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MCMBC Chapter 18

I want to come out of the closet

Chapter 18… I want to come out of the closet


Gong Ze laughed. After laughing, he felt so distressed. He simply walked to the restaurant with his beloved baby. After putting the person on the chair, he held the bowl and fed him by himself.

Wen Ge leaned back in the chair, learning the frailty of the sickly patient on the TV, slowly opening his mouth and swallowing slowly. Knowing that he was acting, Gong Ze was still extremely cooperative. After feeding a bowl of rice and drinking a bowl of chicken soup, he took out a tissue to wipe his mouth, and then asked, “Master, are you happy after having a good meal?”

“Happy.” Wen Ge was enjoying Gong Ze’s service, his eyes narrowed with comfort.

“Are you full?” Gong Ze looked at Wen Ge, and there seemed to be something different in his eyes.

“Well, I’m full.” Wen Ge closed his eyes and nodded.

“But I’m still hungry, Master.” Gong Ze said grievously.

Wen Ge opened his eyes and glanced at him, “Look at these. For your talent, these are all rewards for you!” He pointed to the remaining table of dishes and waved his hand generously.

Gong Ze smiled and blinked at him, “But Master, I don’t want to eat this.”

Wen Ge quickly reacted, grabbing Gong Ze’s face, he said: “Gong Zhuangzhuang, you have changed, you are no longer pure. What’s in your mind!”

“Of course it’s you.” Gong Ze said as he hugged someone upstairs.

Wen Ge patted him on the back, “I just finished eating!”

“Exercise just helps digestion after a meal.” Gong Ze firmly carried the person into the room, and then hooked the door with his foot. Maltose who followed them was shut outside.

An hour later, Wen Ge leaned on Gong Ze’s arms and was getting drowsy. Gong Ze rubbed his hands gently on his waist.

“Have Apple TV sent you a program invitation?” Gong Ze asked suddenly when Wen Ge was about to fall asleep.

“What program?” Wen Ge muttered with his eyes closed.

“An outdoor reality show, like a show of traveling adventure.” Gong Ze said.

Wen Ge thought for a while and nodded, “It seems that I was invited by such a program, but I refused. How did you know about it?”

“They invited me too.” As soon as these words came out, Wen Ge suddenly opened his eyes, “They invited you too? When did that happen?”

“Not long ago, the producer of the show was Mu Ran’s friend.”

“You agreed?” Wen Ge looked up at him.

Gong Ze shook his head, “Not yet, still thinking about it.”

“Don’t you dislike this kind of reality show? You always rejected it directly before, this time… is it because of Mu Ran?” Wen Ge was a little surprised. Gong Ze was the same as him, unless there’s some other reason, they will not agree to participate in these variety shows. Firstly, they are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and secondly, they are not used to getting along with strangers.

“It’s not because of Mu Ran.” Gong Ze rolled over with Wen Ge and let him lie on his body, “I was going to refuse directly, but Mu Ran said that the show team also invited you, so I hesitated.”

“But I have turned down the show crew.” Wen Ge lay on his chest, his index finger tugging his hair in circles.

“I said the same, but Mu Ran said that if I participate, maybe you will reconsider.”

Wen Ge was silent for a moment and asked, “Why do you care about this show? It’s not like this kind of show has not invited you before. I have never seen you caring so much about it.”

Gong Ze shook his head, “I don’t care about the show, I care about you.” He looked into Wen Ge’s eyes with a serious expression, “We will announce our relationship to the public someday. ”

Wen Ge eyes lowered, thinking, “Do you want to take this program to reverse the impression the outsiders have about our relationship?”

Gong Ze kissed Wen Ge ‘s eyes and nodded, “We should start preparations for coming out later.”

Wen Ge naturally wanted to disclose his relationship with Gong Ze to the public, but the development momentum of their careers was too strong in the past few years. At this time, it is not good to disclose their emotional life, and the agent has repeatedly told them that they must not let others know about their relationship. So the matter of coming out was repeatedly postponed. And this extension has reached five years, and now their careers are on the right track.

They don’t value fame and fortune as much as they did in previous years, so they put the matter of coming out on the agenda again. Although they have not stated it clearly, but they both know that the other party can’t wait to announce their relationship to the outside world.

If only two male stars come out at the same time to announce their love affair, it may stir up waves for a while, but the scene can at least be controlled. But if they were replaced by the two of them, in the eyes of the outside world, old enemies would become close friends overnight.

This might lead to the fans of both parties to blow up. They can ignore other things, but for the fans who have always supported them, they can’t help but think about them. Although they can’t completely calm the storms and hurricanes that will come at the time, they should at least try to ease the turbulence of the storms.

Since the broadcast of “See You on Saturday”, many programs have invited the two of them to be on the same stage again, but they were all rejected one after another, because they are all variety shows. The format is similar to “See You on Saturday”, except that in the first episode, the program is mostly entertaining and has no in-depth meaning. The program group is purely consuming their topical and popular traffic.

Reality shows are different. Reality shows are basically recorded for two to three months. Everyone gets along day and night, and what is shown to the audience is the most authentic.

The reason why Gong Ze liked the reality show was also because of its long recording time and the long time they will spend with the guests. He and Wen Ge could completely pretend to gradually ease the relationship during the show.

“What do you think?” Gong Ze asked Wen Ge after saying his thoughts.

Wen Ge lay on his chest and thought for a while before he said, “I’ll discuss with Yutian first.”

“Alright.” Gong Ze also knew that Wen Ge was very resistant to getting along with strangers, so he said with consideration, “It’s still early anyway, we are not in a hurry. Think slowly, maybe there is a better way, not necessarily relying on reality shows.”

“Okay.” Wen Ge is full of reality shows and coming out. His hands unconsciously held Gong Ze’s pajama buttons.

Gong Ze rubbed the back of his lover’s neck and sighed. He had known it would be so troublesome, so he didn’t do anything deliberately to avoid it.

Wen Ge pretended to have something in his heart and couldn’t do other things. He drove to the company the next day and went to find Ying Yutian.

Ying Yutian was not surprised when he heard about his plan with Gong Ze. After all, he knew that there would be such a day from the day when he knew the relationship between the two, so he calmly discussed the feasibility of this plan with Wen Ge .

Ying Yutian looks a bit feminine and has a soft and weak personality, in other words, he looks very fragile, but his business ability is second to none in the entertainment industry. Before bringing Wen Ge, he brought out two actresses one after another, and his work ability is recognized as strong. Therefore, Wen Ge always asks Ying Yutian’s opinion when he encounters something he can’t decide.

This time Ying Yutian also analyzed with Wen Ge in detail, and then gave his own opinions.

“I tend to let you take this show. Gong Ze’s idea is actually quite good. You can give it a try. Also, you will have a concert next year. There is no problem with the time. It just so happens that you can get full exposure by relying on reality shows.

Wen Ge gave a hum. In fact, after listening to Gong Ze ‘s thoughts, he basically made a decision. But habitually asked Ying Yutian to confirm it again.

“After I refused them for you last time, the show crew invited you several times. It seems that they really want you to participate.” Ying Yutian said.

“Which other guests are there besides me and Gong Ze?” Wen Ge asked.

“It hasn’t been confirmed yet. So far, only you and Gong Ze have been confirmed, so we don’t have to rush to reply to them. We will reply when the guest list is out. ”

Ying Yutian did this in order to leave a way for them. If there is someone who they do not like or have grievances with them among the guests, there is still time to refuse.

After discussing the matter, Wen Ge returned home. Gong Ze was reparing to bathe Maltose. Wen Ge was shocked when he saw his dirty son.

“Did it go to a battle?”

“Almost.” Gong Ze told Wen Ge to stand a little further away to not be splashed by mud. Then he rolled up his sleeves, squatted down in the bathtub and showered Maltose. While washing, he explained to Wen Ge, “In the afternoon, Yu Ran came to take it for a walk outside, but it fought with other dogs and fell into the battle together. Then it became like this…”

Wen Ge was dumbfounded, changed his shoes, and came in to help wash it together, holding his son’s face. With a cold face, he taught, “You think you’ve become more skilled? Dare to fight with other dogs.”

Maltose was originally depressed because he lost the fight, but now he was scolded by his little dad, and his mood was even worse. He lay on the ground and whimpered weakly. Usually, he was the most afraid of taking a bath, but now he let his two fathers rub him around, he was totally in no mood to resist.

In order to bathe maltose, Wen Ge’s clothes were all wet. So he went into the cloakroom to change his clothes after packing up his son. Gong Ze also followed up, using his hands in the name of help while he was getting dressed. When Wen Ge finally put on his clothes, Gong Ze hugged him again, stretched out his hand from behind, then unbuttoned his pants, and said solemnly, “This is also wet, let’s change the pants.”

Wen Ge turned over with a blank face, “If the underwear gets wet, do you want to change another one for me too?”

Gong Ze’s eyes lit up, and after taking off his trousers, he quickly put his hand on the edge of the underwear, and said solemnly with his mouth, “Of course, you can catch a cold if you wear wet clothes.” At the end, Wen Ge is not as thick-skinned as him, so he hurriedly stopped those hands that were about to move, and then quickly put on his trousers.

Gong Ze sighed with regret, better than nothing, and took the job of pulling the zipper and buttons, but even so, Wen Ge blushed.

Gong Ze looked at his lover whose neck was red, in the mirror. His smile at the corners of his mouth deepened. He kissed the other’s ears, and then buried his face between his neck and rubbed his face, “I want to come out, I want to show affection openly .”

Wen Ge raised his head and looked at Gong Ze from the mirror, held the hand around his waist, smiled and said, “Me too.”


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