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MCMBC Chapter 6

Feeding you milk

Chapter 6 Feeding you milk


Two people and a dog strolled outside. Later, when they passed a street lamp, Maltose was attracted by his shadow, and went around chasing the shadow for a long time. When the two saw this, they simply tied the tow rope to the street lamp, and waited for it to have fun before going back. And they sat and watched quietly.


When choosing a house for the first time, the two compared many places before choosing this place. Because it is located in the suburbs, the environment is quiet and security is tight. The people who live here are either rich or expensive. People who make millions in one minute don’t care about entertainment gossip, so they don’t pay too much attention to them.


Having lived here for nearly five years, the two of them often went out together at night to relax. They don’t know if it was a coincidence or luck. They didn’t even meet anyone in such a long time. This time, they stayed outside for almost an hour without a pedestrian,only a few cars passed by them.


After playing with his shadow for more than half an hour Maltose , he finally got tired and lay on the ground with his tongue out and gasped. Wen Ge rubbed his head and walked home holding it.


After setting up maltose, Gong Ze  went into the gym. In order to keep in shape, he had to exercise for two hours every night. As for Wen Ge, for his physique that eats anything and does not grow fat all the year round, fitness depends entirely on his mood.


He usually prefers to stay in the piano room at such times, but today he changed into sportswear on a whim and followed Gong Ze  into the gym.


Wen Ge rarely came, and he was not as familiar with those fitness equipment as Gong Ze , so it  was unavoidable to ask him for guidance.


But letting the other half to guide is not good, the other half often uses hands and feet!


Gong Ze  called it guidance, but in fact he was eating tofu.1 eating tofu : taking advantage of someone, mostly with a sexual implication. Wen Ge finally broke out after being touched by Gong Ze ’s whole body, throwing dumbbells on his lover and beating him violently.


In the end, somehow, they rolled sheets together. When hr reacted, his little vest and shorts had been stripped off, and Gong Ze ’s clothes were still intact, and his entire face was buried in his chest, licking and biting .


The situation has reached the point of being uncontrollable, Wen Ge can only give up on himself, spread his limbs, and let the person on him continue.


However, just as Gong Ze  was about to carry his gun into battle,the crazy barking of dogs came from the door suddenly , accompanied by the creaking of the door.


Forced to stop in the middle, the two of them looked at each other , and there was a long silence. In the end, it was too miserable to hear the maltose bark. Only then did Gong Ze  get up, put on his clothes, and opened the door to feed the dog son.


Wen Ge was still immersed in the aftermath of just being there, his chest undulating violently, and after a while he sat up, shaking his hands and putting on his clothes.


When he came out, Gong Ze  was pouring milk into the dog basin. Seeing that the maltose was eating, he snored satisfied with his son : “Drink milk, stop barking, dad will have to feed your little dad milk later..”


Wen Ge: …


Wen Ge was hesitating whether to hit the man in front of him with a kick, but the other party had already stood up. Seeing him coming out, his eyes lit up, he blew a whistle, and robbed his wife like the robber. He held the person on his shoulder, walked upstairs a few steps, closed the door, and prepared to breastfeed.


After eating and drinking, the maltose rolled on the ground for a while, then climbed up to the second floor with his short legs, stretched out his front paws to push the door, and couldn’t push, but there was indeed movement inside, so he scratched the door and called again.


But no one came to open the door this time, so he kept calling.


But the louder it screamed, the louder  screams came from inside. It recognized that it was Dad’s voice and thought Dad was talking to him, so he responded happily.


Later, he was tired and didn’t see Dad coming out, so he squatted at the door and whispered.


The movement inside is still very big, and the words like “Don’t…” “Deep…” “No more” can be heard vaguely, but as a simple little golden retriever, the maltose is obviously not enough to grasp the richness of these profound adult language, so after a casual “Wow”, he fell asleep sweetly amidst the cry of his little dad.


The next day, Wen Ge slept again until the afternoon before getting up. Although his body was so sour and soft that he couldn’t have any strength, it was not particularly uncomfortable. At last, Gong Ze  hadn’t been completely confused by the lust/desire, and let him go after only doing it once last night, and massaged him for half an hour before going to bed.


Gong Ze  came in carrying the porridge, and the maltose wandered in with him, his two front paws leaning against the bed, wagging his tail happily. Wen Ge rubbed his son’s head, leaned against the head of the bed and opened his mouth to let Gong Ze  feed him.


After taking the first bite, Wen Ge said: “Mr. Gong, you are really planning to keep me in bed for a few days, right.”


Gong Ze  smiled, and fed him into his mouth after blowing a cold. I want to do this, but your man is not a real beast. Even if you agree, I love your body. You can’t bear it.”


Gong Ze  said this with a gentle face, so Wen Ge blushed stubbornly and silently. There was a silence.


In the next few days, Gong Ze  did not toss him anymore. Although there were several accidents, but in the end it was only solved by hand or mouth.


The two of them stayed at home for a ridiculous week. Except for a few laps with maltose in the evening, they stayed at home all the time and didn’t go anywhere. It’s rare to have such a long vacation, and the two of them are not too bored. Watching movies and teasing the dog, the life is very enjoyable.


It was not until after 11 o’clock on Saturday night that their peaceful life was broken.


At that time, the two were watching “See you on Saturday” at home, waiting to see the preview of the next episode. After the preview, Gong Ze  said: “I guess we should be hanging on the hot search by now.”


Wen Ge smiled and clicked. Opening Weibo, as expected, the names of the two of them are already number one in the hot search, and there is a bright red “pop” hanging behind them.


Wen Ge didn’t click in to read it, and then quit Weibo.


Suddenly their respective agents called at the same moment, and the two looked at each other and then hung up after a few words.


“They should have said the same thing , right?” Gong Ze  asked.


“Don’t talk nonsense, just watch the changes.” Wen Ge said.


“Sure enough, everything they said was exactly the same.” Gong Ze  laughed. “Actually, I suspected that the two of them were doing things behind our backs.”




“Who else, your agent and my agent.”


Wen Ge:? ? ? ? ?


Let’s not say that their agents are all male, but they don’t seem to be able to make a pair in terms of their attributes. Sissy X little crying bag…Who is the top and who is the bottom ?


Later, a few friends in the circle who had better relationships also poked WeChat to ask them about it. Obviously, it was not only fans and netizens, but they also had a deep impact.


“Would you like to read what the Internet says?” Gong Ze  asked Wen Ge in his arms.


Wen Ge quickly refused: “Forget it, it’s either fans scolding each other, or the crowd watching the show, and guessing it.”


Gong Ze  has also seen the online scolding of two fans several times. He was impressed and thought of this. , Suddenly smirked: “You say, if our relationship is made public, how will the fans react?”


Wen Ge thought for a while: “What other reaction can there be, come to you and me with a knife? , or go to the rooftop and jump off the building.”


“So, should we develop some CP fans? That way, if it will be really public at that time, and it can also help us withstand some of the harm.” Gong Ze ’s brain was open.


Wen Ge messed up his hair: “Don’t mess up.”


Gong Ze  retorted: “Why do I mess up? We will make it public someday. This is called prevention before it happens.”


Wen Ge said nonchalantly, “It’s not to prevent it. Now, it’s still early, let’s solve the immediate matter first.”


The official blog of “See You Saturday” has already released a notice on the Internet, and at the same time, they have also been sent to them, and they must respond in a reasonable way. So each boarded their own Weibo, reposted the blog post, and then expressed a few thoughts.


It’s just that they never expected that it was just a reply that went through the process, and in the end a series of things were involved, making the already chaotic situation even more chaotic.


After each of the two reposted the official blog of “See you on Saturday,” they left their phones aside and went into the bathroom to take a mandarin duck bath .2 mandarin duck bath : taking a bath together as a couple.


Starting tomorrow, Gong Ze  will join the team to shoot a new movie. The shooting location is in Hengdian, so the two will not see each other for a while. Although Gong Ze  only played a supporting role as a guest this time, there are not many scenes, and can be finished in about a month and a half, but for the young couple who have not reunited for a long time and are not tired enough, the separation of more than one month is a suffering of being apart for more than a year . .


Therefore, before parting, it is inevitable to be gentle.


After tossing in the bathroom for more than an hour, the two finally came out. Gong Ze  walked out barefoot, with water still hanging on his body. Wen Ge’s face was flushed, and he was wearing a large bath towel, softly nestled in Gong Ze ’s arms.


Gong Ze  gently put the person on the bed, then pulled off the towel, bullying him up.


But just after separating his lover’s legs, the phone’s ringtone suddenly screamed fiercely.


Both of them were shocked. They looked at the bedside table together and saw that their cell phones were ringing.


Forced to call a stop, after Gong Ze  covered Wen Ge with a quilt, he went to take the two mobile phones. When he saw the ID, he raised his eyebrows, turned the two phones around, and showed Wen Ge: “I I’m sure, they must be in love.”


Wen Ge saw that the phone call  was from their agents, laughed, and reached for his mobile phone to connect.


Gong Ze  also picked up and turned on the speaker by the way.


Before the two of them could speak, they screamed hoarsely on the other end of the phone: “What are you doing! Just as soon as I asked you to settle down, you caused this kind of thing for me!”


Wen Ge listened to his own  manager’s words in his left year, listening to the voice on Gong Ze ’s phone in his right ear, he heard exactly the same, even the tone was exactly the same, he also raised his eyebrows. Perhaps, probably, what Gong Ze  said is not impossible…


But although Wen Ge wanted to gossip, but the words of the two made him even more curious, so he asked without shame: “What are you talking about?”


When Wen Ge said this , not just his agent,Gong Ze ’s agent heard it too. After a few seconds of silence, both of them said in unison: “Go to Weibo!”




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  • 1
    eating tofu : taking advantage of someone, mostly with a sexual implication.
  • 2
    mandarin duck bath : taking a bath together as a couple.
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