited on and washed, and Yuehua said, “If people from the Shang Palace comes, the princess might as well run away.”

Xian Sheng didn’t speak. He had already used all his strength to deal with Zhan Zhen. He didn’t want to move a finger at this moment, but leaned quietly in the bucket with his eyes closed. He felt better in the hot water.

Yuehua didn’t continue to say anything, just as she was about to reach into the bucket, she heard Xian Sheng say: “I’ll do it myself.”

She retracted her hand and walked to the screen with Ruyi. Xian Sheng sat for a while, slowly stretched out her hand, cleaned herself up, and slowly said, “Help me up.”

Ruyi took the clothes to help him put it on, her eyes were rimmed with red, and Xian Sheng stood unsteadily, and was half-supported and half-hugged on to the bed. Yuehua handed over a box of ointment and said: “will the princess do it yourself, or…”

“leave it .”

The two put down the bed curtain and gave him a standing space. Then they packed up the broken clothes and went out. Zhan Zhen happened to see a little blood stained on the clothes just wrapped around his waist. He subconsciously retracted his gaze. There was another turmoil in my heart.


“The prince said it himself, that he’ll come later to apologize.”

“This kid…” She frowned, and suddenly said, “I’ll, go and have a look.”

Zhan Yin hurriedly followed up: “Are you going to visit my sister-in-law?”

“Going to see if she is pretending to be sick.” The queen glanced at her: “You stay.”

Zhan Yin retracted her foot aggrievedly.

Xian Sheng groaned and had a few nightmares. When he woke up, the fever had not completely subsided. He opened his eyes, and Zhan Zhen’s face immediately leaned over: “How do you feel now?”

Xian Sheng turned and ignored him. Zhan Zhen’s joy abated slightly. While looking at Xian Sheng, he tentatively crawled on the bed with his index and middle fingers, and then gently touched Xian Sheng’s hand. He also retracted his hands immediately.

Zhan Zhen knew that he was guilty, so he didn’t know what to do for a while.

A voice suddenly came from outside the door: “The Empress is here!”

Before the voice fell, the door had been pushed open. Xian Sheng turned to face her face and immediately got up. The queen came over and lowered him back. She looked at Xian Sheng’s expression of misery and said in a trembling voice: “My little darling, mother came to see you…what kind of tossing is this, Is it a person (who did this)?”

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