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FTMTEP Chapter 41

Chapter 41

As soon as Xian Zhang entered the door, he captured almost everyone’s attention. He was so eye-catching, that even if his chin was blocked by the fur collar of the cloak, it was still enough to capture the eyes of these people.

Not to mention such a rich and generous manner, many people around talked about it one after another. Some discerning people saw that he was extraordinary and only looked at him from a distance.

But in places like Qin Pavilion, in addition to romantic guests, there were naturally guests who were from rich households, and many people look at him oddly.

Seeing this, the old bustard said it was enough, and while collecting gold, he took the initiative to say: “It is noisy downstairs, the young master might as well sit upstairs.”

he looked at Xian sheng’s appearance, demeanor, words and deeds, and had some speculation in his heart. Naturally, he couldn’t let him continue to draw so much attention. but today Xian Sheng came here for the ‘attention’, how could he agree.

Before he spoke Ruyi had already stopped old bustard’s hand and said: “The girl hasn’t come yet, so why are you anxious to collect the money?”

The old bustard withdrew his hand, realizing that he was an unkind customer, but the guess in his heart, he dares not provoke him easily. so, he had to say: “Some girls are still with guests, you may have to wait.”

he took the tea from the maidservant to pour Xian Sheng, who took a sip and waited patiently.

There were a lot of people around. suddenly someone said, “I say this little boy, are you here to be happy or take all our fun? You can’t force these girls.”

Ruyi scolded: “The young master has his own reason for doing things, so watch your mouth!”

“Hahaha.” Someone said: “You little girl, you are not very big, but you have a big mouth. According to me, your young master is fake. Could it be that this is a little lady who came to the Qin Pavilion to catch someone! ”

The old bustard looked ugly, but how can you stop them, when they get drunk and talk like this. there was a burst of laughter around, and a brave person walked directly towards Xian sheng, the old bustard hurriedly stopped him: “guest, please be polite.”

“I said little girl, this is not right . We’re taking it out on you. Where is such an arrogant little lady who dares to disturb everyone’s fun? see if this master does not take off your clothes and seek justice for you… ”

Xian Sheng sat steadily, sipping tea slowly. If it weren’t for the noisy surroundings, he would look like he was in a peach blossom garden.

The noise downstairs quickly disturbed upstairs, and a black-clothed man stepped out. his eyes fell below and his face suddenly went cold.

He Ermi was also taken aback: “Why is she here?”

The foul language downstairs became more and more unbearable. Someone jumped on the table madly drunk, and Xian Sheng glanced over him with contempt. This look succeeded in angering the red-eyed men. The old bustard hurriedly called for someone to stop him, and Xian Sheng immediately stood up but Suddenly he tripped and fell to the ground.  his hat fell down and his silk hair fell like a waterfalls pouring down. he raised his face, there was a brief silence around him, and then someone stumbled and rushed towards him.

Qin Yi’s pupils contracted, and He Ermi immediately drew his sword and threw it at him. With a sword through his neck, the man fell at Xian Sheng’s feet, and the surroundings fell silent again.

Xian Sheng’s eyes darkened, and Ruyi hurried over to help him up, but suddenly there was an exclamation from upstairs: “This, this…”

Qin Yi took a deep breath. He never expected to see Xian Sheng here. He almost stumbled and ran down, worried about whether it was wrong to call out his identity at this moment. A voice came: “It’s the prince!”

“Don’t move!”

Two lines of officers and soldiers swarmed in, Zhan Zhen strode in from behind, his expression extremely ugly.

At this moment, many people sobered up from the wine, Zhan Zhen’s gaze fell on Xian Sheng, who pursed his lips and bowed.

“Arrest them all.” Zhan Zhen said word by word, coldly and sternly: “Kill anyone who dare to protest.”

One after another, there was a burst of confusion. Qiu yi knelt down with a pale face, full of confusion and fear.

The ones who were awake were kneeling, and the ones who were not awake were lying on the ground. Because of the confusion just now, they fell on the ground not far from the foot of Xian sheng, and staggered to stand up. He hiccupped with wine, approached Xian sheng, smelled him, and said: “what a brave little lady! How dare, Hiccup… Women disguised as men to break into the Qin Pavilion. Is it to entertain me…”

He didn’t finish his words, Zhan Zhen stepped on the dead man just now and he picked out He Er Mi’s sword on his toes and kicked it directly.

The sword passed through his chest, and a stream of blood overflowed from the opponent’s mouth. The hip flask in his hand fell on the ground and broke in half. The person slowly fell down, but he was still trying to touch Xian Sheng’s hand.

The people around did not dare to make a sound.

Zhan Zhen was notified immediately after Xian Sheng entered the Qin Pavilion. Coincidentally, he had just received news that there were traces of Qin Yi’s activities here, and he was originally rushing here with people

Xian Sheng’s eyelashes trembled, and on the ground, the blood of the two dead men gradually converged, and a little bit flowed to his feet, Ruyi hurriedly pulled him to one side to avoid it.

Zhan Zhen stared at him, walked over, stopped in front of Xian Sheng, staring at him.

Xian Sheng looked at him calmly, he had already prepared the answer, just waiting for Zhan Zhen to ask.

But unexpectedly, Zhan Zhen didn’t say anything, just picked him up without saying a word, stepped on the pool of blood and went out.

Xian Sheng was placed on the carriage, Zhan Zhen touched his cold face, and he whispered: “are you Scared? first sit here and wait. Let me deal with it.”

Xian Sheng was taken aback for a moment, and his mind was blank, so he withdrew in obediently.

Zhan Zhen arrived in time, and Xian Sheng didn’t suffer any harm. In the past, he always got in trouble when he was wearing men’s clothes, but today he did not.

He sat inside and went through the details of entering the Qin pavilion in his mind. He was sure that Zhan Zhen would not know his true purpose. He heard the sound of someone being taken away , and someone said to Zhan Zhen: ” No one was found… what should I do?”

Who are you looking for? Xian Sheng’s thought and listened, but he only heard a few words indifferently: “Seal it first.”

In any case, the goal has been achieved for the time being. Although there is also Chu Pavilion, Qin pavilion is where Zhan zhen often visits. Moreover, even if he goes to Chu Pavilion, he will not have s*x with men. This kind of thing ordinary people won’t do it casually.

Zhan Zhen didn’t let him wait for a long time, and soon walked back, “I will send you back.”

Xian Sheng agreed. Outside, with the sound of horses’ hoofs, Zhan Zhen sat on the horse to protect him, and looked slightly towards the carriage window with deep eyes.

Back at the Prince’s Mansion, Xian Sheng first changed his clothes.

Zhan Zhen also changed his shoes outside, asked someone to prepare some food, and asked him, “Did you have dinner?”

“No.” The two sat on the table together, Xian Sheng drank some porridge, and the dishes were also vegetarian. Zhan Zhen put the meat in the spoon, and said, “You should eat some meat, too.”

“Okay.” Xian Sheng only eat and didn’t say anything. He can calm down very well. After all, with his personality, he certainly doesn’t want to talk about this kind of thing.

Zhan Zhen was really waiting for him to take the initiative to speak, he could calm down, but the more he thought, Xian Sheng’s silence quickly made him feel biased, so soon after he went to bed, he said, “Why did you go to Qin Pavilion?”

Xian Sheng’s head was resting on his arm, and it took a while before he said, “I want to see the girls from Qin Pavilion and understand how beautiful they are.”

“That’s it?”


Zhan Zhen frowned. Although his answer was in line with his guess, he still didn’t let him off easily: “If you just want to see a girl, why were you so high-profile downstairs? You are clearly deliberately making trouble today.”

Xian Sheng was silent again, suddenly his head was smashed into his ( ZZ) chest heavily. Zhan Zhen’s was almost hurt. He calmly took back the reason he had lost with him, but the tone of reproach was Somewhat softly: “What the hell are you thinking?”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll arrest you too.” He frightened Xian Sheng, but he glared at him and urged: “Say it quickly.”

“…I did it on purpose.” Xian Sheng said with a stern face, “I deliberately angered the diners there so that people could bully me, and then I borrowed your hand to seal Qin Pavilion. That was my purpose.”

Zhan Zhen was in a complicated mood. He asked, “Why?”

Of course it is to prevent you from seeing the pretty girls! Xian Sheng thought, and confidently said: “Because I don’t believe what you say, even if you swear not to go, swear to detour, but there are so many beautiful girls in Qin Pavilion. how can I rest assure? I won’t believe that you really won’t go, unless if you seal it yourself.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes suddenly changed, his heart tightened slightly, even if he suppressed, there was still joy overflowing from his eyebrows, he still wanted to hear some nice words: “Why all of a sudden?”

Xian Sheng looked out, and snorted, “Don’t you know everything.”

Zhan zhen laughed out of nowhere, and couldn’t help pressing his body towards him, “Because you like me and you’re jealous.”

Xian Sheng neither admits nor denies. Zhan Zhen’s mouth rose, his heart galloped, a small flame is burning in his eyes, and he flirted: “Is it possible that the princess wants to sleep together…” His hand touched Xian Sheng’s chest. After a while, he moved down again, patted his waist with some pleasure: “Oral?”

Xian Sheng was stunned for a few seconds before figuring out the meaning of the word ‘oral’, his face slowly flushed, and then he couldn’t help but want to ridicule.

This guy’s techniques are really terrible, and he almost tossed him to death. Where on earth did the confidence from that he is ‘convinced’?

But if you talk to Zhan Zhen about this kind of thing, I’m afraid he will be tempted tonight. Xian Sheng threw his words to the back of his head, and said seriously: “I’m just afraid that you will like others…and ignore me”

Zhan Zhen is rarely honest these days. It was only because he was not well enough to be ‘carnivorous’ with him, so he turned on his back, but his reaction only made Zhan Zhen feel that he was being dishonest, and the other party hugged him from behind and said with satisfaction. “After all the lady’s heart is moved. I know how much your body can take, and so is your heart… so I won’t do it for a few days. I will take care of you until you get better.

“…” this is like how impatient Xian Sheng can be. He couldn’t bear it. He elbowed him and said, “Don’t be presumptuous, you have psychological reasons.”

Zhan Zhen’s face sunk, and stubbornly said: “I was drunk, so naturally my performance wasn’t that great…”

Xian Sheng is not polite: “The garlic mashers (those who pound garlic) are better than you.”

There was no sound behind him for a long time. After Xian Sheng realized that he had hurt his self-esteem again and entered a state of autism. He was thinking about whether to comfort him. his cheek was suddenly bitten. Xian Sheng felt pain, so he immediately pushed him, tears about to fall down. Once it fell, Zhan Zhen let go, and said coldly: “I’ll be merciful today. I advise you to accumulate some oral virtue.”

Xian Sheng touched the tooth marks on his cheeks, tearful of grievances, kicked his feet with his flat mouth, and was held down by his leg. Zhan Zhen warned: “You will regret it if you make trouble again.”

“You…” Xian Sheng was not angry, and suddenly a new word came to mind like a firecracker, and he said: “Puppy!”

Zhan Zhen: “…”

He grabbed Xian Sheng’s wrist, ignored his struggle, took another bite on the other side of his face, and then breathlessly breathed against his forehead, teasing in a low voice: “Not ruthless enough, then call me puppy again.”

With a round bite mark on both sides of his face, Xian Sheng looked at him with redness in the corners of his eyes for a while. He felt that he had a psychological problem and would be bullied again. He said: “I won’t make trouble with you; I’m going to sleep.”

His expression softened, Zhan Zhen let him go for a moment, then suddenly came to chew on him again, and ordered: “In the future, except for me, you are not allowed to call names.”

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