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MCMBC Chapter 17

Variety Shows

Chapter 17…  Variety Shows  

Mu Ran smiled a little strangely, “Don’t rush to refuse, take a look at it, you may change your mind after reading it.”

Gong Ze snorted impatiently and took the file and looked through it. Luo Mingfan also opened it and took a look and said, “Outdoor reality show?” Mu Ran nodded, “A new show on Apple TV, about travel adventures. The producer is my friend, so he asked me to tell you, are you interested in picking it up?”

“The filming time of the reality show is too long, and the show crew is still going abroad for filming. This trip will take two months. Gong Ze plans to pick up two shows next year, so I don’t think there will be time.” Luo Mingfan has some hesitation.

Mu Ran said, “Reality shows are now an attraction for  fans.” Seeing that Luo Mingfan wanted to speak, he added, “I know that our film emperor doesn’t need to rely on this to attract fans. But no one doesn’t like fans. According to the news, the filming of “My Son”, which was originally scheduled to start in the first half of the year, was delayed indefinitely due to the director’s sudden serious illness, and the start-up time was undetermined, so there is no work in the first half of next year. It happened that this time can be used on this reality show, and it would be good to increase the exposure.”

“Director Liu is sick? Why did no one notify us?” Luo Mingfan was surprised.

“I also heard from my dad. He was sent to the hospital last night. I guess they haven’t had time to tell you yet.” Mu Ran’s father and Director Liu have been friends for many years, so it makes sense to know this news in advance.

After Mu Ran said this, Luo Mingfan’s decision began to waver. Director Liu is one of the oldest and most influential famous directors in China, and the movie “My Son” is a palace drama that he has planned for a full ten years, so he originally wanted to make this movie. They pushed other job offers in the first half of the year. Now Director Liu is ill, and the start-up time is undetermined. It is equivalent to being idle in the first half of the year . For a star, being idle for too long is not a good thing. So Luo Mingfan tends to take over this reality show, but it all depends on what Gong Ze  means.

After reading the file, Gong Ze  looked at Mu Ran and asked, “Why do you want me to take this show?”

Mu Ran rarely asked him about his work, and he left everything to Gong Ze’s own decision. But although he didn’t say anything about this program, he wanted to let him take it which he implied both directly and indirectly .

This is too weird, so Gong Ze will not make a decision lightly before figuring it out.

Mu Ran suddenly smiled mysteriously after hearing this, “You don’t want to keep secretly developing an underground relationship with Wen Ge?”

Gong Ze was taken aback, ” What is the relationship between the two?” Mu Ran raised an eyebrow and smiled, “According to reliable sources, Wen Ge was also invited.”

Gong Ze  was a little surprised, but quickly smiled and asserted, “He won’t pick it up.”

Mu Ran nodded. He and Wen Ge are also classmates, and naturally he understands his temperament. But this time he feels that this matter is not necessarily so sure.

“Actually, it’s not impossible. If you pick it up, I guess he will reconsider it.” Mu Ran played with the pen, “You must have considered coming out because of your temperament. I think this is a good opportunity, although not necessarily revealing the relationship immediately. You can at least improve the impression that netizens have of you, even if it is to prepare for your future coming out.”

Gong Ze  looked down and thought about coming out. He thought about coming out for a long time, but he never dared to make it public. It was because of too many concerns. One is that both of them are now in a period of rising careers, and coming out hastily is definitely not conductive to their future development. The other is that their relationship visible to the outside world is too embarrassing, enemies who are jealous when they meet become intimate lovers overnight. This will be a huge blow for fans and netizens, and it will definitely have a huge impact at that time.

And as Mu Ran said, if you give the audience a hint before coming out in public, the impact will be relatively small when they come out later.

“Let me think about it first.” Gong Ze  said.

Mu Ran nodded and did not urge him, “You think about it slowly, the show will not start recording until a year later, you still have some time to think about it. You can also ask for Wen Ge’s opinion, anyway, I think this is a good opportunity for you. ”

Gong Ze hummed, and after confirming that there was nothing else, he took Luo Mingfan and left the company.

On the way back, Gong Ze sat in the back seat, looking out of the window in a daze. Luo Mingfan drove the car, glanced in the rearview mirror and asked him, “What do you think about that reality show?”

Gong Ze returned to his senses, turned his gaze to the front, and muttered, “It’s hard to say now, let me first think about it.”

Luo Mingfan nodded and did not ask any more, instead told him about the work schedule for the next week.

Towards the end of the year, Gong Ze’s workload reduced. Other artists are the busiest at the end of the year, but he is free as it approaches the end of the year. Every year, a different satellite TV stations invites him to the New Year’s Eve party, but he refuses them one after another.

New Year’s Eve concerts have always been the singer’s home. It is impossible for him to perform an impromptu performance for the audience. As for singing…

Thinking about this, Gong Ze smiled bitterly.

On Wednesday, Gong Ze  accepted an interview on the cover of a magazine, and on Friday, he accepted an exclusive interview with the most popular entertainment media. The end of the interviews between the two companies also means that Gong Ze ‘s work this year has been completed and the vacation mode has been officially opened.

After another week, Wen Ge finally returned from South America, and Gong Ze drove to pick him up in person. Since Wen Ge’s itinerary for South America to shoot commercials was public, the airport was crowded with fans who came to pick him up from the plane early in the morning. It  was inconvenient for Gong Ze to come forward, so he had to stay in the parking lot and wait.

There were too many fans who came to pick up Wen Ge this time, and the scene was a bit chaotic. So on the suggestion of the airport staff, a group of people quietly left the airport from the VIP channel.

After a brief talk with Ying Yutian, Wen Ge dragged his suitcase to the parking lot. After successfully finding Gong Ze’s car according to the location sent by Gong Ze  in advance, he looked happy. He opened the door of the car. Before he could put his luggage in, he got into the car and gave the person a wolf kiss first. Gong Ze was stunned by being kissed suddenly. But soon, he turned his head and deepened the kiss.

After a long time, the two people were breathless and separated. After a smile, they hugged each other tightly. No one spoke, quietly enjoying the joy of the reunion.

The atmosphere was so warm that no one was willing to break it. But his stomach was so ignorant that it growled at this moment.

Wen Ge looked embarrassed and looked at his stomach speechlessly. Gong Ze laughed, squeezed his face, “You did not eat on the plane?”

Wen Ge nodded, “Too sleepy, I slept all the way, there was no appetite to eat,”

Gong Ze was feeling distressed, “Why are you thin again? I finally fed you and made you plump, but you gave back a thin guy to me after a trip abroad.”

Wen Ge rubbed his face against his hand, and smiled flatteringly, “It’s because of you. You increased my standards, and now I don’t think anything else tastes good. So I want to eat what you made.”

Gong Z felt both distressed and satisfied, and kissed the other “I haven’t seen you in half a month, your little mouth is getting sweeter.”

Wen Ge also laughed and shook his hand to urge him to go home quickly, “Go home and cook, I’m hungry.”

“Good, go home now.” Gong Ze  smiled indulgently.

When he got home, it was time for dinner. Gong Ze didn’t have time to go shopping, so he asked the assistant to help him buy it and send it over.

After more than ten hours of long-distance flight, Wen Ge was tired and hungry, so he hugged his son for a while and went upstairs to take a bath. After washing away his fatigue, his spirits finally improved. Wearing the same style of home clothes as Gong Ze, he went downstairs and laid on the table to watch the handsome figure of his lover busy in front of the stove.

So after watching for ten minutes, he finally couldn’t hold back. He laid himself on Gong Ze’s back, hands groping tightly on the hard six-pack abdominal muscles. Because the touch felt so good, he squeezed and felt it from time to time.

Gong Ze was originally serious about cooking . After all, he was reluctant to keep his lover hungry for too long, so he wanted to get it right as soon as possible. But Wen Ge has been messing around all the time. His waist and abdominal muscles are his sensitive points. Every time Wen Ge touches his body, his body trembles slightly, and certain parts of his body will have a reaction. He then grabbed those messy hands. Turning off the fire, he directly pressed the person on the kitchen counter and gave a deep kiss. He only let go when the kiss made the other person dizzy.

“Hey, don’t tease me, I’m cooking for you, aren’t you hungry? The other things can wait until after the meal, so bear with it.” Gong Ze kissed his earlobe, then turned on the fire and continued cooking.

Wen Ge’s ears were slightly hot, and his lips curled, as if he couldn’t wait to do it. Actually, he didn’t really want to do that. He just wanted to hug him.

After being kicked out of the kitchen by Gong Ze, Wen Ge had nothing to do and could only play with his son. Maltose had grown up a lot. Now that he was holding him, he could feel a significant weight. Wen Ge only hugged him for five minutes, and he felt his hand become tired. So he put his son back on the ground again and took out the toy ball.

“Son, let’s lose weight. If you get fat, dad won’t be able to hold you anymore.” He threw the toy ball forward. Maltose swished and chased the ball. After chasing the ball, he ran back to Wen Ge and handed it to him. Wen Ge throws it again, he picks it up again. After the father and son played more than a dozen times, Wen Ge was hungry, and even the power to throw the ball softly was gone, so he waved weakly and let his son play by himself. Since the two fathers went out to work twice a day, Maltose was very self-reliant and not clingy. Seeing Wen Ge has no energy to play with him, he stayed quietly, he could play alone for a long time.

When Gong Ze came to call for someone, he was shocked to see Wen Ge lying on the ground. He quickly walked over and knelt down beside him, nervously asking, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”

Wen Ge raised his eyelids and said lightly, “If you came a few minutes later, your darling would starve to death.”


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