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FTMTEP Chapter 65

Translator – Xiao He Lian

Chapter 65:

Once he was cooked again, Xian Sheng did still have some strength left, but he was still weak.

Zhan Zhen wouldn’t leave him, so he quietly stayed at the table to deal with military affairs. from time to time he would listen to his breathing.

The room was tranquil.

The good times didn’t last long, the queen sent everyone away, and suddenly walked in.

Entering the door, she glanced at the bed curtain, her footsteps lightened a bit, but when her eyes fell on Zhan Zhen her face became angry.

Zhan Zhen noticed and saw her coming with a cold face. He immediately jumped out of the window and said politely: “The queen mother has worked hard today, and this child will have someone send you back to the palace.”

“You…” The queen was wearing a skirt, so she couldn’t jump over the window, so she had to hold the window and scream at him: “There are so many people in the mansion today, who told you to touch her?”

“Er chen doesn’t understand what the queen mother is talking about.”

(t/n  Er chen this subordinate/ minister)

“Just now when we went out, I saw someone sending hot water into the room!” The queen was very angry: “Great! Now Everyone knows that you don’t go to work during the day. You really are a fool, aren’t you?!”

Xian Sheng, who was sleeping, woke up. And when he heard this sentence, he immediately pulled up the quilt in shame.

He thought Zhan Zhen would admit his mistake, but the man opened his mouth and said, “who doesn’t want to be a fool”

Xian Sheng rolled his eyes. Thinking that the queen will definitely discipline him and Zhan Zhen wouldn’t be able to get away without a scolding.

Then he listened to the empress saying angrily: “Then you’ll have to wait until you become the emperor!”

Xian Sheng: “.”

She went on to say: “ there is a knife above the character for lust. It is difficult to survive under a pomegranate skirt. You are the Crown prince, since it’s been so long you don’t feel the need to protect it anymore right ?”

(t/n there is a knife above the character for lust – lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences ; pomegranate skirt – feminine charm)

Zhan Zhen said: “I understand.”

The queen turned around and said cruelly again: “If you don’t know how to restrain yourself, I will find a way to take her to the palace. You can only see her once a month.”

Zhan Zhen’s tone was a bit annoying: “… I  know!”

At the door, Zhan Yin probed his head and wanted to come in: “ has my sister-in-law woken up yet?”

The queen immediately grabbed her away and cursed: “How did I give birth to these two bastards!”

Zhan Yin couldn’t help but feel wronged: “I didn’t see her much today…”

“You shut up.”

Xian Sheng lay helplessly inside, he heard some movements. Zhan Zhen opened the curtain to meet his beautiful eyes, and said, “Is it that difficult to survive under the pomegranate skirt?”

Xian Sheng: “?”

If I die under your skirt, I will become a ghost hovering under your skirt and won’t come out.”

“…” Xian Sheng opened his mouth and closed it silently.

According to what he promised at the beginning, Xian Sheng selected a few girls who were pleasing to the eye at the banquet to show Zhan Zhen. Unexpectedly, he looked very serious. While watching him closely, he asked Xian Sheng: “What do you like about them?”

Xian Sheng said good things about these girls one by one.  Zhan Zhen nodded and wrote them down, but he didn’t say anything else.

On the day of the temple fair, it was the middle of spring. The snow on the roof tops had almost melted. Only the thick ice layer in the river had not completely thawed, but even so, no one went ice skating.

The plum trees turned red and were replaced with peach blossoms planted in the yard. Xian Sheng remembered the day and woke up at dawn.

Last night, he didn’t let Zhan Zhen fool around, so he was so refreshed. He opened his eyes; the eyes were bright and glowing.  Zhan Zhen who came back from practicing his sword outside was startled: “So early?”

Mm-hmm…” Xian Sheng was in a good mood. He opened the quilt and walked down, with joy at the corners of his eyes. He opened the cabinet to pick clothes, Zhan Zhen wiped his face, and came over again: “Are there any gray ones?”

At my age, what do I need gray clothes for?”

Why don’t you wear men’s clothes today?” Zhan Zhen coaxed him and said: “Pick something a little brighter.”

Xian Sheng had the same intention. He grabbed the men’s clothing under his box. There were only a few of them, and the workmanship was very good. He just pulled it out and sized it up. his eyes curled: “How about this white one?”

Zhan Zhen glanced at him and saw his picturesque figure. Wearing white clothes that were whiter than snow, he looked more like an immortal. He said, “too pretty.”

Xian Sheng took a black one and asked, “Then this?”

The black clothes made his skin look very white, and his appearance became more conspicuous. Zhan Zhen said, “too handsome.”

He took a blue one and said: “This should be okay, right?”


Xian Sheng’s eyes turned cold, and Zhan Zhen said, “just wear women’s clothing then.”

Xian sheng looks too good in men’s clothes. He is as handsome and beautiful as a crown jade. There are so many girls at the temple fair today. I’m sure someone will throw a handkerchief at him.

If he was in women’s clothing, it would save a lot of trouble.

Xian Sheng got a little annoyed, turned around and sat on the chair, and said coldly, “You pick it”

Zhan Zhen walked over to his wardrobe and meditated. The green is too fresh, the yellow color is too elegant, the purple is too soft, and the pink is too delicate… He doesn’t want Xian Sheng to wear them. He feels that people will keep staring if he wears them.

He frowned, turned his head to look at Xian Sheng, who took a sip of tea, frowned and said, “done?”

“How about…” Zhan Zhen considered: “we don’t go out?”

“…” Xian Sheng’s face immediately became cold and frosty.

“In fact, it’s quite hot outside, in case you sweat again…” Zhan Zhen said, “Don’t you want to see peach blossoms? I’ll tell someone to plant them all over the garden…”

Xian Sheng said: “If you say it again, I will get really angry.”

Zhan Zhen shut up.

Xian sheng took the medicine that Qi sile had recombined and was in a good mood with Zhan Zhen these days. Because he was in a good mood; his appetite was good and he felt much better.

After he came to the North, he hadn’t officially gone out much. To be precise, he had gone out a handful of times in his life. It was rare to catch up with the excitement, and also his body was not uncomfortable, so he naturally wanted to go out and play.

But his excitement in the morning has already been clouded by Zhan Zhen’s reluctance.

Zhan Zhen treats him as a flower in the greenhouse and his personal possession, but he is not willing to really lock him up, so he asks him again, with a flattering: “Which one do you like?”

“It’s just to go out, so anything is fine.”

These words sound pathetic but Zhan Zhen didn’t dare to provoke him.

He finally took a Goose white color, with simple and elegant flowers embroidered on the hem of the skirt, and the light gauze swayed, very graceful.

“Although the weather is warm, it is still windy occasionally, so put on a cloak too.”

Xian Sheng did not refuse.

Finally got in the carriage and went out. Zhan Zhen sat beside him silently, watching his uncontrollable happy expression and said, “Sheng’er?”

Xian Sheng was still angry, so he looked out of the carriage window, not wanting to pay attention to him.

Zhan zhen tugged at his sleeve, but Xian Sheng still ignored him, so he tugged again: “Come on, sit on your husband’s lap.”

“No.” Xian Sheng said mercilessly: “I don’t like Zhan zhen today, so don’t talk to me.”

“Yes, I was wrong.” Zhan Zhen said, “Weren’t I worrying about your safety? How often do you go out without making trouble? Think about ice skating, and Qin Pavilion…”

“Say it again!”


Xian Sheng couldn’t help but feel wronged: “You are just a selfish puppy.”

Zhan Zhen was still a little guilty, but suddenly smiled, and he said, “Yes, I’m selfish, I’m a puppy. I didn’t take you out to have fun? Don’t be angry.”

Xian Sheng ignored him again.

As the carriage went all the way, it quickly became lively. The driver drove and stopped the carriage under a peach blossom tree. Xian Sheng had already seen a corner of the temple fair from the window of the carriage, bent over to go down, but was suddenly pulled by Zhan Zhen again and suddenly fell into his arms.

Immediately said: “Zhan lue lue!”

Zhan Zhen kissed him and slowly handed over something: “ can you cover your face?”

“I…” Xian Sheng wanted to get angry, but when he met his humble and tentative expression, he said: “You think too much.”

He grabbed his veil and covered his face, pushed the carriage door, remembering that he didn’t have a pedal, and called him: “Hold me.”

Zhan Zhen hugged him quickly, finally feeling at ease.

The temple fair was really lively, pedestrians rubbing shoulders, and naughty children squeezed in from time to time. Xian Sheng couldn’t help squinting his eyes happily. He walked slowly and looked around leisurely. Zhan Zhen patiently accompanied him and asked: “Tang hu lu?”(t/n tang hu lu – sugar coated haws on a stick)

“It’s sour.”

“What about sugar cake?”


Zhan Zhen took him to buy a sugar cake. Just out of the pot. It was a bit hot. Zhan Zhen wrapped it in oil paper, held it in his hand and blew on it lightly, Xian Sheng looked at it and said, “I want to eat first.”

Zhan Zhen dragged him to the corner, where there was no one, tearing off the veil , using his body to block him from view, and then said: “Be careful.”

Xian Sheng took a small bite, inhaled gently, and said, “It’s better than the one you took home.”

Zhan Zhen’s eyes flashed and said, “Then, I will often take you out to eat in the future.”

No matter how good something is, it takes time to buy it back from outside, and the taste is bound to change.

He stroked Xiang sheng’s head and was mocked by him, “Not hiding me anymore?”

“You still have to hide…” Zhan Zhen said, “Do you want to drink sweet red bean soup?”


don’t know if the sugar cake is sticking to his teeth, Zhan Zhen only thinks his voice is sweet and greasy.

“Then I’ll go buy it for you?”

“I want to go with you.”

“You’re clingy” Zhan Zhen said: “I’ll buy it after you finish eating.”

He was patiently feeding Xian Sheng with a gentle look in his eyes. Xian Sheng usually eats and chews slowly. At this moment, he was anxious and almost choked making Zhan Zhen laugh constantly.

Xian Sheng blushed and said: “Hurry up and go buy it now!”

“hold on……”

“Go, go! I’m going to choke to death!”

Zhan Zhen had no choice but to let people guard him. He turned and ran into the crowd. Gao Xuan looked at Xian Sheng from a distance, touched his nose, and sighed.

At this moment, there was a sudden scream from close by: “Murder!! Help!!!”

Xian Sheng immediately raised his head and said hurriedly: “Go and have a look!”

Gao Xuan: “Then you…”

“I won’t run around.”

Gao Xuan glanced at Zhan Zhen’s direction, and was urged by Xian Sheng. So he had to turn around and go over.

Xian Sheng wiped his mouth, looked around. his mouth was suddenly covered, and someone said in his ear: “Don’t make a noise.”

His pupils shrank, and mist suddenly gathered in his eyes.

The sugar cake in his hand fell on the ground, and he honestly closed his mouth. The man took his waist and walked all the way to a secluded place before gently putting him down.

“Brother…” Xian Sheng was surprised and happy, but there was some fear in his eyes: “Why are you here?”

“Zhan Zhen had already said that you got married early, but the two countries are too far apart, and it was already the New Year before the letter arrived.” Xian Shang looked complicated and said, “I don’t know your situation, so I secretly sent someone to poke around first. But the iron walls of the Prince’s Mansion were really inaccessible, and I heard that you were seriously ill several times… I received a letter from Qin Yi two days ago, confirming that you have been exposed. I couldn’t help it, so I pretended to be ill and came in person.”

(t/n iron walls – very strong and impenetrable walls)

“You…” Xian Sheng took a breath and said, “You came to the capital secretly. if Emperor Jin knew…this matter is no joke, what were you thinking?!”

Couldn’t care less.” Xian Shang said: “I came here to confirm whether you are well. If you are alright, I can rest assured. If you’re not, I will arrange manpower. If you are willing, we can leave Great jin immediately. “

“I… I’m all fine.” Xian Sheng smiled at him and said soothingly: “Zhan Zhen has accepted me. We have a good relationship now. As long as my brother is fine, I can rest assured.”

Xian Shang frowned. Just as he was about to say something, he heard the sound of a cavalry. It was a group of imperial forest troops. The leader held a sign and said loudly: “ it was revealed that today’s temple fair was mixed with enemy spies. The imperial army has surrounded the place. Be honest, if there are no ghosts in your heart, you will go home safely after investigation.”

(t/n – no ghosts in your heart – not guilty)


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