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FTMTEP Chapter 63

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Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 63

In the early morning, Madam Dou came over to make preparations, but did not make a commotion. No one came to wake up Xian Sheng, so he nestled on the bed and continued to sleep.

Zhan Zhen is very vigorous, but Xian Sheng can’t walk for at least three or four times a day. But even if he can’t eat him, he doesn’t take advantage of him every night.

Although he still seems to be wronged.

As soon as Xian Sheng woke up, he felt like there was a bug biting his neck. He hit it softly. Zhan Zhen honestly stepped back and stroked his hair without disturbing him again.

Xian Sheng somehow thought of the fierce-looking big dog.

Obviously, he (ZZ) looks aggressive but he is unexpectedly obedient.

He raised his face and kissed his chin lightly, “What time is it?”

“Just after Mao Shi.” Zhan Zhen took his hand and rubbed it on his chin. Xian Sheng touched it. He squinted and smiled before he opened his eyes.

(t/n Mao shi – the period of the day from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m)

He doesn’t know why he likes Zhan Zhen’s chin so much. The curvature there is very beautiful, the lines are smooth and firm, and connected with the raised Adam’s apple, which is inexplicably exciting.

Suddenly, he moved in to kiss Zhan Zhen, Unexpectedly, he was hugged and bullied.

For a while, Zhan Zhen restrained him in his arms, and said in a low voice, “Your body needs to get better soon.”

‘Get well soon ‘Xian Sheng often hears this sentence. Every time he hears it, he feels sour and soft. He nodded, encircled his arms around Zhan Zhen and deliberately said: “Okay, but I won’t let you do that to me every day.”

“It’s not just for that.” Zhan Zhen said: “I still want to take you out to play.”

When he mentioned going out to play, Xian Sheng was in high spirits.

Before, Zhan Zhen said that he would take him out on the Lantern Festival, but in order to avoid taking a bath with the queen, he had to lay down in bed for less than half a month

But Zhan Zhen can’t be blamed for this.

He quickly got up.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, the stoves in the house have been moved out one after another. Only one big stove is left. Xian sheng got out and asked Yuehua to bring the dress prepared by the queen. When he heard this, Zhan Zhen got out of bed and picked up the dress from yesterday saying: “After getting married, you have to listen to your husband, and wear what he wants you to wear.”

Xian Sheng had to remind him: “I will tell the queen that you made me wear this.”

“Go ahead.” Zhan Zhen said, reached out his hand to hug him, personally helped him put on the skirt and smiled: “This is the first time that I dressed up someone.”

“Do you like it?” Xian Sheng said, “If you like it, I will let you wear it every day.”

They exchanged another kiss. afraid that he (XS) might feel cold, Zhan Zhen put another coat in his arms saying: “Today is not a particularly grand event, it’s just getting together for a meal. you don’t need to be too nervous.”

Xian Sheng was not nervous, but he still smiled and said obediently: “Okay.”

Zhan Zhen put on some clothes and pulled him (XS) to the dresser and worked hard to comb his hair.

Xian Sheng let him do whatever he wanted and only occasionally complained when he hurt his scalp.

Zhan Zhen was very careful when he combed his hair. When he heard him complain, he was even more careful. He carefully slid his fingers through his cool hair and combed it again.

Zhan Zhen is very skillful in making snow sculptures, but his hairstyle is really not that great. He wanted to do some tricks, but in the end, he could only ball his hair into a bun. He grabbed the ball and looked at Xian Sheng’s smiling expression in the mirror. He didn’t even feel stupid as he used his hand to collect all the broken hair on his temples into the bun.

The royal family has rules. Women’s makeup and hair should be solemn and clean. The first rule is that there can be no hair on the side of the face. The whole face should be completely exposed, and the face should not be covered.

Xian Sheng had too much hair to tie it up completely. Zhan Zhen didn’t know where to find a clean jade hairpin to fix the ball. There was still a long strand hanging from the ball.

Obviously, it is very simple, he is still dissatisfied: “Why are you so pretty, don’t put on makeup today.”

“There will be so many people today, it’s not  good to look too plain, so I’ll just wear a little makeup.”

Putting on makeup is something Zhan Zhen had no idea about, so he let Yuehua take over. He stood aside rubbing his chin, watching Yuehua’s movements thoughtfully. Soon he was eager to try again: “Let me try, I know how to do this.”

He picked up the box of lip ester, dipped his fingertips on it and carefully tapped on Xian Sheng’s lips. Xian Sheng pursed his lips and smiled, but the other party still kept tapping his fingers and reaching the corner of his mouth. He couldn’t bear it, and reached out to push him:” Okay, stop messing around and go to the barracks.”

“This lipstick is too bright, use a lighter one.”

“I see.” Sulking Xian Sheng said: “I will change it myself.”

It was just a meeting with some women. He had already prolonged and delayed for so long, and he was not allowed to wear gold or silver.

Yuehua said with a laugh: “His Royal Highness is really childish.”

No, it’s like hiding the pancakes secretly, afraid that people will know he has puppies. (t/n I have no idea what this means)

Zhan Yin always likes to be lively and she doesn’t like to dress up. but today’s situation is special. She dressed up with beautiful clothes and gold ornaments fit for a queen.

She felt like the candied haws stand, but instead of candied haws she was covered with precious ornaments.

She was uncomfortable: “I didn’t want to look like the crown princess, it’s just that I want to steal the limelight from my sister-in-law.”

“You?” said the queen, “Even if she had ten layers of gold mud on her face, you won’t be able to steal her limelight.”

(t/n – gold mud – its meaning is to use mercury and gold powder as mud for sealing; gold scraps for ornaments; lacquer paper stickers.)

Zhan Yin was very depressed.

She looks like a princess when she doesn’t speak. The queen said: “At today’s banquet you can only say fifty words at most. Consider very carefully, say one more word, and you’ll be banned from going out for a day.”

Zhan Yin suddenly exploded: “Mother…”

“Start counting from now on.”


The queen’s chariot was a lot bigger than others. When she arrived at the Prince’s Mansion another person appeared, it was none other than Qing Rong.

Her makeup was bright, but her clothes were very light. The two complement each other, and her face is very beautiful. Zhan yin’s eyes light up, and she wants to come forward to praise but thinking that she has only forty-nine words left, she holds back.

She did not boast, but others did. a group of ladies all knew that Qing Rong was on the Empress Dowager’s side, so naturally they rushed to fawn.

Zhan Yin’s mouth was itchy and she wanted to talk to them, but once she had to count her words, she felt that everything she said was precious.

A few girls wanted to come over to join her. When they saw that she nodded no matter what they said, they felt that she was a legitimate princess. And that She was of too high status. They were really embarrassed and rushed to Qing Rong again.

Qing Rong was smiling and laughing with ease. Her complexion didn’t change even when their attention was drawn to her broken hand. Someone said: “I heard that it was to save Princess Yin. Qing Rong is really sacrificing herself for others.”

Qing Rong said under pretext: “I actually angered Qin Yi.”

“With your temperament, what can you do to anger Qin Yi?”

Someone glanced at the dignified Zhan Yin and said, “Princess Yin doesn’t look like a person who will offend Qin Yi.”

“I heard that she wasn’t like this before…”

Qing Rong’s eyes flickered, and said: “A-Yin used to be very lively, for some reason she suddenly became cold today?”

A young lady aggrieved: “ I’m afraid that she thinks we’re not worthy of her status.”

And the Crown Princess, this is in her house, why isn’t she out yet?”

In the Wing room, someone else asked the same question and the queen said: “The princess is not in good health and is still getting ready. Didn’t this Empress come in advance? Is my status too troublesome to entertain you people?”

A bunch of people pleaded guilty one after another, saying they didn’t mean it.

The ladies introduced their daughters to the queen one after another. The latter’s eyes swept over to Qing Rong and then fell on the lonely Zhan Yin. She smiled and said: “Looking at these children is like seeing us when we were young. “

They began to sigh and reminisce about the past.

Zhan yin sat alone on a small stool under the plum blossom tree. Others didn’t know but she knew very well that her mother had sent someone to block her sister-in-law from coming out so early. To wait until this group of people have finished fighting with each other so that she can come out as the highlight of today’s party.

She was sullenly clutching the petals, and suddenly someone came next to her, it was Qing Rong. she smiled and said: “Did the queen ban you from speaking?”

Zhan Yin looks like she’s seeing her soul mate, nods hard and shakes her head again.

Not forbidden, she still has forty-nine words that she hasn’t said.

“I’ll accompany you.” Qing Rong said: “Looks like the crown princess is going to be today’s highlight.”

Zhan Yin nodded very happily.

Qing Rong glanced at her and said, “Am I wearing a little lighter today?”

Zhan Yin shook her head and gave her a thumbs up.

Qing Rong read out that the little brat was praising her for being good-looking. She couldn’t help laughing.

Because of her lead, other people also gathered around. Qing Rong saw this and said, “I’m afraid that I’ll still be dwarfed by the Crown Princess.”

“The Crown princess is here!”

Everyone turned their faces, and Zhan Yin jumped up from her seat.

Qing Rong turned her head. There were too many people around her. She was blocked from sight. After waiting for a long time, there was no movement around her. She casually drew back the attention of the people around her and said, “I’ll tell you, she’s a national beauty…”

She believed that someone would at least compare them and say “you two have completely different styles.”

Then she would be equivalent to standing on the same level as Xian Sheng.

Zhan Yin, who had been holding back for so long, finally said: “It’s more than dwarfing, you can’t even compare with her by one percent.”

This sentence was heard by several people around them, and they were embarrassed for Qing Rong, but at this time, they couldn’t say anything to refute.

Qing Rong stood up suddenly.

Xian Sheng is already walking down the corridor. Although he is wearing light clothes and light makeup, he is still very beautiful. Even this kind of light clothes is enough to overwhelm the audience.

The skirt moves like a rippling water wave, and long hair is also gently swaying, simple and elegant. He has a smile on his face, which makes people not too estranged and intimate at the same time.

Even with her modest strides, warm and soft words, she looks like a mountain flower that can only be seen from a distance and cannot be touched.

Always charming with either light or heavy makeup.” Zhan Yin said, “My sister-in-law deserves to be the number one beauty in the world.”

Xian Sheng didn’t quite understand the notion behind these women’s comparisons. He was the last one to come, so he was slightly apologetic. He came to the queen’s side and whispered, “The medicine I drank yesterday has a dozing effect, so I got up late.”

Madam Jiang was the first to shake her head to indicate that she was fine: “I thought the general was exaggerating last time ……”

Madam Qiu also said, “I also thought that the prime minister…”

The wife of Master Qi said: “Hey! That old thing, I knew he was dying to save face again, everyone said she was good-looking, but he said she was average!”

The queen was so happy that she smiled and said, “well, sit down.”

It was a Flowing water banquet. The dishes are put into the water and made to float down. Plum blossom petals were scattered in the water. They were afraid that the dishes would turn cold. But don’t know what mechanism they used, the water was actually hot and slightly steaming. Anyone looking at Xian sheng through the dense fog felt like they were looking at an immortal.  

(t/n Flowing water banquet is a kind of name for a banquet. The pronunciation is: liú shuǐ xí, which means: a banquet where people come and eat at the table.)

According to her identity, Zhan Yin sat beside Xian Sheng, with Qing Rong on one side Looking at Xian Sheng’s understated expression, on one hand, she had to admit that he was really good-looking, on the other hand, she couldn’t bear that he was wearing a dress with the same color as hers. She raised her hand to hold the chopsticks, and suddenly heard Zhan Yin’s head and mindless: “ Eh, Qing Rong is wearing the same clothes as his sister-in-law today? Do you two have telepathy?”

Qing Rong’s face was as green as her skirt.

The empress glanced at her, she had just noticed that Xiang sheng was not wearing what she had arranged, but it was a relief that Zhan Yin mistakenly helped to ease the awkwardness.

Although Zhan Yin did not realize that herself.

Qing Rong took a breath, smiled and said to Zhan Yin: “ Didn’t you say the empress had you banned from speaking?”

Zhan Yin’s eyes were glued to Xian sheng. She ignored Qing Rong, but Xian sheng was curious and asked her, “how did you make mother empress angry?”

His tone is like a brother who loves his sister, warm and gentle. But still it made Zhan yin happy, “ No, Mother said that I was only allowed to speak fifty words, and I didn’t want to waste them, so that’s why I didn’t talk to anyone else.”

She flattered Xiang sheng, “I want to use all of them to speak to my sister-in-law.”


   The whole audience felt ashamed, but after a glance at the unusually silent Qing Rong, they couldn’t help but feel relieved.

On the roof, Zhan Zhen lay expressionless.

Separating Zhan Yin from Xian Sheng is imminent. 

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