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FTMTEP Chapter 53

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 53

There was a brief silence in the room, and Xian Sheng looked a little embarrassed, until Zhan Zhen asked, “What are you still wearing it for?”

“…The queen thinks that after eating those pastries my breast grew out, if it suddenly disappears, wouldn’t it be doubtful?”

This is not false. After all, you can grow up if you have it, but you can’t grow back if you don’t.

Zhan zhen’s face changed again, and asked him, “Is this comfortable to wear?”

“…It is a little uncomfortable.”

“Take it off.” Zhan Zhen said: “If anyone asks, I’ll explain.”

“Then, wait outside while I take it off…”

“I’ll help you.”

“?” Xian Sheng said: “No, Yuehua is very good at craftsmanship, let her…”

“My craftsmanship is good too.” Zhan Zhen took it for granted: “It’s not difficult to take this thing off. Besides, shouldn’t you show me what it looks like after making me eat it so many times.”  (t/n haha… poor XS)

Xian Sheng frowned.

Zhan Zhen couldn’t control thinking about that slap again and subconsciously lowered his attitude, saying, “If you don’t like it, then forget it.”

Xian Sheng is also a noble person. He is bold and courageous. If it weren’t for his weak body, he might even become the emperor of Liang.

In front of that slap, he felt unwilling to be compared.

He felt that he was not good enough to Xian Sheng. Although he lied to him, he still felt that he should treat him better.

Xian Sheng observed his expression and smiled softly: “There is nothing to dislike, between you and me, I should consider your wishes first.”

Zhan Zhen insisted: “Since you are a man, you should look like a man. You can refuse anything you don’t want.”

“There is no need to refuse this matter, because you deserve it. Besides, you and I are both men.”

Zhan Zhen’s hand was gently pulled and pressed to a soft place.

After taking it down, he saw the real Xian Sheng, and his heart jumped fiercely.

Even if Xian Sheng is a man, he just saw the scene below, he realized that Xian Sheng was different from other men.

The northern country in summer is also very hot, and there are often topless people in the barracks, but no one is like Xian Sheng…

He couldn’t exactly say what was wrong but there was difference.

Xian Sheng suddenly got up from his arms, and Zhan Zhen also looked away in a panic, his eyes uncertain.

Xian Sheng pursed his lips, arranged his clothes, and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“…Hmm.” Zhan Zhen suddenly got off the bed and walked out quickly.

Xian Sheng tilted his head slightly, his eyes followed his back, hiding the smile in his eyes.

Early in the morning, the queen came again and found that Zhan Zhen was still at home, so she asked: “What’s going on with you these few days? Don’t you go to the military camp in the morning. Is it because of the beauty that you ignore military affairs?”

Zhan Zhen was sitting under the eaves and wiping the knife. when he saw her coming over, he made a cold face: “How can you leave the palace every day? Doesn’t father care about it ”

He has been squashed and beaten by the queen these days. At the moment, he suddenly returned to normal. She was surprised. She was not angry. She smiled and came over and asked, “are you reconciled?” Zhan Zhen put away the knife, stood up and said, “Don’t worry about this matter anymore.”

“You child…” The queen laughed again: ” I told you but you wouldn’t listen. Qin Yi came to grab her last night. And now do you understand?”

Zhan Zhen pursed his eyebrows: “How did you know that Qin Yi was here yesterday?”

“This queen is not a fool.” Empress Xin said: “If it’s an ordinary enemy, why take such a big risk to burn the Hall of mental cultivation. a few assassins fight, quarrel, and then retreat, but they didn’t really take your father’s life. If he just wanted to go to create disorder, why didn’t he burn the city defense camp? This queen concluded that there was a fraud…Sure enough, the Prince’s Mansion went into chaos. My son is not stupid. He didn’t really leave the prince’s house to go to the palace. ”

She gave Zhan Zhen a look of approval, stretched out her hand and pinched Zhan Zhen’s face. The latter immediately pushed away, with a displeased face: ” if it’s really urgent, it would have been faster to inform me through the imperial guards. Why bother to use a eunuch …”

“So…” Empress Xin’s smile faded; her face suddenly cold: “Why did you let Qin Yi go yesterday?”

Zhan Zhen didn’t have the slightest fear, and said lightly: ” I have made it clear to my father that the harem should not interfere in politics, and my mother should not overstep the rules.”

The queen followed him and said: “If Xian Sheng’s identity is in question, you should raise it as soon as possible. Don’t be fooled by her beauty tricks.”

“He is a little sick, what can he do?”

Empress Xin thought of Xian Sheng’s delicate body and sighed again, “it’s alright, she won’t live long anyway…”

“Mother speak carefully.” Zhan Zhen looked over in an instant, and said: “I won’t let him die… Also, don’t come over in the future.”

” Such a little beauty, Let’s see what’s wrong with her. I won’t steal her from you.” She glanced at Zhan Zhen, pushed the door directly, and asked Xian Sheng: “How are you today?”

Zhan Zhen was unhappy. He walked in holding the knife. He stood on one side with a cold face.

Xian Sheng glanced at him strangely, and happily replied, “I’m much better, thank you for your concern.”

“Let Qi Sile take a look…your complexion is indeed better than yesterday. It seems that you were in a bad mood because of Zhan Zhen’s fierceness in the last two days?”

Zhan Zhen said: “How do you keep inquiring about the two of us?”

“What are you doing here? Not going to the barracks?”

“Women don’t care about men.”

The queen grabbed a cake and threw it at him. Zhan Zhen tilted his head to catch it, and opened his mouth to take a big bite. Suddenly his eyes met Xian Sheng. Seeing his calm face, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, he hurriedly avoided his sight and chewed the food slowly.

The queen said: “Just get better. I didn’t have a bath with you last time. This time, I specially ordered someone to prepare medicinal materials that are beneficial to the body. Qi Sile also looked at them. They are easy to use… I especially brought some. It will be used in the hotspings of the Prince’s Mansion in two days.”

Before Xian Sheng spoke, Zhan Zhen frowned. He swallowed the food in his mouth and said, ” queen mother is coming too?!”

“And A’Yin.” Empress Xin held Xian Sheng’s hand. Since Xian Sheng cried in front of her on the day of the fight, she couldn’t control her motherly love.” It’s hard to get this medicine. It’s not good to soak alone in a pool. It’s a waste of money”

Xian Sheng could only say: “…Hmm.”

Zhan Zhen said: “I will accompany him to bath, so you don’t have to come.”

“Your body is as strong as a cow. So, it is a waste for you to soak in it.”

“Who said… I, my body has been weak for the past two days.” His face was cold, and he dared not look at Xian Sheng. Empress Xin also looked over strangely: “Where do you feel weak?”

“…Lung deficiency.” Zhan Zhen pretend to cough and said: “Maybe he passed it on.”

Empress Xin was puzzled and couldn’t figure out what he was thinking: “It’s just the lungs?”

“…” Zhan Zhen said nothing.

Empress Xin had already concluded something in her heart: “It shouldn’t be… She is so weak; how can you be weak? Do you keep a girl outside?”

“…” Zhan Zhen’s face was ugly: “In short, your son’s body is all weak in the past two days, I have to thank queen mother for the decoction.”

His words meant to give an order to chase away guests, but the queen was still pondering, “Why? Your eyes are higher than the top (t/n you have high standards), and you don’t even want a servant girl. Now that you have a little beauty, do you still go out to find a girl?”

She looked over again: “This is not good. You have read too many picture books…” (t/n means P*rn books)

“Puff.” Xian Sheng couldn’t hold back.

Zhan Zhen: “…”

He walked over with a cold face, hugged Xian Sheng directly, and said, “The weather is good, go out to bask in the sun.”

Empress Xin watched him go out, and said weirdly: “My daughter-in-law is still shy.”

The mother smiled and said, “Young people, they are so thin-skinned.”

“That’s not good.” The queen furrowed her brows deeply: “he’s not weak now. What can he do if he hurts his body?”

Madam Dou meditated: “Then… the servant girl will bring stew in the next few days to fill him up.”

“Then make the arrangements.” Empress Xin stood up, walked directly to the table with military affairs aside, opened a drawer, and really found a picture book, as well as a collection of love stories of some romantic scholars and pretty maids. she handed them to Madam Dou to confiscate and said: ” send some people to inquire in the bookstores. These books are not allowed to be sold again until the prince has an heir.”

Mother Dou hurriedly agreed. Empress Xin thoughtfully said, “Xian Sheng is too weak. We will have a banquet in a few days to see if there are any more attractive girls. He can’t keep reading picture books all day. No… I’ll lose a lot of children and grandchildren.”

” Xian sheng’s body needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Later, we have to urge Qi sile… do whatever possible.”

Zhan zhen naturally didn’t know what she was up to. He went out with his arms around Xian Sheng, and directly sat down on the couch by himself, letting Xian Sheng lie in his arms, and prepared to let her talk to Xian sheng like this if her mother chased her out.

Xian Sheng was a little uncomfortable: “Just let me lie down by myself.”

“Such a comfortable chair, I want to lie down too.”

“Then you let me sit there…”

Zhan Zhen played a rogue: “Go by yourself.”

“Then you let me go…” Xian Sheng tried to push the hand between his waist. He couldn’t break it. He nestled in his chest feebly and said, “what’s the matter?”

“What’s wrong with the prince holding the princess?”

“You…” Xian Sheng raised his head and glanced again, confirming that the queen had not come out, and said: “you will not breach the  gentlemen’s agreement, right?”

“Holding you, is just to show her mother. lest she come to talk with you every day.” Zhan Zhen said, “Don’t think too much.”

Xian Sheng had to obey.

Zhan Zhen covered him with a thin blanket and lay down extremely relaxed. Xian Sheng is as light as a cat, not too heavy but gives a sense of satisfaction.

Empress Xin helped Zhan Zhen tidy up the messy desk and made sure that there was no picture book story collection here, and then she came out. Mother Dou asked someone for a small package, packed all the books of the crown prince, asked someone to take them to the carriage, came to the queen again, and saw her with a gentle expression on her face.

On the recliner, the handsome boy was lying on the chair, the cat-like ‘maiden’ nestled on him, it was really pleasing to the eye.

Madam Dou sighed: “They’re a match made in heaven.”

The queen said sincerely: “That means she is worthy of my son.”

“His Royal Highness is very blessed.”

“Who would have thought that this kid could marry such a beauty.” The queen said: “It seems that my ancestor of the Xin family has more virtue than the ancestor of the Rong family.”

“The empress said it is very true.”

“Stop disturbing them, let’s go back.”

Xian Sheng was basking in the sun and was about to sleep. The sun was a bit dazzling. He subconsciously blocked it with his hand. When his consciousness was hazy, his hand was held his hand back and someone block it for him again.

His eyelashes trembled, his sore wrists relaxed, and he fell asleep.

Apart from certain things, Zhan Zhen is very comfortable as a human mat…

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