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MCMBC Chapter 11

The Master of Love Conversation


Chapter 11… The Master of Love Conversation


Wen Ge ’s arrival was completely unexpected, so to avoid being disturbed during this short meeting, Gong Ze  specially asked the director for two days off. His scenes in the next few days were not in a hurry, so the director quickly let go.


However, although the leave was taken, but with the popularity of the two, it was not easy to go out. So they simply stayed in the hotel for two days without leaving the room . Three meals a day were not ordered meals. They let the assistant send it.


Wen Ge  specially chose to come on Friday, so he could accompany Gong Ze  for a weekend.


On the whole day of Saturday, the two of them did not get out of bed. As for the reason…


Wen Ge  was lying on the bed panting, covered by a quilt from the waist down, no strand of cloth above the waist, and the slightly thin breasts were densely packed with shallow or deep hickeys. The crimson traces cover the over-white body, adding a bit of seductive sexiness.


Almost at the same time, little Gong Ze  who had just calmed diwn instantly rose again, facing Wen Ge  straight up. He swallowed, and rushed forward like a hungry wolf, and was blocked by Wen Ge  at a distance of ten centimeters from the prey.


He originally wanted to kick him a few feet away to vent his anger, but the legs were really weak , so he could only stick to Gong Ze ’s abdomen feebly, and he didn’t even have the strength to move another toe.


Gong Ze  kissed his feet and saw Wen Ge  was too tired, and finally gave up the plan of throwing himself down, turned over and lay on the other side, took the person into his arms, and helped massage his waist with both hands.


Wen Ge  closed his eyes and lay on Gong Ze ’s chest, the strength on his waist was not light or heavy, and finally relieved the overwhelmed waist, so he couldn’t help but groan a few times.


Gong Ze  was itchy after hearing , so he kissed Wen Ge , each one on his forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth.


The kiss was very soft and gentle, Wen Ge  felt like he was in the clouds, very comfortable, so he gradually fell asleep in the kiss of Gong Ze .


It was already dark when he woke up again, and Gong Ze  changed into home clothes and was sitting on the solo sofa by the window reading the script. The room was dim, with only a floor lamp emitting a warm yellow light at the corner of the sofa .


Gong Ze  sat on the sofa with his legs folded, the script on his lap, and his right hand on the armrest propped his head, quiet and serious with his eyebrows knotted . He is slightly short-sighted, and he is used to wearing glasses when reading scripts. Unlike the black-rimmed glasses that all celebrities have, Gong Ze  wears a pair of round-framed glasses with fine gold threads .


Wen Ge  personally chose the glasses. After a long time in the optical shop, Wen Ge  didn’t see what he was satisfied with. Until he saw the glasses in the corner, he was instantly attracted, and then urged Gong Ze  to try them on.


The effect of wearing it was as he had thought, and it was a complete mess. They were still in college at the time, and they hadn’t stepped into this circle yet, and no one knew them when they walked on the street. At that time, Gong Ze  was full of youthful breath, exaggerated and handsome, with a buzzcut head, sword eyebrows and starry eyes, that was a very aggressive handsome. But after wearing these glasses, this kind of aggression is slightly reduced, but a bit more calm, and Wen Ge  is fascinated at the moment. After leaving the optical shop, he dragged people into the alley and kissed him with his tongue. It took five minutes.


Later, with the increase of age, the experience deepened a little bit, and the aggressiveness of Gong Ze  gradually faded. Especially after entering the show business circle, the whole person has become mature and stable. When he puts on this pair of glasses, he is like a wealthy man of the Republic of China. He is calm and low-key, but it is still eye-catching. Every time he is  like this, as long as Gong Ze  smiles, Wen Ge  feels that his legs are soft, and there seems to be a flow of heat in his heart, just wanting him (GZ) to take possession of himself (WG) as much as he wants.


Wen Ge  never knew why a pair of glasses was so attractive. Gong Ze  would usually smirk at him, but at that time he only wanted to throw the slippers on his face, but every time he only wears this pair of glasses, no matter how much he smiled at himself, he couldn’t hold it at all. In the end, no matter what excessive demands he made, he could only nod his head.


It took him a long time to realize that something called temperament was at work.


It was also at that time that he knew that there was a kind of person in the world called Sven scum. 1 Sven scum :”sven scum” does not mean a scumbag, but is embodied in clothing and temperament, , to strike a balance between being well-behaved and playing bad.


Hearing the movement, Gong Ze  put down the script and walked over, turned on the headlight of the room, and helped Wen Ge  up.


“Are you hungry?” Gong Ze  brought his pillow over and cushioned him.


Wen Ge  touched his slumped belly, nodded, and looked down, only to find that Gong Ze had helped him to get dressed. The neckline of his clothes was a bit big, he moved slightly, and the neckline swayed, and there was an ambiguous trace of red,  and purple inside .


Wen Ge opened the collar and looked at it carefully for a while, then held Gong Ze ’s face for a while.


“Gong Zhuangzhuang, 2 Zhuang : strong I’m here to visit the crew, not from a thousand miles away!” Wen Ge snorted angrily.


From meeting last night to now, he basically spent most of his time in bed. He also didn’t know how Gong Ze who was so tired from filming every day  could  still have the strength to toss himself half-dead,  he(WG) was distressed before that he (GZ) was too tired, and now he (WG) can’t wait for him (GZ) to film 24 hours a day!


Gong Ze  also knew that he had done a little too much this time, so he didn’t ask for mercy, so he rubbed and let him curse, and when he got tired of cursing, he took the person into his arms and lowered his head to take a mouthful of his lips.


When Wen Ge  got tired of scolding, he (GZ) went to the restaurant with someone in his arms. With a bowl of warm porridge, the whole stomach feels much better. Wen Ge  is hungry and tired, and it is rare to indulge himself till he is full.


It was almost eight o’clock after eating, Wen Ge  turned on the TV and sat in Gong Ze ’s arms to digest.


He clicked the TV and didn’t find any interesting programs. When he was about to turn it off, he suddenly remembered that it was Saturday, so he clicked a number. The TV jumped to a certain channel, and the opening of “See You On Saturday” was playing at this time.


Hearing familiar music, Gong Ze  also raised his head: “Why do you want to watch this?”


“We are also guests of this issue. We have to watch a little bit, and it is boring when we are idle. It’s not bad to have something to pass the time.” Wen Ge  adjusted his posture and lay down in Gong Ze ’s arms.


Gong Ze  was not interested in this, but noticed the words spoken by Wen Ge , so he squeezed Wen Ge ’s waist with a smirk: “Watching TV is so boring, if you really feel bored, I will show you something interesting.”


Listen to that unscrupulous tone, he knew what the interesting thing he was talking about. Wen Ge  rolled his eyes, slapped his hand, and said, “Go to the edge, if you dare to hurt Laozi 3 Laozi : arrogant way of referring to himself , just wait to cry.”


Gong Ze  hugged him tightly and rubbed the top of his head with his chin: “How can I be willing, I want to be healthy with you, and grow old together .”


The depression in his heart dissipated in an instant, and it was replaced by warm sweetness. Wen Ge  quietly listened to the words of love that were so sweet to his heart, the words of love that popped out from the lover, and the smile on the corner of his mouth could no longer disappear.


Because the show was broadcast on Saturday and the student party didn’t have to go to school, the fighting power of the fans was still strong even in the middle of the night. In the end, the largest scolding battle between the two fans lasted all night. Later, the two companies saw that the incident was too much and both had to  suppress it.


However, after this trouble, Gong Ze  and Wen Ge being together on the same stage did not alleviate the tension between the two fans. On the contrary, the situation intensified, the conflicts intensified, and the grievances surged. During that time, passers-by or other fans were very frightened, and they were afraid to mention Wen Ge  or Gong Ze ’s name on the public platform for fear of being hurt by mistake.


After this incident, the rumors of Gong Ze  and Wen Ge ’s discord finally became a solid fact in the eyes of outsiders.


This makes the hearts of the few people who know the truth confused.


After a week of digestion, Wen Ge’s assistant finally accepted this cruel fact, and he also had to ask Ying Yutian with deep affection.


“Brother Ying, you said that if the fans find that their relationship is not what they think they are, how will they react?”


Ying Yutian licked melon seeds and said casually: “What other reactions will there be, they are going to jump off the building in a group to make them both apologize with death.” The little assistant sighed deeply and couldn’t help crying out, “Why are you telling me the truth! I would rather never know this!”


Ying Yutian patted him on the shoulder and comforted him as a person who came by: “People should grow up, and they can’t live in self-deception.” The  Little assistant ran to write a suicide note in tears. He felt that the day when the truth was revealed was his death date, and it would be better for him to confess his funeral earlier.


Wen Ge  stayed with Gong Ze  for two days in Hengdian, and the two days were basically spent on that matter. When he went out to the airport on Sunday, he looked at the dim sky and felt like a world away. He felt his over-used waist and took a deep breath of cold air.


Gong Ze  personally escorted him to the airport. Thinking of not seeing his lover for a while after today, he wished that the speed could be kept at 30, which would be a little slower. Later Wen Ge  really couldn’t stand it anymore and threatened him to take a taxi to the airport by himself. Gong Ze  was reluctant but had to speed up.


When he arrived at the airport, there were still two hours before the plane took off. Gong Ze  entered the airport with him, followed him and watched him go through the formalities. Although wearing hats and sunglasses, the temperaments of the two of them are not ordinary people at first glance, so people will look at them from time to time to guess whether they are some stars.


The only good news is that there were no  fans of the two at the scene, so no one recognized them for two hours.


The airport announcement began to inform the passengers that they were boarding. Gong Ze  was full of resentment. Wen Ge  always felt that he could see his grievances through the sunglasses , so he had to drag people into the bathroom and comforted him for ten minutes. .


Ten minutes later, Gong Ze  came out of the bathroom refreshed, Wen Ge  followed behind him, his clothes a little wrinkled.


The farewell benefits were more in place, so Gong Ze ’s grievances finally disappeared a little, and he sent people to the boarding gate. After watching his lover enter, he didn’t rush to leave. He watched the plane Wen Ge  got on  taking off and then left one step at a time from the airport.


It was already nine o’clock in the evening when the plane arrived at the destination, and Ye Qing had arrived at the airport early to meet him.


After a day of running around, Wen Ge  was already exhausted physically and mentally, so he braced himself to call Gong Ze  to report safety and then slept against the window of the car.


On the way, Ye Qing went to Ying Yutian’s house first, took the dog back, and then returned to Wen Ge ’s house with one person and one dog.


It was too late, and there was no food at home, so Ye Qing ordered for Wen Ge a takeaway, then agreed to pick up someone tomorrow and left.


Wen Ge  slept in the car and became a little awake, took a shower, and the takeaway was delivered.


The hourly worker had just come to clean the house during the day, so the ground was very clean. Wen Ge  simply sat on the carpet and shared a malt with maltose.


He hasn’t seen his little dad for two days, and Maltose was also very happy. He kept walking around Wen Ge  when he was eating. Later, when he saw that he was going upstairs, he followed up with his short legs. •


Because Wen Ge ’s respiratory tract problem has not healed, Gong Ze  never allowed maltose to stay overnight in their room, but at this time, looking at his son’s big watery eyes, Wen Ge  felt soft and let the maltose stay in their room, but jn his heart, he still didn’t want Gong Ze ’s position to be occupied by other people (dogs), so the maltose could only be laid on the floor at the foot of the bed, and still failed to climb up the fragrant and soft bed .




T/N : Heyyaa! Another pot of dog food for ya’ll.

I hope I am not the only one who’s teeth hurt because of all these sweetness.  ~\(≧▽≦)/~


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  • 1
    Sven scum :”sven scum” does not mean a scumbag, but is embodied in clothing and temperament, , to strike a balance between being well-behaved and playing bad.

  • 2
    Zhuang : strong
  • 3
    Laozi : arrogant way of referring to himself
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