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FTMTEP Chapter 44

Chapter 44:

Zhan Zhen did not let go.

Not only was it not loose, he continued to tighten his arms, as if he was about to break his waist alive, and Xian Sheng even felt the pain of being squeezed.

He had never seen Zhan Zhen with such a terrible expression. Although he was like a tiger in the past, he was a bit coveted ther. but at this moment, Xian Sheng really felt the intent to kill.

Zhan zhen tightened his lips and stared at his face, Xian Sheng’s arms on his shoulders gradually lost strength and were forced to bend. The distance between them was also forced to close in.

He didn’t dare to think about why, moved his hand uncomfortably, and shrank uncontrollably, and trembled: “Husband…You’re hurting me…”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flashed from his red eyes to his delicate lips like petals, his Adam’s apple suddenly rolled and said gloomily, “you dare to seduce me.”

Xian Sheng was stunned for a moment, the next second, his body was suddenly held up by his hands, and then fell to the ground.

Xian sheng stretched out his hand and hugged his neck, panicking: “husband!”

His slender arm tightened helplessly on his broad back. Tears rolled down Zhan Zhen’s neck and choked: “what’s the matter with you? What do you want…? Why are you so angry with me?”

Zhan Zhen’s forehead jumped with blue veins. He grabbed Xian Sheng’s arm and threw him on the bed. Xian Sheng’s shoulder hit the wall with a crisp sound. His entire arm was suddenly numb and his eyes turned black…

Zhan Zhen stood up and looked down at him like a wild Beast. Xian Sheng curled up, propped up with one hand and retracted inward.

He was too aware of the power gap between himself and Zhan Zhen, so he could only subconsciously hold his breath and try to reduce his sense of existence under his gaze. Tears rolled from his Jade white face. He choked from time to time, but it was like his throat was strangled, and he dared not make a sound.

Zhan Zhen finally turned around. He squeezed his five fingers and walked out.

Ruyi and Yuehua walked back talking and laughing, with hot tonic soup on their plates.

“His Royal Highness is still very good to the princess. Look at the soup made…Who would have thought that vegetable oil could be so fragrant?”

“If he keeps on being good to the princess, our lives will get better too.”

Zhan Zhen went out. The two of them saw him and hurriedly bowed. Zhan Zhen approached Ruyi. The latter suddenly got a numb scalp. She resisted the urge to retreat and watched Zhan Zhen’s hand stretch out and open the lid again. Put it down gently, then he picked up the soup pot—

Ruyi thought he was going to serve Xian Sheng personally again, and as soon as she breathed a sigh of relief, she heard a loud crash.

The soup pot was thrown on the ground and split, and the soup in it was steaming hot.

With a ‘puff,’ the two knelt down together, and Yuehua said in a hurry: “Your Highness, spare our lives!”

Ruyi’s forehead was knocked to the ground, cold sweat broke out.

“From now on, without my orders, if she drinks a drop of water, I will take your lives.”

Ruyi was stunned for a moment. Just about to ask something, Yuehua already said: “Slaves will obey your orders!”

Zhan Zhen’s footsteps slowly left. They got up one after another. Ruyi said, “aunt (t/n gu gu), why?”

“Let’s talk less and make fewer mistakes. He is obviously angry.” Yuehua rushed back into the room quickly, and found that it was dark inside, so she lit the lamp and approached the bed cautiously: “Princess? Are you okay?”

Xian Sheng recovered and said, “Yeah.”

Ruyi brought water, Xian Sheng shook his head: “Don’t go against him.”

“Are you injured?”

“I accidentally bumped into the wall.” Xian Sheng moved his wrist and said, “It’s okay.”

Yuehua went to get the medicine, and returned to unzip his clothes, smeared medicated oil on his shoulders, and whispered: ” if you are discovered, will the princess consider taking refuge in Qin Yi?”

Xian Sheng’s eyes flickered and did not answer.

When he had finished taking the medicine, he got up. Zhan Zhen has been inseparable from him recently, and there are tables and chairs for him to handle military affairs in the house. Xian Sheng came to the chair where he had always been sitting on, and asked Ruyi to fetch pen, paper and ink.

At that time, when his elder brother wanted to send him off, Xian Sheng was worried that something would happen to Jin Country, so he asked them to send him only to the border. At that time, the third brother also said that they would come to the wedding after the new year, because the wedding was originally scheduled after the new year. they had planned to postpone it temporarily, waiting for the opportunity to act after the new year to see if they could find someone else to replace Xian Sheng.

But he never expected that Zhan Zhen could not wait to have a wedding three days after he first came to Beijing. Now that the new year has just started, he has been married to Zhan Zhen for almost two months.

However, Xian Zhang has not mentioned this matter with his family, so Xian Shang’s visit this time is not just because of Zhan zhen’s letter. A large part of it is because of the original plan.

Xian Sheng had to worry whether he would be negligent.

But he didn’t write this letter to remind him to be on guard. Judging from Zhan Zhen’s attitude today, he must have discovered it. Xian Sheng doesn’t know what he is thinking now, why didn’t he directly pierce this layer of window paper. but He was sure that he was running out of time, and Zhan Zhen would attack him sooner or later.

He must send this letter to inform his brother that he can no longer come to the North.

But when he put down the pen and waited for the ink to dry, suddenly he was a little bit at a loss. It is impossible for Zhan Zhen to send this letter for him. He must be waiting for his brother to come over and catch them all. But he really had no one in the north. In order to prevent Zhan Zhen from suspecting, he deliberately cut off the contact information with all Liang people.

But he didn’t think about it for too long.

Letting Yuehua seal up the letter, he stood up: “You guard at the door and pretend that I am still here.”

“Who are you looking for?”

Now, who else can I find?

It was almost impossible for this letter to be sent out silently, and he had no choice but to give it away. Zhan zhen must have known that he won’t live long. Even if he was caught, it would be worth it as long as the letter can be sent out.

He put on a snow-white cloak, Ruyi squatted down and put on his shoes and socks. his left shoulder still hurt, Xian Sheng put on his hat and decided to go out now.

“This maid will deliver it for you.”

“It’s too dangerous.”

Now that Zhan Zhen is angry, he must understand how flustered he is at the moment, so he wouldn’t think that he would venture out at this time. This is the best opportunity.

But if he meets Zhan Zhen, he may still have a glimmer of life, but if Yuehua goes, it is not necessarily true.

Besides, he still wants to test some things.

In order to prevent being discovered, he walked around the back door in particular, under the dark sky, all white because of the snow shining on it.

Xian Sheng walked very slowly, and even if Qi Sile’s medicine was effective, his body would not be able to be cured in a short while.

He bypassed the rockery, luckily he didn’t meet anyone, but when he was about to cross, a voice suddenly came from the top of his head: “Stop.”

Xian Sheng stopped and looked up. Zhan Zhen was sitting on a rock. He leaped down from above and floated in front of him. He asked coldly, “Where are you going?”

Xian Sheng took a step back and said, “to deliver a letter.”

“What letter?”

“To tell brother not to come over.”


Xian Sheng red eyes again, looked at him, and said, “Because… if he comes it’s a dead end.”

Zhan Zhen held a long knife around his waist and said dumbly: “Why?”

His heart seemed to be gripped and tightened by a big hand. He almost held his breath and tightened his muscles, waiting for him to tell the truth he didn’t want to face. As long as he said it, he could kill him… Because he found that he still couldn’t bear to break the illusion. It’s good to be like this. His wife is still there, still so beautiful and moving.


Zhan zhen’s eyes were red, but his hand calmly and slowly drew out a long knife.

He would let the guy who deceived him splash three feet of blood, cut off her head, hang it on the capital tower and tell Liang Ren that this is the consequences of embarrassing him.

“You don’t like me anymore.” Xian Sheng said, “You don’t like me. You will definitely target my brother. I naturally want to persuade him not to come.”

Zhan Zhen’s hand holding the handle of the knife froze.

Having been with him for so long, Xian Sheng doesn’t know what he was thinking. This man hated him, but he was infatuated with the illusion that he was a woman. This was his chance to survive. How could he take the initiative to pierce this layer of window paper.

“Then you say, why don’t I like you?”

“I’m afraid there is a new love.” Xian Sheng looked at him and said with tears: “A man no longer likes his wife, other than that, is there any other reason?”

Zhan Zhen blood was boiling: “You mean, this is my fault?”

Xian Sheng grieved: “Then Is it my fault?”

Zhan zhen’s scalp was numb, and he realized that he didn’t dare to refute that absolute reason. He looked at Xian Sheng, who lowered his eyelashes, hesitated, and walked towards him slowly, observing his face. He(XS) tentatively touched his(ZZ) hand and said, “If I am wrong, I apologize to you…Don’t be angry with me, okay?”

Zhan Zhen’s hand briefly squeezed his soft fingers, but suddenly he shook and threw Xian Sheng’s hand away, his face ugly and said, “I said that you are not allowed to touch me, don’t you understand?”

Xian Sheng didn’t move anymore.

Zhan Zhen said: “Go back to your room.”

Xian Sheng squeezed the envelope in his sleeve and turned around obediently. Zhan Zhen looked at his figure, but found that he had not entered the corridor, but walked towards the other side of the eaves.

It’s cold in the north. As soon as the snow melts and freezes again, many icicles hang under the eaves. Sometimes they connect into a pattern, which is very magical. Someone knocked it off near the door of Xian sheng’s room, but in some places where walking was not hindered, the icicles were still frozen.

Xian Sheng stepped over a stone. Here, in spring and summer there is a fish pond, but now it was thick ice. He stretched out his hand to grab the icicle. Zhan Zhen watched him break off a small piece, then stuffed it into his mouth, and immediately crossed over with an ugly face: ” go back. What are you still doing here?”

Xian Sheng used to hold the ice cube in his sleeve. He took a small bite, looked at him with red eyes, and said timidly: “My husband doesn’t allow me to drink a drop of water, but I haven’t eaten all afternoon, and I am hungry now. I’m thirsty, I can only eat some of this to fill my stomach.”

Zhan Zhen said: “Come out.”

“Husband…” Xian Sheng held the ice cube and said sadly: “Husband wants to starve me to death? But… but I don’t want to die yet.”

“Throw it away.” Zhan Zhen ordered again, and Xian Sheng could only throw the ice cubes aside.

He was sure that Zhan Zhen is trying to hate him, and he seemed to give himself a buffer period to accept this.

He must find a way to please Zhan Zhen, ensure that he can live within his buffer period, and ensure that the letter is delivered.

He walked out wiped his hands on his body. Zhan Zhen had already turned and walked to the side. Xian Sheng hesitated and followed up.

He is really hungry. If he eats behinds Zhan zhen’s back, he is afraid that he will get angry at Yuehua and Ruyi.  he can only follow Zhan zhen to see if he can enjoy two bites for his own skin…

Zhan Zhen came to the study, and the earth dragon was already burning in it. Xian Sheng subconsciously looked for the bottle of plum blossoms, but could not find it. He guessed that Zhan Zhen threw it away.

Sure enough, he was adapting to the fact that he was about to abandon his wife and everything related to his wife.

Zhan zhen would’ve liked him very much, Xian Sheng thought, if only he really is a princess.

Zhan Zhen went back and sat on a chair to handle military affairs. Xian Sheng found a place to sit down, but he heard him say, “Stand.”

Xian Sheng stood up, and after a while, he felt his whole body soft. At this moment, the food was brought up. Zhan Zhen put down the paper in his hand and looked up. Xian Sheng’s face was pale, standing swaying, he finally said: ” sit down.”

Xian Sheng sat down immediately, because Zhan Zhen asked people to put the food directly in front of him, so he assumed that it was prepared for him, and the hot soup was fragrant. He picked up the small bowl himself and just wanted to drink a cup of warm water to warm his stomach.

A voice came from my ear again: “You are not allowed to eat.”

He froze for a moment, and slowly put the bowl down. Seeing Zhan Zhen coming over: “I’m going out. If you dare to eat it, l will pull out your tongue when I come back.”

Xian Sheng shrank his cold fingertips and suggested, “Then, I’ll go back to sleep.”

“No.” Zhan Zhen said: “You just sit here.”

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