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MCMBC Chapter 8


Chapter 8… differences


Gong Ze laughed , freed a hand and squeezed his ass, in an ambiguous tone: “Don’t worry, I’ll control the degree, how can I be willing to let you die, at most I will fuck you dizzy. “


“You!” Wen Ge  gritted his teeth and hit his back hard with his forehead. “You are considerate of your brother. I am no longer a young man in my early 20s. I can’t stand your tossing .”


Gong Ze  simply threw down his spoon. Turning around, he put the person on the cupboard, kissed, and smirked: “don’t say no if you are a man, and you were even more impatient when you were in your early 20s than you are now. Fuck, in the past, you were already caught I’m fucking, dizzy.” The


Last three words were spoken to the ears, and Wen Ge ’s ears suddenly became red, and he became angry and started beating people. Gong Ze  smiled and told him to punch him a few times, then he hugged him back to the sofa and calmed him down before going back to continue cooking. Wen Ge  didn’t let off the heat on his face until he returned to the sofa, and he buried his head in the pillow pile.


Ah ah ah, obviously he is older than him, why is it always me who is molested!


Gong Ze ’s poems are simply poisonous!


Not long after lunch, Gong Ze ’s assistant came to pick up the people.


Gong Ze  was still packing his luggage, Wen Ge  followed behind him like a little tail, and he went wherever Gong Ze  went, turning around from upstairs to downstairs. The assistant didn’t see it, so he squatted in the corner to play with Maltose.


Gong Ze  was sitting on the carpet in the middle of the cloakroom, with an empty suitcase and a pile of clothes to take with him. He was folding one by one and putting it in his suitcase. Wen Ge  sat behind him with a pouting mouth, lying on his back with an unhappy expression.


“You don’t want my son and me.” Wen Ge  complained.


Gong Ze  burst into laughter, hugged and shook his backhand, and continued following his words: “I have to go and make money, how can I raise you and my son if I don’t make money.”


“You know making money, you are about to lose money, you are now. Money is enough to support us for a lifetime, and we are insatiable.” Wen Ge  complained half-truth.


Gong Ze  put the last piece of clothing, then turned around and took his lover into his arms, squeezing the puffed face, and said in anguish: “No way, my wife is too delicate and can’t afford to make a little money.”


“ Go away.” Bang.” Wen Ge  laughed angrily and hit his chest with his forehead.


Gong Ze  rubbed his forehead, then lifted his chin and kissed him gently. Wen Ge  closed his eyes, clasped his neck, and responded obediently. At the end of a long kiss, both of them panted a little. Gong Ze  kissed again before standing up with someone in his arms and out of the cloakroom.


The assistant has been playing with Dogu for a long time. Although he hasn’t seen Gong Ze  come down, he is not in a hurry. After all, he is used to it. Every time Gong Ze  left home to go to a filming location, he basically had to urge and invite him three times, and he couldn’t get out without spending an hour or two with that person. So when he has experience, he will come three or four hours in advance, leaving the two of them one to two hours to say goodbye.


Today was fairly short. The assistants added up the time, less than one hour, which can be said to be the shortest record in history. In this way, the time before departure is very rich, so there is no rush.


The assistant took the luggage to the car first, leaving time for the two of them to say their final farewell with insight.


Today, the weather has cooled down again. Wen Ge  wore a thinner scarf for Gong Ze  and smoothed out the wrinkles on the windbreaker. Although his expression remained the same, Gong Ze  still felt his reluctance, and he was not willing to hug him tightly. People don’t want to let go.


“Or I will stop the shadow next year, and then I won’t go anywhere, just stick to you every day, I will go wherever you go, and be your assistant.”


Wen Ge  laughed and patted his head lightly: “Don’t be stupid. Now that you are resting, your fans can cry to death. Maybe they’re excited and they’re carrying explosives and medicine packs and want to die with me. Brother, I want to live a few more years.”


Gong Ze  curled his lips, thinking that someday. Take some time to spread legal knowledge with fans.


Seeing that the time was almost up, Wen Ge  kissed one last time and sent his love out in person. From the door to the car, within a short distance of less than ten meters, Gong Ze  walked for five minutes in a three-step turn, and finally walked to the car door and couldn’t hold back. Then he hugged Wen Ge  and kissed deeply. Then he got on the car with satisfaction. .


The assistant turned the steering wheel and looked forward calmly, but the reddish earlobes still betrayed his mood. Although this scene has been seen countless times, but every time he can’t help but want to say that he just went out to make a scene, don’t have to be like life and death! It’s not going to die! And you have been together for more than ten years, not ten days, don’t be so tired and crooked! He is very irritated as a single dog!


The assistant calmly started the car in a full stomach, then glanced at the rearview mirror, and as expected, he saw his boss standing by the window, reluctantly saying goodbye.


Wen Ge  waited until he could no longer see the car before returning to the house.


As soon as he entered the living room, Maltose ran over on short legs. Wen Ge  picked up his son, sat on the sofa, pointed his little nose with his finger, and said sullenly: “Son, your father is gone, and the two of us will be dependent on each other in the next half month. From now on, we will cook and cook at home.


I’ll leave it to you.” The simple and lovely Maltose didn’t understand Dad’s words, but he still gave a face-squeathing cry, and then lay on Dad’s lap, sticking out his tongue to sleep.


Wen Ge  hugged him for a while, and when his son fell asleep, he put it back in the kennel and covered it with a quilt. After thinking about it, I took out the phone and took a picture of the dog’s son sleeping, then edited it and sent it to Gong Ze .


Wen: [(Picture.jpg) The son said, in the next half month he will come to cook and cook to feed my old father] The


Message was sent within a minute and there was a reply.


Zhuang Zhuang: [My son has grown up and has a role to play, I am very pleased for my father]


Wen Ge  looked at Gong Ze ’s words and laughed for a long time with his mobile phone. He felt that his Zhuang Zhuang family was so cute, so he sent a series of relatives. Expression. Then Gong Ze  also returned a bunch of kiss emoticons. The two of you came and I returned like this, naively sent for a long time, until the plane was about to take off before stopping.


Five minutes before departure, Gong Ze  called again, emphatically explaining that he should not open fire on his own during the few days when he was not at home. If he was hungry, he would order a meal.


Wen Ge  obediently nodded in agreement, and then hung up after a few more words.


Every time Gong Ze  went out to film a movie, he would repeatedly tell him not to cook by himself, because the tragedy caused by this was uncommon, and he was really scared. Wen Ge  himself has lingering fears, so, except to boil water, he basically does not go into the kitchen. When Gong Ze  is away, three meals a day are solved by ordering meals or by an assistant.


Upon mentioning this, Wen Ge  was a little bit distressed about the food problem for the next half month. When ordering food, the restaurants I usually order are tired of eating. Others don’t know the safety and health conditions. Gong Ze  would not let him order. It seems that I can only ask the assistant to run a few more times.


After the decision was made, Wen Ge  sent a WeChat message to the assistant, and the assistant quickly replied, stating that Brother Tianying would also go with him.


The full name of Ying’s brother Ying Yuwan, who is Wen Ge ’s agent, is estimated to come over to discuss future work arrangements.


After explaining everything, Wen Ge  felt a little sleepy looking at the dog son who was still asleep, so he wrapped his son’s blanket in the same style and took a nap on the sofa.


When I woke up, it was already dark, and Maltose had already woke up. At this time, I was quietly staying in the corner gnawing its toy ball, without making a sound. Seeing that he was awake, his eyes lit up, he threw the toy ball and ran over, his short legs slapped on the sofa, and his tail was wagging happily.


Wen Ge  stretched out, touched his son’s head with one hand, and touched the cell phone with the other hand. The cell phone was quiet and there was no information or call. It was estimated that Gong Ze  was still on the way, so he took his son to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


Gong Ze  prepares the food at noon, so he just puts it in the microwave and heats it up. Although he is a kitchen killer, he can still use the basic appliances. After the meal was successfully heated, Wen Ge  took the guy who was eating his son, put the dog food on the table, and carried his son. At the dining table, one person and one dog sat opposite each other, eating dinner in harmony.


So when Gong Ze  rushed to the hotel and happily sent a video invitation, the first thing he saw was the silly dog son sitting in his seat, humming and eating the dog food that his wife personally fed… …


“How can you let your son sit in my exclusive seat! Also, his son is already old and should be independent. How can he still be fed? You can’t spoil him too much.” Gong Ze  looked at him and drooled. His son thinks that his exclusive seat may have to be changed.


Wen Ge  smiled, touched his son’s head and let it eat by itself, turned the camera to him, and was not busy eating, and talked to him with his chin.


“Are you at the hotel?” Wen Ge  asked.


“Well,” Gong Ze  fixed his phone at an angle, then got up and took off his trench coat. As soon as he came in, he couldn’t wait to video with Wen Ge . He didn’t take off his hat and the suitcase was still at the door.


Wen Ge  watched his man undress intently, and then took two bites of rice. His man was so pleasing to the eyes, he really had the meal.


After he took off his clothes and returned to the camera, Wen Ge  asked him, “Have you eaten


Yet ?” “No, I will eat with the director later. There is still some time to accompany you again.” Gong Ze  Looking at Wen Ge  in the video tenderly, watching his cute appearance with a smile, my heart is itchy, I really want to hug someone and kiss him.


So Gong Ze  accompany him over a dinner on the other side of the camera. Wen Ge  packed up the dishes and prepared to wash them in the sink, but Gong Ze  said, “There are just a few bowls, don’t wash them, wait for Xiaoye to come tomorrow and leave it for him to wash. Anyway, he will cook for you, a bowl. It is washing, and the two bowls are also washed.”


Wen Ge  thought about the same reason, so he was relieved to throw the bowl in the sink.


Gong Ze  spoke with Wen Ge  for a while and was called by his assistant to have dinner with the director. Wen Ge  put away his mobile phone and played with his son for a while, then went into the piano room, played the piano for a while, and looked at the blank score. The songbook, my heart is a mess, there is no inspiration at all. Yu Guang glanced at the piano placed aside, and suddenly remembered that Gong Ze  said that his parents were leaving for the South Pole today, so he decided to make a video call to take care of it.




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