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MCMBC Chapter 9

Your man

Chapter 9… Your man


Wen Ge thought long and hard about who to call first, and finally decided to call Gong family mother and father first.. As soon as the call was connected, the next second, a beautiful young woman appeared before the camera , with jewels on her body but not vulgar, with slightly sharp eyebrows, but at this moment she smiled incredibly lovingly, facing the camera, she yelled softly, “Wen Wen, why call us now? Are you not working today?”


Wen Ge  first greeted her as  mother, and then explained: “I took a rest during this period and just finished eating.”


Mama Gong looked at the son in the video with a distressed look: “You’re thin. Are you tired lately?”


“It’s okay.”


Mom Wen heard her son’s voice and leaned over. Then the two of them said that he had lost weight and  said that he had worked too hard. Looking at Wenger’s small face, which had shrunken again, they almost felt distressed to cry.


Wen Ge  was dumbfounded, and kept comforting them, saying that although he was thin, he was still healthy.


The four parents are in Ushuaia 1 Ushuaia : resort town in Argentina. at this time and will board the cruise ship to Antarctica in an hour. Wen Ge , who has searched the Antarctic situation in advance, can’t help but remind them to pay attention to safety.


The two mothers nodded obediently, but he still felt uneasy, so he called his father  again. As the first hero in Wen Ge ’s heart, he still believes in him.


A group of people chatted for a long time. After Wen Ge  finished the precautions, the two mothers began to warn him uneasy. They reluctantly said goodbye to him until five minutes before boarding. After hanging up the video, Wen Ge  couldn’t help sighing, saying that three women are worth two thousand ducks, but in his opinion, two women in his family are worth three thousand ducks. Every time he finished the phone call with them, his brain buzzed, and he always felt that there was an echo.


So he couldn’t help but complain to Gong Ze  on WeChat.


Gong Ze  was bored and replied as soon as possible.


Zhuangzhuang: [Just be content, they care about you, love you, look at me, they didn’t mention me, they are definitely not my parents. 】


Wen Ge  thought for a while. During the one-hour conversation, neither his parents nor the Gong family seemed to mention Gong Ze .


Emmmmmm thinking about it this way, his husband is really pitiful, his father doesn’t love him,nor his mother , and he has no place in the family.


So in order to comfort him, he sent a photo of himself pouting and kissing. This photo was taken by a fan when he was attending an event. He had forgotten why he did this at the time, but he kept it quietly after seeing it was taken quite well, and didn’t delete it . He usually sends it several times to Gong Ze when they chat.


Gong Ze  immediately returned an emoticon pack that was shy and moving in circling .


Wen Ge  looked at the cartoon character twirling in circles, and suddenly  a little baby wearing a small floral dress and a small curly wig, popped up, giggling and moving in circles. After a few laps, little baby staggered to him, grinning, revealing a small white row of teeth missing a front tooth, rubbing his soft face against the back of his small hand, cutely calling him brother.


Thinking of this, Wen Ge  suddenly screamed while holding his face, ah ah ah ah ah ah, his family is the most lovely in the universe!


Because Wen Ge  had been immersed in the cuteness of his own man the night before, he couldn’t fall asleep with excitement, which directly led to oversleeping the next day. When the assistant and agent arrived at the door, he was still asleep.


The doorbell rang several times, and he slept dimly under a quilt. Instead, the maltose ran to the door, and his hind paws stood upright and gestured to the height of the doorknob. Later, it occurred to him that he hadn’t learned the popular technique of opening the door, so he made a sharp turn , and ran to the second floor and pulled the bedroom door,barking.


The dog barking and Wen Ge ’s cell phone ringing sounded at the same time. Wen Ge  struggled to get out of the bed, waited for some  time to see the caller ID with his squinting eyes, and finally became sober. He hung up the phone and went downstairs to open the door.


The two people outside the door looked at Wen Ge  who was still not awake. In their impression, he never sleeps in bed and wakes up at nine o’clock at the latest. His work and rest habits are particularly good.


Wen Ge  scratched his hair. Naturally, he couldn’t tell them that he had insomnia because of being distracted by the cuteness of his own man, so he calmly went upstairs to wash, leaving the two of them to play freely in the kitchen.


When he went downstairs again, assistant Ye Qing was already washing and cutting vegetables in an apron, and the agent was holding his dog son, watching him gnawing a cucumber .


Wen Ge  felt in a daze as if he saw who he used to be, but soon shook his head and vetoed it. No, no, he’s not like that, at least he certainly wouldn’t draw eyeliner, apply powder and then paint his fingernails .


Although he has been working together for four or five years, he still dislikes the feminine temperament of his agent . In order to prevent his son from being damaged, he snatched his son, and then took him agent to the living room to discuss. He agent was a kitchen killer just like himself, and if he asked agent to give instructions to Ye Qing for cooking,it is estimated that he should go to the hospital for food poisoning after eating.


Ying Yutian might also be afraid that the kitchen fumes would yellow his delicate little face, so he twisted his small waist and followed to the living room, and then took out the iPad and began to tell Wen Ge  about the itinerary for the next few months.


“In the November CC Music Festival, you were shortlisted for three awards. One award is for popularity, and the other two are judged by experts. The popularity award is undoubtedly ours, and the other two should not be a problem. So when the time comes have to go to the  KG FY festival. We didn’t go there last year, and some media took it as a topic of discussion , this time we have to go visit it, to show our good attitude . “


Ying Yutian , as his name suggests, it sounds feminine, he looks like a woman, and even his voice is softer than ordinary men.


Wen Ge  touched his son’s hair, listened quietly, and responded lightly. What he is not good at is the award ceremony. He feels uncomfortable as soon as he stands on the stage holding a trophy and saying that he has won the award. So unless necessary, he can skips this occasion, but this time, because the turmoil of the first half of the year hadn’t passed yet, and he probably couldn’t hide this time.


Ying Yutian continued: “HUGO Boss is going to shoot a new season of commercials. In early December, you have to fly to Germany to meet the chief designer, and then go directly to South America to shoot. It will take about two weeks. After you come back, you have to fly to Germany. The rehearsal for the New Year’s Eve concert will begin soon.”


The New Year’s Eve concert is a fixed project every year. He has been the finale guest of a certain satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert for four consecutive years, so he already knows this itinerary, but when he thinks of flying abroad again in December, he will not see Gong Ze for more than half a month , his mood  suddenly became bad.


Ying Yutian didn’t notice the change in his mood and continued: “Also, a few days ago, a variety show on Apple Satellite TV sent an invitation letter asking if we were interested.”


“Push it.” Wen Ge  didn’t listen. After listening to half of it, he refused. He was originally uninterested in variety shows . At the beginning, he was reluctant to go to “See you on Saturday”, but under the half pressure of the company,he agreed.


Ying Yutian had expected this result for a long time, so he said, “Well, I have already refused. You have to concentrate on preparing for the concert next year. I heard that it is a new show, a reality show, and a group of guests will go together. Traveling and adventurous somewhere in a foreign country, it takes two months to record a season, we don’t have so much time to stay abroad.”


Wen Ge  was not interested in the format of the program, so he watched TV, lacking interest in listening.


The assistant had already prepared the food at this time, and when he put it on the table, he asked the two of them to come over for dinner. Wen Ge  poured dog food for his son before going to the kitchen .


Usually when Gong Ze  is not at home, assistants and agents often come to their house to join in, so the atmosphere at the table is very harmonious.


Although Ye Qing’s craftsmanship was a bit worse than that of Gong Ze , it was still delicious. Wen Ge  immersed himself in picking up rice. Ying Yuwan was fond of chatting and couldn’t take a moment off, so he ate and shared the gossip of the entertainment circle with Ye Qing.


As a gold medal agent ,he naturally knows more about the gossip of the entertainment industry  than the little assistants like Ye Qing, so the two men were eating and gossiping very easily, which made Wen Ge  think that he was sitting next to two gossiping aunts.


At this time, entertainment news is being shown on the TV, and the host is announcing the number one man most wanted to be married by a woman, who was voted online some time ago.


“After three months of fierce competition, the number one man that women most want to marry has already come to fruition. He is-the actor Gong Ze  ! Congratulations to the actor  Gong Ze . As always, he is so admired by the opposite sex. Wen Ge’s votes are

not bad, it’s five votes less than Gong Ze , ah, what a pity.”


Ying Yutian felt it was a pity after knowing the result, so he blurted out: “Hey, it’s a pity to lose again. What kind of monster is your man, as a gay guy? Liked by women, does he secrete more hormones than others or what? Men and women want to join him. I heard that many men also voted for your men.” After the words were finished, The room is full of silence.


Wen Ge : …


Ye Qing: …


Ying Yutian finally reacted, and the hand holding the chopsticks suddenly stopped. Five seconds later, he picked up a piece of chili and calmly stuffed it into Ye Qing’s mouth.


“Hey, I didn’t say anything just now.”


Ye Qing: …


But the TV happened to be against him. The host began to talk about Gong Ze  in detail, so Gong Ze ’s name hit the assistant’s ear with a bang, he felt he  may have been auditory hallucinations…


Wen Ge  was speechless for a while. Seeing the little assistant’s dull face, he sighed in his heart and couldn’t help but glared at the agent.


Ying Yutian narrowed his mouth and wanted to plunge into the soup to apologize till his death.


Wen Ge  simply decided to confess to the assistant. After all, the little assistant has been with him for so long. His character is still trustworthy, but the shortcomings of the slightly loose mouth is still a bit worrying …


He is a straightforward person. Couldn’t say anything to comfort people, so the explanation was straightforward, and he didn’t take care of the assistant’s little emotions at all.


“The thing is what you think. Gong Ze  is my lover. We got married in the Netherlands six years ago.” The little assistant finally recovered his brain and was completely downed by the “lover” and “Marriage certificate.” .


Ying Yutian pinched Ye Qing , but he didn’t respond, so he said to Wen Ge  with a sad face: “Late, no help.”




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    Ushuaia : resort town in Argentina.
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