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MCMBC Chapter 15

The Shameful Past

Chapter 15… The shameful past

Gong Ze  smiled calmly, Wen Ge did not have his concentration, not to mention that the two were too focused just now. There are many people watching them behind him, and he can even hear a joking whistle behind him. His face instantly flushed, and he lowered his head and refused to raise it.

Gong Ze  paid the bill, picked up the shopping bag, and quickly took his lover who was blushing to the point of bleeding away from the supermarket.

And just as they left, a Chinese girl at the end of the line was staring at their back and lost in thought.

“I seem to see Gong Ze  and Wen Ge?” The girl hit her companion’s arm after looking at their backs for a long time.

“Who?” The companion has been playing the game, so she didn’t even notice what happened in front of the crowd.

“Gong Ze  and Wen Ge.” The girl repeated.

Hearing this, the companion put down the phone, touched the girl’s forehead, and then looked as if looking at a fool, “Do you think your male gods are crazy? This is Germany, how could they appear? And, Gong Ze  and Wen Ge appearing together, you can really think about it. I don’t even dare to do it in my dreams.”

“I also think it’s incredible, but as their five-year old fan, I really think those two figures look like them. You don’t have to trust my brain, but you can’t help but believe my eyes.” The girl pointed to her eyes and said seriously.

The companion did not refute, because the girl is a pilot, with a vision of 2.5, and even when standing fifty meters away , she can see if the powder on her face is evenly rubbed, which is very abnormal and terrifying. But she couldn’t just believe the girl like this, so she asked again, “Then tell me, what did you see them doing?”



Five seconds later, the companion said, “I can be sure that you are dreaming now. If you said that you are married to Gong Ze ,  I might still believe it.” The girl narrowed her mouth and looked unhappy.

After returning home, Gong Ze  put the shower gel in the bathroom first, and Wen Ge answered the phone in the living room.

The phone was called by Ying Yutian, asking him if he wanted to go out tomorrow, and the camera crew enthusiastically invited them to take a look at the customs of Germany.

Wen Ge glanced at the bathroom, “I won’t go, you guys have fun, I will go directly to the studio on Tuesday to be with you.”

Ying Yutian knows that he is with Gong Ze  now, so there should not be any accidents . He just didn’t feel relieved and told them to pay more attention outside. Although they are abroad, it is difficult to guarantee that there are no Chinese tourists who happen to be traveling. It will be troublesome to recognize them.

Wen Ge agreed and then said, “Be careful when you go out. Take Ye Qing with you and call me when you get into trouble.”

Neither Ying Yutian nor Ye Qing can speak German, and Wen Ge is quite worried about them going out. And Ying Yutian is a road idiot. He had gotten lost several times when he went abroad with him before, so it was hard for him to rest assured.

“Okay.” Ying Yutian gave a faint reply, putting on the mask, and then happily preparing for the clothes to be worn tomorrow.

Although he is a road idiot, he can’t resist his desire to play!

After ten o’clock, the two took a shower and climbed onto the bed. The bed here is naturally not as big as that in a domestic villa, so the two of them can only stick to each other closely. Arms against arms, feet against feet, too close, the breath of the two seemed to be entangled together.

Being close on the bed, the temperature in the bed rose unknowingly, and Gong Ze  simply lay on his side, holding his lover tightly in his arms, and the two people were close to each other like Siamese twins . The lover was in his arms, and it was inevitable that his heart would be awkward, so his hands gradually became disobedient, and he carefully touched his lover’s chest and abdomen. At the same time, one by one, hot and humid kisses gradually fell on the shoulders.

Wen Ge’s eyes gradually blurred, clutching Gong Ze ‘s arm. When the fingers moved from the front to the back, he suddenly woke up and grabbed his hand, “No, there are still people downstairs.”

Gong Ze  was stopped by this, and finally remembered something.

This house was built by the Smiths when they were young. It has a history of more than forty years and is considered the oldest group of residential houses in this city. Since the house has existed for so long, the house will have some characteristics of the old house, such as peeling walls, old stairs, thin walls, poor sound insulation…

And just below their bedroom is the Smiths’ bedroom downstairs . They usually can’t hear if they walk around and talk. But louder movements, such as quarrels with throats, or fierce sports, can be heard clearly.

In the first month they moved in, they didn’t know the soundproofing effect of the house was so worrying, so they never converged when doing certain things. It was the first time to get rid of the shackles of the family, so they lived as they pleased, unscrupulous.

Although the Smiths looked at them with ambiguous eyes every second day, they thought it was only because of their identity as gay people, so they didn’t feel anything wrong.

Until a month later, Mrs. Smith wore two dark circles under her eyes, and she was so exhausted that she pulled them into the room.

Wen Ge was worried when he saw Mrs. Smith so haggard, for fear of having something wrong with her body, but after hearing her words, he just wanted to jump off the building.

“You are young and energetic, this kind of thing is normal at your age, and I can understand it. However, Smith and I are getting old after all. It’s a bit too much to stay awake until three or four o’clock every day, so…” Mrs. Smith knew Asians are not as open as Westerners, so those words were deliberately reserved. But even this made Wen Ge blush, not only his face, but also his ears and neck, like a red tomato.

When Mrs. Smith saw this, she said nothing.

Although Gong Ze  was also very embarrassed, he was still calm. He apologized to Mrs. Smith and promised that he would converge in the future and then took Wen Ge away. He was worried that if he stayed any longer, Wen Ge would really open the window and jump off the building.

Wen Ge has not dared to see the Smiths for a month since that day. Then he blushed and pinched the neck of a certain culprit and wailed for a long time with shame, and issued a month’s notice of abstinence.

From then on, when he was close to Gong Ze  again, Wen Ge never dared to yell again. No matter how intense he was, he suppressed his voice. Even when sometimes Gong Ze  moved so violently, he would not make a fuss on the bed. He would rather bite himself harder. Because the quality of the bed is not very good, it creaks when it is a little bit more intense.

After leaving for too long, Gong Ze  had already forgotten about it, and Wen Ge had actually forgotten about it, but just now when he was lost in thoughts, Mrs. Smith’s face suddenly flashed in his mind. He immediately thought of the past. He was afraid of becoming the object of their teasing and hurriedly called a stop.

Gong Ze ‘s sweat was almost dripping, but he knew Wen Ge was thin-skinned and could not be forced, so he hugged the person out of the bed as quickly as possible, pressed the person by the window, and continued.

The bedside light was dim, the shadows on the light green curtains were shaking, and the spring colors in the room didn’t stop until dawn.

When the last time was over, he was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as he was put on the bed.

Halfway through, he heard something outside in a daze, but his eyelids were too heavy to open at all, so he fell asleep again, and it was already two o’clock in the afternoon when he woke up.

Gong Ze  was not in the house.

“A Ze.” Wen Ge yelled, his voice still dumb.

He waited for a long time without hearing anything, obviously Gong Ze was not at home, Wen Ge sat up and saw the note on the bedside——【I am going out and will come back soon. ]

Wen Ge stretched, slowly got out of bed, went to the bathroom to wash.

When he came out, there was a movement from the door. Wen Ge walked to the living room. Gong Ze  carried two food bags and smiled and said, “It just so happens that I bought rice, let’s eat first.”

Gong Ze  put the food box on the table and opened it. It was actually Chinese food.

“Is there a Chinese restaurant near here?” Wen Ge was surprised. After living here for four years, he never knew there was a Chinese restaurant nearby. Before, if he wanted to eat Chinese food, he had to take the subway for more than an hour and go to eat elsewhere.

“It’s newly opened. Mrs. Smith was here while you were sleeping, she told me.”

Wen Ge bit his chopsticks, “Mrs. Smith was here?”

“Well, she wanted to invite us to dinner, but you were still asleep, so I pushed it.” Gong Ze  fed him  shredded potatoes.

Wen Ge had to bite mechanically, and his heart was too painful. He thought that as long as there was no big movement, no one would know what had happened to them last night, but he did not expect that Mrs. Smith would come to find them in person, and he was still sleeping till noon. It was understandable that there weren’t many reasons to be tired last night, so why did he  sleep till now? And Mrs. Smith has encountered this kind of thing before. Hey, he thought that after so many years, his dark history could finally be turned over. Unexpectedly, on the first day, the old things repeated themselves!

He completely lost face in front of Mrs. Smith.

Not long after the meal, Mrs. Smith came up to deliver fruit. Seeing Wen Ge was awake, she asked about his health.

Wen Ge calmly said that it was good, then waited for someone to leave, blushing and kept hitting Gong Ze’s chest.

I’m embarrassed and lost face !

“Would you like to go for a walk?” When he hit enough, Gong Ze  took the person into his arms and sat on the carpet together to eat fruit.

They have been shopping here for four years. Wen Ge is not interested in going out, so he shook his head, turned on the TV, and prepared to spend the afternoon watching a movie with Gong Ze .

As a result, as soon as he watched the beginning of the movie, Ying Yutian called.

As soon as Wen Ge picked it up , Ying Yutian’s high-decibel wailing came from the receiver.

“Xiao Ge , we are lost!!!”


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