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MCMBC Chapter 5

Want to have children



Chapter 5  Want to Have Children


Wen Ge couldn’t help but sighed: “Use your mind to think about it, I just don’t want others to cause doubt.”


“Is it really forgotten?” Gong Ze  was worried, “Then Tell me, how did I propose to you?”


Wen Ge did not answer this time, closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, and rubbed a pair of red and hot ears under the covers.


He would never say anything about proposing on the big bed in the hotel!


They slept too late the previous day, and they didn’t wake up until the next afternoon.


The two woke up almost at the same time, Wen Ge was still not fully awake, and buried his face on Gong Ze ’s chest for a while.


“Are you going to have no schedule next?” Wen Ge rolled over and lay on Gong Ze , his pointed chin sweeping wildly on his chest muscles.


Gong Ze  patted his ass punishingly, and then replied: “Well, the movie is almost promoted, and there will be a week of rest. You should be almost busy too, right?”


“Well, the album is not in a hurry. The announcements are all over.”


Gong Ze  raised his eyebrows: “I haven’t seen you for more than half a month, so I can just make up for the rest in the past few days.” He said ambiguously and grabbed a handful of Wen Ge’s buttocks. .


Wen Ge patted his hand, got up to put on his clothes, and squinted at him: “You can find air to make up for yourself!”


It takes a week to make up for half a month. If you really agree, you won’t get out of bed this week .


Gong Ze  smiled and got up and squeezed into the bathroom.


Coming out of the bathroom, Gong Ze’s cell phone rang. It was the assistant who called. He picked up and said a few words. Before hanging up, he thought of something. He clutched his cell phone and asked Wen Ge: “What do you want to eat? I’ll asked Da Yong to bring it. . “


“I want to eat what you cook. “Wen Ge was looking forward to watching Gong Ze cook .


Gong Ze  was itching to be seen, so he leaned in and kissed him before continuing to talk to the assistant: “You can go to the supermarket later and buy some vegetables …”


Wen Ge heard what Gong Ze  say the ingredients for the few dishes he liked , and his heart warmed, the corners of his mouth rose involuntarily, hugged him from behind, tilted his head and kissed him on the cheek, and then went downstairs.


Part-time workers come to clean the house every week, so even if there is no one in the house for nearly half a month, there is no dust. Wen Ge thought that the assistant would bring the dog back today, so he went to the warehouse and took out the kennel that the dog had used before.


So when Gong Ze  came downstairs, he saw Wen Ge wiping the kennel and dog basin with his sleeves in his arms. Seeing that he was almost finished wiping, he pulled the man on his leg and asked him with a hum, “Do you like the dog or me?”


Wen Ge laughed, pinched Gong Ze ’s cheeks making him pout, and leaned forward to kiss before answering him. : “How old are you to ask such naïve questions.”


“I’m only seven years old . I was already naïve.”


Gong Ze ’s birthday is very special, it is February 29th, so he is not wrong to say that he is seven. After all,  It is true that only seven birthdays have passed since birth.


Wen Ge also reacted immediately, the smile on his face deepened a bit, and followed his words: “That’s tragic. I fell in love with a minor and it became a crime.”


Gong Ze  kissed Wen Ge’s lips. , Vaguely said: “It’s okay, I will tell the judge at that time, I am willing…” The last word has not been fully confided, and it has been hidden between his lips and teeth.


Wen Ge sat on his lap instead, pierced Gong Ze ’s black hair with his hands, lowered his head and kissed Gong Ze  as if playing with Gong Ze . A simple kiss finally became sticky.


Compared to sex/love, the two people prefer to kiss, and the feeling of being attached to each other gives them a sense of satisfaction. So usually at home, two people will kiss every few minutes, long or short, shallow or deep, often just a small eye contact, which can trigger a long tender kiss.


The same is true today. The kiss between the two of them reluctantly ended until the assistant rang the doorbell.


Gong Ze  went to open the door, while Wen Ge stayed in the living room, sorting out the torn clothes.


Wen Ge looked happy when he heard the barking of the dog, ran over and knelt on the ground and hugged the dog.


“Maltose, did you miss Dad?”




“It’s good.” Wen Ge rubbed Little Golden Retriever’s head with satisfaction.


“Brother Wen.” The assistant walked in with a pile of vegetables, saw Wen Ge and  greeted warmly.


Wen Ge smiled and nodded: “Da Yong, you have to run on the rest day. It’s hard work.”


Gong Ze ’s assistant is named Sun Da Yong. Although the name is a bit rough, he is thin and small, with beautiful eyes and somewhat shy.


“It’s okay, it’s all I should do.” The assistant put the food into the kitchen, then returned to the car and brought in the dog food and toys for the dog.


After everything is delivered, the assistant is ready to go back. Wen Ge wanted to keep him down for dinner, but the assistant ran faster and the car ran out of sight.


Sun Dayong was not afraid of Wen Ge, but he still couldn’t accept the fact that Gong Ze  and Wen Ge were a pair after so long.


He knew the news for only a short time. He had been with Gong Ze  for three years, but he knew this only at the beginning of this year. The reason why Gong Ze  would tell him was because as an assistant, he needed to run to his house from time to time. He felt distressed. Wen Ge hid every time his assistant came to the door.


The first reaction after knowing this incident, the little assistant can’t remember clearly, but since then he has been in a trance for a month, and one can imagine how big the impact this incident has on him. To this day, the assistant often wonders if this is just a dream of his own. How can the two people who have been famous in the outside world for stabbing each other to death when they meet be together ? ! !


This horror is comparable to the original bullet !


Regardless of how unbelievable the little assistant is, the parties are indeed a pair, or a sticky, squishy pair that has been the same for more than ten years.


Gong Ze  was washing vegetables and cutting vegetables in front of the kitchen table with an apron. He was fluent in knives, skillful, serious, and tall and pleasing to the eye.


Wen Ge was gnawing a raw tomato, watching him busy, and the little golden retriever was playing around at the feet of the two of them.


After eating a tomato, Wen Ge went to pick up the cucumber again. Gong Ze  speeded up his hand when he saw it, and asked him, “Are you hungry? Would you like me to cook a bowl of noodles for you?”


“No,” Wen Ge shook his head and washed. After cleaning the cucumber, he shook the water, “It’s either very hungry, or I want something to eat.”


“Wait a little longer, it will be done soon.”


“Yeah.” Wen Ge nodded and fed a piece of cucumber.


Gong Ze  hadn’t eaten for a day, so Gong Ze  didn’t want Wen Ge to be hungry, so he cooked a few dishes, and the two had to eat together for the first meal at home.


Wen Ge is not dissatisfied, in fact, as long as it is made by Gong Ze , he can eat everything with gusto.


Wen Ge’s cooking skills are recognized as ruinous, meaning that as long as he is allowed into the kitchen, he can’t get out unless the kitchen is torn down. Therefore, since he was a child, he was beaten up by his parents and was not allowed to enter the kitchen alone. .


So, when he grew up, he left home. He has been fed by Gong Ze  to survive until now. In order to make him eat well, Gong Ze  also learned a few skills from the Michelin chef at his own expense. This skill is more than enough for a cook certificate, but no one except Wen Ge knows this skill, not even his assistants and agents.


After dinner, it was getting dark, the two changed their clothes and took the maltose out.


Maltose had lived here for a few days before. During that time Wen Ge would take him out for a walk every evening, so he still had memories of the route. Without Wen Ge’s lead, he ran on the front.


Wen Ge walked slowly side by side with Gong Ze  with the tow rope. The little golden retriever hopped happily, and the bells on his neck kept jingling.


Wen Ge also felt very happy, and bumped Gong Ze  with his shoulder: “It’s better to have more members in the family, and the two of us are a bit deserted after all.”


Gong Ze  was replying to the message just now, so he didn’t understand Wen Ge’s meaning for a while, and he was taken aback for a while. , Asked: “Do you want a child?”


Wen Ge was speechless, and continued to ask: “If I want a child, you can give me one?”


Gong Ze  shrugged: “I don’t have this skill, but if you really want it, we will go for surrogacy or adoption. It just so happens that my parents have been urging us to have a surrogate child recently.”


“Huh? Why don’t I know?” Wen Ge asked surprised.


“My parents know that you are busy and they will not bother you about this kind of thing. Anyway, you are theirs. I was picked up from the trash. I’m not tired and they don’t feel distressed. They told me about these things. . “


Wen Ge smiled, did not see other people around, holding Gong Ze  hands shaking them, he said with like coaxing a child with tone of comfort:.” Well, well, your parents do not feel bad for you, brother feels bad , brother love you. “


“How to love? Can’t just say, no action.” Gong Ze  smiled badly.


Wen Ge was already immune to his verbal molesting, so he automatically ignored his words and returned to the topic: “This is the member I’m talking about.” As he said, he shook the traction rope, and Maltose turned his head and screamed twice, as Response.


Gong Ze  raised his eyebrows, it turned out that he would be wrong?


Wen Ge continued to ask: “Do you want a child? Go for a surrogate if you want? But we are so busy and we don’t have time to take it. We can only give it to our parents.”


“I don’t want children! If you have multiple children, there will be more. I don’t want to raise this dog, even less for the child. You are mine alone, no one wants to take it away.” Gong Ze  clutched Wen Ge’s hand tightly with a serious face.


In fact, Wen Ge didn’t like children very much. From the time he was with Gong Ze , he never thought about children again, but now that he knew that the family was urging him, he hesitated again.


“What should parents do?”


Gong Ze  said nonchalantly: “Just ignore them, they are too idle. I have already reported them a tour group to the Antarctic. I guess they won’t have this thought at that time.”


“Just the two of them ?”


“And your parents, didn’t Ji Yu’s School have activities recently. I don’t think parents are busy, so I reported to them, and they happened to have company on the way.”


Wen Ge felt a little relieved when he heard that he still had his own parents. Otherwise, he was really worried about the two of the Gong parents. Whenever he thinks of the Gong family parents, he can’t help feeling that it is not easy for Gong Ze  to grow up healthy !




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