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FTMTEP Chapter 52

Hey everyone!! So my future translation of ‘Forced to marry the enemy prince’ will be posted on Knoxt Translations from now one. Have a fun read!! xoxo

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Editor – mlky

Chapter 52

Zhan Zhen’s pupils contracted.

At the critical moment, Qin Yi lifted his hand to pull Xian Sheng. Zhan Zhen pulled out the dagger around his waist and threw it.

With a loud bang, the lead of the firearm collided with the cold weapon, Burst into the walls on both sides, and fell to the ground.

Fortunately… the firearm was just made, and the speed hasn’t reached the extreme.

Zhan Zhen looked at Xian Sheng who was pulled into Qin Yi’s arms. with trembling fingers, he then pointed the firearm at Qin Yi again: “Let him go, I will spare you today.”

Xian Sheng hurriedly urged Qin Yi: “Let go, you promised that you will deliver the letter.”

Qin Yi’s jaw tightened and remained motionless: “ I took great pains to plan this, just to take you away… “

Xian Sheng’s chest was heaving, coughing painfully almost vomiting blood.  Zhan Zhen’s face was cold, and his fingers hooked the trigger: “I will give you three breaths to consider. Either, leave him and go by yourself, or… I will kill you both.”

Qin Yi raised his eyes, “My wish to live and die with the princess, so, I’ll thank you for fulfilling my wish.”

Xian Sheng slapped his face, and Zhan Zhen’s heart trembled fiercely.

he knows better than Xian Sheng What kind of person Qin Yi. this man is a wolf.  He will kill anyone he wants to kill.  Xian Sheng actually slapped his face in front of his enemy… …He held his breath, his muscles tightened–

Xian Sheng will really die.

He believed it in unprecedented confidence, and was ready to stop it.

Qin Yi’s face turned; his eyes filled with haze.

Xian Sheng said sternly, ” as the eldest princess of Liang, I order you to get out of here.”

Qin Yi squeezed his fingers; Zhan Zhen’s fingers restrained his fingers on the trigger.

In the silence, he saw Qin Yi finally moved. The man took two steps back and said to Xian Sheng, “Okay.”

He left without looking back.

Xian Sheng held on to the wall and coughed fiercely. The blood fell on his chest.

Zhan Zhen finally returned to his senses. He was sweating all over, perhaps even more frightened than Xian Sheng himself. He walked quickly over to support Xian Sheng, “Sheng’er…”

Xian Sheng whispered: “Why did you save me?”

“You are my Crown princess.” Zhan Zhen picked him up and walked back, whispering: “going to and fro, didn’t you end up in my hands.”

Xian Sheng was very weak: “You won’t kill me?”

“I said I won’t kill you.”

Xian Sheng lowered his eyelashes. He grabbed the corner of Zhan Zhen’s clothes and said, “When did you catch up?”

“I knew that his target is you, so I pretended to leave the house and turned back soon after.” Zhan Zhen gently hugged him and said: “Are you okay?”

“Not good.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes were red, and he said in a dumb voice: “ then how dare you block the musket for him? “

“I don’t want him to die.”

“You are too much.” Zhan Zhen said. He took Xian Sheng back into the house and took out the medicine that Qi Sile left behind and fed him. He looked indifferent, with a bit of tolerance. Xian Sheng looked at him tiredly: “ I colluded with Qin Yi. Will you spare me?”

“You also know what you’re doing.”

“I know.” Xian Sheng said, “I’m looking for death.”

Zhan Zhen’s chest rises and falls: “You are willing to die for Qin Yi. Xian Sheng, what do you take me for? you clearly said… that you don’t have a person you like, did you lie to me?”

He repressed, but his eyes became redder and red. Xian Sheng shook his head: “No, I saved him, not because I like him, but because…I need him to deliver the letter.”

“This matter, you and I have already discussed it?”

“I don’t believe you.”

“…You don’t believe me, but you believe in him?”

“He is a citizen from Liang.”

“Do you still dare to say that you don’t like him?!” Zhan Zhen was suddenly angry, and smashed a small table with a palm. He could not restrain the anger that surged in his chest: “He is a Liang, but he split the state of Liang, he is a traitor! But you are still talking for him… How dare you say it’s not because you like him?”


“You deceived me!” Zhan zhen said to him, a mist surged into his eyes. He accused Xian Sheng with all the things he has been holding back for a long time: “I like you so much and treat you so well… It wasn’t necessary for me to give ten cities in exchange for you. I could have taken you that night! But I didn’t want to hurt you or make people look down on you. When you come to Jin, I loved you very much. I wish I could hold you in my arms and eat melon seeds every day. but how did you treat me? You use all kind of stuff to shame me! You secretly pit me, let me be beaten by my father and mother! You know that me and Qin Yi are deadly enemies, but you still ran to the brothel to report to him. and today you blocked the gun for him in front of my face!”

“I am very angry…Do you know that I can’t wait to cut you a thousand times! But you are so fragile. You look like you’re dying if I don’t give you a single meal… I want to kill you, but I am also afraid that you will die. I give myself a reason to be good to you… It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? You see, you don’t believe me… Who would believe such a ridiculous reason!!” Zhan Zhen said: “ You are so smart and gentle… Why can’t you think more about me? You lied to me for so long.  And you start to like others just because I don’t love you so much these days!”

Xian Sheng had never seen him like this before. suddenly he was at a loss and his mind was blank. He subconsciously said: “No… I don’t like Qin Yi, and I didn’t report …”

“You are lying to me again.” Zhan Zhen said: “You are a liar, and you still have to be so squeamish. You play with me but don’t give me the chance to bully you. You will die before you move.”

He was so wronged, aggrieved like a child. Xian Sheng reluctantly propped up his body, anxiously and cautiously said: “I’m sorry, but…I and Qin Yi are really not what you think, I like…”

“I don’t care anymore.” Zhan Zhen interrupted him. “ Anyway, I can’t let you go for the time being, but in the end I will be able to let it go.”

Xian Sheng swallowed what he was about to say, and said in a low voice: “um..”

“That’s it.” Zhan Zhen returned to coldness again and said: “I won’t believe you anymore.”

Xian Sheng: “…”

He nodded, and Zhan Zhen said again: “ I repeat, the gratitude and resentment between you and me will be written off. This matter never happened. You are my Crown Princess. If this happens again… I won’t forgive you.”

Xian Sheng looked at him and nodded again: “Okay.”

Zhan Zhen turned around to leave, but suddenly turned back, frowning and said: “You just said that…who do you like?”

“It’s me.” Xian Sheng was just disturbed by his outburst just now At the moment, he has calmed down: “I am a very selfish person, and I won’t fall for some random person.”

“…” Zhan Zhen’s throat rolled, trying to say something, and holding back again, wanting to go, but stopped again: “Does Qin Yi… knows that you are a man?”

Xian Sheng was silent for a while.

He felt that Zhan Zhen would definitely want to ridicule him again, saying that he pretended to be a woman and seduce men everywhere with his beauty. He always likes to say that recently. Although Xian Sheng ignores him, that does not mean that he loves to listen.

In his opinion, it has nothing to do with anyone who likes him or hates him. He doesn’t care at all, and there is no need to explain his true identity to anyone.

However, he didn’t like listening to what Zhan Zhen said. He was very annoyed, uncomfortable and… sad.

Zhan Zhen said again: “ He came to save you because he thought you were a woman, right?”

Xian Sheng said: “Yeah.”

“He is not good.” Unexpectedly, Zhan Zhen did not scold him, but said: “From now on, don’t think about him anymore. If he knew that you were a man, he would definitely not treat you as good as I did. “

Xian Sheng looked at him for a while, then smiled softly: “Okay.”

Even if he abandons his identity as a woman, he still looks good when he smiles. The original soft temperament has become gentle at this moment, a kind of…very heart-warming gentleness.

Zhan Zhen turned around and said, ” first I have to go to the palace.”

“Be careful on the road.”

Zhan Zhen ignored him again.

Xian Sheng lay down, the sky was still dark, but he couldn’t sleep, thinking of Zhan Zhen who had just vented his mind. He couldn’t help but want to laugh.

“Silly.” He is really a bit like a puppy.

He suddenly was convinced of Zhan Zhen’s words. He really wanted to continue to be a princess, not because of any weird and unbelievable reasons, but because he really couldn’t let go of himself.

I just don’t know… how long I can last, it should be soon. Xian Sheng thought, Zhan Lue lue looked rather free and easy. (t/n zhan lue lue is ZZ nickname)

This night, he was harassed by strange emotions and stayed up all night

he didn’t know how long it took; he heard a movement outside. it was Zhan Zhen who had returned from the palace.

It was still dark; he closed his eyes and dropped his hands outside the quilt and felt a cold wind blowing.

He (ZZ) furtively opened the window again. This guy is very strange.

When the cold wind disappeared, he heard a light sound of pushing the door but no footsteps. Obviously, he didn’t want Xian sheng to find out.

Xian Sheng’s hand was picked up and put in the quilt. The next second, Zhan Zhen suddenly let go of him: “not sleeping? Who are you thinking of?”

whoever’s responsible.

Xian Sheng turned to look at him, and said, “Is your father injured?”

“No.” Zhan Zhen squatted near the, looked at him for a while, and said, “Who gave you the courage to beat Qin Yi?”

“Can you not mention him?” Xian Sheng sighed, “go to sleep.”

“…Next door?” Zhan Zhen licked his lips and said: “Too much happened today, I may not be able to sleep.”

He looked at Xian Sheng, who withdrew his gaze and said, “Would you like to go out and practice the sword?”


“If you are tired, you should sleep well. You will fall asleep after lying down for a while.” Xian Sheng said, “Tried it.”

“Actually, it’s almost dawn…” Zhan Zhen said slowly: “The empress will definitely come to see you again in the morning. If she sees me sleeping in a separate room, she will probably lose her temper again… Why are you laughing?”

“You are right, come up and sleep.”

Zhan Zhen frowned, then undressed, and said: “If it weren’t for fear of being beaten by the queen, I don’t want to be with you.”


Xian Sheng moved inside, Zhan Zhen lay down, and said: “…After all, you and I are husband and wife. It won’t look good if people find out that we sleep in separate rooms.”

“…So many words.”

“…” Zhan Zhen shut his mouth.

After a while, he turned his head to look at Xian Sheng again, recalling the scene of Xian Sheng’s beating Qin Yi in his mind, time after time, it was clearly such a pleasant scene. but he felt a little unhappy. When he fell asleep, he found that Qin Yi’s face had become his own.

He found that Xian Sheng’s hands were very soft, his strength was small, and it didn’t hurt to hit people… Then, the strange unpleasantness disappeared.

In the dream, he pressed Xian Sheng’s soft hands on his face.

Xian Sheng was awakened from pressure. He opened his eyes and found that he was being held by Zhan Zhen, and his (XS) chest was pressed by his (ZZ) head. He pushed hard and took a breath: “Zhan Zhen.”

He pushed a few more times, Zhan Zhen finally opened his eyes. Struggling, Xian Sheng said: “You, take your head away.”

Zhan Zhen: “?”

His face pressed down, suddenly realizing something, he leaped out.

He looked at the fierce face of Xian sheng, and his face slowly turned green.


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