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FTMTEP Chapter 62

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 62:

Xian Sheng dug pits everywhere for Zhan Zhen to jump, but the other party was actually quite happy.

He became more and more suspicious that liking someone would make a person unwise. Zhan Zhen returned to his senses and went straight to the snow with his arms around him and jumped on the rockery and looked at the roof.

The snow on the roof has almost melted, Zhan Zhen hugged him and jumped to the other side, and said to him: “It’s getting warm. It’s time for the plum blossom to fall.”

Xian Sheng nodded, and Zhan Zhen suddenly said, “Do you want to see your brother?”

Xian Sheng returned to his senses and said, “Is there any news from him?”

“Qin Yi should have delivered the letter.” When referring to this person, Zhan Zhen’s tone was very cold: “Prince Shang wrote to me a letter, saying that he was infected with the wind and cold on the road, and that he won’t be able to arrive anytime soon.”

Xian Sheng’s heart tightened slightly, “Then… what did you say?”

“Since you are here, he might as well come and see you.” Zhan Zhen continued to embrace him and jumped up to the small pavilion on the rockery, using his body to block the wind, and said: “ they’ve already set out. If they suddenly go back at this time, it’s not easy to explain to my father. What do you think?”

“…Hmm.” Xian Sheng looked down, Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while, and said: “You don’t believe me.”

Xian Sheng’s eyelashes flashed: “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but…I think it doesn’t matter if I see him or not, as long as my brother is safe.”

“It’s not safe to come to the capital?”

“I’m afraid that my identity will be revealed and my brother will get implicated.” Xian Sheng was placed on the ground, his beautiful eyes full of sincerity: “Zhan Zhen, I believe in you, but I don’t believe in others. My brother killed Marquis Qi and his son in the first battle. Qingrong hates me to the bone. If my brother comes over…”

“It’s just a girl who doesn’t understand the situation.” Zhan Zhen stroked his cheek and said: “There is no permanent enemy. Now the two countries have common interests. When recuperating, those who dare to provoke war will be treated as treason. Isn’t it true? Do you think that the father emperor can’t protect your brother?”

Xian Sheng pursed his lips, “Imperial Uncle knows about me…”

“You don’t even believe him?”

Out of affection, Qi Sile can be said to be a life-saving benefactor to Xian sheng . He is also a casual person. Both of them were disciples of the same master. From rational considerations, Zhan Zhen knew that the person Xian Sheng should trust most in the Northern Jin Dynasty should be Qi Sile.

He frowned, and Xian Sheng said: “ I’m just worried about what will happen. My identity is like a fuse that may ignite at any time. Once it is lit, the sky and the earth will fall apart. I have no foundation here. How can you rest assured if my brother comes over?”

(t/n – the sky and the earth will fall apart- It is a metaphor for a huge disaster)

“I am your foundation.” Zhan Zhen promised: “I will help you conceal this matter, and no one will know.”

“……I am afraid.”

Xian Sheng lowered his head, not because he didn’t believe but because he was scared.

“Don’t you want to see him?”

“I reckon.” Xian Sheng said, “It’s not worth mentioning.”

Zhan Zhen remained silent.

Xian Sheng didn’t know what he was thinking.

But based on Zhan zhen’s character, he must be suspecting that he was questioning him, but if he really insisted on letting his brother come over, Xian Sheng might really doubt his intentions.

In the context of their identities, the love between them is like a duckweed on the sea, which is short-lived, and then crushed by the big waves.

Xian Sheng’s heart was very transparent. He waited patiently for Zhan Zhen’s reply until he finally said: “I want him to come over. I really just want to relieve your homesickness. I don’t have any other intentions.”

Xian Sheng looked at him and nodded slowly: “hmm.”

“Can you make him turn around and come back?”

“South liang’s defeat this time was all due to Qin Tao’s one-party hegemony. If South Liang is in a hurry, my brother may go straight back.”

“Then write a letter.” Zhan Zhen hugged him back, unfolded the brush and ink himself, and handed it to him: “you can rest assured that I won’t read this letter.”

He did not insist that Xian Sheng prove his trust in this matter. He went and sat under the eaves.

Xian Sheng took a breath and took a brush to write down the text. Even if he (ZZ) didn’t read it, Xian Sheng was very cautious in using words. In many places, he only used hints and asked his brother to find reasons to leave as soon as possible and gave relevant suggestions.  Of course, they were all hints.

After a while, he propped up the table. his legs were weak and he sat down again, and called Zhan zhen: “Husband.”

Since he was a child, he has been disguised as a woman, and even though he has the concept of men and women, it is very vague, so there is no psychological burden for him to call this name.

Zhan Zhen walked back quickly, took his letter, and said, “I’ll have it sent.”

“Thank you, husband.”

Zhan Zhen felt soft and kissed his cheek.

The next day, Zhan Zhen came back with a serious expression. Xian Sheng nestled on the soft couch, and slightly propped up when he saw him: “What’s the matter?”

Zhan Zhen sat over, drank a glass of water, and said, “Do you know how I discovered your secret?”

“…It should be the fake chest pads.” Xian Sheng’s eyes flickered and speculated: “After A ‘Jin changed into menswear, he seemed to be very upset. He is different from me. His pulse can be distinguished between men and women. Qi Sile must know, since he often goes in and out of the Chu Pavilion. He must have given that thing to A ‘Jin. He was afraid of being discovered, so he might have worn the chest pads with men’s cloth to cover up. The harder one tries to conceal a thing, the more it attracts attention”

“I forgot about him during this period of time because of you. Today he was called by his father to beat him. Please come back and explain this to your father as soon as possible, so that he will not be driven out of the capital.”

“The thing that Qi Sile gave him, In addition to letting you find me, I’m afraid I also think A’Jin is getting older and can’t hide it and wants to push you to help him..”

Zhan Zhen remained silent.

Xian Sheng’s eyes were clear. Suddenly he smiled: “Towards his own biological child, a father will not doubt his gender for no reason. This is just a trivial matter for him, and there is no need to beat him specifically.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flashed: “You think?”

“There must be someone deliberately leaking secrets.” Xian Sheng said: “A’ Jin is not a fool and can’t easily be used as a knife in others’ hands. For him, you are much more reliable than others. I’m not sure that him trying to cover it up led you to discovering the truth. But if he chooses you, he will definitely fail the other person.”

“Do you think she told the father?”

“It’s just a bold speculation.” Xian Sheng thoughtfully said: “You don’t dare to say anything now because you are afraid that if you do, you will involve me in it, but isn’t it like hiding your ears and stealing your bell.”

(t/n plug one’s ears while stealing a bell; bury one’s head in the sand; deceive oneself; play the ostrich)

“Explain the matter to the emperor as soon as possible to help A ‘Jin recover his male body. As for me, just assume that I have never had a secret. The more you and I are honest, the safer I will be.”

“Does Qingrong know about you?”

“She can’t know.” Xian Sheng said indifferently: “Mostly because there are people like A ‘Jin around her, that’s why she must have speculated like that. She likes you and hopes to find something in me… Delivering new to plot rebellion won’t do. Naturally, she hopes that I have some other secrets, but this kind of speculation makes me vulnerable. Without evidence, she dares not say anything. using your father’s hand to beat up Zhan Jin, it is not to beat you and me.”

If Zhan Zhen ignores Zhan Jin, Qing Rong will feel that her speculation is true, and she will find enough reasons to stand up for this idea. For example, Zhan Zhen has already accepted Xian Sheng as a man, and then collects evidence in depth. But if Zhan zhen is open to the idea and thinks of the better possibilities of a situation, she will give up this idea. Even if she thinks worse and doesn’t have enough proof, she will only think of it as her own wishful thinking and will not risk asking for verification.

Zhan Zhen frowned, stood up and said, “I’ll go now.”

“There is no need to be so hasty.” Xian Sheng said: “Tomorrow, you will go to Father to report on military affairs. Anyway, this is just a trivial matter for you.”

Zhan zhen nodded, he was a little confused.

Cuizhu hurriedly entered the side hall of the queen dowager’s bedroom. This was Qing rong’s residence. She came all the way to the pretty but peaceful woman and said a few words in her ears.

Qing Rong stopped: “The prince took Zhan Jin along to see his majesty?”


Qing Rong was in a trance.

At first, she really thought about what would happen if Xian sheng was a man because of Zhan Jin’s. Later, when she saw that the husband and wife of the Prince’s Mansion were harmonious, she felt that she was overthinking. But when Zhan Zhen abused Xian sheng, she suddenly felt a sense of clarity and thought that something shady had happened between them. she was almost sure that Xian Sheng was a man, otherwise, why did she even refuse to take a bath with the queen?

But now, she feels delusional again.

For a beautiful woman like Xian sheng, unless she is a man, Zhan zhen will never give up on her and the Jin Dynasty imperial family will be reluctant to embarrass her.

She felt that she was really sick, she wanted Zhan Zhen too much, and wanted to avenge her father and brother so much that she began to have the illusion of self-deception.

She smiled and held the needle to lead the thread on the embroidery under her hand. The other hand held it very clumsily and said, “Then let it be so.”

“You lost a hand to save Princess Zhan yin… She is so fascinated by Xian Sheng. Before she used to praise you for your good looks, she really likes the new and hates the old!”

“A bunch of dogs.” Qing Rong said coldly: “I would like to see if she can also be similar to Zhan Zhen and find a beautiful man to marry.”

Cui Xiu agreed: “Then I’m afraid she won’t be able to marry in this life.”

“Tomorrow, the Prince’s Mansion will host a banquet. How about the clothes you prepared for me?”

“According to your instructions, I didn’t choose a bright color. It’s almost spring, so I found the lake green one.” Cuixiu’s is a smooth talker: “Princess Yin’s eyes are higher than the top. They say you have a good temperament. If you wear this tomorrow. You’ll be able to compare with other girls”

(t/n – eyes are higher than the top – metaphor for being arrogant)

“What color do you think she will wear?”

“You mean the Crown princess?” Cui Xiu said naturally: “She is sick all day long. What’s more, the queen likes to show off so much. she will definitely make her wear something brighter. As long as you don’t collide with her, you have your own strengths and will never become a foil.”

Qing Rong nodded.

In the Prince’s Mansion, Xian Sheng personally collected the books painted by Zhan Zhen and of course the reference books he stole from Qi Sile.

They were all stuffed into the box.

He asked Ruyi to simply tidy up the house, randomly put jewelry on the dressing table, and reminded her: “ tomorrow morning, replace the tranquil incense with sandalwood.”


Yuehua quickly came over with a red dress. There were some gold ornaments on it. It was very gorgeous. She coughed and said, “The queen prepared it.”

Xian Sheng laughed: “She…nothing, it’s good.”

He can’t refuse the queen. He will meet all the ladies for the first time tomorrow. This group of women will probably dress up their daughters just like the Empress, so they can compete with the Crown prince consort.

But where is the fuel-efficient lamp for the queen? According to her, the daughter-in-law who has finally gotten married naturally has to be in the limelight.

(t/n fuel-efficient lamp – A very expensive lamp, since this lamp consumes more fuel than other lamps, it is very uneconomical and expensive to use. It is used as a metaphor for the relationship between people: We can’t bear most of the things that this person does. It can also be compared: something is beyond the scope of one’s ability (such as money, etc.))

“Women are really expensive.” Zhan Zhen walked in, stopped Yuehua and touched the fabric, frowned and said: “Someday, you’re going to lose all the money in the family.”

What are you getting angry with me for?” Xian Sheng said: “It’s your mother who made it.”

“Is it not you who’s in the limelight.”

You think I’m willing to show off. What’s more, how much can you afford to lose money so easily. Why is your family so poor?”

Zhan Zhen’s face was dark: “we are not as rich as South Liang. if your family weren’t too extravagant, how can you lose the war?”

“I said it was before, it’s because Qin Tao sidelined the imperial family, and father was overly trusting that we lost.”

“Then you should have killed him long ago.”

My father is known as a benevolent ruler.”

“So, to summarize.” Zhan Zhen said to him fiercely: “ He’s about to destroy the country, and your father was still a benevolent ruler. “

“You… you dare!” Xian Sheng hit him with a pillow, Zhan Zhen took it, and said: “In short, when you come to the state of Jin, don’t spend so much money. Tomorrow the gold on your clothes will be removed and I will use it to pay for the army. “

“This is the queen’s own money! You dare to destroy it?!”

Zhan Zhen paused strangely, “Then take it off after a while.”

“If You have the ability, tear it down now. If you don’t, you’re not a man.”

Zhan Zhen sneered: “Believe it or not, I’ll handle you tonight.”

“Okay, go ahead, if you don’t, you’re a dog.”

Zhan Zhen thought about the family law in the Queen’s hand, and gave him a fierce cry, which made Xian sheng laugh, while he (ZZ) rummaged through the closet.

(t/n family law – a stick like thing, used to discipline the kids. You might have seen it in the ‘untamed’)

“What are you doing?” Xian Sheng probed his head and saw that he pulled out a lake-green dress from inside, raised it up and looked at it, and threw it at him, saying, “Wear this, it suits you.”

“…It’s a little bit lighter.”

“You are already married, who else do you want to seduce?” Zhan Zhen said, “wear this.”

“What about mother empress…”

I won’t be home tomorrow, so she can’t hit me.”

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