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MCMBC Chapter 12

Young Yu Ran

Chapter 12 ,,, Young Yu Ran

The assistant came to pick Wen Ge  to the record company early the next morning.

Wen Ge  didn’t release an album this year, and only planned to make a single. The arrangements for the single have been initially completed, and recording will begin today.

The sound engineer and director were already in the studio, Wen Ge said hello and entered the studio.

Wen Ge’s appearance is cold, he doesn’t like to speak much , and when he is not smiling, he will give people a sense of distance that is difficult to get along with. This is why the outside world calls him a high-cold male god. But what is different from his looks is that his voice is gentle and moist, with a hint of warmth. Some professionals once commented that Wen Ge’s singing is like a gurgling warm current, and the warmth spreads from the heart to the limbs. Listening to his song is like being bathed in sunlight, warm and full of hope.

Because of this, most of Wen Ge’s songs are warm little love songs. Although this type of song has been flooded in today’s music market, it is only for girls in their teens and twenties. The commonality of little girls is that they are crazy about love and will spend money for love. Therefore, in the current trend where the record market is generally declining, Wen Ge ‘s album sales have soared, and the album scores are getting better and better . The laurel of the number one album sales every year has been in his pocket since his debut, which makes other musicians envious and jealous.

  However, if you keep doing the same thing, you will get bored, so Wen Ge  gradually became bored after singing love songs for five years, and he also felt the limitations of the single form of the song for his creation. He has been thinking about the transformation, and he did not release an album this year because he was considering this issue.|

This single is different from the previous little love songs, it incorporates distinctive electronic and rock elements. It can be said to be two extremes from his usual works. This can be regarded as a bold attempt by Wen Ge  on his transformation.

  After recording a song, Wen Ge came out to listen to the effect. He felt dissatisfied after listening to a short passage, so he re-entered the recording studio.

  Wen Ge’s attitude towards perfection at work is well known. Especially for songs, he is crazy enough to not have any flaws. The sound engineer who has worked with Wen Ge  many times has no complaints, because in the morning, he made psychological preparations for staying in this shed all day.

  The music director still had some works, so he watched for a while and left.

  Wen Ge’s recording lasted a whole day. He didn’t know how many times he had recorded it until his throat felt dry, only then was he satisfied.

  After saying goodbye to the recording engineer, it was already dark when he came out, there was no one in the aisle, and it was quiet.

Ye Qing asked him if he wanted to go home. Wen Ge nodded and said nothing more .

This is his habit. Every time he finishes recording a song, his voice is over-stressed. In order not to overuse his voice, he does not speak as much as possible. For singers, the throat is their lifeblood, so he pays special attention to the protection of his throat.

       While waiting for the elevator, a young man wearing cap suddenly rushed out to the elevator. He was rushing too fast, unable to stop for a while and rushed straight towards them. Upon seeing this, the assistant immediately put Wen Ge behind him. The next second, the boy slammed into the elevator door where Wen Ge  had stood before.

  The impact was a little loud, and the boy couldn’t help but groan. Even Wen Ge and his assistant raised their eyebrows.

The boy was probably hit hard, and he lay on the elevator door for a long time and couldn’t get up. The assistant finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and walked over to help him up.

“Are you okay?” The boy stood up and rubbed his forehead, sucked his nose and said dully, “I’m okay. Sorry, I scared you just now.”

“It’s fine.” The assistant looked at the young boy bearing the pain . He couldn’t help but let off a predecessor’s air, and said, “Don’t be so reckless in the future, how dangerous it is! ”

“Well, I know, I won’t anymore.” The young man nodded and raised his head to Ye Qing with gratitude. He smiled, and then suddenly yelled excitedly when he saw Wen Ge behind Ye Qing.

“Ah! Mr. Wen! Hello, Mr. Wen, I like you very much! Can you give me your autograph?” The teenager looks very young, probably only eighteen or nineteen years old. He looked excited when he saw Wen Ge. He looked exactly the same as Wen Ge’s fans.

In the past, there were crazy fans pretending to be a staff member and running into the company to meet him, so Wen Ge  thought that the young man in front of him was also one of those fanatical fans, and he was a little bit resistant.

The assistant hurriedly stopped the young man, and said: “Sorry, the company has regulations, it is not allowed to give autographs in the company, please forgive us .” At this time, the elevator arrived, and the assistant said, “If you want an autograph, you can wait for the signing meeting. Teacher Wen has a schedule next, goodbye.”

After speaking, he followed Wen Ge  into the elevator.

The young man stared at Wen Ge who entered the elevator with an indifferent expression. He didn’t react until the elevator door began to close: “Yeah! I want to go down too!” Then he quickly pressed the down button.

The elevator door was half closed and opened again, and the boy walked in quickly.

  Wen Ge frowned when he saw the boy following in, and walked a few steps to the corner. The assistant took a step forward and stood in front of him.

The teenager finally realized the problem, and felt that they had misunderstood something and explained quickly.

“Teacher Wen, please don’t get me wrong. I am not a crazy fan , but I was too excited to see you at the company and I lost my manners for a while. My name is Yu Ran, and I am also a contracted singer of this company. But I am just an unfamiliar little eighteenth line singer. Teacher Wen probably doesn’t know me.” The boy smiled bitterly when he said this.

Who knows what Wen Ge  thought for a while and said, “Yu Ran? The fourth place of the Voice Star?” The boy suddenly raised his head and looked at him in surprise, “Mr. Wen, have you watched this show?”

Wen Ge nodded. Seeing the young man’s excited face, he could not help but comment, “The voice, sense of sound and lyrics are all very good, but there is a lack of emotion.”

 The young man was embarrassed and scratched his head, “The judges said about this, but I will work hard,”

Initially, ‘Voice Star’ program team had invited Wen Ge to be a judge, but he didn’t agree to it as he was not interested. Later, he happened to see several episodes on TV.

There were several talents and aptitudes among the participating players at that time, but what impressed him the most was an 18-year-old boy who was not top-notch in performance and not top-notch in strength. The boy’s voice was clean and clear, and the moment he sang, the ethereal singing sounded like an angel singing, so Wen Ge remembered the boy at once.

However, although the young man has a special voice, he is young and lacks emotion in singing, so his grades are not very good. In the end, he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

Wen Ge did not pay attention to the teenager after the show, but he did not expect that the young man would end up in the same company with him. However, looking at the teenager without an assistant, it is estimated that the company is not prepared to focus on training him .

The elevator reached the first floor, and the three people walked out one by one. The assistant went to drive first, Wen Ge walked out slowly, and Yu Ran followed behind him at a loss. It’s rare to see an idol, so he naturally wants to say a few more words to the idol, but when he thinks of the way he made a fool of himself just now, he dare not speak rashly. He can only follow Wen Ge far behind, not getting too close .

After struggling for a long time, before he could speak bravely, Ye Qing had already drove over and Wen Ge was ready to get into the car. Finally, Yu Ran mustered up the courage and ran over.

“Mr. Wen!”

Wen Ge stopped when he heard the cry, looked at Yu Ran who was running over, and asked inexplicably, “Is there anything else?”

Yu Ran gripped the hem of his clothes tightly, took a deep breath and finally gathered enough courage to speak out what had been buried in my heart.

“Teacher Wen, I will try my best to sing well! Finally, I still have an unrelenting invitation.” Yu Ran closed his eyes, “After I have made enough improvement , can you write a song for me! I know this requirement is very unreasonable, but I really admire you. You have always been the driving force that drove me to continue singing. If I could sing the songs you wrote for me, I…I…” After that, Yu Ran no longer knew what he should say.

He lowered his head, not even daring to look at Wen Ge . After waiting for a long time without getting an answer, Yu Ran smiled bitterly, trying to find a step back for himself, “Teacher, don’t care about what I just said. I know that you have high requirements for writing songs for others, and I have never expected that you can really write a song for me, and being able to say these things in front of you…”


Yu Ran suddenly got stuck and looked at Wen Ge  incredulously: “What did you just say? You promised. Yes? Did you really agree?”

Wen Ge nodded: “Work hard. When you get your results, I will write songs for you.”

  Yu Ran jumped excitedly, bursting out two lines of tears in an instant, and immediately said that he would work hard and not let Wen Ge down. Until Wen Ge left, he could not calm down. He was immersed in great joy. He was planning to go to a movie with his friends at night but thinking of the promise he made to Wen Ge, he rushed back to the music room. In the room, he prepared to practice all night, and strive to sing the song written to him by Teacher Wen as soon as possible.

On the other side, in the car, the assistant asked Wen Ge in confusion, “Brother, why are you so good to that child? You haven’t written a song for others for two years, and it’s not like the company focuses on training him, ah ”

Wen Ge said with a faint smile, ” This child has very high perception, his sense of music is also very good. He is a good seedling, as long as he is given a good polish, his future is unlimited.”

“So powerful ah.” Assistant was surprised.

Wen Ge nodded: “Just wait and see, I’m guessing his performance will be better than mine in the future.” The assistant curled his lips, thinking that he was exaggerating. He doesn’t think that in today’s music world, anyone can achieve better results than Wen Ge. In his heart, if Wen Ge is the second, no one dares to be the first.

For the next half month, Wen Ge ran to the company every day, basically staying in the recording studio all day. Several times when he got off work late and passed by the music classroom, he would see Yu Ran practicing alone, tirelessly practicing for a long time.

Wen Ge became more and more fond of the child, and on a few occasions he even taught him personally. And Yu Ran is very savvy, he can learn quickly, and in just a few days, he has made significant progress, and Wen Ge  is even more convinced that this child has an unlimited future.

On the evening of Friday, Yu Ran encountered a problem while practicing. He was about to ask Wen Ge for advice. When he reached the recording studio, he found that there was no one. He couldn’t help being curious. Before that night, Wen Ge was still inside at midnight, but he left before six o’clock today. It was so strange.

At this time, Wen Ge had no idea that his pupil had searched the entire company in order to find him. He was in a good mood and drove home humming a song.

When he got home, the lights were already on in the house, Wen Ge smiled slightly, stopped the car and couldn’t wait to open the door.

“A Ze!”




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