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FTMTEP Chapter 66

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 66

The Imperial Forest Army had always been protecting Emperor Jin when he left the palace. But for them to come over suddenly, it means that they must have received an edict.

Xian Sheng’s mind turned quickly. He took Xian Shang’s hand and walked towards the distant peach blossom forest: “Does anyone know that you are here?”

“Only Tang Li.” Xian Shang looked at the Imperial Forest Army in the distance and said to him: “Brother ventured over, hoping that you can leave.”

“If I leave, it will be tantamount to betraying the contract.”

“That’s still better than having you killed by Zhan Zhen.” Xian Shang’s tone was quick: “Our Sheng’er is well-versed in the art of war, strategizing, as long as you are there, even if the two countries are at war, Liang still has a chance, that’s why brother took the risk to come to you.”

Xian Sheng pursed his lips and said, “ He accepted me, accepted my true identity. If there are no mishaps, there is really no need to fight again.”

“How do you know if he really accepts you, or is just using you?” Xian Shang said, “ He advanced the wedding date, how can you agree?”

“How can I refuse?” Xian Sheng sighed. He was alone at the time. Zhan Zhen said he would get married if he wanted to  and he had no right to speak: “There is no need to talk about this matter. Now the top priority is not to be incriminated with unnecessary charges by the imperial Jin army. Let’s not be too nervous. Zhan Zhen will come for me.”

“Do you believe him so much?” Xian Shang whispered: “ Maybe he has already revealed it to Emperor Jin, guessing that I would come looking for you.”

“I just heard someone call for help, it was a southern accent, so I guessed that my brother must have sent a scout, but I didn’t expect my brother to come here in person.” Xian Sheng analyzed the situation. he suddenly thought of something: “I know! That day after Zhan Zhen let Qin Yi go, he must have gone straight out of the city. In the past, he was so obsessed with taking me away, but he suddenly left the capital. He will be noticed by Emperor Jin. Then you said you were ill and delayed coming to the capital. It’s not difficult to guess that I asked Qin Yi to bring you a message. Naturally, it’s not difficult to guess that you might send someone to the capital to inquire about me. After all, at that time Qin Yi saw me, I was already critically ill.”

“It’s really tricky…” Xian Shang suddenly grabbed him, worried: “Even if Zhan Zhen is infatuated with you for a while, how long can he be infatuated with you. If Emperor Jin knows about you… Sooner or later, the war between the two countries cannot be avoided! Sheng’er, you listen to your brother, and leave now. their family is not stupid and you can’t deceive them for a lifetime, not to mention… you can’t carry his blood line. it’s only a matter of time before he marries another.”

How can Xian Sheng not know that JIn State is dangerous for him, and his identity may be leaked at any time, even if he doesn’t want to doubt Zhan Zhen’s affection for him, but just as his brother said, he and Zhan Zhen can’t have offspring. The so-called mutual love can’t give people enough sense of security. It’s just a matter of time for him to marry again. No matter how nice it is, he can’t be happy. He will have a woman just the same.

As for Emperor Jin’s attitude, no matter how much he likes his daughter-in-law now, how angry he will be when he finds out.

Zhan Zhen still couldn’t accept that he was a man when he got along with him, let alone the emperor. He was such a face-saving person. Once he knows about this, Zhan Zhen wouldn’t be able to save him.

“Brother don’t want you to… be wronged. Our Sheng’er should not be locked up in the prince’s residence for life, at the mercy of others.” Xian Shang told him: “At that time, promised marriage was just a stopgap measure. You may not know that when you were ready to marry, Zhan Zhen and Qin Yi had already had several conflicts. On the way to your marriage, in addition to protecting you, Zhan Zhen personally led the troops to deal with Qin Yi from taking you by force. There were casualties between the two sides. He was sure that Qin Yi would not stop easily. From the beginning, he wanted you so that he can stimulate Qin Yi.”

“Zhan Zhen’s proposal to cede the ten cities is only a prestige to Liang State. If you didn’t marry him, the two countries cannot rest from the war. But if you didn’t marry Qin Yi, at most we won’t get aid, which forced our father to not choose Qin Yi.  We won’t get any benefits with such a man in our hands.”

“I know.”

Xian Shang said so much, only in exchange for these three words, he was taken aback for a while, and said, “Are you not leaving?”

Xian Sheng looked down and said after a while: “With my body, even if I go, I will die on the road.”

Xian Shang’s lips trembled and Xian Sheng said, “ Why not just stay here and try to maximize the value. If I really die in Great Jin, Qin Yi absolutely will not die. I will bet on this one. He is a crazy soldier. If I can use this opportunity well, even if I die, it’s not worth being afraid of Great jin.”

If Xian Sheng had a good physique, he would definitely leave with his brother without hesitation, because like his brother said, the capital is still too dangerous for him.

But only if.

If Xian Sheng had a good body, Liang Country would not be reduced to this state.

“Brother shouldn’t have come here.” Xian Sheng said, “But since you are here, you should be open and honest.”

He pulled Xian Shang again and said, “Today the temple fair is very lively, and the sugar cake I just ate is also delicious, brother come and try them too.”

He talked too much and now his breathing was already a little heavy, and his pace was a lot slower. Xian Shang glanced at him. Xian Sheng stopped and saw him walking towards him: “Brother will carry you.”

In the past, when Xian Sheng had gone out to play, several of his older brothers took turns carrying him and only occasionally put him down for a step or two. He was really spoiled and pampered since he was a child, but no matter how pampered he was, his health didn’t get any better.

Xian Sheng did not refuse. He fell on Xian Shang and his nose suddenly became sore: “Are father, mother and the other brothers okay?”

“They’re all good, but a little worried about you.” Xian Shang easily carried him; his tone was a little low. He did not talk about the country again, like just an ordinary family brother who came to visit his ‘sister’: “You have become a little heavier, it seems that Qi Si Le’s medical skills are really good.”

Xian Sheng smiled: “Yes, now I only have to drink the medicine every other day, the rest of the time I just eat a kind of pastry…The effect of pastry is very shameful.”

He lay on Xian Shang’s back and whispered, his soft long hair hanging down, Xian Shang chuckled, “ Zhan Zhen has such a silly side?”

“Very silly.” Xian Sheng said, “He also secretly made me a snowman and a snow dove… and because of me he was beaten by his father and mother.  you don’t know how fun their family is. it’s completely different from what you think. They just like being inviolable in front of others.”

As he said, he chuckled. Xian Shang gathered his legs and lifted him up. There was a hint of worry in his eyes, but his mouth echoed: “The Northern Jin Dynasty is indeed interesting.”

The two walked into the crowd chatting and laughing, and immediately attracted the attention of many people. Among them was He Shan, the commander of the Imperial Forest Army.

Xian Shang is the brother of Xian Sheng, who was also born from Empress Wei. He was a well-known beautiful man in South Liang, However, they generally met Jin people on the battlefield and inevitably got bloody.

He Shan looked suspiciously at the siblings who were approaching him. He naturally recognized Xian Sheng. When he went out today, Emperor Jin gave him two portraits and told him to keep an eye on the prince’s course of action. Once he found that the temple fair had changed locations, he Immediately blocked the whole venue and didn’t let anyone go.

Of the two portraits, one is a gift from Prince Shang’s confidant, and the other is Prince Shang himself.

He sat on the horse and watched the brother and sister come by, suddenly grabbed the portrait and took another look. It was indeed the Prince of Shang.

He sneaked into the capital, and without a care he actually openly went to the temple fair?!

He immediately dismounted and stopped in front of the two of them, “His Royal Highness Prince Shang.”

Xian Shang was taken aback, and immediately looked sideways at Xian Sheng on him: “This is…?”

Commander He.” Xian Sheng got off his back and straightened his clothes. After saluting, he curiously said: “ The commander has met my brother?”

Is he directly admitting it?!

He Shan frowned, under this circumstance he couldn’t directly arrest him, so he saluted and said: “ My name is He Shan, I don’t know how Prince Shang entered the capital?”

“This morning.” Xian Shang said, “Through the south gate.”

“Why did you claim illness to His Majesty and say you would be late?”

“I just wanted to give my sister a surprise.” Xian Shang smiled:  After all, I still concealed it from His Majesty’s eyes, I’m really ashamed.”

He Shan’s eyelids twitched.

You are secretly making small moves, and you are still ashamed because you didn’t fool anyone? Do you think the capital is a playground?

He also smiled: “I wonder how many people Prince Shang has brought?”

“About three or four.” Xian Shang told the truth: “The rest are still waiting for orders in Bencheng.”

What is asked is answered, nothing else is said, He Shan frowned. For a while, there was nothing to hold him accountable with. So, he said: “ I am not going to hide, today’s temple fair has enemy spies mixed in. His Highness Prince Shang has not recorded the entry and exit, which is really suspicious, please come with me and cooperate with the investigation.”

Xian Shang remained calm and composed: “My lord, please.”

He took a few steps and Xian Sheng suddenly grabbed his sleeve and said, “I want to go too.”

“There is no need for the Crown princess. you are now a citizen of Jin, so it’s not necessary to investigate your highness.”

“No.” Xian Sheng climbed onto Xian Shang again, and said: “I haven’t seen my brother for a long time, so I don’t want to separate from my brother.”

Xian Sheng and Crown Prince Zhan Zhen were newly married. They were very affectionate. If he was there, he could only be investigated, but he wouldn’t be interrogated. He looked at the two brothers and sisters with complicated expressions. Xian Sheng has already urged: “Let’s go quickly. After the investigation, I want to take my brother to the Prince’s Mansion.”

He looked innocent and harmless, He Shan arched his hands and led the way.

They were taken to a different yard; Xian Sheng climbed down from Xian Shang’s back and said: “It’s quiet here.”

” Today you couldn’t go to the temple fair, so I planted a peach tree to make up for it.”

“What? It’s not like you planted it.” Xiang sheng sat on the stone at the entrance and stared at him blankly.

“How to say that, you are also considering your brother’s face as a courtyard full of peach blossoms, right?”

“If you weren’t stupid, I’d be looking at the peach blossom forest.”

Xian Shang chuckled, he walked over and touched his head with gentle eyes: “What do you think he wants to do when he catches me?”

“Nothing much. He will be just suspicious as to why you came to Great Jin and will try to put pressure on you. by the way he will try to see if he can get out the real reason why I sent the letter from your mouth, but it does not matter, this matter I have long told him, although a little perfunctory, but also reasonable.” Xian sheng cat-like rubbed his palm, said: “Moreover, brother came to the capital, originally just to pick me up, we just need to tell the truth.”

“You are calm.” Xian Shang sighed, “Now that you followed after me, are you sure Zhan Zhen will come to you?”

“Brother believes me, don’t you?”

“Naturally I believe in you.”

“I believe him, too.” Xian Sheng said. He thought for a moment and said again: “However, when he comes over, he will definitely lose his temper again.”

Xian Shang frowned: “He often loses his temper with you?”

“…. not exactly” Xian Sheng said hurriedly: “Sometimes, very occasionally.”

Xian Shang’s eyes sank and did not speak any more.

Zhan Zhen was sitting on the chair of the Prince’s Mansion with a calm face.

At noon Xian sheng suddenly disappeared and he immediately went crazy looking for him. He was sure that Qin Yi was not in the Capital today, but there was no guarantee that someone else would not have taken him away.

But soon, Gao Xuan ran to tell him that Xian Sheng asked him to investigate the situation. Zhan Zhen immediately went to meet the people who were causing trouble and calling for help. He heard the vague southern accent of several people, and determined that Xian Sheng had deliberately separated from Gao Xuan.

Then the news came from the imperial guard that Xian sheng was taken away with Xian shang, although it was stressed that the two were well, but he was furious.

When Xian Sheng knew that Xian Shang had sent someone over, but still chose to go alone to meet secretly, not to tell him, it is the same as not trusting him.

Afterwards, he was taken away with Xian Shang. instead of coming over to find Zhan Zhen to discuss countermeasures, and see if he (ZZ) was worried. isn’t this what he was supposed to do? He knew that if Xian Shang were taken away alone, Zhan Zhen would not be too anxious, so he chose to be taken away with Xian Shang.

As soon as he separated from Xiang sheng, Zhan Zhen’s mind became clearer than ever.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Xian Sheng was not worth digging his heart out.

But from Xian Sheng’s point of view, it seemed to be a matter of course.

It is normal for him to live and die with his brother.

But understanding is understanding, Zhan Zhen is still very angry.

Gao Xuan withstood the low pressure caused by Zhan Zhen and felt like he was about to suffocate. He was also very ashamed and couldn’t help but say, “Your Highness …… when are you planning to meet the Crown Princess?”

“If he wants to make himself suffer, let him be locked up inside for a few more days, anyway, it is not me who suffers.”

That night, he felt cold beside his body, he reached out his hand and touched the empty bed then took a pillow and hugged it in his arms.

Opened his eyes and stared blankly until dawn.

This Prince… is miserable, very miserable.



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