My CP must be sweet! [Entertainment circle]
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My CP must be sweet! [Entertainment circle]

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《我的CP必須甜!(娛樂圈)》, MCMBC
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Lan Bao Bao Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views

Synopsis My CP must be sweet! [Entertainment circle]

Summary ::


Gong Ze is a rare little fresh meat with good looks and acting skills in the entertainment circle.

Wen Ge is a golden voice recognized in the entertainment industry as a rare one in a century.

Obviously they are two people with completely different development routes, but they are secretly competing.

Gong Ze won the best actor, Wen Ge won the number one album sales online.

Wen Ge shocked the audience and participated in a movie as a guest role. For the first time, Gong Ze opened his voice and sang the theme song for the TV series.

In the end, the fans on both sides also developed into enemies who drew their swords when they met.

Later, they participated in a reality show together. The program group was frantic and let the two appear together .

The flames of the fans rose to the highest level.


Gong Ze posted a Weibo: “Hello, Mrs. Gong, @Wen Ge”

Wen Ge posted a Weibo: “@GongZe, Mr. Gong, talk nonsense and sleep on the sofa tonight!”

That day, Weibo completely collapsed.

On that day, a group of people gathered on rooftops across the country.

Gong Ze (A gentle man on the outside, but an actor who talks a lot to his wife) X Wen Ge (calm in all matters, except when he is with Gong)


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