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FTMTEP Chapter 35

Chapter 35:

No matter what Xian Sheng does, it is lovely in Zhan zhen’s eyes.

It was the Chinese New Year. Although the shops open a little late, there were still a lot of people on the street. Zhan Zhen blocked their peeping line of sight and walked into the shop with Xian sheng.

The owner of the powder shop is a woman. She was sitting behind the door embroidering flowers. Hearing someone coming in, she threw the thing aside and stood up, “Welcome…”

Out of the people who do business in the Capital city, there are only a few who doesn’t know the Royal family.  Even if they haven’t really seen them, they can see it from their clothes.

The female boss was the first to see Zhan Zhen, and she was a little surprised. She thought that such an elegant demeanor was beyond the reach of ordinary people. And suddenly she heard a gentle voice: “Could you please introduce me some new fragrance?”

The female boss moved her gaze and met Xian Sheng’s gaze. After a short daze, she hurriedly stepped back and said, “I have seen your Royal Highness, the two of you, please.”

Xian Sheng followed her in, and Zhan Zhen asked, “Are there any good products?”

” Yes, yes, but I’m afraid our craft here is not as good as South liang. I don’t know if the crown princess will like them.”

Her heart throbbed. After worshipping the ancestors ceremony, the civil and military officials saw Xian Sheng. Not long after, the beauty of the crown princess was passed on by word of mouth。 Qiu Bulun, the son of the prime minister, had the habit of wandering among flowers. He met his guests chu and qin pavilion: “at that time, we all thought we saw a fairy… No, no, no, she was a goddess! You say the daughter of the Qin family is pretty? The first beauty in the capital… It’s not that she’s bad, she is beautiful, that is… The crown princess is a little better.”

These young talents gathered together to talk about the crown princess. Hearing that Qi Ziyou, the son of the imperial tutor, was usually arrogant, but now his eyes were in a trance when he thought about it, and he nodded repeatedly, “I have never seen such beauty before.”

With the two of them taking the lead, it spread throughout the capital almost instantly. The people who were very curious at first, became even more curious. The scholars wrote poems, mostly fantasizing about Xian sheng. This caused some married women to feel uncomfortable. Whenever they came to buy powder, they always complain about the crown princess. Sometimes they would belittle the princess overtly and secretly.

She thought it was an exaggeration, but now she discovered that this crown princess fits exactly to what she imagined, even if she has never seen her before. when you see her, it becomes clear that the title of the first beauty in the capital is none other than her.

She felt very excited, but she did not dare to neglect them. After sitting down, she poured water and immediately went to find her private possessions. When she came back, she saw the prince putting his arm on the table and leaning over to say something to the princess. his expression was gentle and smiling. Although the Crown prince is high and mighty, only before his crown princess will he bow his head.

She smiled and went forward to show Xian sheng: “look, these are just released this year. Do you fancy them?”

South liang is so extravagant, and the people are more willing to spend time studying exquisite workmanship. Xian Sheng, as the most favored princess, has a lot of knowledge and must have used a lot of good things.

She waited anxiously, Xian Sheng took the box with exquisite workmanship in her hand, sniffed it lightly, and then dipped some of her fingertips and applied it to the back of her hand.

This thing is indeed not as good as that produced in South liang, but Xian sheng is not for that. He smiled and said: “It’s pretty good, but it’s thicker, but it can be made finer.”

The female boss’ eyes lit up: “Do you still know this craft?”

“There is a master who knows cosmetics around the queen, and I have learned a little from her.” Seeing her look thirsty for knowledge, Xian Sheng couldn’t help but laugh: “If You want to know, I can tell you.”

The female boss couldn’t help but: “Please enlighten me crown princess!”

Xian Sheng said: “What ingredients do you have here? Take me to have a look.”

“This way please.”

Xian Sheng turned his head to ask for Zhan Zhen’s opinion. The latter frowned, and then stood up: “go and have a look.”

He is determined to see what Xian sheng is going to do.

But when he got to the back, he leaned on the door panel, and watched Xian Sheng discussing the powder craftsmanship with the female boss for half an hour. He was so excited that he hurriedly fetched pen and paper to record.

Zhan Zhen’s gaze fell on him, and he only felt that his every move was pleasing to the eye, and he was a model for women, and his heart was softened again.

Xian Sheng finally finished talking with the female boss. He coughed and wrinkled his nose. The other party hurriedly brought tea: “to moisten your throat.”

“Thank you.” Xian Sheng took a sip. Because he didn’t see what he liked, he wanted to buy a box at will. As a result, the female boss was very generous and wrapped him a box of all his new goods: “what I learned today is by no means comparable to a few boxes of fragrant powder. My craft is rough. I hope the Crown Princess won’t dislike it.”

Xian Sheng accepted it happily, “I like it very much, thank you.”

The female boss is also very happy.

Walking back to the carriage with Zhan Zhen, he couldn’t hold back, and said, “I thought you would be annoyed. you waited for so long.”

“I have to see what bad idea you’re cooking.”

Xian Sheng curiously asked, “Do you know now?”

Zhan Zhen glanced at what was in his arms, for a long while: “No”

Xian Sheng gave him a glance, walked to the front of the carriage, and called him: “Hold me up.”

Zhan Zhen was about to do it, but he didn’t move anymore: “Go on by yourself.”

“How can I get on without a footrest?”

“Climb up.”

Xian Sheng glared at him, “You said you wouldn’t let me take the footrest.”

“I’m not a porter.”

Xian Sheng pursed his mouth, put the box on it, and climbed up awkwardly. As soon as he lifted his leg, he was picked up by the awful guy.

Zhan Zhen was in a good mood, got in and huddled with him. but Xian Sheng’s good mood was destroyed by him, and he took refuge in disgust.

Zhan Zhen coaxed him after provoking him, “I’m not angry anymore, just teasing you.”

Xian Sheng glared at him again, gave him two kisses, finally quenched the anger, took out the box to show him, and asked softly, “Which one do you think suit me?”

” You can use whichever one you choose?”

“You are the husband, you have the final say.”

Obviously, his tone was normal, but Zhan Zhen could hear a little sweetness, his heart tightened, and he said, “I really don’t have any understanding about these .”

He randomly picked a box, opened it and sniffed, and said, “Do you like this?”

“I like everything you choose.” Xian Sheng took it and made a look of love with a bit of restraint and joy. Zhan Zhen couldn’t help but hugged him tightly.

Xian Sheng gave him a kiss very obediently, and Zhan Zhen asked impatiently: “Where else do you want to go?”

“I’m tired, I want to go back and sleep.”

The duration that he sleeps is more than the duration he is awake. Now he was really a little tired. He simply tilted directly into Zhan Zhen’s arms and closed his eyes.

Zhan Zhen stroked his cheek and kissed him again.

People always believe in what they see, and their eyes will make people ignore the feelings in their hearts, even if the feelings are correct sometimes.

Xian Sheng discovered that Zhan zhen was in such a situation. He had doubts, but his reason and eyes would tell him that his doubts were nothing but illusions.

He wouldn’t just take off the last layer of Xian Sheng’s disguise, as he said, he hopes to be a couple with Xian Sheng for life, so he will try not to touch Xian Sheng’s bottom line.

Xian Sheng fell asleep in the carriage. In fact, he was dazed and still thinking about tomorrow.

He may be able to hide from the queen using excuses like Allergies, or pretending to be sick. But Zhan Zhen’s doubts will deepen, because he saw the Xian Sheng go to the fragrant shop. he would inevitably think that Xian Sheng is pretending. If Xian sheng is really allergic or ill, his reason will take the lead in sending a signal to tell him that his doubts are not illusions. Sooner or later, he won’t be able to restrain himself and try to further verify it.

Of course, Xian Sheng would not let him do as he wishes.

He(ZZ) was brought to the powder shop just to make him(ZZ) “feel”  that he is up to something and then later make him deny those “feelings”. so that he can do what he really wanted to do.

He slept soundly all this time, and when he opened his eyes, Zhan Zhen had already gone to the study. Xian Sheng turned over and sat up, had someone bring water to wash his body, then opened the box he had brought back from the shop. He took out the box that Zhan Zhen picked, and carefully rubbed it on his skin.

“Go get some wine and prepare some side dishes.”

When Zhan Zhen came back, Xian Sheng was already eating. He raised his eyebrows, took off the cloak and walked in: “you’re drinking? Could it be that today is a special day?”

Xian Sheng shook his head and said, “I was suddenly hungry.”

“Not even waiting for your husband?”

Xian Sheng didn’t speak, he lowered his eyelashes, frowned and took a sip of wine. He was obviously not used to drinking, and his cheeks quickly turned red. Zhan Zhen sat next to him and said softly, “What’s wrong?”

“No…” Xian Sheng said, but suddenly choked up, tears spreading in his eyes: “Zhan Zhen…When do you think I can go back to the south?”

Zhan Zhen was silent for a moment. From New Year’s Eve, he found that Xian Sheng was in a bad mood. He was often in a trance.

He was wondering if it was because of the bath. But now… It seems he miss his parents and brothers after New Year’s Eve.

He considered it and said, “You are not in good health and you can’t take such a long journey. I will write to your brother tomorrow to let them come and see you, okay?”

Xian Sheng nodded, retracted his tears, and smiled: “Come and have a couple of drinks with me.”

The more he was like this, the more distressed he was. Zhan Zhen took the cup and said, “Don’t drink so much.”

Xian Sheng nodded obediently and put the cup down. He listened, but tears came out again. He raised his hand to wipe it, but it seemed that he couldn’t wipe it cleanly. He flattened his mouth and raised his hand to cover his eyes. The voice was weak: “Don’t look at me…”

Zhan Zhen avoided his sight, frowned and confused: “You can drink a little, and I will drink with you.”

Xian Sheng sobbed: “I want to drink a lot. I want to get drunk.”

“It’s all up to you.”

Xian Sheng grabbed the wine glass, raised his head to pour it down, and immediately coughed continuously. Zhan Zhen reached out and patted him on the back. Xian Sheng was already drunk and dim. He looked over and asked, “Don’t you want to drink with me? Why don’t you drink it?”

“I’m drinking.”

Zhan Zhen drank a glass. He was a good drinker. So he was not worried that he would get drunk. Xian Sheng also noticed it. He suddenly aggrieved the accusation: “You bully me.”

“… When did you bully you?”

” I can’t drink as much as you. you drink so little. you’re waiting for me to get drunk and then bully me.”

Zhan Zhen had no choice but to say: “I’ll drink from the bowl; you take the cup. okay?”

Xian Sheng’s reaction slowed down, and after he finished speaking , he finally  nodded after a long time.

Zhan Zhen changed the bowl. When he was drinking the first bowl, the Xian Sheng beside him suddenly tilted to one side. He hurriedly stretched out his hand, the bowl was thrown aside, the wine was spilled on the ground, but there was a burst of warm fragrant jade in his arms.

The tangy and elegant aroma made Zhan Zhen’s mind a little dizzy.  This is what he picked today. Xian Sheng really used it. He put his arms around the waist of the person in his arms, and suddenly understood the sentence that “It’s not the wine that intoxicates but the drinker who gets himself drunk”.

(t/n Wine doesn’t make a man drunk if he’s not in the mood)

Xian Sheng’s cheeks were red, and slowly opened his eyes to look at him, dizzy: “Why… don’t you drink?”

“Stop drinking.” Zhan Zhen stroked his delicate cheeks, eyes deep: “You are drunk.”

Xian Sheng mumbled softly: “It’s not exactly what you want…”

Zhan Zhen felt that he was a little out of control. His gaze fell on Xian Sheng’s neck, and just now he pulled a part of Xian Sheng’s shoulder, and there is a strap around the neck.

Xian Sheng suddenly realized something, raised his hand to cover his eyes, and said vaguely: “Blindfolded, blindfolded.”

Blindfolding has now become a sign that he can do something, Zhan Zhen’s Adam’s apple is rolling, his mind is full of the sweet smell of him, and his reason is swallowed inch by inch.

In the darkness, he didn’t see Xian Sheng’s eyes regaining clarity, and gave the last hint in a low voice: “You can do whatever you want with blindfolded…”

This was like an instruction, and Zhan Zhen responded immediately.

Xian Sheng had never had this pain in his life. He thought the pain was almost unbearable, but his bullied red eyes undoubtedly made him even more drunk for the drunk Zhan Zhen.

The shaking bed curtain stopped at an unknown time, and Ruyi and Yuehua stood at the door. Because Xian Sheng had given instructions in advance, they could only wait nervously.

“Princess, will he…”

“He has discretion.”

Yuehua raised her eyes to look at the sky, rubbed her hands by mistake, took a breath, and said: “If you hide it for a while, and the sky will be bright.”

At this time, it was still early before dawn.

Xian Sheng and Qi Sile are a master, so naturally they know some pharmacology. He made this thing by himself. As long as he drinks alcohol, it will be effective. He knows that Zhan zhen has a good amount of alcohol, so he took the wine in advance.

The bed curtain was dark, and the strips of cloth on Zhan zhen’s eyes were thrown under bed, and he fell asleep deeply.

Xian Sheng’s head was very dizzy, he restrained his cough, and moved his body . it was as if he had been run over by a car ( t/n carriage??). It hurt badly in places that were difficult to speak.

He held on to the pillow, trying to get up, but he fell back again.

although there is an illusion of drunkenness, he is not really drunk. It is just like a traditional Chinese medicine. So, Zhan Zhen was still very obedient. He didn’t particularly toss him in the early stage, but he was a little out of control in the later stage, and Xian Sheng overestimated his body.

He fainted for a short time, but he was weighed down in his heart, so soon regained consciousness. He took a deep breath, took out a medicine from under the pillow with trembling fingers and put it in his mouth, and looked at the top of the bed for a long time.

His forehead was wet with clean beads of sweat, his face was as white as paper, after he recovered a little bit of color, he moved again, grabbed the torn clothes to covered his body.

After that he closed his eyes and thought slowly.

Zhan Zhen will completely dispel his doubts. If the queen asks about it tomorrow, it will be his fault. He not only has to take the initiative to admit this mistake, but also willingly admit it.

His heart felt relieved and passed out completely.

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