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MCMBC Chapter 10

Trip to Hengdian


Chapter 10…Trip to Hengdian


It was already two hours before the assistant had digested this fact. However, even though the effect is gone, the eyes are still apathetic, and the irritation is obviously too great, and he can’t return to his senses for a while. The little assistant looked at Wen Ge , his mouth opened and closed, closed and opened, with a lot of words in his heart, but he couldn’t say anything!


Ying Yutian patted him on the shoulder: “I understand, I reacted more than you when I first learned about this.”


As a delicate flower, Ying Yutian’s ability to withstand is much weaker than Ye Qing, so he just heard it and fainted with “Bhaw” and woke up after half an hour. Then he heard that they had obtained a marriage certificate, and then “Bhaw” fainted again. That time he couldn’t get over immediately, and fainted for most of the day. .


For a month after that, his spirit had been in a trance, he was absent-minded at everything, and the eyes looking at Wen Ge were like watching a time bomb .


This description is correct. After all, if this matter is known by the media at that time, isn’t this same as power of the bomb level? It must blow up the entertainment industry!


From the day when he knew the true relationship between the two, Ying Yutian has imagined hundreds of scenes where the relationship will be exposed, no matter what kind, there will only be one ending, and there will be an explosion !


At this moment, looking at the sluggish appearance of the little assistant, Ying Yutian felt infinitely sympathetic, and he was irritated and had to take someone away first.


Wen Ge took the person to the door, feeling that his little assistant looked too pitiful, so he touched his little hand and comforted him, but the little assistant didn’t notice, and he didn’t even know how to walk. Yutian got into the car half dragging and half hugging .


After they left, Wen Ge patted his head and regretted seeing a pile of dirty dishes stacked in the sink. He should wait for the assistant to finish washing the dishes before telling him about it. It’s fine now, no one is washing the dishes!


In the evening during Gong Ze ‘s video call , Wen Ge talked about it. Gong Ze had no opinion. In fact, he wanted to announce the relationship between the two more than anyone else, but for Wen Ge ‘s career development, he could only hold back.


In the past few days, Gong Ze ‘s scenes are a bit rushed. It is very hard to start work early and finish work late. In just a few days, people lost weight again, and the eyes are covered with a thin layer of blue. Wen Ge feels so distressed that he does not want to waste his Time, so after chatting a few words, he urged him to go to bed. Gong Ze was indeed tired, but he didn’t want to just hang up, so he asked Wen Ge to coax himself to sleep.


Wen Ge laughed and scolded him, “How old are you , you have to be coaxed”, but he still took the phone into the piano room, fixed the phone on the music stand, and sang while playing. A slightly hoarse, gentle voice accompanied by a soft piano sound, a lullaby was sung into a sweet and greasy love song.


Gong Ze put the phone by the bed and closed his eyes amidst the soothing singing.


At the end of the song, Gong Ze had already fallen asleep, breathing heavily. Wen Ge looked at the still handsome face in the video, and the smile on his lips couldn’t disappear for a long time. After watching quietly for ten minutes, he lightly kissed the phone, whispered “good night”, and then hung up reluctantly.


After coming out of the piano room, Wen Ge played with Maltose for a while and then went upstairs, took a shower, and climbed onto the bed.


The room where he was alone seemed a bit empty, and the quilt was cold and empty. He felt a little cold, so he turned on the air conditioner, and took Gong Ze ‘s pillow into his arms. The tip of his nose was lingering with a faint lemon fragrance, as if it were that person. At the same time, he finally closed his eyes with peace of mind.


This night, although the two were separated, both of them slept extremely sweetly.


Till a week later, the two had only a few minutes of communication time at night, and sometimes Gong Ze would finish work late, and even just a few minutes would be cancelled. So Wen Ge , who thought he could adapt to this kind of life quickly, not only failed to adapt, but missed Gong Ze more and more. He was also a little surprised. In the past, the two could not meet for half a year when they were busy at work. At that time, they didn’t feel that difficult. Why this time it was just over a month, but he couldn’t stand it anymore?


Later, he thought about it and thought it was probably because he didn’t have to work this time, and people like to think about anything when they are free. He is no exception, so naturally he often thinks of Gong Ze .


Wen Ge is not a person who would wrong himself, so when he thought that Gong Ze was away, he bought a plane ticket, threw his son to the agent’s house and dragged the suitcase to the airport.


After two hours of flying, he took the bus for more than two hours before reaching Hengdian.


He wanted to give Gong Ze a surprise, so he didn’t notify him in advance. He just secretly called Gong Ze ‘s assistant, met with the assistant secretly, and went straight into the room after getting the spare room card.


The assistant returned to the set calmly. Gong Ze had just finished filming, and was resting. Seeing him running out of breath, he asked: “Where have you been?” The assistant’s heart shook , and his eyes were guilty : ” I went to the toilet, had diarrhea.”


Gong Ze didn’t think much about it, but just told him to pay attention to his body, and then went back to filming.


The assistant wiped the sweat from his forehead, breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Gong Ze in the distance, holding his face in a fantasy about his reaction when he saw the big surprise. Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but envy Gong Ze . Hey, it’s good if someone hurts. He also wants to find a boyfriend, bah bah! A girlfriend….


Finished work earlier today, and it was less than seven o’clock when it ended. The director is also very satisfied with today’s progress. He rarely smiled on his usually serious face today, and warmly invited Gong Ze to have dinner with them.


Gong Ze thought that eating alone is also eating, and eating with people is also eating. He was about to agree, but was interrupted by the assistant.


“Brother, let’s go back to the hotel and change clothes first.” The assistant thought that Wen Ge was still waiting in the hotel room hungry. If Gong Ze eats a meal for too long, he doesn’t know till when he will have to wait.


Gong Ze filmed a blast scene today, and his body was full of smoke, so he agreed to the assistant’s proposal and told the director to go ahead.


After sending the person to the door, the assistant said that he would go to a barbecue with the crew members, and would not accompany him later. Although Gong Ze felt that the assistant’s behavior was weird today, but only thought he was young, with a child’s demeanour , and did not say anything, he nodded and entered the room.


As soon as he entered the room and saw the light was on in the room, he was taken aback for a moment. How could the light be on?


With doubts in mind, he walked in cautiously, just after taking a few steps , he felt heavy on his back , and at the same time, his eyes were dark, and he was blindfolded.


“Surprise!” Wen Ge hung on him.


Gong Ze hugged the man on his back subconsciously, and listened to Wen Ge ‘s cheerful tone, and smiled.


Wen Ge let go of his hand, changed to holding his neck, then tilted his head and kissed Gong Ze on the cheek. Gong Ze rubbed his face, walked to the bed with him on his back, put the man on the bed, rolled over and pressed him, and his nose was facing the tip of his nose, and his eyes were bent with a smile.


“Why did you come here without saying a word?” The surprise and sweetness could not be concealed in the tone.


Wen Ge kissed his lips and hugged him tightly: “I miss you, I miss you at home and can’t fall asleep.”


Gong Ze felt distressed, and rubbed his eyelids with his thumb: “Did you sleep well?


” Slightly better than you.” Wen Ge said, holding his face.


Gong Ze was taken aback, and then he realized that his current appearance is probably much more haggard than him, so he smiled and couldn’t help complaining: “Work is too tiring , and you are not around, I am physically and mentally exhausted.”


“So I’m here. , I’m here to heal you.”


Gong Ze put his head in Wen Ge ‘s neck and rubbed, his voice dulled: “It’s better to be with my brother.”


Wen Ge smiled and touched his head, then asked him: ” Have you just finished work? Have you had dinner Yet ?” “Not yet, I was going to come back to take a shower and eat with the director.”


“What about now? Will you have to eat with the director later?” Wen Ge ask him.


Gong Ze lifted his upper body to look at him: “What do you say, you are here, why am I still in the mood to eat with other men.”


Wen Ge smiled with satisfaction, stretched out his hand and pushed Gong Ze : “Aren’t you going to take a bath, then go now? .”


Gong Ze slowly got up, and stripped himself in front of Wen Ge . Although the two of them have done something close to each other so many times, Wen Ge was still surprised by his bold move. His eyes looked up and down, and he didn’t know where to put his eyes. His ears blushed.


Gong Ze naturally didn’t miss his little expression, a smirk evoked at the corner of his mouth, suddenly bent over and carried the person on his shoulders, and walked to the bathroom.


“What are you doing, let me down!” Wen Ge was hung upside down on his shoulders, and he was shocked and beat Gong Ze on the back.


Gong Ze grabbed a handful of Wen Ge ‘s soft buttocks, and said ambiguously: “Of course it’s a bath. This bathtub is big enough to hold two people. Let’s wash together and save water.” Then, despite Wen Ge ‘s resistance, he straightly Carried the person into the bathtub.


The bathtub in the presidential suite is indeed as big as Gong Ze said, so that Wen Ge was pressed in it and fucked from one end to the other.


In the next two hours, there was a constant high-pitched or low-pitched sound in the bathroom, as well as the sloshing sound of water waves lapping the body.


When the bathroom was restored to its original condition, Wen Ge could no longer speak a complete sentence, and was hugged by Gong Ze in his arms, with a red shade still on his face.


When Gong Ze put him on the bed, he couldn’t help but groan. After rubbing his back in the hard bathtub for too long, it was already a little blue. At this time, he felt pain when he touched the bed.


Gong Ze gently turned him over, took out the medicinal wine from the bedside table and wiped some on him.


Wen Ge was too tired even to lift a finger, and his eyelids blinked and began to feel sleepy.


Gong Ze called for dinner, then called the director again, and made an excuse to push the evening party. After arranging everything, he threw the phone aside, half leaning against the head of the bed, quietly watching Wen Ge ‘s sleeping face.


He had looked at this face for more than 20 years, but he couldn’t get tired of it. It’s said that after a long time, love will fade and gradually turn into family affection, but he has fallen in love with this person since he was twelve years old, and his love has never been defeated by time in the next sixteen years. The time passed by , while the love became stronger and deeper.


Every day he wakes up and looks at this person, as if he fell in love for the first time .


He really followed the sentence-“Wake up and love you very much.”




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