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FTMTEP Chapter 61

I know I said this several times, but let me drop this msg again just incase anyone gets confused. Chapter 61 according to the last translator is actually Chapter 32 according to the novel. The Chapters have been properly numbered in NU so don’t worry.

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 61:

Zhan Zhen looked at him from behind with his head on his side. His eyes were full of expectation and worry, as well as the hunger and thirst of desire.

Xian Sheng didn’t know to laugh or to cry “Do you think I was cold to you in the morning?”


“Because you went too far yesterday.”

Xian Sheng hooked his hands around his (ZZ) neck and said, “ I just got a little better. But you made my back ache and made me unable to move. Do you want me to be enthusiastic about you again?”

Zhan Zhen was worried about him, gave him another kiss, and said: “Okay, you are reasonable.”

His voice is very nice, deep and gentle. When he speaks, he has a dumb and spoiled tone, which makes Xian sheng’s scalp numb and his face red.

“Zhan Lue lue.” As soon as Xian Sheng opened his mouth, he (ZZ) gave him a kiss. He glared at him with a pursed mouth, and then kissed him again. Zhan Zhen reminded him: “Don’t seduce me.”

In this short period of time, Zhan Zhen kissed him a lot.

He hit him and said with a serious face: “I want to talk to you about business.”

“Go ahead.” His stern face was also stubborn, but Zhan Zhen didn’t interrupt him with a kiss. He picked him up, sat on the chair and put Xian Sheng on his leg. Then gently held his waist and rubbed it. Xian sheng was about to speak, but he couldn’t help twisting: “what are you doing “

“Isn’t it because your back is sore and you can’t walk?” Zhan Zhen said thoughtfully, “I’ll knead it for you.”

“Your hands are too strong, it hurts.”

Zhan lowered his strength and laughed at him: “Squeamish.”

Xian Sheng was sure to look at him: “ I’m not only afraid of pain, I am also afraid of cold, heat, dark, blood, insects, and no one to accompany me.”

Zhan Zhen was surprised: “Why haven’t I seen you being afraid before?”

He (ZZ) didn’t see him (XS) scared when he was drugged. When he (ZZ) was injured, he didn’t see him (XS) complain. There was a river of blood under the city wall. He (XS) didn’t show any discomfort. He didn’t see him complain because he’s alone at home every day …..

“Because I have you now.” Xian Sheng touched his chin and said, “You must treat me well in the future. Don’t let me encounter fears, otherwise I will ignore you.”

Zhan Zhen’s heart swelled, he hugged Xian Sheng tighter, and said: “okay… Do you wish to be protected by me?”

“What’s more.” Xian Sheng said naturally: “I want to be pampered by His Highness, indulged, coaxed and held by your highness… For a lifetime.”

He didn’t even blush.

Zhan Zhen didn’t say anything for a long time. He tightened his arms repeatedly and relaxed again, saying: “You’re too thin, let me fatten you up.”

“Okay.” Xian Sheng kissed his chin, nestled in his arms, put his hand on his waist, and said, “Knead it well.”

Zhan Zhen couldn’t get enough of his sweetness. if he hadn’t held Xian sheng, he would have floated up: “What other things are you afraid of?”

Xian Sheng thought for a while and said, “I’m afraid you won’t like me, don’t want me, and won’t treat me well.”

“I promised you, I won’t be like that.”

Xian Sheng lowered his eyes.

He likes the way Zhan Zhen treats him. He is not only physically comfortable, but also mentally comfortable.

Zhan Zhen asked him whether his strength was appropriate while rubbing. Xian Sheng answered directly with Humph. humming uncomfortably when dissatisfied, and humming satisfyingly when he felt comfortable, just like a pampered cat.

His sore waist was relieved, and he was a little drowsy, but suddenly he remembered what he wanted to say.

Love is really easy to make people muddle headed, he almost forgot: “By the way, the Empress Dowager wants to give Qingrong to you, so she will come to the banquet in three days.”

Zhan Zhen was obviously upset: “I don’t like her.”

“After all, it’s the Empress Dowager. It’s hard for the queen mother to refuse. If you don’t like it, just say it yourself.”

Zhan Zhen frowned, and said: “ if she said it clearly, it’s easy for me to refuse. If she doesn’t say it clearly, it’s hard for me to say anything. In short, don’t pick anyone. Don’t show it to me if you pick them, otherwise…”

He sighed at Xian Sheng: “I will be angry.”

Qi Sile would still come to deliver medicine regularly. probably because Zhan Zhen didn’t like him, he was usually a small medicine boy. but today, he unexpectedly came by himself.

Holding a small food box in his hand, he asked: “Oh, HIs Highness is not being a clingy person today?”

The couple had a quarrel a few days ago. Xian Sheng was in poor health. Although Zhan Zhen didn’t say it directly, he hadn’t been out of the house much in reality, as if he was afraid that Qi Sile would take advantage of the weakness.

Now that the two are so affectionate, he went to the barracks obediently, which was a bit unexpected.

Xian Sheng smiled at him and said, “the prince is wise and powerful. How can he waste his time like that?”

How wise and powerful, he is very clingy. Today he went out because he was kicked out by Xian sheng.

He suddenly turned into an obedient husband, which was a little unexpected. Qi Sile walked all the way to the table, put down the food box, and said, “It seems that you two have figured it out now.”

Xian Sheng nodded to him and said sincerely: “Thank you, Imperial Uncle, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I’m already…”

“You don’t have to.” Qi Sile said: “If you want to thank someone, thank Queen Wei for making you so beautiful. Who is willing to watch you die?”

Xian sheng was no longer polite. He looked at the food box on the table and said, “what’s this?”

“The queen has a headache today. I went over to take a look, and then she asked me to pass this to you on the way.” Qi Sile said and asked him: “Can I open it?”

Xian Sheng made a polite gesture, and Qi Sile opened it curiously, and suddenly his eyes lit up: “Oh, really, I knew it smells so good.”

The cover was removed, and Xian Sheng gave a probe, his face changed slightly.

It was those pastries. Last time, he was a little tired of eating it, so she gave it to Ruyi. Although he didn’t know whether it would work, he really forgot about it. It turned out that the queen was still sending it.

Embarrassed, he wanted to cover it. but Qi Sile suddenly stopped him: “What are you panicking for? Are you willing to share two pieces with your royal Uncle?”

Xian Sheng retracted his hand and said: “Isn’t this for women?”

“Good things can be eaten by men and women.” Qi Sile laughed and said: “There are precious ingredients here, and the workmanship is very particular, which is very good for the body.”

He ate a piece of pastry and Xian Sheng looked at him with wide eyes. He (QSL) was contemplating for a while and suddenly clapped his hands: “Well, I didn’t expect that the function of the ingredients here is almost the same as that of the medicinal materials I prepared for you. You can eat more. It must be good for your body.”

After he said that, he took out the pen and paper from the medicine bag he carried with him, moistened the ink on the tip of his tongue, then lowered his head to record something while muttering: “It’s really cooked… It tastes good, tastes much better than soup medicine, and won’t be resistant to drugs. I’ll go to the palace later and ask the queen to add some medicine and ingredients. Let her make it for you as a snack. You can eat a few pieces if you have nothing to eat. I’ll prescribe two supplementary medicines for you. It won’t be so bitter. It will have a miraculous effect if you drink it once in two or three days.”

Xian Sheng was in a daze: “Then…the effect of this tonic…”

“haven’t you eaten it before? Does it work for you?”

Xian Sheng shook his head.

Qi Sile smiled and said: “you can rest assured that this thing is not sure to work. it has to be based on the human body, and there are several non-essential ingredients here so it is impossible to have that effect.”

Xian Sheng relaxed and couldn’t help but say, “Then how long will I get better if I eat it as you said?”

He wants to be healthy so much that those who may have it will not understand it. But those who are really weak know what it is like to be unable to run or jump, to be sick all the year round, and sometimes hard to eat.

Suffering is not a word, but a real experience, you can’t see it at a glance.

“Your body is too weak.” Qi Sile said, Seeing the expectation in his eyes, he changed his words: “it’s impossible to be like a tiger like Zhan Zhen in this life.”

Xian Sheng sneered and said, “At least, I can walk to the gate of the Prince’s Mansion from here, right?”

“That’s for sure, as long as you are obedient, this is not a problem.”

Xian Sheng couldn’t help but yearn for it.

When Zhan Zhen came back later, he said about it, but the latter was not in a hurry to be happy, but said: “Did you see Qi Sile alone?”

Xian Sheng’s euphoria was slightly reduced, and he deliberately said, “I also asked him to diagnose my pulse.”

Zhan Zhen grabbed his wrist and rubbed it against him, and said unhappily, “Do you know he is a pervert?”

“…” Xian Sheng gave him a glance: “Anyway, I haven’t seen a pervert that’s even worse than you.”

“I only love you.”

“That’s still lust.”

Zhan zhen frowned, put his arm around him, and pinched his face again. Xian Sheng immediately pushed him: “Don’t pinch me, it hurts.”

Zhan Zhen let go and tickled him instead. Xian Sheng laughed constantly; his breathing turned rapid. so, he stroked his back and put it down.

Xian Sheng panted slightly and stared at him: “Stinky Lue Lue.”

Zhan Zhen only thought he wanted to kiss him, gave him a bite, and said, “he likes men and often goes in and out of the Chu Pavilion. He has several good friends. so, he’s no longer so pure and worthy of you.”

Xian Sheng couldn’t hold it back, and laughed again, Zhan Zhen’s face was slightly cold. He quickly held back and said, “Then are you pure and worthy?”

“Naturally.” Zhan Zhen said frankly: “I didn’t even look at a servant girl before I married you, just to deserve my beautiful wife in the future… You are the only one from beginning to end.”

Xian Sheng wanted to laugh in his heart. At first sight, he just felt that this guy was really arrogant and a playboy. ‘Beat me up’ was written all over his face. Xian Sheng always thought that he must be a figure who has already been among the flowers but unexpectedly, he had such an ideal love in his heart.

He held back a smile and asked curiously: “How do you know you would marry a beautiful wife?”

“Because I’m also peerlessly handsome.” Zhan Zhen never blushes at the established facts: ” I’m the best when it comes to appearance, family background and character so naturally I will be the best in marrying a wife.”

“Then what if you never meet me in your life?”

Zhan Zhen glanced at him and said: “ I was going to have my father order all the top looking, reputable women to be married to come to the capital after I unified the country, and I will take my time to choose.”

Xian Sheng was sure that he could do this kind of thing, he kept laughing again, Zhan Zhen stared at him, and said coldly: “ Do you think I think my ideal is funny?”

“No.” Xian Sheng straightened up immediately: “I think it’s very great.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes were dark, and he suddenly said, “You are also a man. Have you ever slept with a maid?”

“…No.” When talking about him, Xian sheng felt funny. When it was his turn, he was a little embarrassed: “I’m not in good health, how can I think of stuff like that.”

The corners of Zhan Zhen’s mouth raised, and said, “aren’t you getting better?”

Xian Sheng nodded, his eyes bright: “Imperial Uncle said that as long as I take care of myself, I can walk as far as the gate of the Prince’s Mansion in one go.”

What the…

Zhan Zhen wanted to speak, and swallowed again.

What is not worth mentioning to him is Xian Sheng’s dream.

He rubbed Xian Sheng’s face without saying a word. After a while, he found his voice, and said, “If it’s all right, will you stay with me in the future?”

“…” Xian Sheng looked at him and said, “Yes, are you happy?”

Zhan Zhen saw that he was unhappy, and deliberately teased him: “Naturally I’m happy.”

Xian Sheng suddenly smiled brightly: “I am happy too, I can’t stop being happy, the kind of happiness I want to jump around.”

Zhan Zhen was dazzled by the smile and said, “me too. I wish I could turn a few somersaults in the snow.”

“But I can’t jump around.” Xian Sheng’s bright face dimmed again, and he begged: “ my good husband, can you hold me out and jump a few times?”

He grabbed the corner of Zhan Zhen’s clothes and said, “I’m so happy. You have to jump a lot to be happy, okay?”


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