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MCMBC Chapter 14

Trip to Germany

Chapter 14: Trip to Germany  

It was the end of October when Gong Ze returned from Hengdian. This year’s work arrangements are almost over, so An Xin became a family cook at home.

After a month of rest, Wen Ge lived the life of a dynamo. 1 Original text :而溫格在休息了一個月後,又過上了空中飛人的生活

In early November, he first flew to City H to attend the awards ceremony held by CC Music Company, and then stayed there for a week to accept interviews from various reporters. It was already in the middle of the month when he returned. Too late to take a breath, and ran to the company every day because of the single.

Whenever he saw Gong Ze in his home clothes sending him off before going out, he had the urge to not work, and to stay at home and eat and wait for death.

Gong Ze didn’t stop completely, but his job was much easier than Wen Ge . Every day watching Wen Ge leave early and return late, he feels distressed and wants to accompany him to work, but it is the capital here, all entertainment companies and news headquarters are set up here, and all the media are carrying cameras and lying in ambush in various places, just waiting for exclusive news. In particular, popular stars like Wen Ge , who are highly popular and highly topical, are the things that all media reporters compete to report. Therefore, outside the scope of their own community, they have basically never appeared together.

He couldn’t help Wen Ge at work, so Gong Ze had to work hard on three meals a day for fear that he would be tired and become thin again. Thanks to him, though Wen Ge was so busy day and night, not only was he not tired and thin, but he also gained a few pounds. His complexion was ruddy, not the pale and haggard before, which caused the agent and assistant to sigh, there is love. The moisturizing effect is good.

At the end of November, Wen Ge and the filming team set off for Germany. And shortly after they left, Gong Ze also showed up at the airport with his luggage, hat, sunglasses, mask, fully armed. No one found him.

Wen Ge and the others needed a special plane in Moscow, so when they arrived in Germany it was Friday, and the chief designer did not have time to meet him until Tuesday.

The filming team had booked the hotel early in the morning and was about to head to the hotel after leaving the airport, but Wen Ge said that he had arranged a place to stay and would not live with them.

The filming location of the advertisement is not in Germany. The filming team will set off to South America first after confirming the advertisement plan with the company, so there is no problem if Wen Ge does not stay with them during this period.

After explaining the situation, Wen Ge drove away alone.

The agent and assistant did not go together, but followed the camera crew to the hotel. On the way, a female employee couldn’t help but curiously asked Ying Yutian : “Brother Wanwan, does Wen Nanshen still have real estate in Germany?”

My sister, your sister!

Ying Yutian spit out in his heart, and then calmly answered him, “I don’t know this too well, but he has lived in Europe for a period of time at university, maybe he will live in a friend’s house.” The female employee nodded. She seemed to understand but not to understand.

At this time Wen Ge was driving around in the night. Driving from the airport all the way to the city center, passing through the high-rise buildings, the car drove into the old streets and alleys, and stopped in front of a residential building.

The residential building is not high, only three floors, and it is even more abrupt and exquisite under the background of a circle of dozens of hundreds of high-rise buildings.

Wen Ge got out of the car, pressed the code, and entered the corridor. The stairs were narrow enough to allow only one adult to pass. The wooden staircase is a bit old, and there is a slight creak when you step on it. When he reached the second floor, the door opened, and a German woman came out from inside. The German woman is about fifty, with a swollen figure and deep wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. She was surprised to see Wen Ge .

“Oh, Wen! You are finally back!” The German woman spoke German and embraced Wen Ge enthusiastically.

“Mrs. Smith, long time no see, how are you doing ?” Wen Ge hugged her back and greeted her in German.

“I’m fine, but you weren’t here, I was a little lonely.” Smith was reluctant to let go of Wen Ge .

“Sorry, we were too busy at work and have not been able to come back to see you.” Wen Ge said guiltily.

“I know, I am following you all. Thanks to the Internet, at least I can see you through the Internet when I think about you, but forgive me for not knowing Chinese, and there are no subtitles on the video, so I only put my attention on your faces.”

“Mrs. Smith, you are still so humorous.” Wen Ge smiled.

Mrs. Smith was too happy herself.

“Okay, Eric is already here. Go up. I have to go to the baking classroom with Mrs. Wales to learn how to make desserts. Tomorrow, I will hold a welcome party for you.” Mrs. Smith was smug.

Wen Ge nodded and cheered : “I’m looking forward to it.” After saying goodbye to Mrs. Smith, Wen Ge continued to walk upstairs. As soon as he reached the third floor, the door of the room opened, and Gong Ze smiled and leaned against the door frame: “You’re so slow, I’ve been waiting for you to end the conversation with Mrs. Smith.”

Wen Ge smiled, and after entering the house, he threw his luggage on the floor and couldn’t wait to hug Gong Ze ‘s neck, and raised his head to send a sweet kiss.

“Is this compensation?” Gong Ze hugged him and asked after the kiss.

“You can think so.” Wen Ge kicked off his shoes and jumped vigorously, putting his legs on Gong Ze ‘s waist. Gong Ze held his ass and hugged him into the room.

The room is very small and the furniture is very few. Only a few essential items are placed. The living room and the bedroom are connected, separated by a row of wardrobes in the middle, and the bathroom is even smaller. After a washing machine is installed, the others cannot be accommodated.

Although the rooms are small, they are neatly organized . There are many decorative paintings on the wall, the grass-green curtains sway gently in the breeze, and the warm yellow wall lamps are also warm.

Entering the living room, Wen Ge stepped down from Gong Ze and occupied the small two-seat sofa, stretched comfortably with his calves exposed outside.

“Finally home!” Wen Ge rolled from side to side on the sofa, rarely showing a bit of childishness.

Gong Ze laughed, sitting cross-legged on the ground, scratching the exposed waist with his index finger: “You’re so happy to be here.”

“Of course, This can also be said to be our first home.” Wen Ge lay on his side and looked at Gong Ze .

The smile on Gong Ze ‘s face deepened, and a look of nostalgia appeared in his eyes.

When they first came to Germany to go to school, both of their parents were worried that their children would suffer outside. They wanted to buy an apartment for them in Germany, but they refused to rely on their parents forever. Instead, they chose to rent a house with the money they earned from their part-time work.

They didn’t have much money and couldn’t afford to rent a great house. At that time, the Smiths’ daughter had just married and no longer lived in the house, so the room on the third floor became vacant. Mrs. Smith saw that they were pure, well-behaved and polite, so she rented them the house at a very low price.

Although the house is not big, it is the first home that only belongs to the two of them. The days living here are the happiest and sweetest time in their lives. Although life is plain, it is also satisfying. In addition, the Smiths are also very good, and they often give them some snacks and fruits. The two lived for four years until they graduated from college. They were favored by domestic brokerage companies and returned to China.

And this house left too many memories for the two of them, they were not willing to just abandon it, and simply rented the right to use the room for a long time. Mrs. Smith also liked these two handsome and cute Chinese boys very much, so they agreed to the request immediately after they made this request. Even after they returned to China, they would often go upstairs to help them clean, and would not wait for them to come back and have a look. At that time, the house was too dirty and messy.

“By the way, the shower gel in the bathroom is gone. I have to go to the supermarket later.” Gong Ze squeezed Wen Ge ‘s face.

“Okay, let’s go together.” Wen Ge nodded, after thinking about it, “Have you had dinner?” “You haven’t come back yet, do you think I will eat first by myself?” Gong Ze complained jokingly.

Wen Ge immediately sat up when he heard that, pulling Gong Ze and walking out, “Go, brother will take you to a big meal now! Brother will buy you whatever you want to eat.”

He said it was a big meal, but in the end they only bought two burgers in the supermarket ,scanned the goods and ate them.

Gong Ze pushed the shopping cart with one hand and kept taking the goods from the shelves with the other. Wen Ge took a hamburger in his hand, took a bite by himself, then lifted the other one to feed Gong Ze .

“We’ll just live for three days, do we need to buy so much? I don’t know when we will come back next time. If we don’t use it up, it will expire.” Wen Ge gnawed his burger and threw the wrapping paper into the trash bag, and then concentrated on feeding Gong Ze .

Gong Ze took the last bite and looked at the shopping cart with bulging cheeks. He felt that Wen Ge ‘s words made sense, so he took out the large bottle of shower gel and shampoo and replaced it with a small bottle.

After walking around and getting all the necessary daily necessities, Gong Ze went to sweep a bunch of snacks, and then he took Wen Ge to the counter to check out.

At this time, there were a lot of people queuing to check out, and there were a dozen in front of them. Gong Ze leaned in Wen Ge ‘s ear to whisper to him, not knowing what he said, making Wen Ge laugh. Gong Ze held his shoulders and continued speaking in a low voice, Wen Ge couldn’t laugh, and struggled constantly in his arms, trying to escape.

The noise was a little loud, and everyone looked at them. So the two converged and apologized to them ashamed.

There was no complaint from the surrounding customers, and they looked at them with a friendly smile.

“You are very cute, I wish you happiness.” There was even a kind-hearted German old man who gave them his blessings.

The two felt warm in their hearts and sincerely thanked them.

Just then it was their turn, and they stopped fighting and waited for the salesperson to check out.

While counting the goods, Gong Ze took another box set from the counter.

The salesperson took it and scanned the code, looked at Gong Ze and Wen Ge , then smiled and blinked ambiguously at the two.



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    Original text :而溫格在休息了一個月後,又過上了空中飛人的生活
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