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FTMTEP Chapter 38

Chapter 38:

Zhan Zhen was originally quite dignified, as a result, he stubbornly gave him a trace of embarrassment. For a moment, he couldn’t help but want to teach him a lesson, but considering his body, he couldn’t be fierce. He had to kiss him on the mouth as punishment.

Xian Sheng had a very small appetite when he was uncomfortable. Before going to bed, Zhan Zhen coaxed him to take a few more mouthfuls. It was rare that he (ZZ) took the initiative to lie on the small couch and listened to his (XS) movements. He (ZZ) noticed that he didn’t turn over much all night, and he couldn’t help but frown.

This incident gave him a new understanding of Xian Sheng’s weak physique.

Qi Sile moved here the next day and brought a little medicine boy. It is said that he had picked it up from the road before. He was very clever and sensible. He was very attentive and was also very fond of Qi Sile.

When everything was cleaned up, Qi Sile moved a small stove, flipped the book while throwing medicine in it, and spent several hours making a bowl of soup.

Then that evening, he personally delivered the medicine over again, “I have turned over the book these few days and wrote a new prescription, which will improve your illness.”

Zhan Zhen is now inseparable from Xian Sheng, and the military affairs are all handled in the bedroom. When he saw this, he got up and took over.  Xian Sheng said, “Thank you, Royal Uncle”

Qi Sile smiled and asked Zhan Zhen: “I heard that you promised A’ Jin to go to the barracks? Why did you suddenly agree?”

“She doesn’t want to marry, so she can learn more with Jiang Qin for the time being. If she gets into a fight with the knife, maybe she will understand the boudoir.” Zhan Zhen took the spoon and fed the medicine to his mouth: “Bitter?”

“It’s okay.” He has taken even more bitter medicines, but today’s medicines are slightly sweet, although it was still strange and unbearable.

Qi Sile said: “She is still a princess, if she accidentally got hurt or something, how can you tell His majesty?”

“Jiang Qin will protect her.”

Xian Sheng raised his eyes and quickly glanced at Qi Sile. The latter was actually looking at him. Xian Sheng thought he had something to say, but he seemed to care about Zhan Zhen, and finally left after a few casual words.

Qi Sile’s suspicion is far heavier than Zhan Zhen, and it must be related to the fact that he is a cut sleeves, but why didn’t he talk to Zhan Zhen directly?

Xian Sheng was upset and lay down after taking the medicine.

He didn’t know if it’s related to Qi Sile’s medicine. After this bowl of medicine, Xian Sheng obviously felt that his strength was recovering, but even so, he still lay on the bed for several days. It’s worth mentioning that Xian sheng found that Zhan Zhen deliberately didn’t want him to be alone with Qi sile.

Xian Sheng felt fortunate, but also very worried.

The weather was good this day, and Xian Sheng was a little yearning, so he opened the window and sat on the bed and looked out, although he could not see anything except the overwhelming whiteness.

“Want to go out?”

A voice came from his ear, it was Zhan Zhen.

Xian Sheng glanced at him and wanted to refuse, but he still couldn’t hold back and nodded.

Zhan Zhen ordered someone to lift the chaise longue out, then picked him up, and said, “Just say what you want. If you don’t say anything, how can I know?”

Perceiving his little temper, Xian Sheng said softly: “Don’t you know it now?”

With eyes facing each other, Zhan Zhen kissed him dotingly.

He was lying on the couch, while Zhan Zhen was sitting on the side, peeling melon seeds for him, and casually said: “I wrote a letter to your brother, and I just received a reply saying that he has already set off for Jin”

He raised his eyes to look at Xian Sheng. The latter was really taken aback. Gradually, his eyes lightened brighter: “Is this true?”

“This is the reply.” Zhan Zhen handed the letter to him. Xian Sheng hurriedly opened it, read the letter back and forth several times, his eyes fell on the last sentence, “I miss her very much, I hope you cherish my sister.” Shaking, he took a breath, suppressed his excitement, and said: “It’s my elder brother, he wants to see me in person.”

“Your two imperial brothers were vying to come, and the two of them compete to throw pots, and the Crown prince (of liang) narrowly won. only then did he get the chance to come see you.”

Xian sheng thought of the sentence in the letter, “we competed, to see who gets to come see you this time. I was overjoyed when I threw in the pot and won by a narrow margin and got a good opportunity to visit my sister. ” Their hearts are slightly heavy. They all know that Xian sheng is in deep water. No matter who comes, it may be a near death. This is not to see him, but to protect each other.

Thinking so, he smiles and said, “Even though the second brother was born to Aunt Qing, he has always treated me like a close sister. because he is about the same age as my eldest brother, and the two have often fought since they were young.”

He missed them a little, but also a little scared, his eyes surging with anticipation and longing. Although he hoped that his elder brother would not come over, he also knew that it was impossible. He could only try his best to think of the benefit. If someone came, he would not be alone. He would act according to the opportunity. He wondered if he could take this opportunity to escape from Jin. But It seems very difficult to not be discovered by Zhan Zhen.

His mood was slightly depressed again, but Zhan Zhen suddenly reminded: “Extend your hand.”

Xian Sheng acted subconsciously, and Zhan Zhen poured the melon seeds peeled from the small dish into his palm. One hand couldn’t hold it, he hurriedly held both hands and said, “If I want to eat, I will peel them myself.”

“What should I do if you break my mouth?” Zhan Zhen moved the chair to his side, put one hand on the chair, leaned close to him, and said, “If there is blisters, wouldn’t it be beautiful?”

“If I get scratches in my face, you wouldn’t like me anymore?”

Zhan Zhen looked at him for a while and said, “It’s possible.”

Xian Sheng turned his face away, and he knew that Zhan zhen liked his face. If he didn’t have this face, he might die.

“But you just need to be pretty. I will protect you.”

Xian Sheng snorted coldly.

Zhan Zhen raised her eyebrows and said, “Ordinary women may be so happy when they hear that they only need to be beautiful.”

“Accidents can happen anytime, how do I know you can protect me?”

“Trusting a husband is also one of the responsibilities of being a wife.”

Xian Sheng ignored him. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. He felt that Zhan Zhen’s words seemed to have ulterior motives, but with his understanding of Zhan Zhen, he didn’t have to worry too much before he got better.

There was movement from one side, and Zhan Yin, who he hadn’t seen for many days, came through the corridor and ran over. “Sister-in-law, are you better? I heard that you fell ill again. I was not allowed to come out two days ago.  I felt like dying”

As soon as she came over, she rubbed against Xian Sheng’s feet, and looked at him eagerly, just like a coquettish puppy.

Xian Sheng touched her head, before speaking, Zhan Zhen already shouted, “Get up.”

Zhan Yin shivered, and whispered: “Why do you have to be so fierce…”

She didn’t dare to go against her elder brother, obediently left Xian Sheng’s feet and sat on a stool, and waved to someone behind her back: “A Jin! Come here quickly and let sister-in-law have a look!”

Xian Sheng guessed where Zhan Yin was, Zhan Jin must be there. He raised his eyes, and when Zhan Jin came in front of him, he suddenly felt his eyes shine.

Zhan Jin is wearing men’s clothing today, and he will be sixteen this year. The young man is slim, but he can’t hide his romantic atmosphere. His eyebrows are a little thin, his face is small, and his face looks were divine. It is in sharp contrast to Xian sheng’s sick appearance.

He was a little shy, but more of joy, like getting released from a certain cage.

“Brother, sister-in-law.” I think it was because he was afraid of being caught, he was a little nervous, and his voice was still the same as before.

Zhan Zhen’s gaze fell on him, and he watched quietly for a long time.

Zhan Jin’s temperament in women’s clothing is very harsh, like an ice beauty, and a bit sharp in men’s clothing, even if it is deliberately constricted, it looks like a sharp sword.

Women’s clothing can make you look like a woman, men’s clothing, can make them seem to be men.

Perceiving his brother’s gaze, he subconsciously held his breath slightly, and the melon seeds in Zhan Zhen’s hand suddenly fell on the ground, and Zhan Jin’s forehead exuded fine cold sweat.

The atmosphere solidified for a while, and Xian Sheng was also a little breathless.

I have to say that temperament can sometimes determine gender. Xian Sheng has been sick since he was a child. Even if he wears menswear, he still looks very gentle, but Zhan jin is different. Although he has always been cautious and restrained, he is beautiful and sharp. Wearing Men’s clothes are like returning to nature. If he is not preconceived, he just seems to be a handsome boy.

Not to mention his height.

Zhan Zhen is not a fool, even if he never doubted before, he definitely understood something at this moment.

Zhan Yin took the lead to break the stalemate: “I’ll just say ‘she’ looks good! You see, brother Huang is stunned.”

Zhan Zhen was still looking at Zhan Jin. his eyes contracted slightly, and gradually turn to forest cold. It is cold as if it has been covered with ten thousand years of cold ice.

No one knew what he was thinking.

The corners of Zhan Jin’s raised mouth slowly tightened, and the headless Zhan Yin also shrank her head sensitively, and slightly widened her eyes to look at Zhan Zhen in surprise.

A white hand suddenly stretched out, Zhan Zhen lowered his eyes, looked at the plain hand that can be called a ‘catkin’, and met Xian Sheng’s gaze without saying a word.

“What’s the matter?” Xian Sheng deliberately said, “Really dumbfounded?”

His eyes are very beautiful, even if not deliberately, they seem to have a charming light. Zhan Zhen carefully examined this face, comparing back and forth in his mind, the person who appeared in the city tower holding the banner and the same snow-white face, the same pitch-black hair, one arbitrarily tied, and a hairpin tied up. his eyes flickered slightly, dropped his eyes again, gently holding his hands.

Xian Sheng’s palm was tender, he squeezed, and whispered: “If I didn’t know it was A Jin, I’m afraid I would really treat her as a man.”

“I was really taken aback when I saw her.” Xian Sheng withdrew his hand and looked at Zhan Jin. He saw that the other party who use to dress up as a girl. He thought that he would definitely look like a girl in a man’s dress, but he didn’t expect that, He would look so heroic. he pressed the anxiety in his heart, and said: “Sit down, talk about the difference between the barracks and the palace? How does the little general treat you?”

He chatted casually with Zhan Jin, but Zhan Zhen didn’t intervene anymore. He lowered his head and peeled the melon seeds and put them in a small dish one by one. Zhan Yin secretly pinched a few of them to eat by herself, and said in her heart: If it hadn’t been for seeing my brother beat his sister-in-law, he would look like a good husband at first glance.

My elder brother really has no other advantages except for his good looks.

She came to see Xian Sheng again, sighed in her heart. It was a pity to see that heaven and earth were matched her(XS) with her(zhan yin) brother.

When the wind blew in the yard, Zhan Zhen interrupted their chat and said, “go inside and don’t freeze again.”

He got up, Zhan Yin and Zhan Jin also stood up immediately.

Zhan Zhen patted the melon seed dander on his hands, bent over and hugged Xian Sheng.

Xian Sheng nestled in his arms obediently. He was very light, perhaps even lighter than some northern women. Zhan Zhen could easily pick him up and put him back on the bed. Xian Sheng suddenly said, “What’s wrong with husband?”

His eyes were clear, with faint worry in his eyes, as if he really didn’t know anything.

“It’s nothing.” Zhan Zhen pulled the quilt to cover him, and said: “I will be back later today. Don’t open the windows anymore. Take care of yourself first.”

Xian Sheng knew that asking more questions would only be more suspicious, so he nodded and said, “I’m bored by myself. Let A’yin and the others come in and talk to me.”


Zhan Zhen called the ‘two’ sisters over, but then called Zhan Yin aside by herself, and asked her, “Have A’Jin gone to the bath on the fifth day of the fifth year?”

“No.” Zhan Yin said: “He was ill, so it’s not convenient to go.”

“Have you ever had a bath with her?”

“You don’t know her. A Jin is introverted and easily shy. She slept with me when she was a child. In recent years, her mother approved her a new bedroom, and I wasn’t allowed to spend the night every time I played with her.” Zhan Yin complained and wondered, again: “Why are you asking about this matter?”

“Have you ever seen her without clothes?”

“…” The question was a bit explicit, Zhan Yin weird her eyes, she put her hands around her chest, and slowly said: “A Jin and I, we are blood sister… Besides, it’s not like brother has a sister-in-law. So, it’s not appropriate”

Zhan Zhen said solemnly: ” I have something serious to investigate. It may involve the cause of Concubine Mei’s death…”

Zhan Yin immediately widened her eyes: “Isn’t the real murderer caught long ago?”

“It may also be a scapegoat.”

“That…” Zhan Yin rolled her eyes and twisted her veil and said: “If you draw me a piece of sister-in-law who doesn’t have any clothes, I’ll just… describe it to you… ahhhhh!”

Zhan Zhen grabbed her back collar and threw the person directly into the thick snow.

“You should wake up first.”

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