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FTMTEP Chapter 39

Chapter 39:

Zhan Yin shook her head and crawled out of the snow, spitting out the snow in her mouth, but Zhan Zhen had already left far. She only had time to see the corner of his cloak flying by the wall.

Xian Sheng didn’t know what he was doing. As soon as Zhan Jin left Zhan Zhen’s sight, she immediately exhaled, but her brows still frowned.

Xian Sheng asked, “Does Royal Uncle know about you?”

Zhan Jin paused, and said, “He can see it at a glance.”

“How do he see it?”

Zhan Jin shook her head, “He has helped me a lot over the years. If it weren’t for him, it would be hard to hide from the queen.”

Xian Sheng wanted to inquire further, but Zhan Yin had already walked in. so he put it aside for a while, and talked a few more words. Suddenly, Zhan Jin said that she was not feeling well and went to ask Qi Sele to check her pulse. Suddenly only Xian Sheng and Zhan Yin were left in the room.

Zhan yin immediately moved a stool to approach him, and said mysteriously: “Last time sister-in-law asked me to pay attention to the person who bullied A’Jin.  I seem to know who it is.”


Zhan Yin said eagerly: “Can I go up and sit on a bed with my sister-in-law?”

“Is it cold?” Xian Sheng said, “How about letting someone bring the recliner over and put a little quilt for you?”

“Forget it.” Zhan Yin waved her hand, held her cheeks, and smiled while admiring him: ” I’ll tell you. you won’t believe it. I think it’s Qingrong.”

Xian Sheng looked surprised: “Her?”

“Look!” Zhan Yin said with a face that said I was right, “Qing Rong looks like a very nice person. She doesn’t fight or rob, but according to my observation, she often looks for A’Jin, every time A Jin  see her(QR) she is very unhappy … Every time A’ Jin sees her, she is very unhappy… My brother said she has a heavy minded and asked us not to play with her.”

Xian Sheng couldn’t help but want to laugh, “Zhan Zhen said that?”

“Well, otherwise I don’t dare to doubt casually… But I asked A’ Jin, but she didn’t tell me how Qing Rong bullied her. She seemed to be a little happier when she went to the military camp in the past two days, so I didn’t ask. ”

“Have you mentioned it to your mother?”

“Of course not. our younger generation’s affairs are solved by ourselves. It’s a shame to complain to our mother.”

Xian Sheng laughed: “Well, it’s fine if A Jin can get rid of her.”

“This medicine needs to be crushed, and then broken a little bit… Yes.” Qi Sile instructed the little boy how to grind the medicine, while turning the book casually. He has been worrying about Xian Sheng’s body in the past few days, and he also didn’tt know what kind of strange disease Xian Sheng has. He obviously looks at the age of sixteen or seventeen, but inside is like a dying old man.

There was movement outside the door, Qi Sile raised his eyes, and immediately smiled: “It’s A’Jin.”

Zhan Jin looked at him, her eyes lit up briefly, “Are you accustomed to living with emperial brother?”

“Except that the air here is a bit sour, everything else is fine.”

The little boy ran to make tea, Qi Sile got up and sat down at the table, and said, “Has the cold been healed in the past two days?”

Zhan Jin took the initiative to pass her wrist: “Royal Uncle, have a look.”

Qi Sile stretched out his hand, Zhan Jin raised his eyelashes to look at him, then hung down quickly, watching his fingers covering his pulse. For a moment, Qi Sile let go and said: “It looks better. Have you seen your imperial brother today?”


“He is not stupid, he must know something, maybe he will let A’yin take a look at you.”

Zhan Jin immediately thought that Zhan Zhen had indeed called out Zhan Yin alone, and her expression tightened: “Royal Uncle, Can’t you do something?”

“Sooner or later you’ll have to confess.”

“My father hates cheating the most in his life. If say something…I’m afraid I will implicate my  queen mother.”

Qi Sile paused and said, ” with the Crown prince, the queen will be fine, but you may suffer.”

Zhan Jin did not speak for a while, Qi Sile sighed, turned around and took out a small box from one side, and said: “You are his own flesh and blood, he will definitely not take your life, but if you need it, I have something here. If you make good use of it, you can hide it from A’yin… But Zhan zhen has doubts, and he will most likely bring you for interrogation afterwards. You can’t rub the sand in his eyes. What will you do then?”

“Then I won’t admit it, he can’t take off my clothes.” Zhan Jin said, “What is this?”

Qi Sile opened the box, Zhan Jin flushed suddenly, and hurriedly turned around, “This, this…”

“Breast Pads.” Qi Sile sighed and squeezed the contents of the box: “This is a good product that has just been delivered to the capital. I heard that a nobleman in South liang paid a lot of money to buy this. Someone took it as the business opportunity and smuggled it. Coming to jin, It looked rare. I heard from the queen that she was feeding you some supplements recently. I think you might be able to use it… I have to say, Liang people really enjoy it. It’s probably more comfortable than it really is.”

Zhan Jin hurriedly retracted her hand: “I…I have never touched….”

After he said, he couldn’t hold back, and said, “Where did you get this thing?”

“Naturally it is the Chu Pavilion.” Qi Sile said of course: “I heard that the Qin Pavilion uses it too now. but the guests of the Chu Pavilion like small ones, and the guests of Qin Pavilion like big ones, you are almost sixteen now…this size is also suitable. ”

Zhan Jin was silent for a moment, and turn to closed the box, lowered her eyelashes, and said: “I work diligently, I don’t have time to go to Chu Pavillion ?”

“It’s an old acquaintance, who followed me…” Qi Sile laughed, “This thing is a bit difficult to wear. If you need help, you can come to me.”

Zhan Jin held the box, and suddenly a thought flashed through his mind and said: “The empress… also prepared a supplement for her sister-in-law. Did you find anything strange about her pulse?”

Qi Sile’s eyes flashed: “What’s so strange?”

“Is he… be the same as me?”

Qi Sile meditated: “His bones are slender and not like a man, and his pulse is indeed a woman.”

“Sure enough, I’m thinking too much… Imperial Brother and her are sleeping together every day, and he tossed her so fiercely a few days ago. If there is any abnormality, he will definitely have found out.”

Qi sile is noncommittal. Zhan Zhen is so invincible outside and so vulnerable in front of Xian sheng… He can pretend not to see the truth in front of him.

Zhan Jin breathed a sigh of relief, and said: “Since I have Royal Uncle, I feel rest assured.”

“Someone asked you to look into it?”

“Yeah.” In front of Qi Sile, he didn’t hide, and said: “Qing Rong discovered my identity and said that Xian Sheng is like me… so she told me to get closer to her and inquire about it.”

“She’s obsessed.  I’ll talk to Jiang Qin in a few days. You should not go back to the palace. There is a Empress Dowager behind her, who is not easy to provoke.”

Zhan Jin nodded and smiled: “I know my identity and I won’t cause trouble to the queen.”

When Zhan Jin came back, Zhan Yin was already lying on the recliner and told a joke to Xian Sheng. She was usually spoiled and willful and had a short temper, but when faced with Xian Sheng, she suddenly became more patient. When the other party laughed, she seemed to have reached the pinnacle of life.

Xian Sheng was actually a little tired, but Zhan Yin was lively, and he had to laugh patiently until Zhan Jin came back and shouted Zhan Yin: “It’s getting late. It’s time to go back. If you stay for a long time, you will be scolded by the queen.”

Zhan Yin reluctantly left; Xian Sheng sat up to send her off. She gave him a peck on his cheek before she left.

Zhan Jin twitched her eyelids, grabbed her back, and said, “Be careful. If brother finds out, you won’t be allowed to enter the door.”

Zhan Yin is happy, “I took a big advantage today! Even If I  can’t enter the door, it’s temporarily worth it.”

Inside the room, Xian Sheng wiped his face and lay down weakly supported by Ruyi. The latter couldn’t help complaining: “Princess Zhan yin really don’t consider your status , which makes things hard for you.”

“She is also frank…” Xian Sheng soothed a few words, really unable to hold it, and fell asleep tiredly.

He hadn’t dared to touch any meat in the past few days. He tried to eat only soup and occasionally some vegetables, but the taste was difficult to swallow, and he didn’t have any appetite.

So when he woke up at night, he let Ruyi coax him to eat some but still failed to eat.

Until a voice came from outside. after a while, Yuehua brought the food in personally, and couldn’t help but be happy: “Princess, you taste today’s food. I didn’t put any meat, but it’s delicious.”

Xian Sheng also smelled it. He was helped to sit up and said, “Who brought it here?”

“It was sent from the kitchen just now, saying that His Royal Highness knew that you can’t eat meat. Some time ago, someone specially refined vegetable oil. The results came out today. If you are sure it is edible, I will bring you more.” Yuehua carried the vegetables. sniffed, and said happily: “Try it quickly.”

Xian Sheng took a sip, his eyes lit up slightly, and curiously asked, “Isn’t vegetable oil used in the dyeing workshop?”

“It’s really interesting. Did you ever think that plants can extract oil…? Is it delicious?”

Xian Sheng nodded, his appetite swelled by the fragrance, his cheeks puffed slightly, his appetite was satisfied, and his complexion seemed to become much better.

The window on the side was pushed open a gap. Zhan Zhen quietly watched his flushing face, suddenly seemed to have some satisfaction, and smiled lightly.

Xian Sheng suddenly turned his head and looked over, and Yuehua asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Hmm…” Xian Sheng swallowed the food in his mouth, and said, ” is His highness back?”

“I don’t know.” Yuehua paused and asked: “Do you miss him?”

Outside the window, Zhan Zhen pricked up his ears, and then heard him say: “I have been used to his company these days. When I don’t see him for a while, and there is still a little emptiness in my heart.”

Zhan Zhen’s breathing turned white in the air. He straightened his waist and walked towards the door. Before entering, he heard Xian Sheng add.

“But it’s so late. He must have gone to the Qin Pavilion again. You blocked the door for me, and he was not allowed to come in. when he come back, I will have to teach him a lesson.”

Zhan Zhen: ?

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