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FTMTEP Chapter 55

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 55

He had said before that as long as Xian Sheng called this nickname, he would be treated as if he was asking for a kiss.

The sound of ‘Zhan Lue Lue’, in Zhan Zhen’s ears, it was like ‘Come and kiss me’…

His face was uncertain and his heart beat faster, and he sat up suddenly and swallowed.

The quilt was taken away because he sat up, and Xian Sheng tugged and asked with a puzzled look: “What’s the matter with you?”

Zhan zhen turned his head to look at him, a bit wanting to walk away, but still lay down instinctively. He stared at Xian Sheng sideways, frowning because he couldn’t suppress the clamor of his heartbeat, and asked “you make it clear…. Do you want me to kiss you?”

His tone was hard, but Xian Sheng was very soft. He curiously asked: “What strange things does your Highness think of?”

“You have such a good memory…Did you forget what I said?”

Xian Sheng shook his head, his eyes clear: “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

After he finished speaking, Zhan Zhen hugged him in a punishing manner, and the other person’s breath was sprayed on his face. his eyes looked like a vicious big dog, Xian Sheng was also a little nervous, “Why…you want to kill me again?”

“You…” Zhan Zhen lightened his voice “I said that I would kiss you if you call my nickname. Did you forget?”

“Naturally did not forget.”

Zhan Zhen’s heartbeat is getting faster and faster, his Adam’s apple rolls, his face softens, and he said, “Then, do you want to kiss?”

Xian Sheng raised his eyelashes to look at him, and pursed his red lips, “I just want to try. As a man, I call you like this, will it be the same as before.”

As soon as the lips opened and closed, he asked, “So… Does Your Highness want to kiss me? Would you like to kiss me as a man, like you would a woman?”

“I…” Zhan Zhen directly put his head in his arms, without looking at his face, and said word by word: ” No matter how you seduce, I will not have any feelings for you.”

Xian Sheng was out of breath, pushed him a little harder, and said, “In that case, I feel more relieved… After a few days, let’s take a bath together.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes darkened, and he didn’t say a word for a long time.

After a while, he suddenly thought of something and changed the subject: “I gave a report to the emperor father last night. Today I heard that he sent someone to the mansion to inquire about it. You need to be careful.”

This night Emperor Jin came to the Queen’s bedroom. Empress Xin saw that his face was solemn. after saluting and having tea served, she asked him: ” what happened?”

“You have been going to see Xian sheng these few days. have you found anything unusual?”

Empress Xin sat down next to him. Since Xian Sheng was seriously ill, Emperor Jin would often come here to ask about her, but mostly to inquire about her health, or sigh twice about the thinness of her face, but never with such a suspicious attitude as today.

Empress Xin weighed it up and shook her head first: ” If we talk about abnormalities, it’s just that her sickly face a few days ago suddenly became full of vitality. “

Emperor Jin was holding the tea, thoughtfully, and suddenly snapped the teacup, his expression a little angry. Empress Xin heart beat like a drum, and asked: “What does your Majesty think of that child?”

“Qin Yi ran away.” Emperor Jin suddenly stood up and said angrily: “I sent someone to report to me, and he actually let Qin Yi run away!”

Empress Xin smiled and said: ” The Crown prince said that the matter has been clearly explained to you.”

“Clearly.” Emperor Jin said coldly: “he said that it is not the time to kill Qin Yi, otherwise the marriage between the two countries will be easily destroyed. He also analyzed with me what the consequences would be if Qin Yi died. I gave him the benefit of the doubt in the middle of the night. But things are not right, even if you do not kill him, but at least he should be captured alive! Qin Yi dares to make trouble in my Capital, it is his fault in the first place. If I want to kill him who dares to say?

There was a hostility in his eyes, and he said to Empress Xin: “Zhan Zhen…Is he blinded by the beauty?”

Empress Xin squeezed her fingers, thoughtfully, and said, ” Why don’t you ask Xiang sheng to enter the palace tomorrow to find out? Maybe the Crown prince also look at the face of Xiang sheng this time …… and made a harmless mistake ……”

“No.” The Emperor of Jin waved his hand and said, “I thought about it, the prince mistreated her a few days ago must have other reasons, not because she has someone in her heart. Zhan Zhen made such a move because of that”

Queen Xin frowned: “Then what could be the reason?”

“I haven’t thought of it…… yet,” Emperor Jin said soberly, ” but it must be a very serious matter for her to annoy Zhan Zhen.”

The next day after dinner, Zhan Zhen went out to the barracks. Not long after he left, a notice came from the door saying that his majesty had come in person.

Xian sheng hurriedly let people clean up, before you have time to apply powder, the empress came in: “Your father Emperor came see you. Don’t toss about when you are ill. It’s warm in this room. Just stay in the room.”

Xian sheng obediently tidy up the outer shirt. Then the empress called Emperor Jin to come in, he is very tall, mighty. as soon as he entered, Xian sheng felt a vague pressure.

He did not look up.

For men, a beauty’s appearance, character, and posture are the highest standards of weapons.

Emperor Jin’s gaze just fell on him. the original certainty of doubt in his heart was covered with a layer of white mist, his gaze swept around, sat down on the stool by the bed. He was about to question, but his voice unconsciously relaxed, said: “is your body better?”

Empress Xin glanced at him.

“Thank you, Father, for your concern.” Xian Sheng’s voice was very soft: “I am much better.”

“Why don’t you dare to look at me?” Emperor Jin laughed, “Am I scary?”


“Well ……” Xian Sheng was pulling his fingers. He hung his head and showed some uneasiness all over. Emperor Jin frowned; suspicion deepened. Listening to his forced calmness, he said: “My child these few days …… your sickness, the face is very unpleasant.”

“Look up and let me see.”

Xian sheng secretly sucked in a breath, smiled and raised his face to look at him, but his eyes unconsciously averted. although still very beautiful, he obviously look very guilty.

Emperor Jin darkened his eyes, his voice was still very soft, but with an invisible pressure: “When Qin Yi was released, you were by Zhan Zhen’s side?”

“No ……”

“You are a princess; you should know what is the crime of deceiving the king.”

Xian sheng’s eyes flickered uncertainly, his eyes began to glow red, he pinched himself helplessly before saying, “It was …… me, ahem, I was.”

“It was you who stopped Zhan Zhen from killing Qin Yi?”

The empress held her breath on the side.   Back then the emperor even killed concubine Mei, naturally he can also ignore the beauty of Xian Sheng.

When he is happy, he was good. But when he is angry, everyone has to cower.

No matter how talented Xian Sheng is, she is also a girl. It’s strange not to panic when she meets this kind of thing.

But she did not say anything. if Xian sheng really did something harmful to the Great Jin, no matter how good she looked, she couldn’t save her.

She suddenly wished that Xian sheng hadn’t done anything, it would be better that way.

Xian sheng lowered his head again and said honestly, “yes ……it’s me, I beg Your Highness not to kill him.”

“Do you know that he set fire to my bedchamber?”

“I know ……,” eyes misted with water, Xian sheng pursed his lips, knowing what the consequences of these words would be. his voice unconsciously trembled: “I, I thought I was going to die… …wanted him to send a letter to my elder brother, so that he would not come here.”

“And the reason?”

Xian sheng clenched his fingers: “I …… angered His Highness, and I was afraid he would kill my brother.”

“What is he angry for?”

Xian sheng clenched his fingers harder and harder, Emperor Jin’s eyes were cold and impassive, “Xian sheng ……”

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open. Zhan Zhen lifted the curtain and entered, he gasped slightly and said, “This matter is not convenient for him, father, please come with me.”

The Jin Emperor looked at Xian sheng for a moment again, sat up and followed Zhan Zhen out. Zhan Zhen again asked him to give some privacy. Jin Emperor waved his hand for people to retire and said, “Tell me, what made you that angry and have to forge lies to deceive me.”

“It’s a reason that cannot be disclosed.” Zhan zhen could hardly open his mouth and said, “Father if you believe your son ……”

“I don’t believe you.” Emperor Jin looked at him condescendingly and said, “It is indeed a blessing for my royal family that you married such a beauty, but only if there is no problem with this beauty. I do not doubt your loyalty to Great Jin, but I doubt that you will be lustful.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flickered. Emperor Jin added: “She confessed everything. She said she wanted Qin Yi to send a letter, the reason is because she is afraid that you will kill her brother. Zhan zhen ……” he said dangerously: ” Why are you angry? I need a good reason.”

“Because ……” Zhan zhen struggled for a moment, slowly raised his eyes, looked directly at his gaze, and said with some difficulty, “‘She’ slap my face. ”

“Go on.”

“I am the Crown prince of a country. A mere beauty, even if it looks heavenly, but as a weak country princess, ‘she’ has no self-awareness, how dare ……”

The answer is about to be revealed, Emperor Jin’s eyes become more and more serious.

“How dare she disobey her husband in bed.”

Emperor Jin: “……?”

Zhan Zhen was cold and sullen: “I favored ‘her’ because I wanted ‘her’ to obey, wanted ‘her’ to kneel at my feet and let me softly ravage her. Just want to play some tricks, ‘she’ dares to refuse, and even slapped me …… father, if it is you, can suffer such insult?”

“……” For a good half day, Emperor Jin said, “Ahem.”

Zhan Zhen has always been proud and arrogant. He can take someone’s life just because they shouted a ‘Zhan Lue Lue’. Naturally, he can also do that to Xian sheng because of a slap.

Think about it, that kind of beauty. she is superior, she is elegant and unparalleled. she is noble. she has the beauty that is rare in the world. There is no man who does not want to have her, but they can only look up to her.  they are composing poetry, and want to regard her as a treasure. But such a person, only you have her, and only you can take her away. Her dignity of life and death is in your hands. and only you can completely and thoroughly conquer her.

This is the inferior nature of men, inherent, hidden in the bones, the pleasure of abuse and destruction.

The emperor of Jin suddenly thought of the injury on Xian sheng’s face before. He always felt that Zhan Zhen was not close to women. He had held back for too long. now it seems that he had long forced Xian sheng.

“You ……,” said Emperor Jin, “threatened to kill her brother?”

“Just to scare her.” Zhan zhen said, “And I regret it now. I think I went too far, almost getting people killed. I really love ‘her’, and want to respect She’. But I made too many mistakes and now, ‘she’ refused to believe me …… this happened because I want to make up for it and want ‘her ‘ to have a good relationship with me, So I let Qin Yi go.”

He bowed and said, “It was me who was lustful. And ask my father to plead guilty.”

Emperor Jin looked at him speechlessly for a moment, knowing that it was one thing for these two to have secrets, it was another thing to hear them in person.

He bent down to help Zhan zhen up and said, “You ah …… new to these things, It’s normal. In the future, you’d better… Be reserved. This beauty is rare. If you want to get her heart, you have to…”

Zhan zhen listened attentively and waited until his father finished his lecturing, he said, “This son now knows. I won’t let go of him.”

Emperor Jin nodded. They had to solve this by themselves. He was ready to go back to the palace and suddenly thought of something: “why did you run back in such a hurry?”

“Because ……” Zhan Zhen looked at him and said, “When I saw you rushing here, I thought it must be about Qin Yi. this kind of thing is not good for ‘her’ to talk. if she evokes bad memories, I’m afraid it’s not good for her body.”

The emperor of Jin has no more questions, he called the empress to swing back to the palace. Zhan Zhen saw them leave, and only then walked into the house.

Xian sheng lightly wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, and his red eyes looked at him: “thank you for your help.”

Zhan Zhen looked at him and suddenly raised his foot and kicked the table fiercely.

“You pitted me again!” He said, “What a good plan. I became a man who beat up my beautiful wife. A lustful and bad character. Maybe one day I’ll get dethroned!”

“No.” Xian Sheng coaxed him with gentle eyes: “even if you get dethroned, I can help you get it back.”

Zhan Zhen frowned, his gaze fell on his still charming face, and suddenly stepped towards him: “I want to confirm one thing with you.”


“Show me if your place is really the same as mine.”

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