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MCMBC Chapter 3

The secret message

Chapter 3  The secret message 


Lu Siming arrived on the stage along with the show hosts -Song Qiao and Fu Yueze.


Song Qiao and Fu Yueze are not only gold medal partners, but also a real couple. The two made their debut with this show and became popular. Their relationship with the show “See you on Saturday” can be attributed to mutual achievement. Therefore, the two are more concerned about the survival of the show than anyone else.


Although they also felt that Lu Siming’s practice of deceiving plus doing first and thinking of consequences later was indeed very immoral, they could only acquiesce to his despicable practice in order to continue the show.


Gong Ze and Wen Ge sat on the single sofa, and the other three sat on the long sofa in the middle.


Lu Siming was telling them about the program flow, Wen Ge looked down at the note book and listened quietly. Others were also focused on the note book, so no one noticed that Gong Ze was watching Wen Ge all the time, the note book on his lap had not turned a page, and his eyes seemed to indicate that he was not listening to Lu Siming at all..


Wen Ge wanted to take a cup of water to drink, so as soon as he looked up, he saw Gong Ze looking at him intently and winking at him secretly.


For three consecutive years to be selected as the person most women want to marry, Gong Ze naturally has extraordinary charm. Usually a smile can stun a group of people, let alone an ambiguous electric eye, even Wen Ge, who has long been disgusted with this face, can’t help but feel flustered for a moment, and his heart beats faster.


He couldn’t stop looking at it. He even forgot to take the water glass and looked straight at Gong Ze. He couldn’t listen to what Lu Siming said.


Inspired by this reaction, Gong Ze continued to tease silently. Blocking himself with his notebook , he sent another kiss, and then said three words with his lips-“don’t be angry”.


Wenger’s lips flicked open, repeating the words Gong Ze said on his lips, and when he came up with an answer, he wanted to go on, but then Gong Ze beamed at him again, pretending to be cute and pathetic, and he couldn’t help but laugh.


And his smile attracted everyone’s attention.


Lu Siming asked him blankly: “What’s wrong? Is there any problem?”


Wen Ge narrowed his smile, and Gong Ze had returned to his serious expression, looking at him innocently as if it was none of his business.


Wen Ge cursed Gong Ze in his heart, then shook his head to Lu Siming and said, “No, you can continue.”


So Lu Siming continued.


Song Qiao and Fu Yueze also lowered their heads again. Gong Ze blinked at Wen Ge again. This time Wen Ge didn’t look at him again. Instead, he rolled his eyes and listened carefully to Lu Siming’s words. No matter how Gong Ze used his eyes to hint, he just refused to pay attention to him.


After the process discussion, Lu Siming left with the two hosts.


Upon seeing this, Gong Ze was excitedly about to go to Wen Ge’s side, but the two staff members filed in again, abruptly interrupting his footsteps.


Wen Ge sat at the dressing table and asked the stylist to make the final adjustments. Gong Ze sat on the other side of the room, trying to attract Wen Ge’s attention, but was afraid of being discovered by others. He didn’t dare to make any big moves and could only steal a few glances every few seconds. After thinking about it, he took out his phone and opened WeChat.


Wen Ge heard the notification sound from WeChat, but at this time the makeup artist was still behind him, so he didn’t click on it immediately. After the makeup artist was gone, he did not hesitate to open the top message.


He saw the contact person with the note “Zhuang Zhuang” sent him an emoji animation five minutes ago.


Wen Ge watched the three words “I love you” popping out of the chubby cartoon character’s head one by one, and a warm smile slowly appeared on his cold face. After watching it for two minutes, he remembered to reply. So he rummaged through his favorite emoticons, and then selected one and clicked to send it.


Gong Ze immediately clicked on WeChat after hearing the phone shake twice, but three seconds later, his face collapsed and his face was unhappy.


Looking at the black and white panda shouting emoticon, he decided to blacklist the emoticon of the panda series in the future!


In the last five minutes, the staff came over and asked the two to go to the front desk.


Gong Ze finally found a chance. One minute before he went on the stage, taking advantage of the crowds around him, he pulled Wen Ge’s hand in the dark. Although Wen Ge quickly slapped it away, he was still happy for a long time.


After the host introduced the guests, the two walked to the front of the stage together.


As soon as the two appeared, the audience burst into applause and cheers.


In order for the program to proceed smoothly, Lu Siming kept the program information strictly true, so most of the audience at the scene were arranged by them. Since the deputy director had already explained it before the opening, the audience did not act excessively when they saw Wen Ge and Gong Ze come out together, but the cheers and shouts came from the heart.


Although they are not fans, they are slightly aware of the grievances between the two, and they are still shocked and excited when they are on the same stage for the first time.


After the applause , Song Qiao and Fu Yueze walked to the middle of the stage, standing beside them one by one.


The cheers of the audience were too enthusiastic, and after waiting for a full minute, Song Qiao found a chance to speak.


“I know that seeing two male gods at once, everyone is very excited, and I am also very excited! But how about letting the two say hello to everyone first?”


Then the audience quieted down one after another.


Wen Ge spoke first.


“Hello everyone, this is Wen Ge.” The extremely short greeting still received warm applause from the audience.


Wen Ge just faintly smiled when everyone was calling his name, and then he said nothing. Wen Ge is recognized as a high-cold male god. Whether on stage or off stage, he doesn’t talk much, his expression is not much, he is as clear and cold as a lotus left alone in the world..


And Gong Ze was much more intimate than him. He spoke softly, and was more talkative than Wen Ge. After speaking, he showed a warm and handsome smile to everyone, and caused a frantic scream overturning the roof.


It was the first time Song Qiao and Fu Yueze experienced such an out-of-control scene, so they had to stop again and again to appease the audience, and once again confirmed the popularity of these two people on stage.


These audiences can only be regarded as passerby fans at most, and there is such a big sensation. If they come from real fans, it is estimated that the scene will be directly paralyzed.


After the greeting, the program entered the formal shooting .


“See you on Saturday” focuses on entertainment and leisure, so the content of the program is mostly games, and some interviews are interspersed in it.


The format of the show has not changed, and the game is still a few games, but because the guests are Gong Ze and Wen Ge, the effect is far different than before.


Since these two people are very serious , there is basically no laughter during the whole process. But just looking at the handsome appearance of the two male gods earnestly playing games, a group of people can also scream like wolves, so the scene effect is unexpectedly good. The only thing that made the audience a little dissatisfied was that the two great male gods did not have any interaction throughout the whole process, and they basically played their own roles. When one person answered the host’s question, the other person quietly never interrupted.


Although the audience was a little dissatisfied, Lu Siming was very satisfied. In fact, as long as the two of them didn’t turn their faces on stage, he felt that God blessed him.


Perhaps it was because Wen Ge and Gong Ze were quite friendly, and Lu Siming, who was not afraid of death, wanted to do something, so he temporarily changed the content of the game in the last part.


The last part is a tacit comparison. I guess, the original group was a host and a guest, but Lu Siming wanted to do something and add a little topic, so he brought the two guests together.


Song Qiao and Fu Yueze were a little worried. After all, even if the two get along on stage in harmony, it is still on the premise that the two are not interacting. Just tie the two together, they might blow it up!


However, in fact, instead of bombing, Gong Ze was very satisfied with this temporary change, and the smile on his face couldn’t help but become a little brighter. Wen Ge kept a sullen face as always, not very happy, but did not disagree.


Song Qiao and Fu Yueze were the first to play.


The two have worked together for fifteen years, and they have the tacit understanding of the husband and wife, and they have answered 15 questions correctly in one minute.


Then it was Gong Ze and Wen Ge.


“How are the two assigned? Who describes who will guess?” Fu Yueze asked.


Song Qiao has been paying attention to the two of them, knowing that they had not communicated with each other. He expected that they had never discussed this matter. To avoid being cold, he was preparing to designate it. He saw that Gong Ze had come to the position of the description, and Wen Ge also went straight to the guessing area of the game.


A trace of doubt flashed in Song Qiao’s mind. Did they discuss it before they noticed it?


At the beginning of the game, Song Qiao pulled off the baffle and showed Gong Ze the first question. Gong Ze glanced at it and said, “Lion.”


Song Qiao felt that Gong Ze’s prompt was too short, and wanted to remind him to say more,but heard Wen Ge say slowly : “Simba.”


Song Qiao looked incredulous, and was stunned for a few seconds before saying: “True, correct!” Then he asked the second question.


For the second question, Gong Ze still glanced at the sidewalk: “High in the sky.”


“Parachute.” Wen Ge still gave the answer in the first time.


This time, not only Song Qiao, but the audience also exclaimed. This, this, what’s the situation! Guess it like this? ! Is something wrong?


But no matter how unbelievable the audience was, the two people on the stage continued to maintain the frequency of one question every three seconds, and the accuracy rate remained 100%.


In less than a minute, the two of them had answered 20 questions correctly. Song Qiao looked at the question board, only one piece was left, and then looked at the time. In the last five seconds, if the last question is answered correctly, the correct rate of their group. It’s incredible 100%!


The last question is the name of a country-Argentina. The difficulty is not high, and you can quickly think of it by talking about a few representative things, but Gong Ze said a “marriage proposal” that is something others can guess.


Everyone was puzzled, and Wen Ge looked at him puzzled, obviously he didn’t guess. But after saying this word, Gong Ze stopped adding. In the end, Wen Ge didn’t guess until the time was up, and the 100% accuracy rate did not remain until the end.


But even so, the performance against the sky still amazed everyone, and they all sighed that smart people didn’t even play games in the same way!


Because the prompt of Gong Ze’s last question is too strange, Song Qiao will inevitably have to ask another question.


Gong Ze smiled and looked at them with surprise: “Have you never seen the movie “Marriage Proposal”? It’s from Argentina. I thought everyone would know it when I said it.” The audience suddenly realized it. , Sighed again, the male god is the male god, even the way of thinking is so maverick!


The last game is over. After the host has finished speaking the concluding remarks, the recording of the show was over.




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