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MCMBC Chapter 4

There is a contradiction

Chapter 4,, there is a contradiction.


The last game was also finished. After the host finished speaking the concluding remarks, the recording of the show was over.


Gong Ze and Wen Ge stepped down after speaking to the audience individually.


And Lu Siming’s hanging heart didn’t let go until this moment, and he thanked the two of them excitedly.


“It’s not too late, do you want to have a supper together?”


Lu Siming  invited with enthusiasm, but both refused.


Gong Ze said he still had a schedule to follow, Wen Ge said that he was controlling his diet recently to lose weight , and then left one after another.


Gong Ze wanted to say a few more words to Wen Ge, but the next schedule was very tight, there was no time to waste at all, and he left before the makeup was taken off.


When Wen Ge came out, he happened to see Gong Ze’s nanny car leaving.


After waiting at the door for five minutes, his driver also drove over. After Wen Ge got in the car, the assistant asked him where he was going.


Wen Ge glanced at the silent WeChat, and then said: “Send me home directly.” It was almost eleven when he got home , and the empty home was quiet and lifeless.


After entering the room, it was as if all the strength had been drained suddenly, and after throwing himself on the bed, he remained motionless.


After spinning around for so many days, Wen Ge’s energy has long been exhausted, and in addition, he has been in a bad state recently, and gradually fell asleep on his stomach.


It was one o’clock in the morning after Gong Ze finished all the trips.


After running outside for a whole day, Gong Ze’s face became a little more tired, and there were red marks around his temples that he had rubbed with his fingers.


The assistant asked: “Go straight home?”


Gong Ze leaned on the back of the chair and nodded. After a second, he opened his eyes again and changed his words : “Go to the pet shop first.” The assistant reminded him: “Brother, now It’s so late, and I guess the pet shops are closed.”


Gong Ze then remembered that it was already midnight, sighed, and asked the driver to take him home directly.


One hour later, the car reached its destination. Gong Ze explained a few words to his assistant and got out of the car, and the black nanny car did not leave until he entered the house.


Opening the door, a cold air rushed towards his face. It was already a bit cold in the early autumn night, and Gong Ze couldn’t help shivering in his thin shirt.


Pressing the light on the wall, Gong Ze saw the wide open window at the moment the living room became brighter, and the floor-to-ceiling curtains were swayed by the cold wind.


Gong Ze walked quickly to close the window, then went upstairs gently, pushed open the hidden door, and saw the person lying on the bed sleeping in the moonlight, his brows instantly became gentle, and he sat on the bed and watched quietly. After a long time, he couldn’t help but leaned over and kissed gently on the slightly opened lips.


At the moment when the lips were attached, a soft tongue stretched out, swept along the lip line, and then went in along the lip gap.


With a smile in his eyes, Gong Ze kicked off his slippers, rolled over and pressed the person under him, enthusiastically responding to this sudden kiss.


Breathing is intertwined, lips and tongues meet, and the slightly rapid breathing is particularly pronounced in the dark night.


Then a rustling voice sounded, something fell to the ground, and the last groan rang out in the room full of love.


Two hours later, the moans stopped.


Gong Ze turned on the bedside lamp, then took the person into his arms again, and sucked another red mark on the pale naked shoulders covered with hickeys.


Sucking hard, the person in his arms made a soft “hiss”, and the hand hidden in the quilt pinched his waist, but the love just now took all his energy, so for Gong Ze In terms of this pinch, it’s like being scratched by a cat. It doesn’t hurt and is only itchy.


Gong Ze happily leaned forward and kissed again, and then rubbed the tip of his nose against the back of the other person’s head: “Finally you are willing to pay attention to me? Wife, don’t be angry, you have left me in the cold for more than half a month, and you have been giving me a hard time in the backstage before . It’s time to calm down your anger, right?”


Wen Ge opened his eyes slowly, his tone was cool: “Enough ? When did I change my title, I will consider this matter.”


Gong Ze curled his lips and whispered: “You are my wife, there’s a marriage certificate. It’s a fact that written on it.”


Although he said quietly, Wen Ge could hear it clearly as the two of them were close. So he turned around, sitting face to face with Gong Ze, and said with a cold face: “I remember that my marriage certificate says it is a partner, but I have never seen the word wife before, or did you remember it wrong Mr. Gong? are not hiding something from me? Which woman did you marry again?”


Gong Ze murmured. Listening to Wen Ge’s cool tone, he hurriedly moved up with a hippie smile: “Okay, I’m wrong, I’ll change it. You are my husband, not my wife! Also, you’re the only one I wanted to marry since I was twelve years old. You are questioning my feelings for you when you say that. ”




This trick may be useful to outsiders, but Wen Ge grew up with him since he was a child, and he has long been immune to this set. So no matter how realistic Gong Ze’s acting was, Wen Ge remained unmoved, and when his strength recovered a little, he got out of bed and went into the bathroom.


He didn’t have to hide, he didn’t even put on a robe, he went down to the floor naked, and the deep and light red marks almost made Gong Ze jump on him again.


When Wen Ge came out of the bathroom again, Gong Ze was lying on the duvet, in a wide, lounging position, cooling down his active bird. 1 bird : p*nis


Wen Ge didn’t even look at it, opened the quilt and got in, ready to go to bed.


It was almost four o’clock in the morning. He was tired and sleepy. He wanted to fall asleep as soon as he touched the pillow, but unfortunately someone refused to let him do what he wanted.


Gong Ze waited for his body to calm down , and got into the bed again, and took his lover into his arms again. He hasn’t been able to hug someone to sleep for nearly half a month, and now Gong Ze can finally hug him again. He can’t wait to let go.


Wen Ge didn’t push away either, but adjusted his posture so that he could sleep more comfortably.


Gong Ze hugged him and turned over, then took off the pajamas that was in the way, and hugged face to face. His skin was so close to the touch that he couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh of relief, rubbed Wen Ge’s calf with his heel, and then leaned his head against his head and spoke in a low voice.


But it was Gong Ze who was basically talking, and Wen Ge slapped a word or two after falling asleep.


“Don’t be angry. Last time I was wrong. I shouldn’t have a cold fight with you. From now on, you can be angry, hit me and scold me, but you can’t ignore me, do you know?” Gong Ze took the person into his arms and rubbed him.


Wen Ge snorted, “Obviously you ignored me first.”


There was a little grievance in his tone.


“I am also worried about you, how did you get a pet in your state at the time.”


“Then you can’t send it away without my consent!”


Speaking of it, Wen Ge was a little angry.


In fact, the two have been together day and night for more than 20 years. Whether it is before or after love, it is rare to have awkwardness, let alone quarrel. Because no matter what Wen Ge wants to do, Gong Ze will unconditionally agree to follow him.


Gong Ze is a very principled person, but facing Wen Ge alone, all principles have become decorations.


But that time when Gong Ze faced Wen Ge, he was rarely tough.


In fact, the contradiction between the two is quite small.


Wen Ge liked dogs since he was a child, but when he was a child, because of some respiratory problems, the family has not allowed him to raise it. After being with Gong Ze, Gong Ze also disagreed with him because he was worried about his body.


As a result, after Wen Ge went out to shoot the MV, he suddenly brought back a stray dog, a thin and weak little golden retriever that was discarded by the owner.


Gong Ze originally wanted to give it away, but seeing that Wen Ge liked it so much and the little golden retriever was also very well-behaved, he acquiesced to let the little golden retriever stay.


It was pretty good at the beginning. Wen Ge’s physique is much better than when he was a child, and he hasn’t had any physical problems. But within a few days, Wen Ge fell down. At first he just caught a cold, but Wen Ge is a physique that can hardly get better all his life. So one week later, the cold was not getting better, but it became more and more serious. In the end It even caused a respiratory infection.


Gong Ze had originally criticized Wen Ge for raising a dog. Now that he was ill again, he was anxious and annoyed. On impulse, he concealed from Wen Ge and sent the dog away.


Unsurprisingly, Wen Ge was furious after knowing that the dog had been sent away, and cursed Gong Ze a few words. Gong Ze had been irritated because of Wen Ge’s illness for the past few days. Seeing that he was completely ignoring his body and only thinking about dogs, he became angry and said a few serious things.


After that, the two fell into a cold war. After more than a week, the two still ignored each other. After that, the two ran around because of their respective schedules, and they didn’t even have a chance to meet, so they couldn’t find the time to reconcile.


Today was the first time they met after the two quarreled at the entrance of the studio.


Gong Ze was convinced to ask for peace, but along with the place being wrong, Wen Ge was also indifferent to himself, completely treating himself as a stranger.


There is nothing worse in the world than a loved one who is around, but can’t touch and eat, and has to pretend not to know anything more difficult. So after suffering all night, Gong Ze finally decided to admit his mistake.


My wife is almost gone, so what kind of face is needed!


Wen Ge didn’t speak for a long time. Just when Gong Ze thought he was asleep, he suddenly asked, “Where did you send the dog?”


“Uh,” Gong Ze smashed his mouth, “Give it to a friend.” “


“Which friend? I will ask Xiaoye to pick it up tomorrow.”


“Do you want to raise it?” Gong Ze was depressed.


Wen Ge raised his head to meet him.


Gong Ze: …


In Five seconds.


“Okay, okay, raise it !” Gong Ze hugged the person into his arms again, “I will send Da Yong directly tomorrow, no need to call Xiaoye.”


Wen Ge closed his eyes with satisfaction. Gong Ze was finally a little sleepy now, turned off the lights, hugged his lover and closed his eyes.


The room finally returned to quiet again, only the sound of light and shallow breathing remained.


A minute later, Gong Ze opened his eyes again and whispered Wen Ge.


“What else?” Wen Ge was awakened again when he was drowsy, and his patience was exhausted.


But Gong Ze was very persistent and asked about the last question on the show that he didn’t guess when playing the tacit game.


“You know the answer to the last question, why don’t you answer it? ” Gong Ze thought for a while and said faintly, “Or did you forget that I proposed to you there?”


Wen Ge rolled his eyes and yawned. : “I didn’t forget, I didn’t answer deliberately.”






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