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MCMBC Chapter 13

Slowly reveal the secret

 Chapter 13…  Slowly reveal the Secret


A surprised voice made Gong Ze look back instantly, looking at the warm smile of his lover, his empty heart was instantly filled. He threw his son on the sofa and stepped forward. He hugged the lover standing in front of him and turned around twice.

“Where did you go today?” After a few laps, Gong Ze hugged the person and fell directly on the sofa, and then pressed the person and kissed him for five minutes.

Maltose was lying on the side, a pair of big eyes staring straight at the two fathers slamming each other with their tongues, its eyes pure and innocent.

A long, deep kiss could fill the emptiness of half a month that they were apart. One of Wen Ge’s lips was licked brightly. His gaze stayed on Gong Ze’s face, his eyes sparkling.

Gong Ze’s heart moved, he was too familiar with this look.

Wen Ge was introverted when he was a child and didn’t like to express his feelings in words, so when he met his favorite toys, he would never ask his parents to buy him. He would only pull on his father’s clothes and silently use his big watery eyes to stare at his beloved toy, his clear eyes full of smiles and excitement.

Later, when he grew up, his enthusiasm for toys gradually diminished, and he didn’t show this look often. But from that day on, Gong Ze realized that this kind of look reappeared when he looked at him. The eyes when he looked at him were more eager and more fascinating than when he looked at toys.

Gong Ze never thought about when he started to like this person. It seems that from the beginning of his understanding of love, there is a voice in his heart telling him that this person will be his bride in the future.

But if he was really asked about the time when this love was budding, it would be the first time he saw Wen Ge looking at him with this kind of eyes. The little eyes were like a kitten’s paw , gently scratching his heart making it numb and itchy.

These eyes have been telling him (GZ) about love for more than ten years. Gong Ze only feels that his thoughts are flying, and his mind is full of Wen Ge from different periods of his life. Suddenly he (GZ) was in the period of a little baby, and the fleshy little chubby (WG) hugged him (GZ) hard in his (WG) arms, calling him “A’Ze”. Suddenly he (GZ) was in their youth, he saw a teenager with an immature and handsome face, looking into his (GZ) own eyes. His (WG) eyes were shining, but he (WG) didn’t want to admit his (WG) feelings for himself (GZ). Later, he (WG) was a young man, wearing the same wedding gown as himself (GZ)                                      , standing side by side in front of the priest, and under the witness of everyone, he promised to stay with him for a lifetime.

Thinking about a lot of things, Gong Ze couldn’t help but lie on Wen Ge’s body and laughed silently .

“Big brother, did you put a curse on me? Otherwise, why do I love you so much, love you more day by day, I can’t stand for a minute without you in my sight.

Wen Ge rubbed his head and smiled “I should ask you this question.”

Hearing the answer he wanted to hear, Gong Ze was satisfied, so he hugged him for a few more minutes.

There was no food at home, and Wen Ge was considerate of Gong Ze’s painstaking efforts of rushing back, so he ordered takeout with his mobile phone. After dinner, it was finally time for the family of three to go for a regular walk. Gong Ze was holding the dog with his left hand and Wen Ge with his right, walking slowly along the path by the flower bed. When passing by the pond, they saw someone in the distance, so the two released their hands and deliberately moved away. They both wore hats, and the sky was dim. They thought no one would be able to recognize them, so they didn’t think about turning back halfway and continued to walk forward.

Suddenly there was something like a melody in the distance. The ethereal singing voice, although not really audible, Wen Ge felt that the voice was familiar. And Maltose, which had been quiet, suddenly ran forward. Gong Ze could not catch it for a while, and the tow rope slipped away from his hand.

The two were taken aback and hurried to catch up.

Maltose’s four limbs ran forward in the direction of the singing, and finally yelled happily when he saw the familiar figure on the other side of the pond, and the four paws jumped on the man’s back like a small cannonball.

The boy didn’t notice anything because his back was facing Maltose. Suddenly he felt a heavy weight on his back and staggered. Maltose was wagging his tail happily.

As soon as Gong Ze and Wen Ge came over, they saw this scene. They were shocked and rushed over. One picked up the dog and the other was in charge of helping the person.

“Are you okay? Sorry, my dog ​​is naughty, are you hurt?” Wen Ge helped him up and asked caringly.

The teenager patted the dust on his pants: “It’s okay, it’s okay.” When he raised his head and they faced each other, both sides were stunned.

“Yu Ran? Why are you here?”

“Mr. Wen?” Yu Ran also looked surprised. Seeing Wen Ge wearing a casual outfit, he asked, “Does Mr. Wen live here?”

Wen Ge caught the key point of the question all at once, “You live here too?”

Yu Ran nodded, and pointed to a three-story villa on the right front, ” I live there.”

Wen Ge looked at the building he was pointing at and then at the person standing next to him. He doesn’t know what to say. After living here for four or five years, they don’t even know that their neighbor is the boy in front of him.

Seeing that the two obviously knew each other, Gong Ze also intervened and asked Wen Ge, “Your friend? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“Yu Ran, the newly signed artist of the company, I just met him a few days ago.” He explained.

Only then did Yu Ran notice Gong Ze who had been standing on the side. Because he was wearing a hat and his face couldn’t be seen clearly, Yu Ran’s first reaction when he saw the person was that he was quite tall and well built. He didn’t notice his face until Gong Ze spoke. This look directly scared him to lose three of the seven souls. 1 seven souls : According to Chinese Daoism, a person is said to have seven heavenly (and more spiritual) “souls” , (hun) that leave the body on death, and three earthly (and more material) souls (po).

“Gong, Ze, Ze ….actor…” Yu Ran said the three words for a long time, but still didn’t say anything else.

Gong Ze got tired of hearing the same words . He interrupted him and admitted generously, “It’s me.”

Yu Ran looked at Wen Ge and Gong Ze, and almost didn’t get out of his daze .

The three people standing there was so eye-catching that Wen Ge had to take Yu Ran home first.

Yu Ran sat on the sofa, so restrained that he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

Wen Ge was helping Maltose to wipe its dirty feet. Gong Ze poured water for him in the kitchen. Seeing their natural and tacit ways of getting along with each other, he felt that he might have accidentally peeked through a great secret. Because he wasn’t much familiar with the two of them, the palms of his hands were sweating nervously.

This is Gong Ze and Wen Ge , how could the two of them be…

“Drink water.” Gong Ze handed the water to him, and Yu Ran quickly took it with both hands respectfully.

“Thank you.”

Wen Ge had also finished cleaning up Maltose, came over with it, and took a seat next to Gong Ze.

“Did you know about Maltose before?” Wen Ge thought of his son’s strange behavior before, thinking that they should have known each other.

Yu Ran didn’t look carefully before. At this time, he glanced at the maltose curiously. At first glance, he looked a little strange, tilted his head and looked at it again. He suddenly uttered a surprise, and he reached out and touched the dog, “Yes. You, you’ve become so beautiful, I couldn’t recognize you anymore.” When Maltose saw that he finally recognized it, it barked happily. Wen Ge asked Yu Ran to hold him for a while.

Yu Ran hugged the dog, and then talked about his past with maltose.

“Half a year ago, when I was traveling in City B, I met a stray dog. It often appeared in the homestay where I lived, and I often fed it. I played with it there for half a month. It came to me every day. I thought it had something to do with me, so I wanted to take it home, but just a few days before I left, it suddenly stopped coming. I searched for it in many places and couldn’t find it. Later, I heard that he was adopted and raised by a couple who came to travel. I saw that they were willing to raise him, so I felt relieved to go back. Why did he come to you again?”

Wen Ge touched his son, feeling distressed: “It was picked up by us in City C. I guess it was the couple who raised it for a while . But they didn’t want to raise it anymore and threw it away.”

Yu Ran hugged the dog tightly with distress: “It’s so pitiful. Fortunately, it met Teacher Wen in the end.”

Wen Ge smiled and looked at Gong Ze. Gong Ze was using WeChat to discuss work with his agent. He felt that Wen Ge was looking at him and held his right hand on his side.

Yu Ran looked at the two people’s obvious little actions, lowered their head with shyness, and asked cautiously: “Mr. Wen, you and the movie emperor are…”

Wen Ge shook the hands of the two in front of him: “As you can see, we are a couple.”

After more than half a month of contact, he found that the child had a simple mind and was a little slow in emotional matters, so he was particularly troubled about singing and emotional matters. However, apart from this small shortcoming, which is not a big shortcoming, Yu Ran’s character is obvious to all. He (WG) knows that the other party (YR) has never told anyone about knowing Wen Ge, even to the agent . So he thinks this kid is reliable.

And they will definitely open their relationship to the outside world, and now it seems good to start with people around them slowly and slowly.

“Yes, but, the outside world says you are…you are…”

Wen Ge sighed, “We didn’t expect things to develop like this…” The two debuted almost at the same time, and they were popular as soon as they debuted. So in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the two agreed to meet less and communicate less outside, and never let outsiders see their relationship. But who knew that these actions would later be distorted by the media as being incomprehensible to each others. In the end, the two were abruptly portrayed as mortal enemies. Even their fans started to fight each other, and they would tear up every time they met.

At that time, the situation was beyond their control, and the netizens had been completely brainwashed. They had no way of explaining, they could only break the pot and let them go.

After Yu Ran listened, he couldn’t help being speechless, the gossips can even kill people!

But after thinking about the true relationship between the two, he felt that the truth is not as good as gossip!

Although Yu Ran was also stunned by the relationship between the two, he still has some remaining saneness, so he solemnly promised, “Teacher, rest assured! I will not go out and talk nonsense. This secret will rot in my stomach. I promise!”

Wen Ge nodded with a smile.

Yu Ran stayed there for an hour. Because Gong Ze was not familiar with Yu Ran, Wen Ge was basically talking to him during the whole process. Gong Ze was always busy with work. After an hour of getting along, Yu Ran felt that the distance between himself and Teacher Wen had been closer again. After asking if he could come to see Maltose more often and getting Wen Ge ‘s permission, he jumped back home.

As soon as Yu Ran left, Gong Ze threw the iPad away and pressed the other on the sofa with an unhappy expression, “You had such a fun chatting with that kid, do you really like him so much?” Wen Ge messed his hair. He kissed him in order to please him, “It’s not good to be jealous of a child. I really like that child, he is talented, and willing to endure hardship. If someone takes good care of him, he will definitely be able to go further and become better at singing.”

“Do you want to teach him personally?”

“It’s too early to say this, let’s take a look.”

“Really only because he has a talent for music, not because you like him ?” Gong Ze asked again, worried.

Wen Ge rolled his eyes: “That kid is only eighteen years old, and even the hair hasn’t grown up yet. Besides, you don’t know what I like! ” Wen Ge drew circles on his chest with his fingers.

Gong Ze was a little pleased, but he was still sullen and pretended that he didn’t know, “How would I know what you like ?”

Wen Ge smiled angrily, tapped his chest, and accompanied him to act, “You don’t know? Then I’ll tell you again. This brother likes someone who is taller than 188cm, have eight pack abs, a fairy appearance, two characters for his name, and two years younger than me. And…”

After speaking half of it , he held Gong Ze’s neck , whispered a few words in his ear, and licked Gong Ze’s auricle ambiguously after speaking.

Gong Ze’s eyes lit up instantly, whistling while holding someone to upstairs.

“Since you like this, then I will satisfy you!”



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    seven souls : According to Chinese Daoism, a person is said to have seven heavenly (and more spiritual) “souls” , (hun) that leave the body on death, and three earthly (and more material) souls (po).
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